UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from Russia

UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from Russia

After at least one missile seemed to have impacted in Poland near the Ukraine Border, Poland invoked Article FOUR of the NATO Treaty to seek "consultation" with other NATO Members. That invocation has been WITHDRAWN, but NATO Ministers will discuss the incident at their regular meeting today.

US (Illegitimate) President, Joe Biden, told reporters that based on the trajectory of the missile, "It is unlikely" the missile was fired from Russia.  Two citizens of Poland died in an explosion when a missile impacted yesterday.

Additional updates coming LIVE at this hour, 5:45 AM eastern US time, Wednesday, November 16, 2022 . . .

President Joe Biden responded to a deadly missile strike in NATO member Poland by convening an “emergency” meeting of world leaders from both the Group of Seven and several NATO countries early Wednesday.

The group was already together in Bali, Indonesia, for a G20 summit and met around a large roundtable in the ballroom of Biden’s hotel, according to the Associated Press.

While Biden initially gave no response when questioned about the strikes at the roundtable, he later confirmed that preliminary evidence suggested the missile was not fired from Russia at all. “We’re going to make sure exactly what happened. I don’t want to say until we completely investigate, but it’s unlikely, in the minds of the trajectory, that it was fired from Russia. But we’ll see

As fully detailed and reported yesterday (Story Here), Russia launched over 100 missiles at Ukraine on Tuesday, striking targets all over the country.  Late Tuesday night, over 79% of Ukraine had no electric power.

One of the collateral issues created during a large Russian missile strike upon Ukraine yesterday is that the Barátság crude oil pipeline has stopped.  There is no longer any electricity from Ukraine to power the oil pipeline pumps.

Ukraine has been using stolen Russian oil to keep their war machine going.   Now, Ukraine reports the pipeline is down and Ukraine only has about 90 days of oil remaining for itself.  

Those two little words, "for itself" have very serious meaning.   The pipeline provided oil to other countries and now, immediately, they get none.

Affected countries



According to information from the controller of the Ukrainian oil pipeline system, a Russian artillery shell hit a transformer station in Ukraine close to the Belarusian border, which supplies electricity for the operation of one of the pumping stations of the Barátság crude oil pipeline.

As a result of the hit, crude oil deliveries on the pipeline to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were temporarily stopped.

“We are following the events with attention, and together with the Ukrainian partners we are investigating the conditions for restarting the Friendship pipeline,” read the statement of Mol.

The Russians are bombarding the territory of Ukraine with large forces, and transformer stations are the main targets. Shutting down electric is a military goal so as to stop Ukraine's trains, thereby making it impossible for Ukraine to transport men, equipment, and ammunition for the war.

Ukraine has enough fresh crude oil for 90 days, which it can use in its refineries. Alternatively, they can also transport crude oil via the Adriatic pipeline. The 90 day reserve is -theoretically- sufficient to organize the southern deliveries.


US initial findings are that the missile that fell in Poland was fired by the Ukrainian military in response to incoming Russian missile.

Russian Security Council: "Poland's missile incident shows that Western interventions in Ukraine could lead to a world war."

Russian Defense Ministry: On November 15, the Russian armed forces inflicted a massive strike with high-precision long-range air and sea-based weapons on the military command system of Ukraine. All missiles hit exactly the designated targets, all objects are hit.

Poland Summoned Russian Ambassador

In the immediate aftermath of the missile impact, Poland "Summoned" the Russia Ambassador for an explanation.  Here is the announcement from the Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


The Russian Ministry of Defense was blunt and fast with its public statement:  "No strikes were made against targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border by Russian means of destruction."

So here we all are, about ten hours after the fact, and things seem to be calming down quite fast.  Poland has WITHDRAWN its request for Article Four emergency consultations.  NATO Ministers will discuss the incident at their regular meeting today.

Countless sources all over the Internet are showing photos of various missile parts, many of which seem to show that the remnants of the missile in Poland seem to be from a Ukrainian Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) likely fired by Ukraine at incoming Russian missiles.


Hal Turner Analysis

In war, things go wrong.  Missiles go off course.  Missiles get hit by other things and malfunction.  When they come down, they still come down with a bang.  But in this case, in Poland, it now appears that this was an ACCIDENT.  Either a malfunctioning, or perhaps damaged missile went off course and hit Poland.

Yes, two people have been killed, and that __is__ tragic.  However, one does not start World War 3 between NATO and Russia over what clearly seems to be an accident.

The final proof will be whatever it will be, but for right now, things seem to be calming down.  Thank God.




The Government of Poland is going to communicate to its NATO partners on Wednesday that the missile that hit its territory on Tuesday and caused two deaths was fired by the Army Ukrainian, a European diplomatic source CONFIRMS.

According to the source, who asked for anonymity, Warsaw will not invoke Article IV of the North Atlantic Treaty before its Alliance partners, which provides for consultations between allies when threatened "the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties".

The Polish Executive would have already contacted its NATO allies to confirm this information, according to which it was a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that deviated from its trajectory.

Already in a press appearance last morning, Polish President Andrzej Duda declared that what happened "is unlikely to be repeated" and that it is not the beginning of an organized or intentional attack.

Some forces of the Polish Army and other security forces in the country have been placed on high alert and in a message this Wednesday, the Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, reported that "selected air defense systems and military units, from both ground and armed forces, are on high alert."

"The Polish army is monitoring the situation. We are in constant contact with our allies, "concludes the minister's statement.

After registering an explosion produced by a missile in the Polish town of Przewodów ( east ), a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine, which killed two people, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appeared in the press last night to ask his compatriots for calm and alerted against the proliferation of false news, provocation and disinformation "that only benefit Russia"


# RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaFewThereBe 2022-11-19 13:10

"Ukraine wanted to enter NATO. They finally managed it with an S300" - (Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman) Maria Zakharova.
# RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaGetsum 2022-11-18 04:37
Will NATO attack Ukraine as fast as it was to attack Russia...for the same offense? After all, it was a Non-NATO country attacking a NATO country...right?

Oh, it was an accident? Could the same be said if Russia said it was an accident?

