President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)

President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon  (Operation Sandman????)

The President of Kenya today announced to all citizens they should get rid of any U.S. Dollars they may be holding because they will become worth less within weeks.

William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto, Ph.D, CGH; is a Kenyan politician who is serving as the fifth and current president of Kenya since 13 September 2022.

Prior to becoming president, he served as the first deputy president of Kenya from 2013 to 2022.

Today, in a nationally televised speech in Kenya, Ruto said  “Those of you who are holding dollars, you shortly might go into losses. So you better do what you have to do because this market will be different in a couple of weeks.”

Here is actual video so you can hear him say it for yourselves:

This stunning announcement gives credibility to a RUMOR that has been circulating for over a year, that 142 countries around the world have secretly agreed to what they call "Operation Sandman."

According to the RUMOR, Operation Sandman will "put the US Dollar to sleep" by having all 142 countries repudiate the currency on the same day, and refuse to continue accepting it for payment in Trade.

Countries around the world began planning this when they witnessed the then-Democrat-Controlled US Congress, go on a spending spree of several TRILLION Dollars in Omnibus Bills. Those countries realized there is nothing backing the value of US Dollars and they saw that the US Congress has no plans at all to reign-in spending.

One country's Finance Ministry recently told the US, "We are no longer willing to accept ones and zeros in a bank computer as actual payment for real goods."  

The countries agreed that holding US currency was becoming foolish because it was becoming worthless on its face, thanks to all the rampant over-spending by the US Government.

Now, it appears those countries may actually take action "within a couple weeks."

If countries around the world repudiate the Dollar as payment for goods in trade, then they would halt providing manufactured goods or raw materials unless paid in some currency OTHER THAN DOLLARS.

Since the U.S. barely does any manufacturing at all anymore, thanks to the business nitwits who thought it was a good idea to convert the US economy to a "service economy" then products we buy in stores will simply run out and we will be unable to re-stock because no one will want our money.

Among the business nitwits are also those who pushed for "Free Trade" claiming it would improve sales of American-made goods overseas if America agreed to halt Tariffs on all imported items.  The government bought-into the idea, not realizing - or not caring - that these very businessmen weren't at all interested in selling more American goods overseas.  What they were interested in was shipping American JOBS overseas, taking advantage of cheap labor, then shipping those exact same products back to the USA to sell at the same high prices . . . . while pocketing the profit from the new, foreign, cheap labor without having to pay Tariiffs.

The Businessmen, their corporate Boards of Directors, and Commerce Organizations who touted "Free Trade" were the ones who moved American jobs overseas and now, the country barely manufactures anything, anymore.

So here we are, years later, and thanks to those businessmen, and the federal politicians who foolishly believed their lies about "Free Trade," we have almost no manufacturing. Countries around the world seem to be actually planning to stop accepting the US dollar as payment, so we won't be able to buy anything because it's all made overseas now!

Retaliation against the people who did this should be swift and ferocious when Americans can no longer buy even life's basics because corporate titans and certain others stripped our country of manufacturing.



Readers should make a list for themselves of all the "Basics" we take for granted, and make certain you have a bunch stocked up.  Things like:

  • Underwear
  • Undershirts
  • Socks (White and colored)
  • Shoes (Dress and casual), Sneakers, Boots (Hiking & Work)
  • Belts (dress and casual)
  • Sweaters
  • Coats and jackets
  • Hats
  • Bathing suits/swimwear
  • Jeans / Dungarees / Pants
  • Casual and dress shirts
  • Ties
  • Suits and Sport Coats

Head out to your kitchen and see if you need any new:

  • Pots
  • Pans  (Cast iron and non-stick)
  • Mixing bowls
  • Dishware (Plates, Dishes, Bowls)
  • Utensils (Knives (Carving, Steak, and butter), forks, spoons, spatulas,  etc.
  • Drinking glasses, cups, coffee mugs
  • Cutting boards for use with slicing meats or breads
  • Placemats (if you use them at your table)

Do you have a Sewing Box or kit?  

  • Needles and thread for sewing
  • Spare buttons for shirts
  • Maybe a spare zipper or two
  • Thimbles
  • Knitting and Crochet Needles and YARN

Guys, don't forget:  TOOLS!

  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers (Regular 1,2,3,4 -- , Philips 1,2,3,4--, Torx, and Robertson (Square drive))
  • Pliers  (Regular, cutting, Vice-grip, tin snips, etc.)
  • Wrenches (regular and pipe (Monkey))
  • Ratchets and sockets (all sizes US and Metric)
  • Saws and/or saw blades (Wood, Miter, metal, chain)
  • Chisels
  • Grease gun and cartridges of grease
  • POWER TOOLS !!!  (Drills, saws, nail guns, and the like)
  • EXTENSION CORDS (For both inside a house, and long ones for working outside)
  • Gas can(s)


The list of everyday things we all take for granted is almost never-ending.  I'm certain I missed a whole slew of things, but you get the idea.

