Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near Bakhmut

Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near Bakhmut

An altercation has taken place between Polish "Mercenaries" fighting FOR Ukraine, and Ukrainian Army officers commanding them. The Polish Mercs and a grouping of about ten thousand Romanian "Mercenaries" also fighting for Ukraine, were allegedly ordered by Ukrainian Army officers to attack Russian positions around Bakhmut.  Fierce fighting has been going on there for weeks and Ukraine is losing.

The Polish "Mercs" told the Ukrainian Army Officers it would be suicide for them and the Romanians to go attack, everyone else who has done so has been slaughtered by the fortified Russian positions. 

The Ukrainians then allegedly told the Polish either attack or WE will kill you for Mutiny, at which point the Polish drew their weapons and KILLED the Ukrainian commanders.

Details right now are very sketchy and people in-the-know are very unwilling to talk about this.  It's all very hush-hush and likely to stay that way.

More if I get it . . .


# Good news!Mp 2022-11-29 20:27
Let the bastards kill each other.
# Good news!Mp 2022-11-29 20:26
Let the bastards kill each other.
+1 # "Polish Girls Are A Knock-Out" 2022-11-28 16:06
They have Hot Tempers, meaning, "Never Threaten An Armed Polish Chick," but "Wow Breath Taking is an Understatement regarding Their Beauty!"
+1 # I had 2 serious Polish GFsdaniel_martin 2022-11-29 08:29
they are absolutely nightmarish. I believe the polish gene is prone to schizophrenia. And Im not kidding. every german descendant will tell you the same about the poles
# Typical BehaviorForrest Mosby 2022-11-28 15:03
From on-the-edge soldiers in that situation…
# "The Biden Administration & Congress" 2022-11-28 13:20
-2 # Russia bombed NATO-Ukraine data exchange nodes – 200 Polish soldiers dead in Kharkiv!PSKYWAY 2022-11-28 12:47
+1 # 2 sides...sixshots 2022-11-28 12:38
There are 2 sides to every story.
In the interest of fairness we should examine Ukraine's side of the story.
"After winning the war with Russia, Officers in the Ukrainian army were given a year-long cruise-ship vacation and will be unavailable for duty or contact during this time. The Ukrainian armed forces will still be accepting recruits and other volunteers to march in victory parades and watch over naked sunbathing Ukrainian beauties on the beaches of Ukraine. When enlisting, bring your swimsuit,sunglasses and suntan lotion. Slava Ukraine!"
# RE: Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near BakhmutCanis Major 2022-11-28 10:16
Hal Talk to the Pols.
They are a willing bunch to talk and tell their side of the story.
By now their families are aware of what happened and who got killed by who.
# Maybe now the dumb fux...MissinD60s 2022-11-28 09:46
will see who they chose to fight for?? I get the whole anti-Soviet Russia thing. Have known many people from that part of the world. These mercs went to war without educating themselves. They chose to fight alongside full-blown Nazis. Maybe now they'll see? They better hurry before NATO airstrikes them into oblivion.
# RE: Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near BakhmutCanis Major 2022-11-28 09:33
Watch this. This is someone in the know:
# RE: Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near BakhmutCanis Major 2022-11-28 09:31
Didn't this kind of shit happened during Vietnam? Seasoned combat grunts shot their Lts. for making shitty decisions and ordering the men into suicide missions, but the grunts were not having none of that and shot their commanding officers during expeditions where no one knew what happened.?
# "Fragging"MissinD60s 2022-11-28 09:48
Needs to happen, again. All the way up to the Joint Chiefs.
-1 # Whats going on with the UK?Lexie 2022-11-28 08:26
UK is pushing Zelensky to press on and will continue to support Ukraine with whatever but not men. Nato not getting involved because it can't at least that is my conclusion, okay so maybe Poland or Romania can muster some troops but if the UK is anything to go by, we have about enough troops to tootle around the UK according to Ben Wallace and I think the same applies to the rest of Nato.
-2 # I agree with Papatamtamtx55 2022-11-28 08:21
"Mercs" 10,000 MY COUNRTY ASS!!!
NATO pulling their so old crap.

Hal, what happened to that vote nato was suppose to have to declare Russia a terrorist country ?
+1 # RE: I agree with PapaFewThereBe 2022-11-28 09:34

The European Parliament DID vote Russia a "terrorist nation" recently.

The US has not so far.

The EP's vote is meaningless according to many; BUT it may be a preliminary move for ("legally") stealing Russia's frozen assets in the West.
+2 # 10,000 Rumanianspapa 2022-11-28 07:10
10,000 Rumanian's is a Division not a bunch of "volunteers". NATO has entered the ground war.
-1 # MaybeWoulf 2022-11-28 03:01
The Poles will be in this war but just not on the side they thought. If they "invade" the Ukraine dose that invoke article 5?
Show me a group of guys that will attack light armor on "horseback" with a "lance" and I will show a group of guys with a really big "pair". Not very smart but a really, really "big pair". If they say it is "not possible", whom are you going to listen to?
Dirty laundry - Don Henley
# Robert Dziokrddziok 2022-11-28 02:26
Analogous to "fragging" some officers during the Vietnam war?
+10 # Unlawful ordersgolewile 2022-11-28 02:04
Perhaps our military could learn something.
Our military and our police are bound by oath to only obey lawful orders.