I love double standards!
# RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaHope springs 2022-11-16 23:30
The only reason the Satanists in the US and UK govt's have not nuked Russia, is that they will lose the good life they are living at the common man's expense. It's really time for a French revolution..
+1 # CHECKMATEPSKYWAY 2022-11-16 22:03
# RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaHope springs 2022-11-16 17:48
An Ukrainian missile, with NATO guidance to bring it down in Poland? Read this somewhere...yes it's possible.
+5 # Thanks for your righteous and honest reportingInthedarknomore 2022-11-16 17:20
I listened to your reporting last night on the "Russian made missile" (NO SHIT) landing in Poland.

I remain super-impressed with your neutral reporting skills and measured understanding of world situation.

It took the world until today to understand what your were clearly reporting a day earlier.

Thank you for everything you are doing in an increasingly bat-shit crazy, dystopian world of lies and media manipultation.
+4 # Last night........Doug Brown 2022-11-16 16:54
Before this story blew itself out.
How eager the filthy media was to rush
to war...
Headlines reading:
# RE: Last night........Linda Seikkula 2022-11-17 13:01
Especially Zelensky! Now Bidens demanding 48 more $billions for Ukraine and a future pandemic that hasn't happened.
You can figure what I think Biden should be told.
+2 # Do How Many PrepperForrest Mosby 2022-11-16 16:23
Dollars were dumped on the economy this crisis?
+3 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaBeenThere 2022-11-16 16:21
China's Xi was filmed scolding Canadian PM Trudeau at the G20 meeting. After Xi scolds him (in public) Trudeau cowardly stumbles away. All caught on film. Sickening...
-2 # Flight 2022-11-16 15:36
Has anyone seen it ?
Was it ziggy zaggy - or a straight line ?
An S300 missile can be altered to hit a ground target.
If that was done - it would have used GPS and gone dead straight,
False flag style.
# RE: Flight pathmjc 2022-11-16 17:20

An S300 missile can be altered to hit a ground target.
If that was done - it would have used GPS and gone dead straight,
False flag style.

They don't have to be altered. They've always had the capability to hit ground targets. Russia has recently 'improved' that, allegedly by adding GPS guidance.

Russia has been using them against ground targets in Ukraine. And....Przewodo, Poland is within range of an S-300 launched from Bealarus (100km vs the 120km range when used against ground targets)

The system can destroy ground targets at a range of 120 km (19,000 fragments or 36,000 according to various missiles). ...

On 8 July, the governor of the Mykolaiv Oblast, Vitaly Kim, claimed that Russia has been using S-300 missiles in a land attack role by fitting them with GPS guidance and that some 12 missiles were fired this way.[102] On 30 September, The Wall Street Journal reported that 16 Russian S-300 missiles configured for ground attack struck near Zaporizhzhia, killing at least 30 civilians and wounding 50 others.[6] Debris from S-300 missiles was found after having struck buildings in Kharkiv on 8 October.[5] Analysts from McKenzie Intelligence Services and the Center for Strategic and International Studies said that these missiles were likely from Russian systems repurposed for ground attack due to dwindling stock of more precise dedicated anti-surface missiles.[5]"
# 2022-11-16 17:25
the question remains - was the flight path STRAIGHT.
Because the odds of it being fired at an incoming Russian missile and carrying on straight into a building 60 miles away are astronomical.
# RE: Butmjc 2022-11-16 17:45
the question remains - was the flight path STRAIGHT.
Because the odds of it being fired at an incoming Russian missile and carrying on straight into a building 60 miles away are astronomical.

That may be a bad assumption.
It has a ground attack mode. I haven't seen any discussion of how (or if) it maneuvers doing that?

And if it were a runaway missile that was fired in against a Russian missile.....we still can't assume what its flight path would be? Was it defective? If so.....maybe it maneuvered wildly. Did it loose contact and go ballistic? If so.....maybe it flew straight.

Maybe it was jammed.

Przewodow is only 7km from the Ukrainian border.
The missile has a 120km+ range.

Lviv, Ukraine is only 60km or so away from Przewodow.......and nearly due south of Przewodow.

Is it plausible it was an S-300 fired North, in defense of Lviv, against Russian cruise missiles launched from Belarussian airspace?


Is it possible it was fired against Przewodow by Russia from within Belarus?

Yes....that's physically possible.

Is it possible Ukraine fired it against Przewodow in a land attack mode?

That is physically possible. But it's the least likely scenario. Ukraine has too much to loose. The survival of their state depends on continued NATO/American resupply. With American resupply.......they'll continue to roll-up Russian forces in Ukraine. Without American resupply......there won't be a Ukraine. They just have to keep doing what they've been doing. Time favors Ukraine.
-1 # They should hangSmiley1984*! 2022-11-16 15:02
It seems tome that the Russian Hypersonic missiles would be travelling NW, so wouldn't the Uranian missiles need to go SE to meet them as they have no chance of catching them by travelling in the same direction.

Thus the missile that hit Poland that came from Ukraine would have to have "deviated" 180 degrees, is this likely, or was it a deliberate false flag, agreed by both Poland and Ukraine?

What we have is a report of two missiles hitting, one on a grain store tractor( which looks like a set up) and another with no info. Two deaths reported, but no collaborative evidence.

Both the accusers have something to hide:

Ukraine: the FTX "kick back" scandal, which would change the political landscape for Zelinsky and co.

Poland:the crime of attempting to legalize genocide:-

So perhaps they thought " You might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb". Perhaps they should hang anyway for this heinous crime of incitement to Global WAR.

What if it had been Russia? would NATO take that as a green light to fully enter the battle and directly attack Russia?

So what happens now, has Ukraine apologised to Poland and Russia, will NATO cease support for Ukraine, or will it all be forgotten-just a mistake!
-2 # RE: They should 2022-11-16 15:53
An S300 eocket can be altered to a ground to ground missile.
Maybe the USA looked at a dead straight flight path - and realised Russia was looking at the same thing - and stomped on Zelensky, Poland.
-2 # Missile incident was Ukrainian ‘provocation’ – Polish 2022-11-16 16:02
Poland should rethink its position towards the conflict in Ukraine after a “provocation” on the part of Kiev that cost two villagers their lives, a former city councilman in Lublin said on Wednesday. Jaroslaw Pakula, whose term ended four days before the incident, said the missile that struck Przewodow was obviously Ukrainian and that the government in Warsaw needed to send a message to Kiev instead of telling “fairy tales” to its citizens.

