Poland to "Nationalize" Russia's GAZPROM Assets - Grab pipelines

Poland to "Nationalize" Russia's GAZPROM Assets - Grab pipelines

The government of Poland announced today it is nationalizing the assets of Russia's GAZPROM; and in so doing, is grabbing the YAMAL-EUROPE natural gas pipelines built and maintained by Russia's state-owned gas company, GAZPROM.

In addition, Germany announced that it, too, will nationalize GAZPROM assets within Germany.   When people do such things, it's called "theft."  Governments, re-name it.

What this may mean for Poland and Germany is unclear since the gas lines they are grabbing would need to be filled by . . . Russia . . .  the country they just stole them from.  So that's not going to happen.

Apparently, Poland and Germany think they can continue to buy US liquified natural gas (at five or ten times the price of Russian gas) and then use the stolen GAZPROM pipelines to distribute the gas.   Apparently, Germany and Poland aren't planning on Russian agents blowing those pipelines up once they get filled with U.S. natural gas . . .  but that, of course, is only a hypothetical possibility.

After all, why would Russia blow up the pipelines they paid for, after they were stolen by Poland and Germany?

And why would Russia wait until those pipelines are filled with US natural gas, that Europe desperately needs to avoid freezing to death this winter? (/sarcasm off)

Moreover, German and Polish industry simply cannot afford to operate if energy costs are five to ten times higher.  Industry will have to LEAVE those countries or die.

Once again, the West shows itself to have no standard of decency, no morals, and no law.  

When Germany and Poland see the sudden, bright, white, flashes, they will have brought it upon themselves.



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