Personally, I believe the Brazilian military is about to do what our military failed to do. Stand up for a fair election.

Never in my life have I been so ashamed of our military's leadership. Traitors! And cowards!

Ukraine is our illegal proxy war. We are NATO and we have no lawful reason for starting this war with Russia. Notice that I said lawful reason.
+2 # U.S. Col. Douglas Macgregor, PHDDolph 2022-11-28 00:26

Hal's long lost twin brother.
-1 # GERMANY NOT HAPPYDolph 2022-11-28 00:00
The leftist New York Times reporting that most NATO members have run out of weapons for Ukraine, says in response it saw former top Pentagon advisor and combat tactical legend retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Ph.D. revealing “Germany is ready to walk away from this war” and warning about the Ukraine conflict “This will destroy NATO”—a warning joined by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova factually stating: “European leaders have pushed Europe, in particular the European Union, towards a global energy collapse...They still need to convince their citizens that the crisis is not just good and right, but is in their own interests...It’s a democracy test”.

After the socialist Western colonial powers spent the past year deliberately inciting China over Taiwan, this report notes, the “democracy test” on that island nation resulted in Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen resigning this morning as head of the governing Democratic Progressive Party after its poor showing in local elections to the opposition Kuomintang Party (KMT), that won several major races on Saturday, including in the capital Taipei, and is a KMT whose charter still calls for unification with China.

Likewise over the past year, this report continues, the socialist Western colonial powers grossly interfered in the Brazilian election to defeat President Jair Bolsonaro, who made his first public appearance yesterday since the 30 October election, but still has not conceded, and whose “democracy test” in the largest South American nation is documented in articles now appearing like “Breaking Report: The Brazilian Military Stands With Bolsonaro… Is Prepared To Invoke Article 142”.

Most certainly failing the “democracy test”, this report details, was the chaotic 8 November midterm election in the State of Arizona where massive numbers of voting machines broke down, which caused President Donald Trump to declare: “This Election was a disgrace...They should at minimum redo the Arizona Election”—and is a declaration critical to notice because of the “democracy test” in Germany following its chaotic 26 September 2021 elections, specifically because it was reported this past week: “Germany's constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that the state of Berlin would have to re-run its elections next year, after deciding that organizational chaos reported at hundreds of polling stations around the city last September made the vote invalid…The Berlin election will now have to be repeated within 90 days”. (Sorcha Faal)
+1 # Hal Turner Show Not Happy!Getsum 2022-11-28 05:08

You have lost any semblance of credibility here with your false teachings and all out worshiping of your Sorceress. Your doomsday date settings have once again turned into false prophet warnings spoken about in the Bible.

This means that you too are considered a false prophet and as well spoken about the Bible as you should know what that entails.

Steer clear of these date-setting quacks and get yourself right with God. The end times ARE coming but we were never meant to know that day...neither was Jesus according to His own Word.
-1 # Thanksgiving Dream ExplainedDolph 2022-11-27 23:41
Many folks here read Vicky Parnell's Thanksgiving Day Dream that strongly suggested that the rapture would happen on Thanksgiving. I thought so too but did I take it to the Lord and ask Him about it?

The prophet or watchman can only report the dream he or she receives, connecting the parts as best they can with many of the terms and thoughts being metaphorical leaving the listener to prayerfully do the interpretation. Her dream didn't mention the year and stated there wouldn't be turkeys in the stores for sale. This didn't happen which suggests it was not for this year. Many Old and New Testament prophesies have yet to happen but they will.

As it turns out as Vicky has explained, the 14th in her dream was meant for her family, that she should not have her TG dinner after the 14th. Don't forget, Paul was looking for the Blessed Hope 2,000 years ago.

For those of us following Vicky's dreams and visions for over a year nothing has changed. Perhaps this dream was designed by God in an attempt to waken a Church that has become the frozen chosen. Are you without sin? Are you led by the Spirit of God? Have you died to the flesh? Recent poles taken by Harris and others report that less than 5% of those calling themselves Christian are truly saved using the broadest of definitions.

When current events begin to coincide with end-time Bible prophesy it means the end of the age is upon us.

People here at HTRS know better than the vast majority that current events are dire and that are leaders are either insane or totally corrupt. Can it get any worse?

Many here know we are at the end of our earthly rope but are so far away from God they know not what to do. The Bible says when you see these things come to pass, LOOK UP! Your redemption draweth neigh.

Since many here are cursing the darkness and not rejoicing I will continue to shout it from the housetops that the end is near! Draw neigh to God and He will draw neigh to you regardless if a Christian watchman messes up her interpretation of a dream she received from the Lord.

Was her message off a day, a month or a year? We all know how close the end of this age is and that we have demonic leaders running the show. The main thing is to get right with God and not be too quick to pick up stones.
+1 # 100%RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-28 09:54
God's prophecies always come to pass 100% of the time, even down to the exact moment.