“Of course, this is a Ukrainian rocket. Of course, this is a provocation on the part of the Ukrainian authorities,” Pakula posted on his Facebook page. “The rocket could not be fired 100km in the opposite direction by mistake.”
+3 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaFewThereBe 2022-11-16 13:56

Dmitry Medvedev on twatter:

Russia is ready to supply Poland with the best air defence systems to prevent further agression from Ukraine. —Dmitry Medvedev
# :-DRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-16 14:28
Love it :-D
-4 # Off topicJohn Jones 2022-11-16 13:48
This is off topic but this story turned out to be big nothing Burger. Any update on the supposed diesel shortage? The rail strike?
# NATOTallT 2022-11-16 13:40
Shouldn't NATO declare ware on Ukraine.
# RE: NATOHope springs 2022-11-16 17:55
You mean declare war on themselves!? NATO is in is Ukraine big time behind the scenes.
# RE: NATORockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-16 14:25
LOL, Awesome! :-D
-3 # This was reported already...Getsum 2022-11-16 12:51
This was reported already yesterday, I posted the link on the sister story here on this site. News breaking

Posted news breaking

A day later we get this story here like it's a smoking gun type moment? Am I missing something?
+1 # Hal reported in at 6ell 2022-11-16 17:15
Hal reported it last night on radio. You’re late to the game.
+2 # In Ukraine we are fighting NATO - NATO forces deployed in Zaporizhia & LuganskWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-16 12:03
With the finger on nukes - Barrage of Russian statements: "In Ukraine we are fighting NATO - NATO forces deployed in Zaporizhia & Lugansk"
"They are threatening us with weapons of mass destruction"

An increasing number of top Russian Officials have made statements that Russian military forces are fighting NATO and the West in Ukraine as conflicts rage in those provinces (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaporizhia) that were annexed to the Russian Federation. These developments indicate a dangerous escalation – for now at the level of rhetoric – of the war in Ukraine, where the big question is whether Russia will resort to the use of nuclear weapons.

We are fighting NATO! It is indicative that Nikolay Patrushev, head of the Security Council of Russia and one of the closest collaborators of Russian President Vladimir Putin, argued that NATO is the one that is actually fighting against Russia in Ukraine. In essence, NATO is fighting us, as its member states provide the Kiev regime with heavy weapons, ammunition, reconnaissance data, as well as military training from experts," argued Patrushev, stating that NATO is involved in the planning of military operations and that extorts with the use of weapons of mass destruction.

“The line of contact at Zaporizhia is supervised by the British. Kiselev: Mercenaries from Eastern Europe are fighting in Lugansk. The position that 60% to 70% of the fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces fighting on the Luhansk front are mainly mercenaries from Eastern Europe. Albanian fighters are paid between $2,000 and $3,000 a day, while mercenaries from Europe receive between $35,000 and $40,000 a month.

They are threatening us with biological weapons. These are not empty threats. The United States and its allies have long been carrying out their plans to create biological weapons in laboratories set up around the world, especially near the Russian border.
+2 # InformativeDoug Brown 2022-11-16 16:51
Great report Lightning.
+2 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaJules 2022-11-16 12:02
Funny how quick they are to blame Russia and how slow they are to ever step back from that blame.
-1 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from Russiamjc 2022-11-16 17:12
Quoting Jules:
Funny how quick they are to blame Russia and how slow they are to ever step back from that blame.

Why walk it back? Russia's been threatening to attack NATO supply lines outside Ukraine for months.

So they denied doing it? So did Ukraine.
So what?

Sounds like Russia was claiming they were ready to face the consequences. So let them face the consequences.

For the moment....everybody's denying responsibility.

Meanwhle both Ukraine and Russia operate S-300s.

Look carefully at the statements out of DC. They're saying that the S-300 was "unlikely" to have been fired from Russia. NO KIDDING! It doesn't have the range.

But Przewodow, Poland is only 100km from the Belorussian border. And the S-300 both has a 120km range when used against ground targets and has been repeatedly used against ground targets in Russia.

Looks like a double-false-flag!
- A Russian missile
- Being presented as the same-model Ukrainian missile
- Being presented as a different model Russian missile

Meanwhile, we've got Putin praising Brandon for his "Restrained and Professional" response (ie..screwing up......again)....

Russia Praises Biden as ‘Restrained and Professional’ in Response to Poland Missile Incident
# The debate isn't over yetKarGiver 2022-11-16 11:50
From Amir Tsarfati Telegram account (and I also read an article this morning on the Greek War News 24/7 that says the same):

"According to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, Zelensky said, 'I have no doubt that the missile that caused the explosion in Poland was not Ukrainian. Ukraine must have access to the site where the explosion occurred.'"

ETA: Please don't shoot the messenger; I just said the issue is not dying a quick death.
+3 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-16 11:42

Gunner will be disappointed.

Edit: and Kurzlee...
+2 # AndLegionPrime67 2022-11-16 12:48
The demon possessed screaming-for-blood Kurzlee.
+8 # Vladimir Putin: NATO and Satanism Are Ideologically IndistinguishableWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-16 11:39
One can say that Putin has become the new sheriff because no leader in the Western world is man enough to fight against what has now become practically unreasonable, morally intolerable, politically impermissible, and intellectually repugnant. Putin basically has no choice but to fight against the ideological tidal wave threatening to wash out Russia, Syria, and much of the Middle East.

As one writer put it last year, Putin “has his back against the wall…he can’t throw in the towel because Russia’s facing an existential crisis. If he loses, then Russia’s going to wind up on the same scrap heap as Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. You can bet on it. So the only thing he can do is win. Period. Victory isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.”