Almost NONE of these things are made here anymore and if you're running low or your stuff is old and wearing out, you need to get these things in your possession while you still can!

If these foreign countries do what it seems the President of Kenya has hinted they ARE GOING TO DO, then all these things become scarce overnight and will remain scarce for . . . .  YEARS!   

I'm sure there are many more things that you can think of.  What ever they are, GET THEM.  FAST!



It takes enormous amounts of time and intense dedication to filter through all the tripe and get you the real news, that the mass-media just doesn't report.  News that is relevant to YOUR LIFE, so that you are not blind-sided by events.  Please support this effort by making a donation below so this endeavor can continue to function next month.  




# Background to Kenya press statementAwakening 2023-03-28 10:04
The Kenya star says he was addressing their version of sec and not the people
+2 # JUST IN: CNBC has reportedly delisted the Credit Default Swap data for 5 banks including JP Morgan and Bank of AmericaGruntpa 2023-03-26 20:51
+1 # Interview with Ed Dowd as he discusses his predictions for the ushering of central bank digital currency, dollar collapse…Gruntpa 2023-03-26 15:58
# Interview With Ed DowdDolph 2023-03-27 00:53
EXCELLENT!! DON'T MISS!! Thanks Gruntpa for the heads-up!

Total control as CDBC rolled out; only six banks left standing in controlled implosion. Wars will come with the destruction of the dollar. Black market economy coming.
+1 # Here is the whole press conferencehardkrome 2023-03-26 14:03
Ruto speaks on dollar shortage, promises to protect businesses amid opposition protests.
+2 # Add to the listUasns 2023-03-26 13:05
I would like to add; take some time to WRITE phone numbers, addresses, and other important indo that might only exist in your current cell phone.

If you write it in pencil, it might survive getting wet.
Keep important written info in a zip lock bag, along with a pen and note pad.

Hope this helps!
+1 # RE: Add to the 2023-03-26 14:14
I papercraft so I already have a laminator to seal important info but it’s possible to protect the info by covering with overlapping strips of clear packaging tape, front and back, then slide into a zip lock bag.

****waterproof paper is available…here’s a link to one that’s been on the market for several years ( so you know it works)
# Bullchrisg 2023-03-26 12:39
if the president of Kenya says so it must be true
+1 # Top General Admits Pentagon Is Training Coup Leaders In AfricaGruntpa 2023-03-26 10:58
He knows we are about to become a banana republic. How far we as a nation have fallen. Looks like Kenya is not running for the shelter of Satan's little helpers.
+4 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2023-03-26 07:24
As Ross Perot said in the early 90's about NAFTA "You're going to hear a big sucking sound of jobs leaving the country,". Thank Satanic Globalist Controlled POS Bill Clinton and Congress for selling out America shipping jobs and manufacturing overseas. "Do stupid things, Win stupid prizes" as the saying goes.
+2 # Let's Not Forget Mitch McConnel & Lindsey GrahmDolph 2023-03-26 13:42
Two of America's greatest traitors and Ross Perot split the conservative vote letting Clinton take the WH.
-2 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)Jane C 2023-03-26 01:46
Sounds like Revelation 18:11 onwards......
# RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)Jane C 2023-03-26 01:27
Don't forget your placemats and ties! Lol!
+1 # 2008 operation F..k AmericaSrmay72 2023-03-25 22:46
The Deadbeat piece s..t Master Kentan Barry was just the puppet the REAL PUPPET MASTER IS IN WACO TEXAS ENJOYING THE SITE OF ONE OF AMERICAS MOST HENIOUS SACRIFICE 82 people that refused to live as the world said you must, were sacrificed by the FBI AND THE CLINTON CRIME FAMILY . 28 of those were children, two pregnant women they managed to take out 4 agents before they were TRUELY SACRIFICED BY "FIRE" THIS ISNT ODD TO ANYONE WHY THE AC TRUMP PICKS THE ONE CITY THAT PEOPLE WORLDWIDE KNOW WAS THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT.
# RE: 2008 operation F..k AmericaJFY 2023-03-25 23:07
I'd been wondering about you for a while. Glad to see you're back.

I'm not disputing anything; I'm just asking. Why do you consider Trump to be the AC?
+2 # Too many people hate his guts and despise himJessiebeaner 2023-03-26 12:28
He is not the AC.
# Too Many People...Dolph 2023-03-26 13:54
Trump's not the A/C, who is an Assyrian and King of the North, maybe the Islamic Mahdi.
+5 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)JFY 2023-03-25 22:19
Dungarees?!? There's a word from the past... I haven't heard that word in ages.

Maybe it's a regional thing; where I grew up (Wa.), those are called Overalls. Mostly farmers wore them back then.

Regarding the President of Kenya's comment, did any of you notice that when he mentioned that they should be careful of holding Dollars (or words to that effect), everyone laughed? To all of them it was an open secret!

