Putin Gives U.S. "Tap on the Shoulder" over Middle East Aircraft Carriers

Putin Gives U.S.  "Tap on the Shoulder" over Middle East Aircraft Carriers

Russian President Vladimir Putin today gave the United States a quiet "tap on the shoulder" with respect to America placing two Aircraft Carriers in the Mediterranean Sea; Russia's Kinzal Hypersonic Missiles can reach them.

Being very clear to say in advance that what he was about to reveal IS NOT A THREAT, Putin reminded the world that Russian Aerospace Forces, specifically their MiG-31 aircraft, on routine patrol in the neutral air space of the Black Sea, are armed with Kinzal hypersonic missiles.  Those missiles, he said, have a "known" range of 1,000km and travel at Mach 9 (6,750 MPH).   Thus, they can reach those U.S. Aircraft Carriers.

Just a polite reminder of reality before the U.S. goes off, half-cocked, thinking it can attack . . . . perhaps . . . . Russian allies in the Middle East?  Perhaps like, Iran?  Lebanon?

Suddenly, all the U.S. talk about "entering the war" between Israel and HAMAS, seems to have quieted down.    HMMMMMMMMM.

Here's the video:

Oh, gee . . . . look . . . . Air Force One with Joe Biden aboard, just skidaddled out of Tel Aviv!

This is not a threat


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