“US strategic aviation with nuclear weapons onboard continued to encircle us. For what? We have only 2 military bases abroad. They are in areas of known terrorism dangers…US bases on the other hand are all over the world. And you are telling me that I am the aggressor? What are the US forces doing in Europe, including nuclear weaponry? What business have they got there?

“Listen to me. Our military budget, while slightly increased from last year, is about $50 billion. The military budget of the Pentagon is almost 10 times that amount….And you’re telling me that I’m the aggressor? Is it us putting our forces on the border of the US? Is it NATO that is moving their bases closer to us?

“Does anyone even listen to us, or try to have some kind of dialogue with us? The repeated answer we get is, ‘Mind your own business, and each country can choose its own security measure.’ Very well, so will we.”

Putin moved on to add that “there are rules,” and breaking those rules ought to be illegal. That is how a rational system or government works. But instead of punishing the parties that have broken the rules, Putin said, the US and NATO want to punish Russia. “That is illegal,” he said.

In other words, the US and NATO are actually using an essentially irresponsible and intolerable principle which makes practical reason inexorably irrelevant and unnecessary in political affairs. And once politicians ignore practical reason, then rational dialogue and peaceful resolutions are impossible. Putin has been pleading with NWO agents for reasonable dialogue for more than three years, and his plea has fallen on death ears. He said publicly:

“We want to develop normal relations in the sphere of security, in the fight against terrorism, and in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. We want to work together with [the US] on threats such as drug trafficking, organized crime, the spread of infectious disease.”

Since the New World Order and its agents have been living in a matrix, reason has become obsolete. Whenever an entity or groups refuse to subordinate their passion to practical reason, then you can be sure that they are going to be irrational. When individuals or groups are irrational (deliberately), then the next logical step follows: they are going to use deliberate lies and fabrications to get things done. As Nietzsche himself realized, it takes energy to reject rationality and logic.

So, when organizations like NATO categorically reject reason and deliberately embrace bold lies as principles to live by, then they tacitly endorse Satanism. Whenever reason becomes obsolete, then Satanism is right around the corner.
+3 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2022-11-16 17:13
NATO and US could give two shits about Truth, Honor, Morality, Ethics, Reason, Logic, Fairness or even it's own citizens. All they care about is wanting to conquer Russia one way or another so they can STEAL Russia's assets such as oil, gas, minerals, farmland, etc. Why? Because their POS Satanic Globalist Controlled Babylonian Fiat Paper "Money Magic" (Print out of thin air) Financial System is Collapsing and such as the BRICKS ie rising. NATO and the US can't compete FAIRLY on the World Stage anymore. Don't even have sound money such as gold and silver which Russia has and they would like to also STEAL. They also would like Russia to sink to the level of Moral Depravity and Intellectual Ignorance they have. NATO and US have degenerated into a band of Desperate Thieves wearing suits,
+1 # No stop till ww3A706 2022-11-16 11:21
A Oil tanker owned by a company of Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer was struck off the coast of Oman by a bomb carrying drone, Iran is being blamed.
+7 # Any More????Paul Kurzlee 2022-11-16 11:07
It would be nice to see a story now about the dead bigshots that got hit yesterday. Who was it? How many of them got killed? Why dont we ever get to hear about the best details about an event? This story here is pretty much what was expected to happen anyways good or bad depending how one sees it.
Can you get some details about the rest of the story Hal? The good parts?
+2 # Failed False Flag?deepee67 2022-11-16 11:07
Would the investigation into the alleged rocket parts have been different if Donald Trump had announced something different last night? I ask for a friend ;-)
+3 # RE: Failed False Flag? 2022-11-16 12:57
Good catch! Tell your friend, like they say in theater….there are no small parts, only small actors.
Many have accepted this is all scripted/ theater and all tptb are playing their part as it fits into the big picture.

Personally I sense most of tptb overlook / underestimate the power of prayer and the power of truth. I commend HTRS on the invaluable power of exposing truth to the www. When so much “light” shines on a kernel of truth it becomes a blaze that burns up lies.
Kudos, Hal & followers that spread this truth!
+2 # Keep on prayin'Boss 2022-11-16 16:03
The Good Lord loves His Creation and hears sincere prayers, even if you do not have much practice lately. God bless you and yours.
+1 # N. Medvedev: The West is getting closer to a new World WarWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-16 11:05
The missile strike on Polish soil, possibly by a missile fired from Ukraine, has caused alarm around the world. According to "Putin's man", former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, it means the West is heading for a new World War.

"The incident with Ukraine's alleged 'missile strike' on a Polish farm proves only one thing: by waging a hybrid war against Russia, the West is moving closer to World War," Medvedev tweeted.

Russians launched massive attacks on Ukrainian cities. Almost 100 rockets were launched, which hit, among others, Kyiv, Lviv, Rivne, Nikopoli and many other cities. Kirill Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, announced that the situation in the country is critical. This is the most massive missile attack since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russians sent a clear message to Poland ahead of the Zaporizhia battle and the transfer of 5,000 Polish troops there.
+4 # Conflict between Poland, USA & Ukraine: The Americans "swallowed" the attack after 12 hours of consultationWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-16 10:47
An overnight standoff between Poland, the US and Ukraine reportedly took place after initial reports of Russian missiles hitting Polish soil. Although even the Americans themselves talked about Russian missiles, they were nevertheless forced to make a 180-degree turn by blaming the explosions in Ukraine. As WarNews247 had reported from the beginning, the Americans were caught off guard and were visibly numbed by the developments, which indicated that they would "swallow" the Russian challenge.

While US AWACS and other NATO intelligence-gathering aircraft had information such as the path of the missiles and who launched them as of 15:40 local time yesterday afternoon when the attack on Polish soil took place, it still took more than 12 hours of deliberation to decide that they are of...Ukrainians!