Nothing indicates a plan that is about to be executed more than when it has become an open secret.

I remember way back in 2003 that I went to a family wedding and there was a Yuuge Marine dressed in uniform there. He was a friend of the groom, who was a cousin of mine.

As the wedding progressed, he ended up dancing with another cousin of mine and when she excused herself to go to the Ladies' Room, he and I started talking.

Suddenly as part of the conversation he said "We might be deploying to Central Asia soon." and then he let out an ominous, frankly evil chuckle of anticipation. I remember thinking "Oh sh!t, another war is starting."

Not 2 weeks later Afghanistan was being carpet bombed.

Open secrets indicate that something is so imminent that no one cares if others say it out loud anymore.
+4 # Kenya. Barack Hussein Obama’s birthplace.supporttheblue 2023-03-25 21:34
Rotten piece of mold tipped dung.
# RE: Kenya. Barack Hussein Obama’s birthplace.oldschool 2023-03-26 10:22
I don't know,,, I think he was born in hell.
+6 # GodTed 2023-03-25 21:32
Bless Pres. Ruto. He should watch his back very carefully, though, given the experience of Qaddafi, Hussein, a certain president of another African nation or two.
+2 # 142 countriesPastorK 2023-03-25 21:43
Allegedly, there are 142 nations (so far) who are aligned to repudiate the dollar. Will the U.S. kill all of these nations' leaders? I hope not!
# There are 193 countries in the worldLilBirdie 2023-03-26 02:59
30 of them are NATO members...

142--- joined together
-. 36--- NATO (6 are aspiring to join)
That leaves 15 countries with no allegence
That's not very many waiting to see which way the wind blows.
+3 # shadesofgreenShadesofgreen 2023-03-25 21:18
Hello to the Forum here on Hal Turner.

Just want to apologize to all those on this forum.

Just found out today that back in 2019 the Pentagon created a plan to invade Iran. This plan was actually developed by Trump and his Generals.

4 days before he left the White House Trump shifted (moved) Israel from under the US European Command to the US Central Command sphere of security influence.

Meaning he purposely moved Israel's sphere of influence to the control of US Central Command (which controls the Security of Middle East as well Saudi Arabia).

He did this because he Knew that eventually the US would attack Iran someday.

Very Suspicious on his actions.

The Israel utra and zionist leaders want a Israel State that is considered more religious controlled rather than securual in origin.

These leaders have powerful influence and religious ideas of two messiahs.

The first Messiah will be the War Messiah (Trump).

The Second Messiah will be the Peace Messiah (Netanyahu).

These two Leaders will Protect the agendas of These ultra-Zionist groups in Israel.

We are witnessing now the US and Israel are planning to attack Iran because these ultra-Zionist leader believe in destroying their enemies that can hinder Israel's agenda of restoring their historic lands promised to them through Abraham from God (old testament Genesis).

Israel and the Zionist Leaders have an agenda to change the world to their ideas.

Trump is not who he says he is....(a US nationalist)
+3 # shadesofgreenDolph 2023-03-25 22:39
A few days ago I heard Col. Douglas Macgregor say that during Trumps term (can't remember what year) the top brass came into his office and told him everything is set up, in x days we will be coming up the Persian Gulf with all our branches of the military (or words to that effect) and we will attack Iran with all we've got. This was a surprise to President Trump and after some conversation he said, NO, we are not going to start another war! Good day gentlemen (or words to that effect). Col. Macgregor I have the highest respect for, who has been against the Ukraine proxy war from day one.
+2 # ShadesofgreenShadesofgreen 2023-03-26 04:49
Yes understood.

However, maybe at that point in time the US wasn't ready to have another full blown out war with Iran especially when Iran has thousands of proxy fighters (terrorist) that can reach within the US soil.

Still doesn't sequence well.

Israel is definitely behind (planners or instigators) of the Ukraine war. All the civilians are being exterminated either they be Ukrainians or Russians or Jews it doesn't matter to Zelensky and his Nazis Regime.

In fact there are some Zionist Leaders from Ukraine in Israel that I believe want some particular Jews in Ukraine silenced. Maybe this is why Israel has some bearing with Ukraine (just my opinion no evidence).

Trump has a tendency to play both sides for political footing.

I am hearing now that the Pentagon is planning to bring back Trump because maybe they need him to lead this war with Iran.

When this Economic collapse happens I have no doubt that Trump will be reinstated because America will become like Mad Max and the Military will declare Martial law. This collapse is coming beginning Monday (maybe). In all, we will truly know the true colors of Trump when they reinstate him and he follows their plans of another war (only because he wants to be President again).

Also, if he doesn't renounce the vaccine program when they bring him back, will truly be evidence of some kind of conspiracy between him and the pharmaceutical companies as well as Israel whom is very anxious to begin a war with Iran.

