President of Switzerland: “We are also preparing for an escalation with nuclear bombs”

Switzerland supports the EU sanctions against Russia. Federal President and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis answered questions on Tuesday and explained why he is behind the sanctions and why he thinks Switzerland remains neutral.

The Ukraine war keeps Federal President and Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis busy. Are the sanctions fair and is Switzerland still neutral? What threats exist if the war escalates further?

On May 9, Russia celebrated "Victory Day" against Nazi Germany. How does Federal President Ignazio Cassis interpret the speech? “The most important information was that there were no surprises. There aren't many positives today, but it's good that nothing bad happened that day," says Cassis.

When asked why Switzerland doesn't remain really neutral?  Cassis replied "We remain really neutral."  There are discussions about Switzerland's neutrality in every war. "This time, however, Russia's breach of the UN Charter was so great that we could not remain silent. We had to condemn it very loudly and strongly, otherwise the world would not be in order, »says Cassis. 

Asked what escalations might occur in the ongoing conflict, Cassis replied "With an escalation of this war there is the possibility of atomic bombs. The Federal Council is also preparing for this case."


British Add Nuclear Warheads to Submarines

On May 8, the "Express" newspaper in London reported BRITAIN has increased the number of warheads each Trident nuclear missile carries as part of a precautionary measure in the face of growing threats from Russia.

Britain’s continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent uses four Vanguard-class submarines, of which two are always on patrol, while a third is at operational readiness and the fourth undergoes maintenance.

Each armed boat is allowed to carry a maximum of 40 warheads to be distributed unevenly among eight D5 missiles.  However, while details are classified, it is believed the V-boats have been carrying considerably fewer of both.  Not anymore.

As of this week, British submarines are now fully loaded with at least forty (40) nuclear warheads each.  Most of the warheads, which are manufactured in Britain, have a yield of 80-100 kilotons – the equivalent of TNT –five or six times greater than the “Little Boy” atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.


France Puts THREE Nuclear-Armed subs to sea

Tuesday, France put all three of its nuclear-armed submarines to sea.  For the first time in around 30 years, France has put three of its four ballistic missile submarines, or SSBNs, to sea at the same time, according to reports in the local media.

Normally, just one of the Triomphant class SSBNs, each of which can be armed with up to 16 submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), with multiple warheads, is on patrol at any given time. The significant uptick in French nuclear deterrence activity seems to be intended as a signal to Russia 


US Media M.I.A.

Of course, Americans are not hearing about any of this in their mass-media, which appears to be "Missing In Action (M.I.A.)" about the severe and dangerous developments taking place in the world. Americans have no idea at all that WHEN this conflict "goes nuclear" that WE IN THE UNITED STATES will be struck by nuclear bombs.

The reason Russia will very likely attack the US is the amount of interference we have done with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.   The Pentagon issued a report today outlining how extensive our interference has actually been.  Here's the list:

Given that ALL of this gear is being used to KILL RUSSIANS, how much longer do Americans think it will be before Russia puts an end to U.S. meddling by dropping nukes on our east coast port cities to disable such shipments?

We are very likely to be hit and yet the American people are left blissfully unaware by the US media.

Americans have no clue at all they're about to be vaporized in a nuclear holocaust because the media is simply not reporting the facts.

No one is making plans to evacuate, no one is "prepping" with supplies to survive after such an attack.

When the bright, white flash hits, Americans will be killed en masse because the government interfered in something that was none of our business and had no national security implications for us, and the media covered it all up.

Nice folks, government and the mass media!



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