And while American Officials were telling American media and informing NATO about "Russian missiles". The latest update came from the Associated Press agency, which quoted an unnamed US intelligence official as saying that the explosion in Poland was caused by Russian missiles. All this until midnight when the first cracks in NATO began to appear. A French official, commenting on National Security Adviser T. Sullivan's remarks, said NATO's Article 5 would not be automatically triggered even if it was confirmed that Russian missiles hit NATO territory. There should be consultations in the alliance first…

The second shock came from RT Erdogan himself, who said that he "blindly" believes Putin that "the missiles were not Russian". See what he had to say below. Polish media initially reported two versions of how the missiles were found on Polish soil. "It is possible, on the one hand, that the Ukrainian defense shot down the missile and changed its trajectory, or, on the other hand, that the Russians entered the target data incorrectly. In addition, it is believed that the target was Lviv in Ukraine, which is located about 100 kilometers south of Przemyśl and about 80 kilometers from Ukraine," the Poles said.

It is no coincidence that the BBC insisted during the night on the scenario of the malfunction of the Russian system which, because of this, sent the missiles dozens of kilometers off course. Poland began to turn around after the Biden-Duda communication. US President Joe Biden and his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda spoke about the deadly explosions in Poland and agreed to coordinate on "next steps", the White House announced in the early hours. "The two leaders said they will remain in close contact, as will their teams, to decide on next steps as the investigation progresses," according to a press release from the US presidency.

Warsaw, in fact, took another step back on Wednesday morning, just before the meeting at the level of NATO ambassadors began, with information indicating that Article 4 will not be invoked either. The Polish president, for his part, noted earlier that he has no "unshakable evidence" showing who fired the missile, which hit a rural settlement about 6 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. That is why he did not request the activation of Article 4 of the NATO Treaty, which provides for consultations on matters of concern regarding the security of a member state, NATO sources said. Be that as it may, Moscow saw that the Americans were not willing to "seize the opportunity" and proceed with even a "false flag" operation while they saw that NATO's support for Ukraine was constantly decreasing. Something that will be of crucial importance in the event of a military operation from Belarus to western Ukraine and the border with Poland...
+4 # Nice pictureGloucesterAD97 2022-11-16 10:47
A Cuban, a derelict, and a fake Indian walk into a bar... You finish the joke.
+1 # RE: Nice pictureThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-11-16 15:25
My wife is a Cuban so let's watch it there.
# Nice PictureGloucesterAD97 2022-11-16 15:50
Claro que sí. Mis disculpas a su esposa.
+7 # Shall we play a game? CYBORGS: THE NEXT GENERATION!White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-16 10:39
US foreign policy is best defined as follows: kiss my arse or I’ll kick your head in. It is as simple and as crude as that. It possesses the structures of disinformation, use of rhetoric, distortion of language, which are very persuasive, but are actually a pack of lies. It is very successful propaganda. They have the money, they have the technology, they have all the means to get away with it, and they do.’

In my lifetime, the United States has overthrown or attempted to overthrow more than 50 governments, mostly democracies. It has interfered in democratic elections in 30 countries. It has dropped bombs on the people of 30 countries, most of them poor and defenseless. It has attempted to murder the leaders of 50 countries. It has fought to suppress liberation movements in 20 countries.

The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It’s a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis. It means the brainwashing is so thorough we are programmed to swallow a pack of lies. If we don’t recognize propaganda, we may accept it as normal and believe it. That’s the submissive void.
+4 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from 2022-11-16 10:32
Was this FF used to keep Trump at bay last night? I do not believe 2024 president election is his original plan. Remember, he was nuke blackmailed to transfer power in 2020.
-1 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaPaul Kurzlee 2022-11-16 11:20
Was this FF used to keep Trump at bay last night? I do not believe 2024 president election is his original plan. Remember, he was nuke blackmailed to transfer power in 2020.

He folded like a cheap suit too. Useless coward is all he is. By 2024 he might just get the JFK treatment. Fake baz-Turd. Calls everyone to dc then chickens out and sends everyone home with instructions to be peaceful. More then a million of us.
Fucking ASSHOLE.
# YUou were there andsupporttheblue 2022-11-16 13:16
haven't been arrested for insurrection yet?
+5 # The West is as a colony, a crowd of soulless slaves.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-16 10:29
TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT our representative's what you see is a crowd of Monarch Mind Controlled Satanical Slaves Gas Lighting the TRUTH while they build Satan's Church. They are liars, thieves and murderers. They are proud of their Immorality and have sworn an Oath. THEY Have Sold Their Soul's to the DEVIL. A world of faceless, heartless, demonic cogs opening Satans Gate to HELL.

Americans do not be deceived. Your vote does not count. Dominion voting machines rig even local elections to select Satan's candidate. It's a big club and you're not in it. They have complete dominion over the United States Elections. It's so obvious and yet so few care. They'd much rather be brainwashed and monarch mind controlled to the point where they've taken SATANIC SERUM Injections DESTROYING their FREEDOM to BECOME PART OF the SATANIC BORG. I have never received representative government.

TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT our representative's what you see is CLOWN WORLD IDIOCRACY. I personally think the shots have injected them with DARPA Quantum Dot Micro Gel graphene oxide building neural networks within the human for Neuromodulation. Graphene oxide will transform gigahertz into terahertz. When Exposed to 5G The Graphene Oxide Activation of self assembling neural networks cause the Zombie's to perform Lockstep Sympathetic Resonance. They essentially become wireless repeaters.

The US and Polish government are sending Soldiers to KILL Russian Soldiers.
+5 # empty headsA706 2022-11-16 10:23
Watching the Global beast system MSM join in lock-step with the bogus "Russia-Russia-Russia" mis-direct was all the proof that anyone should need to understand anything they say is a lie.
Those who cannot see this truth are dead inside.
+3 # Nothing New Here Same Rhetoric coming out from the West .Garyhines 2022-11-16 10:21
Lies on top of more Lies . I would like to see peace from Russia and Ukraine . But at this stage in the War . Your going too see more weapons being poured into the Killing Fields of Ukraine their are U.S. Forces along with NATO Forces. The Behavior of the West is to blame.their's going to be more escalated attacks coming. We see what's the next event inside of Ukraine.
+5 # the MSMKdasl 2022-11-16 10:19
is acting like this meeting is still on …thank you Hal for all you do for us! You are the best!
+4 # Wait a minute here!norwatz 2022-11-16 10:09
The last time I checked Ukraine wasn't a member of NATO. So this looks to me like a non NATO country fired missiles that landed in Poland and killed Polish citizens. Why isn't Poland screaming about Articles 4-5 claiming they were attacked by Ukraine? Seems dreadfully unfair to me! Collective defense my ass!
+4 # Polish Apology?skyward21 2022-11-16 09:40
So where is the official apology by Poland to Russia for their accusations? A little more crow needs to be eaten by Poland. Maybe this way, they will calm their jets down and stop being so eager for war.