By the way Iran has many NUKEs since 2010.
I know for a fact.........
# Shades of GreenDolph 2023-03-26 13:24
Yes, it's hard to determine who the real Trump is. This recent court action exposes the leash Trump is on. He is surrounded by killers and blackmailers. Right now I want to believe he is a patriot who has a knife at his throat.

Henry Gruver had a very strong prophecy about Trump coming back into office. The elites may use him to end the Ukraine proxy war and introduce the new money system.

Regardless of the elites next moves, America has lost face big-time and it's control of the world is quickly slipping out of it's hands. If there is one honest man in America it "may" be Trump. On the other hand, they may use Trump to surrender the country much as the Vichy French did in WW II.

BTW, it seems the elites are swinging their attention to China or is this a fau-move?

Col. Macgregor has said we have 50,000 troops in Western Europe and 50,000 in Romania. I think he said the Poles have 200,000 combatants ready to go!?

If the Russians march across northern Europe it could free up Spain, France, Italy and Greece to join 5-6 Muslim counties within the boundaries of the old Roman Empire to form the ten nations of the Revived Roman Empire of Daniel's great end-time prophecy.

A world banking collapse or a major earthquake in the U.S. may be the trigger to start end-time events.
-1 # Shades Of GreenDolph 2023-03-26 13:34
To complicate matters even more, Trump's daughter and son in law are Kabbalist Jews and Trump loves hobnobbing with the Wall Street Titans. there were no shortage of Jews in the Trump WH.
+2 # Steve Quayle Today, 3/25/23Dolph 2023-03-25 21:16
On USA Watchdog.
+5 # Addition to your list...LassieLou 2023-03-25 21:14
Tarps or plastic!!! Bungee cords......and in my case,I need soup spoons.....of all the stupid things!!! (I think my grand kids,just might have run off with them!) Think outside of the box,when you look around your house
# RE: Addition to your list...oldschool 2023-03-26 10:17
We all may have to think outside of the house when the SHTF, because we "might" not have a house to live in.
+5 # RE: Addition to your list...Bob 2023-03-26 00:04
Don't forget duct tape, or better yet, gorilla tape.

A way to wash clothes in a tub, clean plunger and washboard. Clothesline and clothes pins.
+3 # loljosey wales 2023-03-25 21:09
This was reported yesterday in:

Kenya to Buy Oil Using Local Currency Instead of US Dollars
+8 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????) 2023-03-25 21:06

The most important prep is to lay hold of true, authentic salvation.

Jesus warned us that the vast majority of professing Christians are NOT born again, in truth.

They fell for a fake, EZ, look-alike gospel.

For a most-helpful guide to the narrow way and true, Biblical salvation, freely-download and prove out the PDF here:

Nothing else matters...nothing.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. (Matt 11:15)
# STOOPIDCydoniak 2023-03-25 20:56
hey just helped foment the monetary system down fall, idiot. there will be no standing money after this war starts, straight into ww3 and then 2.5 billion dead then the AC. stoopid
+1 # The Elite like symbolism, they'll do it on PassoverMatt1711 2023-03-25 20:38
Starts at sundown 5 April 2023.

Passover, also called Pesach (/ˈpɛsɑːx, ˈpeɪ-/;[2] Biblical Hebrew: חַג הַפֶּסַח, romanized: Ḥag hapPesaḥ), is a major Jewish holiday that celebrates the Biblical story of the Israelites escape from slavery in Egypt. According to the Book of Exodus, God commanded Moses to tell the Israelites to mark a lamb's blood above their doors in order that the Angel of Death would pass over them (i.e., that they would not be touched by the tenth plague, death of the firstborn). After the death of the firstborn, Pharaoh ordered the Israelites to leave, taking whatever they want, and asked Moses to bless him in the name of the Lord. The passage goes on to state that the Passover sacrifice recalls the time when God "passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt"
-1 # The Elite...Dolph 2023-03-25 22:25
I just Googled Passover in Israel and it said sunset of 6th to sunset of the 8th of April 2023.
-3 # █▓▒░ ...and google SAYS!... ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-26 12:14

Leave it to Dolph to run to the CIA google skewed search
results for inspired answers.

A pre-trib dupe with a Parnell booster and a "giant tsunami
on the 14th, with America nuked on the 15th.”

What more could anyone ask for?
+1 # Yes, And Jesus Was The Passover Lamb Of God...Dolph 2023-03-25 21:41
Who Was Crucified On Passover Day.

The Church is mentioned 19 times in Rev. 1-5, but not once during the Tribulation Rev.6-18. The Trib. is called Jacob's Trouble and Jacob is a name for Israel.

Five times the scriptures say Christians are not appointed unto wrath. Why would God send His body through the tribulation where 2/3 of the Jews die? What groom would beat up his own Bride before the wedding banquet? This should encourage all who are washed in Christ's Blood. GB. PTL!!

