Prime Minister of Hungary Warns "European Sanctions [Against Russia] are a step towards war"

Prime Minister of Hungary Warns "European Sanctions [Against Russia] are a step towards war"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban today called the European Union's sanctions against Russia "a step towards war."

Orban is intensifying his criticism of Brussels' strategy, which he considers dangerous.

"Anyone who intervenes economically in a military conflict is taking a position," Hungary's nationalist prime minister said in his traditional interview with pro-government radio.

"Little by little we are sliding towards war," noted Orban, concerned by the buildup of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

The Hungarian prime minister regularly denounces European sanctions even if he voted for them along with his partners, blaming these measures for his country's economic difficulties.

Hungary's economy shrank in the third quarter of the year (compared to the second), and inflation is over 20 percent, even reaching 45 percent for food.

The Hungarian government has launched "national consultations" on the issue and put up posters around the country with the message: "Brussels sanctions are ruining us" against a picture of a missile.

Orban said he was ready to fight a possible new package of sanctions and ensure an exception was made for Hungary, which is heavily dependent on Russian fossil fuels.

The EU oil embargo against Russia does not apply to Hungary.

"Now we are supplying destructive weapons, training Ukrainian soldiers on our own territory, imposing sanctions on energy... We are becoming an integral part of the conflict," said Orban.

"They are not shooting at us yet, but we are on the verge of becoming a belligerent country. Europe is playing a very dangerous game," concluded the Hungarian Prime Minister.


+2 # Biden's topic/sorryDoug Brown 2022-11-19 10:33
But did anyone notice the similarities
between Biden's commenting, re:
NORDSTREAM II's projected discontinuance,
if it were to open,
and Trump, if he were to run again?

Dark Winter tillitaliations.
+6 # Relevant ComparisonsDoug Brown 2022-11-19 10:49
What Biden said about Nordstream.
What Biden said about Trump.
Did anyone else recognize comparisons
between the two?
1.Biden and Nuland clearly stated that if Russia
invaded Ukraine, Nordstream 2 wouldn't be
allowed to continue.
Nordstream 2, at Biden's command, was
2. Biden said if Trump were to decide to run again
It wouldn't be allowed.

We all think Biden is a pansy-ass
I do not think Biden is a pansy-ass
Rather, an evil scheming fully machevellian
Sub-human monster. Undoubtedly demon
Possessed, and under the control of another.
+2 # Good comparisonBoss 2022-11-19 10:54
between Nordstorm and Trump. Evil always tells what is going to happen.
+2 # Evil Must Wear a SignPricer60 2022-11-19 11:55
You will know them by their actions.
-1 # Call me Cynically InclinedDoug Brown 2022-11-19 14:45
# 1.
I don't think Biden is stupid, like he
presents himself.
$ 2.
I think the stupid is an effective act.

I think beneath the apparent geriatric
Clumsiness is a fully knowledgeable
Individual, effectively carrying out
a well planned agenda.
/nothing accidentally
Everything well-oiled and
They use our sympathy as a weapon.
# RE: Call me Cynically Inclinedmjc 2022-11-20 19:59
There's a natural tendency for people to try to ascribe 'reason' to seemingly 'unreasonable' actions.

The more intelligent you are....the stickier this trap. As you look on a seemingly absurd dig for reason that 'you are missing'.....where that does not exist.

Perhaps there's a cunning reason why Brandon can't form a sentence, shakes hands with non-existent people, wanders off-stage, and comes out of meetings wearing different suits than he arrived in (after shitting his pants)..

Meanwhile.....Occam's razor says : he has dementia.

Alzheimer's? Vascular dementia?

Who knows. The public is seemingly not 'entitled' to know what form of dementia the guy with the keys to the American nuclear arsenal is suffering from.
# No shit SherlockMp 2022-11-19 10:24
I voted for the sanctions and don’t want my ass kicked. What a moran.
# Just curious...Big Ben 2022-11-19 15:41
Quoting Mp:
I voted for the sanctions and don’t want my ass kicked. What a moran.

Can you list the benefits of your sanctions? Just curious.
# Thermobaric giftsJessiebeaner 2022-11-19 09:41
To the home of every EU and NATO person involved in this………middle of the night.
-5 # Two faced pissy asssupporttheblue 2022-11-19 09:21
+6 # PM Orban never signed onto the EU/NATO insanity.MissinD60s 2022-11-19 09:20
He's been critical of these sanctions since the beginning.
+7 # YesAvanarts 2022-11-19 09:47
Victor Orban has been the only voice of sanity in the entire "leadership" of the EU.

Those who are making disparaging comments about him have either not been paying attention or are just too stupid to be allowed to breed.
-9 # RE: Prime Minister of Hungary Warns "European Sanctions [Against Russia] are a step towards war"Canis Major 2022-11-19 08:17
Only now he is recognizing this fact??...effing imbecilic hypocrite
# Orban has been the voice of reasonBig Ben 2022-11-19 15:46
Quoting Canis Major:
Only now he is recognizing this fact??...effing imbecilic hypocrite

Canis, consider the criticism Orban has attracted from the EU and you will understand better.
+2 # Read much????Jessiebeaner 2022-11-19 09:42
Stay up with current events???
Not you…….
+4 # Orban and Hungary are not part of the EU pack.Boss 2022-11-19 10:00
Please think before you write. God bless; we all make mistakes.


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