Of course, they won’t apologize. They will just quietly let it fade into the backdrop of other news distractions.
+5 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaCanis Major 2022-11-16 09:34
"Accident" my ass. It was deliberate.
The Ukrainian Government thought they could get away with a false Flag attack.
And I don't doubt the Polish government was on it as well.
Over the years these pieces of shit Polish governments have never hid their distaste for Russia.
Once called out on their accusation of Russia, it's no coincidence Poland quickly withdrew their Article IV request.
The Polish government knew it was going to get raked over the coals.
+4 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaFewThereBe 2022-11-16 10:09

I don't even believe 2 people were killed.

Complete theater by the US-backed nazis.

But it doesn't mean they won't try, try again.
# RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaMPAFF 2022-11-16 09:28
Sure would be nice to be able to listen to last night's show! I guess I get what I pay for with that $1 a week!
+2 # MPAFFshirley5520 2022-11-16 10:59
I just checked, and the audio is working on last night's show.
+2 # Audio feed outageskyward21 2022-11-16 09:41
Yeah, the audio was not working last night. Not sure about today yet.
# FALSE FLAG?Gruntpa 2022-11-16 09:15
Of course it’s a false flag. Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski was a Burisma board member. Russia is shelling Kyiv right now on Ukraine’s eastern border. They’re nowhere near the western Poland/Ukraine border. The media is hoping people ignorant of geography don’t look at a map. Looks like they’ve dusted of the World War II playbook and they’re trying to make Poland the new money laundering spot for the Deep State.

Or the lesbian purple-haired leftist feminists finally get what they want!!! They can be equal with MEN and be DRAFTED to fight in a World War!!!

They can stop bitching now.

Plus which, we’ll get to find out definitively whether Russians know how to make a Satan heavy-lift missile that actually works as advertised.

(Prediction: Russian missiles will work just fine!!!)
+9 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaRAFO 2022-11-16 08:57
Biden supposedly said, “We’re going to make sure exactly what happened. I don’t want to say until we completely investigate, but it’s unlikely, in the minds of the trajectory, that it was fired from Russia. But we’ll see.”

Did Biden take along a coherent double on his G20 trip? The above statement SOUNDS LIKE it comes from a lucid mind that can actually THINK and speak correctly… it CAN’T be Dementia Joe talking… so who is it? Does anyone else think this weird, knowing what we know about our confused, addled moronic Faker-in-Chief??
+4 # RE: UPDATED 7:20 AM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaFewThereBe 2022-11-16 10:12

It's a demonic entity taking possession in OBiden, my personal opinion.

It comes and goes, just like Joe.
+3 # It's a demonic entity taking possession in OBiden, my personal opinion. It comes and goes, just like Joe.Canis Major 2022-11-16 11:33
-16 # Christmas Eve I figuremeanize1962 2022-11-16 08:53
We know how Santa has a red suit we know how he brings presents to the children worldwide we know how he calls his reindeer by name so I concluded a surprise out of sight out of nowhere is Santa if anything's going to happen to us on a global scale that eliminates us as a species I figure it will be on Christmas Eve watch out every Christmas Eve at night time especially when they're tracking Santa went to sleep on TV set this is some cool dark humorous place I've had no success at all in life I've seen nothing but downright fighting against me with lottery numbers I can do the math and figure it out home and they come in every draw I personally don't buy this stuff about black holes and millions of years and a billion years nonsense we're in danger they're teachings are about 90% aligned where I was taught that day about black holes so that means they got about temper something more to fix especially about time the distance of time falling into a black hole in about them absorbing other planets all that was talk to me that day I accepted it and the last thing I recall I was going to the Masters in the models to see if they really exist and I die I've carried that with me my whole life folks you look be on the lookout on Christmas Eve either the Russian Christmas Eve or the American one those are two days to be on alerts forever because I really believe you should have seen all the teachings I had to go on the door about different color bloods and folks that look like us and how it can't be because of the oxygen but then they had somebody show up in a hospital and they destroyed everybody on the ward I recall then 10 days later the whole society almost got knocked out but they survived in the winter and everything that they talk about different color blood and it being Fox they had whole encyclopedia why that can't happen how that's impossible yet it happened there's somebody greater than human just running the whole show I think they're not human they're not mammal and when we get out of line they feed us this black hole lie and we die you have to pay attention to their teachings about black holes you have to pay attention to the teachings about how long time goes through and what happens while falling into a black hole the more accurate they get the more cases are they will kill the suddenly they will kill us suddenly
+10 # How did they taste?Jack Box 2022-11-16 09:21
I’ve heard psychedelic ‘shrooms have very little taste. Since your post also has very little taste, or has very little to do with the subject matter of the article, it follows that you had some funky fungus on your pizza last night and had a “waking dream” as a result. Time to back off the ‘shrooms, dude!
# In reading theSkybear 2022-11-17 04:45
comments, when ole meanize1962 appears, I just scroll on past it, ignoring it completely.
+7 # Something happenedSrmay72 2022-11-16 08:49
Last night something stopped NATOs plans of going ww3 hot. Something is up all the elections stolen again yet no word from anyone then this
Germany says elections were flawed from machines someone stopped the CIA AND OTHERS YESTERDAY HIDE AND WATCH THIS SMELLS LIKE TROUBLE
-16 # I was famousmeanize1962 2022-11-16 08:41
I was famous I had things like your opinion how to break limitations generators you name it I was able to break it and there was one certain teaching that was done they started the whole movement and I was the director of their movement but wasn't the director of scientist and I personally believe I was never able to prove or disapprove what they taught me they had no teachings about white holes I will tell you from a matter of fact I think we are sheep to be slaughtered I think we're going to die soon I think this teaching is given to us to absorb and accept it before they kill us
-15 # I don't trust anyonemeanize1962 2022-11-16 08:38
I don't trust any of these folks from NATO I think they're in bed with aliens and I'll tell you a true story for decades they talk wrong scientific teachings about black holes so I decided not to become a scientist because I didn't know which one was right where I was assistant director scientist in a previous life on a previous world or they were wrong and here it was right well now they have the same teachings that they had there about black holes you know how I found out about black holes in my previous life it was the day I died I was assistant director was going to become the director of the whole planet for science they brought me into a room and I meant the director that was going to be leaving his post and after a few months of training I would be director he taught me about it he taught me about how they turn into regular matter and everything the link to the black hole how long they last I think the science teachers are probably identical now they've changed that much out the point of the story is I was notified on about these things and wasn't able to do the math for the work to see if I was being told the truth or they had it right I died that night and with that the black matter story was told to me too on the same day but they went to the Galaxy and they tried it on the spot they had no dark matter coming to their planets they actually went to the spot I believe this planet's in bed with them and I think they're feeling with fantasy about black holes and that they're going to kill us all
suddenly it will happen all in one evening I don't believe black holes are real I don't believe they exists I believe they're made up I believe dark matters made up but here they have it coming to the planet well I was taught about equal 1 oz each of matter and dark matter was tested on the spot in the dark matter one it's because of reverse polarity of a field I think there's someone greater than human when they get fed up and they want to get rid of everybody they do and they tell this little feather called black holes
+6 # Twisted Paradigm. ComparisonsDoug Brown 2022-11-16 08:29
Zelinski sees himself as a paragon of virtue,
as one set upon, thrown about by those trespassing
terroristic Russians. Yet Zelinski himself is not a good
man. Zelinski is heart sick, a cur, drugged
reprobate and sexually deranged. Read: evil.
The comparison is obvious.
BLM, ANTIFA, Hunter and dad, Justice Dept, FBI, all...comfortably sitting in Zelinski's corner.
Viewing expediency as virtue,
morality as archaic, and
virtue as anything that extends their lie.
+1 # RE: Twisted Paradigm. ComparisonsBadgerBadger 2022-11-16 15:43
+3 # CHINA: Anti-lockdown riots break out in Guangzhou?MildB 2022-11-16 07:55
Off Topic but Hum?