PS- Some say that the Church needs to be purified before it enters Heaven, WHAT? Jesus' blood isn't sufficient? That, my friend, is blasphemy!
+6 # Ummmm. PassoverGregg W 2023-03-25 21:32
Has even more meaning than the Exodus. That was a HUGE display of YHVH’s power. He rained ten plagues on Egypt, led His people out if slavery, then destroyed Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea. He next brought the Israelites to Mount Sinai and came down on the mountain with thunder, lightning, fire and smoke. A shofar sounded louder and louder then YHVH spoke to all the people out loud and gave them the Ten Commandments!


On top of all that, He did more. Some 1500 years later on the day of Passover a man was nailed to a cross, outside Jerusalem. It was a Wednesday (not Friday).

He was put on it at the time of the morning sacrifice (which was going on in the
Temple); and died shortly after the evening sacrifice (afternoon). That was Passover. He was the Son of YHVH and His blood was shed to pay the debt for our sins against YHVH - by breaking His commandments.

He was placed in a tomb before sundown that day. At sundown marked the beginning of the 7-day Feast of Unleavened Bread. The first day is a Sabbath (rest day - not Saturday) and
the last day is a Sabbath. God’s days begin at sundown and go to the next sundown.

He was in the grave 1. From Wednesday night to Thursday night 2. From Thursday night to Friday night 3. From Friday night to Saturday night.
That is where you get 3 Days and 3 Nights.
He rose from the grave at the first moment when that Sabbath night ended at sundown (that was the weekly sabbath or Saturday).

You only see this when you understand the Feasts of YHVH as spelled out in Leviticus 23.

By resurrecting at sundown it is now the First Day of the week, and it would have still been dark.
There is more to see when you read the Gospel accounts in light of those Feast days.

So yes, there is much more to the importance of the Passover Lamb and sacrifice.

This is what ALL CHRISTIANS should be remembering at this time.

The devil fooled the church into changing the MOST IMPORTANT event in God’s plan for mankind. He got them to call it easter which in other languages is: Ishtar, Astoreth and Astarte.
Some stupid bunny lays eggs and brings fertility to people?? Today we teach kids this crap while giving them big chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs!!

What an incredible blasphemy and slap in the face of the Messiah who suffered and died so you could find mercy from God!

The Church needs to WAKE UP!!

Read your Bible starting at the beginning. Don’t leave the first 5 books until you understand them. Everything else is built on that.
# Ummmm Passoverchip 2023-03-26 01:22
Excellent Gregg W,, I thought i was
the only one who thought about
Passover the way you do. Glad you
brought up Jesus dying on Wednesday.
Also the fertility Godess Ishtar,,
Ashtoreth,, Astarte.
+1 # █▓▒░ "they'll do it on Passover..." ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-25 21:26

The Elite like symbolism, they'll do it on Passover

As most people here know what Passover is, and why it occurred,
and your narration of such provides absolutely no reasoning in support
of your claim... “ they'll do it on Passover.”

Do WHAT, and WHY on Passover?

As Lucifer tries to imitate that which is of God, the so called
“Elite” (parasites) tend to favor high Satanic worship days
for their horrific deeds.
+5 # Hard for me to believe someome would "downvote" youMan of the Atom 2023-03-25 20:26
I guess my support of you will be "downvoted" too by some "nattering nabob of negativism" (S. Agnew).

Back to the story, this African guy with a PhD either knows something is happening soon or he can read the tea leaves based on our current economic crisis, and that is what it is, a real crisis.
# Why this jumped, I don't knowMan of the Atom 2023-03-25 20:27
It was in reference to the comment by "Shorething".
+10 # bootsmdicken1 2023-03-25 20:11
If you have your long term food stock in good shape you need to stock up on boots. Your feet are one of your best assets regardless of circumstances. All affordable boots are made overseas so consider several extra pairs to put back. Also, you will need plenty of super glue to secure the soles and now larger packages are available and perfect for extending the life of your boots. Sounds hokey and trite, but trust me, you can really extend the life of alot of things with super glue.
+7 # FUTURE WORDS OF WISDOM!Plowboy 2023-03-25 20:08
+2 # RE: FUTURE WORDS OF WISDOM!Bob 2023-03-26 00:09
From the depression:

Use it up, Wear it out
Make it do, or do without.

Heard it my whole life from my parents, born 1911 and 1912.

Be blessed.
# ClothingJessiebeaner 2023-03-26 12:45
A number of years ago, maybe 5-6 years ago, we started buying excellent quality clothing and shoes at
I haven’t been there since because we got enough of everything to last us at least 30 years.
What we do not need we will share.
But found $400+ heavy wool sweaters from England and Scotland for a mere $40-$50 on their super close outs.
Same thing with top brand boots and shoes.
Got tons of merino wool everything.
For every thousand bucks spent we got $8,000 merchandise.
I have brothers who never take any of this seriously so I assume they will want the extras.
The trick for us, over the last decade was to follow websites selling the highest quality clothes and then patiently waiting for their Uber close out sales.
It is amazing how much money you save and how much you can be assured that you will have sufficient clothes and shoes by being strategic and patient.
+2 # SoHossburg 2023-03-25 20:06
So does this mean there is 2weeks left?

