President of Portugal Reported DEAD - Coronavirus? General update

President of Portugal Reported DEAD - Coronavirus?   General update

Reports are coming in that the President of Portugal has been found DEAD in his residence, possibly from Coronavirus.  

President  Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who took office on 9 March 2016, has REPORTEDLY been found dead in his private residence.  The President self-quarantined after a reported exposure to Coronavirus infected children.  THIS REPORT IS, AS YET, UNCONFIRMED

General Update

The U.S. response to the virus crisis has been completely flatfooted. It would actually be more accurate to say that there is no response at all. Cognitive dissonance pervades at all levels. The President has even allowed those with known contacts to people infected with the virus into his own personal circle.

We are so behind the power curve that it is impossible to catch up at this point. There has been no staging of gear, supplies, anything. Even if everyone woke up and realized how serious the situation is right now, it is already too late.


Disturbances in the stock markets have so far been just tremors before the big earthquake. Over the next few weeks, 1Q20 reports will start coming out reflecting the worldwide disruption in manufacturing, travel and tourism. The financial fallout will be devastating.


As I predicted several weeks ago, California, Washington and New York and other major cities along the I-95 corridor have become hotspots. Washington and California have not yet reached the point of critical mass chain reaction infection, but they will cross this threshold at the end of this week.

Expect the first deaths from the virus in New York to be announced shortly.


All the talk of thousands of test kits has been just that- talk.

First hand accounts in several states confirm that there are still no test kits to be had.

The head U.S. Health official has stated that he doesn't even know how many tests have even been done.

The Congressional doctor told members of Congress that a short meeting with someone who has tested positive but isn't having symptoms poses little risk. This shows the complete incompetence and lack of understanding of the severity of this virus at a national level. Leadership is asleep at the switch at all levels.

NATO Offline

NATO member states and command structure will be crippled and unable to respond. Resources will be taken to deal with the crisis in home countries.


The following states have declared a state of emergency:

New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island

The White House is considering declaring a national emergency due to the virus.

Too little, too late.