Hello ,

FromRome.Info has published a new article on our website :

CHINA: Anti-lockdown riots break out in Guangzhou

You can view it from this link :


Br. Alexis Bugnolo
+5 # Biden Bows To XiMildB 2022-11-16 08:03

There was a very important meeting yesterday in Bali, Indonesia, between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s primary benefactor, Xi Jinping, the leader of communist China. This was a meeting with incredible implications for the United States. Tragically, there was no one actually representing America – you and me – at this meeting.

Premier Xi is totally committed to doing whatever he has to do to make communist China great again. That’s all that matters to him. If anyone told him that was an inappropriate goal, he would laugh them out of the room.

Biden, who pretends to represent us, gets up every day totally committed to climate change. So, Biden walked into the meeting and began talking about how China and America must work together to prevent global warming. It must have been hard for Xi and his colleagues to not breakout in laughter.

The tone was set even before the meeting began. As Biden and Xi posed for pictures, an ABC News reporter asked Biden if he was going to bring up human rights in the talks. A member of the Chinese delegation knocked her to the ground.

That never would have happened if Donald Trump was president. So, why did the Chinese feel free to physically assault an American reporter in Biden’s presence? I think we all know the answer.

There was no joint statement issued after the meeting because Biden got nothing from Xi. There was nothing to announce because Biden didn’t bring up the ways communist China is hurting our country, and even killing Americans.

He did not bring up the deadly Chinese Fentanyl pouring over our open border killing tens of thousands of our children.

He did not bring up COVID, which killed one million Americans and cost us untold billions in economic losses because of China’s irresponsible virus research.

He did not bring up communist China’s slave labor or the oppression of the Chinese people.

Donald Trump was not afraid of confronting communist China, and making the case for freedom. He always put America first.

But because of Republican incompetence in this year’s elections, voters just empowered the buffoon we have as president for two more long years.

That’s what happens when you let the media browbeat you into thinking you can’t question cheating or you are the enemy of democracy. It’s cheating that is the enemy of democracy, not asking questions.

The real-life consequences of last Tuesday’s failures are not who gets to lead the Senate or who is the next speaker of the House. The real-life consequences are dead Americans, a less safe country and a less safe world as communist China challenges an America led by a weak, compromised president.

But the GOP establishment is far more interested in stopping Donald Trump than it is in stopping Xi Jinping. I understand why the Chamber of Commerce wants to stop Trump. Its members are getting rich off communist China, just like Joe Biden.

(Wonder whats in their bit coin wallets?)

What’s 100,000 dead Americans compared to a fatter bottom line? Only a bunch of funerals that none of these woke CEOs will ever have to attend.
+2 # Bravo!White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-16 13:52
Well Written Truth.
# RE: Biden Bows To 2022-11-16 13:13
“Wonder whats in their bit coin wallets?”

I can envision multiple memes w/that line ;-)
-4 # ShadesofGreenjake 2022-11-16 08:30
Trump will be BACK:) One way or the other.

Biden and the Democrats are being careful as not to start World War 3 but lets say they didn't win the elections. Just maybe then they probably will have started a War with this missile incident.
+3 # We know who the enemy is ...JG62 2022-11-16 08:23
China, the Democrats and our propaganda media.
-4 # TRUMP: "Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, my fellow citizens, America's comeback starts right now."MildB 2022-11-16 08:06
In case one missed it.

— MAGA War Room (@MAGAIncWarRoom) November 16, 2022
+15 # Seriously thoughnjc 2022-11-16 07:49
Once again Hal's intel was spot on yesterday. The msm was reporting that Russia fired missiles into Poland. Ukraine said the same. Now of course we learn that they were wrong and once again, what Hal reported was correct!
+2 # what ifRickyRaccoon 2022-11-16 07:48
So it seems that the missles were diverted by x the unknOwn.
And it was just an accident coming from a ukraine.