Anything else is not from God.
# rgmrgm49 2022-11-28 08:13
We are at the beginning of the end of this age! That America will be attacked by Russia and others, is reality. The US has become a land filled with every evil and foul spirit. It no longer deserves to survive.
+3 # DudeGetsum 2022-11-28 05:02
Dolph, get help. You are being led astray from the Gospel of our Lord by these false witnesses.

You seem to hang on THEIR WORD versus the Word Of God.

Break free brother, break free.
+1 # A very logical outcome....NHydg 2022-11-27 23:27
About time some folks used reason to deal with a problem.
-3 # PlatoonZiglveit B Shtoonk 2022-11-27 23:05
And dig this, you assholes, and dig it good...

Barnes been shot seven times and he ain't dead, does that mean anything to you, huh? Barnes ain't meant to die!

The only thing that can kill Barnes, is Barnes!
+1 # RE: Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near BakhmutRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-27 22:35
Naw, that's not a mutiny, Now THIS is a mutiny!

+2 # RE: Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near Bakhmutarcace 2022-11-27 22:35
Hopefully they made sure to get paid in advance.
# PaidWoulf 2022-11-28 02:37
A smart merc crew will always be paid in advance. You want to guess what happens if the check bounces? See the above.
-1 # 1-2-3 what are we fighting forbogwon 2022-11-27 22:19
more winning!!!!!!!
+5 # How’s it mutiny?Moosie850 2022-11-27 21:55
They’re technically not on the books and under Contract… it’s not their government they’re fighting for. Good for them.
+1 # More altercation's coming ?oldschool 2022-11-27 21:48
I've been waiting for something like this to happen. If not at the troop level, at the higher up (decision making level)? Sooner or later frustration is going to kick in and someone somewhere is going to come unglued and when that happens,,, Katie bar the door !
+3 # BEAUTIFUL 2022-11-27 21:41
Even order following mercenaries can sometimes make the right choice.

I think I would have done the same or similar.

US soldiers resorted to fracking officers in Vietnam for similar reasons.

I would bet this behavior has a very long and occulted history.
# NAVYdaniel_martin 2022-11-28 15:42
I was on the Brazil Navy for a few years. They said that abusive officers dont walk on deck at night, only inside the ships, bc the sailors would thrown them at sea
+2 # RE: BEAUTIFUL MOVEWoulf 2022-11-28 02:28
Yep, self-preservation. Money means nothing to a dead man. Think about it.
# RE: BEAUTIFUL MOVEPaul Kurzlee 2022-11-28 00:10
Even order following mercenaries can sometimes make the right choice.

I think I would have done the same or similar.

US soldiers resorted to fracking officers in Vietnam for similar reasons.

I would bet this behavior has a very long and occulted history.

It was the beginning of the end of the war in nam when the men starting doing this to their commanders for issuing the exact same type of orders. I remember it became quite popular and was on the news a few times on our black and white tv. It is good to finally see it starting again. We all know history repeats itself no matter how insane. These men will hopefully start a new trend in the ranks.
+1 # Fragging, not frackingDSC 2022-11-27 22:21
(using a fragmentation grenade)
+4 # WellWoulf 2022-11-27 21:14
It's a start.
+13 # Suicidejanet115 2022-11-27 21:05
The whole Russia-Ukraine war has been a suicide mission for Ukraine from the beginning. But isn't that the ultimate goal? Kill as man White people as they can. If vaccines don't get them, then hopeless wars will.
+4 # Dig itERing46Z 2022-11-27 23:35
Janet, you see what many dare not mention: if Obama is controlling, killing as many whites as possible is the goal. Ukraine and Russia have the largest collection of alpha whites left on Earth.
-1 # AlphaWoulf 2022-11-28 02:34
Our side seems to busy trying to math up that dress with the heels and purse. Maybe they should try some pearls. Just saying.
+3 # I wonder if they were NazisChappyusa1 2022-11-27 20:58
would be interesting to see if those Ukrainians were Nazies or not.
+6 # You know those commanderstrimmer 2022-11-27 20:52
Had a real "Aw shit!" moment for about 2.3 seconds.
+8 # RE: Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near BakhmutJohn Galt 2022-11-27 20:28
I was married to a Polish woman for 30 years. You definitely don’t want to piss them off.
Good job, Ukies.
+4 # RE: Polish "Mercenaries" Open-Fire and KILL Ukraine Army Commanders Near BakhmutThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-11-27 20:47
I know a few Poles who suffered at the hands of Russians during the Soviet occupation era when Poland was part of the Warsaw Pact. They are good people in my book. Anyone who suffers at the hands of Russians is a friend of mine. I'm married to a Cuban and that's some other people you don't need to piss off. My wife lost some of her family to Castro's butchers.
+1 # Scum is scumCJ 2022-11-28 06:39
Meine famile kommt Breslau aus.
We lost family to the Nazis the Poles and Stalin.
They are all scum. Period.


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