Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for Ukraine

Former Ukraine President Poroshenko admitted on television that the Minsk Agreement was a complete deception; was only signed to buy time for Ukraine to build its army and economy.   He looked directly in the faces of Hollande of France, Merkel of Germany, and Putin of Russia,  and lied to them as he shook their hands.


-1 # Nothing on Gods' good earth could make American...DBBBB 2022-06-21 19:35
Europeon, or British politics look like Kindergareners to the Nazis ...the Babylon Whore are foul cages of demons and whores and the UIkrainian Nazis are one of their suckling pigs. That is all there is to it. Broke the Minsk agreement to build up their Military and filthy Pharma Labs. We are so sick of these filthy whores murdering mankind without a second thought and now sending orders to kill the babies and children? We have watched the Islamist slime swine slaughtering and stealing everything from Jews and Christians 1400 bloody years ... they have stolen lands of 6 Million square miles from Byzantines, Christians, Jews, Russians and now with that filth OBiden they are trying to steal the last 150/300 square miles restored to Israel. That is how the scum of the earth work!!! Biblical curses are upon them for this evil and America shall be split in half for OBidens evil deed this week and when it begins to tear all our countries apart we will have earned it well be it filthy scum China, Islamist, the Globalist west they shall all suffer under the fires and the demonic Nephillim whom God says He will send His Gibor/giants to torture the wicked scum of the earth for 5 months ..and they shall not be able to die... Isaiah 13, 14 Rev 9: 5 ... We pray daily for these scum of the earth to be wiped out or hung upon their own gallows as Haman and all His Nephillm families were hung on the gallows they made for the Jews.
-3 # RE: Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for Ukrainemjc 2022-06-21 13:26
Maybe true. Maybe not. It's Poroshenko's story (today).

Poroshenko was detained at the Lithuanian border a few weeks ago trying to leave Ukraine. He's currently facing a 'treason' trial in Ukraine for allegedly smuggling coal from seperatist controlled areas in the Donbass.

Both Poroshenko and Medvedchuk's names were being tossed around as potential Russian 'selectees' for the Ukrainian presidency if they were able to pull off 'regime change'. That may have been fair. Or maybe not. Ukrainian politics is a cesspool. They make DC politicians look like saints.

"On 20 December 2021, Poroshenko was accused of state treason, aiding terrorist organizations and financing terrorism due to allegedly organizing the purchase of coal from separatist-controlled areas of Ukraine together with pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk.[173] If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.[174] Poroshenko denied the allegations, calling them "fabricated, politically motivated, and black PR directed against [Zelenskyy's] political opponents".[173] On 6 January 2022, a Ukrainian court seized Poroshenko’s property.[175] On 15 January 2022, Poroshenko announced via a video message on Facebook: "I am returning to Ukraine on a flight from Warsaw at 09:10 a.m. on January 17… to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression", despite the case against him.[176][177]"
# European Politics/PoliticiansForrest Mosby 2022-06-21 13:24
Are as much bullshit/full of shit as American politics/politicians have become since 2008….Nothing is as it is presented….all lies/fake news….
We shouldn't even be talking to any of those assholes on the telephone, much less dealing w them or helping them….how many have paid their WW2 debts to us?
-15 # RT is pure Putin Propaganda MachineGQHTRS2021 2022-06-21 10:37
Pure Putin Propaganda , Putin is enemy of every American & he is working Hand in Hand With CCP to destroy The U.S., The Communist Useful idiots on this site should read the latest Article/ Blog of JR Nyquist , Who is a true expert on Both Russian & CCP Military's & Governments.
-2 # Cold War never endedBirdie99 2022-06-21 21:58
The problem is people believe the main stream media lie that the Cold War ended. It did not. Russia just played possum until about 2010. The other problem is people get caught in the trap of thinking since Klaus Schwab evil therefore Putin must be good. We made the same mistake in WW2. We thought since Hitler was evil Stalin must be good. And by the way the Russians still haven’t apologized for Stalin. Stalin not only caused the Cold War he also caused the Korean War.
-1 # Hear hearBirdie99 2022-06-21 21:52
Hear Hear!!
+6 # GQHTRS2021 neeeds to read more and post lessDummyemail@ 2022-06-21 14:19
What the hell is wrong with you? Have you lived in a cave for the last 80 years?
# JR Nyquist???Doug Brown 2022-06-21 11:52
To much reliance upon JrNyquist.
JRNyquist is a day late, and a dollar short.
A snake oil salesman.
A materialistic atheistic baboon.
Reminds me of Q.
Serious insider, with
imperative, crucial, life changing information
JRNyquist's inside scoops? Inaccuracy!
# Nyquist gets part of itBirdie99 2022-06-21 22:01
Nyquist understands the commies. He just doesn’t understand the globalists. Both are evil.
+3 # A tempered factSBGlett77 2022-06-21 11:41
Russia is our enemy because we insist they be our enemy. They would have been a willing ally against China.

China is different. They are old-line Stalinist communists, who want to steal from everyone, for themselves and enough for their people that they don't revolt. Their capitalist overtures in the recent past have only been to get us to send our plants and resources over there so we are weakened. Russia has done none of this.