Before Operation Sandman kicks in fully?
+6 # Some items to think aboutShorething 2023-03-25 19:44
Cabin Air filters are very important.
If there are chemicals in the air from fires etc you will need to change the air filters in your car and home.

Don't forget:

Lawn Mower- spark plugs etc
Car- Cabin Air Filters (a few) Filter, oil, coolant, spark plugs, wiper blades, etc

House: Central Air: Air Filters,

Tarps.Batteries, flashlights, can opener.

Thank you Hal for all that you do for all of us. It is deeply appreciated. :)
+3 # RE: Some items to think aboutJFY 2023-03-25 22:53
None of that will work without electricity or gasoline. Except the tarp and maybe the can opener - if it's hand operated.

As a humble suggestion; you would be better served in using that money for stuff that doesn't need anything but your own strength to operate.
+5 # Seriously?mdicken1 2023-03-25 21:10
You are going to be worrying about mowing your lawn?
# If you have a lot of Lyme disease in your areaJessiebeaner 2023-03-26 12:37
You either need to mow OR BETTER YET get some tubes type white suits and tons of Deet and other tick repellents…….I would have both and I do have both.
But, will be sure to set in another big stock of DEET
+7 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)BeenThere 2023-03-25 19:37
I would suggest getting a mountain bike and some spare parts/tires for it. Also get a manual air pump for it. Consider saddlebags for it as well. Of course you can always utilize a backpack for whatever you need while transiting
+1 # WEFunixguru24 2023-03-25 19:35
This could be part of their insidious ‘reset’
+1 # The "solution"MushFace 2023-03-25 19:28
They will "have to" get the CBDC plan in action. No more dollars, no more privacy, no more freedom, etc. Surveillance and social credit scores. Just like China.
# RE: The "solution"BeenThere 2023-03-25 19:38
What backs the digital currency and who (country) would accept it?
+2 # RE: The "solution"PastorK 2023-03-25 20:50
Quoting BeenThere:
What backs the digital currency and who (country) would accept it?

I don't think anything backs the digital currency that's planned. Apparently, no one will be allowed to accumulated this "currency" either. Aren't the globalists nice? NOT!
+5 # Do you have trusted and reliable neighbors?Red Deer 2023-03-25 19:25
These people can really be supportive should the need arise. Yes do prep for the basics but when the deal happens, (SHTF) talk with your neighbors and draw up a survival plan.

I don’t know if things like IRS payments, property taxes and other civil obligations will be suspended but do have cash on hand to pay them. They have to accept payment at face value for the stated amount of the bill.

In my neck of the woods, the “city” would amend charges for certain things take sewer charges for example and would reduce the charges for water.

Citizens might be pressed into civil service to clean streets and do other non-paid duties but that’s the system we built.

Take care of each other rather than fortress against people that you may have spent a lifetime with.
We are all in this together and we are the only ones that can come out of this OK.

The politicians have proven that they have no solutions for the mess they created and I feel that they have lost all rights and credibility especially after the crash.
They will be just plain ol’ people and subject to the same rules as us.

They may swim in the highest fish bowl in the nation but they still are bottom feeders.
# When the dollar becomes worthless,oldschool 2023-03-26 10:55
It is just that,, WORTHLESS. You are not going to pay any taxes or utilities because you will have nothing to pay them with.
+1 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)bluestealth 2023-03-25 19:22
Even though the dollar is in trouble, this seems to be more of a local issue.
+7 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)BeenThere 2023-03-25 19:40
I don't think you understand all of the implications of this. Looks like Kenya wants to be the leader of the pack on countries standing up to say NO to the worthless greenback!
+2 # █▓▒░ "this seems to be more of a local issue..." ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-25 19:30

Small Potato's

"President Ruto noted that the State has finalised on
an arrangement that will allow oil importers to purchase the
commodity using shillings instead of dollars."
+4 # Fears of a crash in Deutsche Bank and UBS - Black Friday for international markets.White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-25 19:07
Emergency meeting meeting in the USA: The western financial system is collapsing - nuclear blow to UBS - Deutsche Bank is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The western financial system has entered a vortex of total collapse from which it will be very difficult to escape. Deutsche Bank as well as the only now big Swiss bank UBS are on the brink of bankruptcy.