So had it turned out that it was a Russian missle that went off course. Would everybody be as forgiving?
Dead is dead for the 2 unfortunate civilians.

Whither or not, Russia is in the right on this can the world not see that Zelinski is definately in the wrong?

His cash cow is going dry and he needs new panties and. Some more fairy dust!
+5 # Russia's last gaspnjc 2022-11-16 07:44
Ukraine is clearly winning! (lol)
+4 # LolSilas8 2022-11-16 07:42
So all this drama for nothing..
+2 # Keep on prayin'Boss 2022-11-16 07:41
Ya'all hear now n' give th' Good Lord Praise n' Thanksgivin'. He's the Boss. God bless ya'!
Off-topic: My littl' town tis' on the Main Line North and South of CSX and NS. We'v'a bin a' gitten' one train a followin' another. Hmmmm.....??
# Last nights show online archive does not 2022-11-16 07:36
The description is there - "extended by 10 mins" but the length is zero.
+1 # RE: Last nights show online archive does not 2022-11-16 09:33
It is fixed now, thanks.
-2 # What is the planHide 2022-11-16 07:32
I am surprised. Smart chess move? What are they planning... meanwhile in tool land ... Trump announces presidency. His ego will be smashed when Desantis runs. Only his brain washed cult hail to the "golden" God. Nice distraction they got going on. His coke head son is suggesting we offer Alaska. Cant make this crap up. Just keep eating popcorn and watch the political theater/prophecy before our eyes.... I am back to wondering if Trump could be the antichrist instead of Obama.
# RE: Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from 2022-11-16 07:29
-1 # Polocks give back gas hoseMildB 2022-11-16 07:28
after figuring out that the gas pump is need to fill it.
+6 # RE: Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaErfman 2022-11-16 07:26
Hitting transformers is a big deal.

You just don't get those back overnight, unless you have lots of spares

The problem is they are big and only certain countries produce them.

Unfortunately, these countries are having their own problems powering their factories.
+5 # DetailTC 2022-11-16 08:18
Notice Russia is hitting the distribution system, not the power plants. One can be fixed in about a year, the second would take about five years. And undamaged pumping stations can be run with portable generators.

Russia wants to cripple NATO to save its soldiers’ lives, but it doesn’t want to kill Ukraine.
+5 # RE: Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaGunner 2022-11-16 07:10
Incompetent dumb-asses truly.
-4 # Biden what a weak presidentmeanize1962 2022-11-16 07:02
This guy has got to be the most weakest president I've ever seen it's like there's no one home at all there's no power there's no common sense he looks like such a little nothing up there with all the activities the Russian military has been doing and if they continue that activity for another day say tonight or tomorrow after the electric good and everything in Ukraine you can you imagine how weak and pathetic he is do you think that Donald Trump will allow him to be portrayed like this or the presidency betrayed like this in the last 24 hours do you have any idea how much putin has won he's strong he's a bowling now he's courageous he's daring he's a savior of the Russian people I guess the chances of him being removed by the generals or next to zero right about now is that all by accident I don't know
+2 # RE: Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from RussiaIgorbzo 2022-11-16 07:00
Thank God the smoke is clearing, this situation needs change or we'll fried
-6 # RE: Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from Russiameanize1962 2022-11-16 06:56
I never said vitamins I said Biden someone's messing around again United States looks like nothing nothing it looks like there's summit G20 should have never happened it shows you how ridiculous they were and how much full of bluff over this NATO article 5 nonsense we can see now there's no wait to that and they're too scared to take it another level higher and you create must be so furious those ukrainians will probably cool it off with us knowing that they can't win and they won't win and they'll probably stop accepting our weapons I think this is the beginning for peace and Eastern Europe will have lots and lots of peace I think the United States lost everything that's happened in the last 24 hours Russia has won this war what a bunch of nobody's the USA it looks like in an alien point of view of view
-5 # RE: Poland **WITHDRAWS** Request for Emergency NATO Meeting; Biden Says "Unlikely" Missile Fired from Russiameanize1962 2022-11-16 06:52
He made biden look like a no one with no agenda Vladimir is known as being the toughest guy around for decades and he proved it just in the last 24 hours you practically knocked out their power grid and everything with a stomach going on do you realize how embarrassed the vitamins must be how little they must feel right now Donald Trump's going to be looking into all just has been happening what he gets at the White House they're all in troublethis
+4 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2022-11-16 06:51
The West couldn't find a way to twist the TRUTH (as usual) and blame Russia?
-7 # Powerful Russiameanize1962 2022-11-16 06:49
Now we know who the bad cat is in town it's Mr Putin they're scared to death of him it's just not Mr Turner that's scared of Russia it's the United States also and all of Europe China is the only wise one in town refusing to go along with their agenda I can't believe it they make trillions of dollars and they're not going with us all the way meaning China now we know who the powerful guy is in your it's the Russians you know how disrespectful that is to go thrown around 100 missiles having beer bombers in the air causing a missile the fall into Poland do you know how brave and Darren that is for a summit going on
+2 # tin foil hat stuffbogwon 2022-11-16 06:48
when peace is announced that will be a forbearer of the conflict spiraling out of control and kicking into high gear. this may coincide with a balkan leader being guess is that this is some time down the road,probably after financial collapse of the system.disclaimer; i do not know what im talking about.
+2 # NATO now considering invoking article 5 against Ukraine!Snug 2022-11-16 06:03
+2 # RE: NATO now considering invoking article 5 against Ukraine!FewThereBe 2022-11-16 10:37

Now that's funny.
-14 # Wake up peoplefaithman 2022-11-16 05:56
Hal I couldn't agree more that God is not in control. If He is, He certainly has things all messed up. I believe He gave us control and the responsibility to steward the world. And because we are not things have gone south. When will the church wake up from her wokeness!!!
+7 # Free willBoss 2022-11-16 07:44
is given to Man; but God sees and knows everything and can intervene, especially because He loves His Creation. God bless ya'll.


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