I'm not a Putin-lover, Russian sympathizer, commie bastard, or any of the other standard names polarized people call individuals who point out the political facts. I'm a loyal American like the host of this site, who just points out reality and facts to those who may or may not want to hear them. Call the EU and NATO names if you must relate to the world in that way - they are the ones fomenting most of this trouble we are now seeing, because they are acting like godless pragmatists, which makes them similar to neo-stalinists.
+1 # This is true.Birdie99 2022-06-21 21:59
Yup China is our mortal enemy.
+2 # 2022-06-21 11:24
I have no time for people like porky who boasts of telling lies, being dishonest.
Or coke head Zelensky.
+2 # RE: Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for UkraineJFY 2022-06-21 10:24
These people are shameless scoundrels...

The more I hear about them, the more I'm glad that the Russians are putting them in their place.

I hope Putin sends a Spetsnaz team to give poroshenko a ride to Moscow so he can be tried for genocide.
+1 # RE: Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for UkraineGunner 2022-06-21 10:20
Ukraine sounds like a truly corrupt, ultra crooked place of absolute $hit. And the fact that once again God knows how many innocent civilians had to Die.
# ukraine is runAravinda 2022-06-21 22:06
by the o'biden killary clan which is why it is so evil
our current government which has been overthrown by these scum is the same.

how far behind ukraine are we? the people there are just as brainwashed as the people here.
+1 # It was the main money laundering nation of the Western world. Big corrupt money.karlerik777 2022-06-21 11:44
Quoting Gunner:
Ukraine sounds like a truly corrupt, ultra crooked place of absolute $hit. And the fact that once again God knows how many innocent civilians had to Die.

It was the main money laundering nation of the Western world. Big corrupt money.
+1 # The 2014 Ukraine 2022-06-21 11:41
was hand picked by the USA.
# "Gosh" 2022-06-21 10:19
This Guy sounds more like "Biden," especially considering, "The Biden Orchestrated Withdraw from Afghanistan leaving People Behind with Great Honor and Dignity by Giving the Taliban 85 Billion in Cash and Weapons" using "The People as a Deception to take American Minds Off All That Cash Give-away to a Foreign Enemy." It took "Guts for Biden to Pull that Off!" Sometimes I wonder "Has Biden Really Got Dementia" or is "Dementia Implied as an excuse Should He get Charged with Treason?" Fact Checkers: "25th Amendment Doesn't Apply to Mr. Excitement the Old Joe 'Shit Pants' Biden."
+7 # RE: Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for UkraineErfman 2022-06-21 10:03
This is an admission that the Ukrainian leaders were/are without honor.

Such men can never be trusted again and should never be negotiated with.

They should be removed from power and dealt with harshly for their treachery.
# Why Ukraine is so corrupt.Birdie99 2022-06-21 22:14
Ukraine’s kleptocracy politics were and are a result of being a former Soviet satellite. They never quit being a satellite. Their political elite are just the former communist inner party members. Ditto for the “oligarchs” in Ukraine & & Russia. All of them were inner communist party members in the USSR.
Point is that you can’t hold up Ukraine as the paragon of political evil and hold up Russia as the opposite. Ukrainian political corruption is an extension of the corruption that took root in the USSR. The only difference is that now the Ukrainian political elite take a lot of their bribes from the World Economic Forum.
+6 # PuppetsPaul Jarrett 2022-06-21 10:02
Poroshenko was a rich chocolatier when he was elected President of Ukraine. Victoria Nuland and other non-Ukrainians were in charge it would seem. Same with our current comedian puppet who has been nearly deified.
+7 # Will it matterSrmay72 2022-06-21 10:01
See once you form the minds of the zombies you could come out with proof they kill anteater children yet tick took and others will still have Ukrainian flags by their names. My mother taught me at an early age the art of mind fu..ING people most people are puppets that care only for today to hell with tommorow. The only people this passes off are us that knew it from the beginning. How does this help us in the coming months? Where's stories about serving cooking top Ramen 20 different ways where's the stories about learning to live in about 100 Sq ft because the rest of your home won't be heated. Where's stories about late season crops high in minerals how about what scooter gets the best mpg lasts the longest because $20 gas you can't drive cars wake up!
+2 # Great site for preppersJ Grayman 2022-06-21 11:01
Southern Prepper 1

"Medication shortage is so severe in the US...Expired drug are being authorized to use some places."
-1 # your punctuationchikquita 2022-06-21 10:46
is getting better. Continue down this path & your reading will be enjoyable.

Thank you
+4 # RE: Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for Ukraineebelfer52 2022-06-21 09:45
the story that the Ukrainians are the good guys seems to be falling apart. won't matter since they have hiden the swastikas and are now displaying unicorns on their uniforms..
+3 # Yep.Gregg W 2022-06-21 09:57
The fact that the “whole world” (mostly the lefties) was rushing to support Ukraine was a dead giveaway.
They follow whatever the media tells them.

As always, those things turn out to be lies.
+11 # RE: Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for UkraineBeenThere 2022-06-21 09:40
I have no doubt that Poroshenko was guided by certain Western influences during the negotiations.

Poroshenko didn't think this all up by himself! He had lots of help I'm sure.
+5 # Poroshenko,, Minsk agreementchip 2022-06-21 09:24
Any country that would waste 19 hours
Of different World leaders and not live
up to them is not even worth dealing with.
Shame on any of them for continuing
to do so after being lied to by Ukraine.
+9 # RE: Poroshenko: Minsk Agreement Was Only To Buy Time for UkraineJohn Galt 2022-06-21 09:12
Then Putin should have no qualms about destroying both, in my opinion.


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