The Americans are driving the entire western financial system into collapse: first they illegally tied up the billions of dollars of Russian oligarchs and even the Russian state itself (over 300 billion) that had been placed in German Swiss and western banks. In general damaging their credibility. The US Department of Justice is investigating UBS on whether financial professionals helped Russian oligarchs avoid sanctions. If UBS goes bankrupt then neutral Switzerland is over, and so is Deutsche Bank dragging other European banks along with it. Deutsche Bank and UBS are not the only ones at risk. Almost 200 U.S. banks are at risk of financial collapse.
+7 # Daunting? Yes. Impossible? Probably Not… 2023-03-25 19:06
Review the list and consider which items do not necessarily need to be brand new.
Prioritize items based on your finances.
Many used but still useful items can be purchased at thrift stores, yard sales, etc.
Some items may be obtained through barter.
Now’s the time to think outside the box….think “ how did our grandparents resolve things”. jmo

****ties/suits/business attire would not be a priority for most of us…most likely fashion police will be furloughed till further notice…lol
+3 # █▓▒░ 'Dollar Crisis To Ease Soon,' President Ruto Says As He Warns Hoarders ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-25 18:58

Published on: March 22, 2023

President Ruto noted that the State has finalised on an arrangement
that will allow oil importers to purchase the
commodity using shillings instead of dollars.

President William Ruto now says that wealthy persons hoarding
dollars locally will soon incur losses since his administration
has put in place measures that will ensure that demand for foreign
currency will lessen in the coming weeks.

"...President Ruto noted that one of these measures involved
the State finalising on an arrangement that will allow oil importers
to purchase the commodity using shillings instead of dollars."

+2 # Nuclear blow by Russians, Chinese, Saudis against the US West: They ruined Credit Suisse and laid the foundations for the currency of the east.White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-25 18:55
They opened the printing press in the USA and printed $5.9 trillion! This corresponds to 38% of all money in circulation! They printed them over two years, which is roughly the amount printed in the previous 40 years. The same percentage. And in the eurozone, they printed 2.5 trillion! They released that money into the economy and distributed it to the world, which is not a bad thing in itself.

We used a similar tactic. But we were very careful, it was done in moderation so it didn't lead to such a wave of inflation. In short, the ECB and the USA printed trillion dollars they then raised the interest rates because of inflation which inflation rose because of the war and the sanctions they imposed on Russia to collapse its economy. At the same time, the Biden administration was already spending America's taxpayers money on Ukraine. Over $100 billion went to Kiev which made the situation worse.

The Chinese then started selling US bonds, preparing to invade Taiwan. Months before they had proceeded with a stress test on banks and the economy to see the vulnerable points in case of American and European sanctions.

In addition, the Russians threw the dollar out of their trades while Saudi Arabia was later added to the group. The US crisis is unprecedented and shows what is coming to the dollar. The east will continue to beat the US and European banks laying the groundwork for a new currency. A currency that will not be based on compressed air but on resources, energy, natural gas, etc.

Paul Craig Roberts says: To put it very [clearly], the five large US banks hold derivatives, the value of which is twice the size of the GDP of the entire world. They hold $188 trillion in derivatives.
+2 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)Igorbzo 2023-03-25 18:37
If this come to pass we'll look very much like Cuba n Venezuela, and then all he'll will break loose, the younger generation doesn't know what's coming, I wonder if fast foods still be around, Oops!!!

We been isolated very slowly, this Ukrainian war had opened the eyes of the rest if the world and began to see us for what we are... "Warmongers" an illegitimate government will give us undesired results, we get what we voted for.
+4 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)JFY 2023-03-25 22:38
Hate to be grim, but most of the younger generation won't last more than 2 months. Eventually they will end up literally eating each other. It's best to stay away from urban and suburban areas for at least 6 months for good measure.
+5 # You Forgot...WilliamtheResolute 2023-03-25 18:37
The most important tool when the goods run out...guns and ammo.
+8 # Your right,oldschool 2023-03-25 18:52
And lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, of food !
Non-perishable foods, and water purifiers.
Remember you will not be going to any stores when the dollar crashes. And you will not be doing any traveling either.
# I need a gun lathe...paulattahoe 2023-03-25 18:36
With a 2-inch spindle bore. Hardly any of these are made in America anymore, and the new ones made here have already sold out for a high dollar.

Looking at Taiwan lathes today. Hal is right; no matter what happens, machine tools will become unavailable.
+1 # RE: I need a gun lathe...JFY 2023-03-25 22:33
Machine tools will soon be inoperable. Seriously consider purchasing as many hand operated tools as you can find.
+2 # RE: I need a gun lathe...paulattahoe 2023-03-25 23:22
Naw, I have four or five generators, gas & diesel, and solar to back that up. I have my dad's hand tools, and with mine, they fill a 5000 SF shop. I'm already building parts for construction equipment because overseas manufacturing plants are not supplying them anymore. I build flat parts using a couple of plasma tables and a mill.
+3 # Idea For UtensilsTeknikid 2023-03-25 18:27
Being single, it's been easy to just get take-out a lot and take it home. So often, the place will throw in a wrapped plastic fork or fork/knife/napkin combo wrapped up. Over the years, I saved all of these utensils and have a ton of them. Same with Chopsticks if they throw those in the bag. Save these.
+2 # Thrift storeMushFace 2023-03-25 19:31
If you have a thrift store near you, you may be able to find the tool or utensils you need there.
+5 # RE: Idea For UtensilsTexasWolf 2023-03-25 19:12
Yep. Nobody will have everything they need. It's good to have some stuff to trade.
# Car partsBurnit 2023-03-25 18:09
Tires! Oil, Filters, brake pads for spares. I'm going to get a new set of tires for our vehicles AND KEEP THE OLD ONES. Keep them out of the Sun, and they will last.
+2 # No travel,oldschool 2023-03-25 18:56
No one will be doing "Any" traveling when the dollar goes down. Unless you have a place to store a hell of a lot of gasoline and that would not be safe and maybe not even legal.
+2 # Agreedmdicken1 2023-03-25 21:18
Happy Motoring - is over!
+9 # Don't forgetAvanarts 2023-03-25 17:59
Toilet paper. Remember the TP panic?
Feminine Hygiene Products. Also the "great Tampacolypse?"

And I would add toothpaste, tooth brushes, aspirin and other over the counter meds. Prescription meds if you can get them.

As you go through the day, make a list of every little thing that you take for granted and write it down.

When I was young, my mother would cut the buttons of any old, warn out, clothes destined for disposal. We may get back to that kind of frugality soon.
+2 # RE: President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars - soon (Operation Sandman????)darkwingduck 2023-03-25 17:59
he sounds pretty darn confident about that !
+8 # ROD ROMEYNRodRomeyn 2023-03-25 17:56
+4 # Who and When?Just want to know 2023-03-25 17:50
Concerning Operation Sandman: Anyone have a list of the countries as well as a possible date that this may take place???? Also....Do you feel the ramifications would be slow or instant to the US economy??? Bank Holiday perhaps?? Martial Law?? Thanks guys...:)
+5 # Ramifications,oldschool 2023-03-25 18:06
would be very sudden, sorry to say.
+2 # Bethlehem & Lebanon PennsylvaniaDoug Brown 2023-03-25 17:48
The enormous steel works in these town
used to operate.
Now empty cavernous shells.
Clever-Brooks boilers in Lebanon used to pride
Itself in their huge industrial boilers.
All gone.
Whats left are these mammoth warehouses
Now empty.

Operation Sandman sounds fierce.
# Bethlehem Paadino44 2023-03-25 19:56
Had a Marine buddy in early 70's I went to bethlehem with for thanksgiving. Rodney Rissmiller. Sure would love to get back in touch with him. If I had thought about it before I quit driving I would have strolled up there, looked up Rissmillers and probably found him. Too old now
+7 # SOLAROVERCOMER 2023-03-25 17:44
A simple thing that could mean a lot in very hard times is a good quality solar oven. You can cook as long as sun is shining.
+2 # Rocket 2023-03-25 20:09
Not familiar with the term? Check out this DIY tutorial showing 6 different versions of a rocket stove. Note : outdoor use only.
+7 # I never throw anything away ..... other than trash ...NHydg 2023-03-25 17:43
I have ALL that list and some ....... just have always kept stuff ..... repurposed Levis .... keep old material and patch others ......
I have one child that keeps telling me ......"throw all this away" I usually go thru their trash and salvage stuff from them ....... I can't believe the stuff they throw away , I TRY to tell her but then I get bitched at ............ okay , go away.
-1 # Oh wowtrimmer 2023-03-25 17:32
The prep lists are getting more expensive all the time. This one looks like 20 grand ought to get the ball rolling.
+3 # ANTIQUE and Fleamarket'sbad3141949 2023-03-25 18:56
Are a good place to look for old NON-POWER TOOLS. Money collapses riots, and workers not getting paid will make electric and gas/diesel disappear fairly quickly. Probably too late to sell and move to a more remote area, but if you can, you should consider it. And I am not talking about a big expensive house. Less attractive the better. Make the inside look nice let outside "LOOK" a bit run down. Do research now Print out info NOW, Have alternative items and methods NOW. I go to "Junk" stores where they have lots of stuff people just don't want anymore. Old hand tools, Files, you name it. Learn how to use a BOW or a Crossbow. Make your own arrows. Old spoons can be beaten down, handles cut, and edges filed to make excellent arrow heads. Pioneers used to make them to trade to the Native Americans (Indians). It is a good thing to study and get BOOKS on Day to Day History. Not much time left unless God intervenes.
+10 # RE: Oh wowHalTurner 2023-03-25 18:02
Most "normal" people already have most of this stuff. Now's the time to replace or augment whatever needs it.

Get it while we can because once it's gone, it will literally be YEARS to get replacements.
-1 # I don't think anyone will be heretrimmer 2023-03-25 22:27
To use these things.IMO God's judgement is coming soon.
After the catching away of the bride of Christ the world has 3 1/2 years left.
Prep for THAT.
+6 # StuffLambing 2023-03-25 20:15
My wife has been throwing stuff out for 40 years...I'd go over it and save "what might come in handy" some she rolled her eyes. This might be the someday. Lots of rope is good to have for whatever


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