Putin: Minsk agreements no longer exist. Ukraine must be demilitarized, give up NATO ambitions. Lavrov: Ukraine does not have Sovereignty - Outside Control

The situation with Ukraine has gotten VERY much worse Tuesday. Multiple Launch Rocket Systems are now being fired by Ukraine while the Russian Security Council (Senate) GRANTED formal approval for Russia to use its military forces outside the country.  The Economic Sanctions being imposed against Russia by the West are being laughed-at, but the language now being used by Diplomats is not a laughing matter - at all.

This morning, responding to a question from a Reporter, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said something stunning.  A Reporter questioned Lavrov about Ukraine having the sovereign right to join NATO and Lavrov replied "Ukraine does not have Sovereignty, it is controlled by outside forces."

Later, in the afternoon, Russian President Vladimir Putin, responding to questions as to whether or not Russia had withdrawn from the Minsk Agreements, said: "The Minsk agreements no longer exist. Ukraine must be demilitarized, give up NATO ambitions."

Elsewhere, the scheduled meeting between French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has been cancelled.

Meanwhile, countries that previously told their Diplomats to relocate away from Kiev to places like Lviv, are NOW telling their Diplomats and families to GET OUT of Ukraine entirely.  Numerous countries have given that precise directive today.

One of those countries is . . . Russia.   In fact, video is now circulating on social media showing Russian Diplomatic Staff in Odessa, Ukraine, BURNING DOCUMENTS - shown below:

Same Consulate, but from a different angle:

We can now also CONFIRM that smoke is rising from the main Russian Embassy in Kiev; they are burning documents as well.  Video from social media below:

Said one government official from a European country with whom the Hal Turner Radio Show is in regular contact "Russia is pulling all their diplomats out of Ukraine. A bloodbath is coming."

As if Ukraine couldn't do any more damage to itself, the Verkhovna Rada (Their Parliament) is considering Severing Diplomatic relations with Russia.   A Bill to do that is now under consideration:


The fighting is already damaging common infra-structure and large Internet outages are reported now both in Donetsk and Luhansk

Movement of Russian heavy armor and now infantry troops is taking place on a massive scale all around Ukraine.   It seems the situation is only going to get worse.  Very, very, much worse.

For whatever some may think it's worth,  President Biden said Russia has continued to move naval forces into the Black Sea, troops through Belarus, and blood banks along with forward forces.

"You don't need blood unless you plan on a war."

 As of 1:20 PM EST -- Fighting is taking place in the direction of Luhansk from the front. The Ukrainian side is using heavy weapons. Reports coming in from several sources confirm the operation of several rocket launcher systems.

Intense fighting is also currently taking place in the southwest and west of Donetsk.



2:00 PM EST -- It is announced that European countries now have only seven percent (7%) of their natural gas reserves and supplies from Russia have been almost completely halted.   Russia's GAZPROM stopped taking orders from natural gas transit through Ukraine (which almost all goes to Europe) on February 18.  

How many LNG tankers will Europe need, EVERY DAY, if Russia responds to sanctions by COMPLETELY shutting down the pipes?

The number you are looking for is :

1,700 tankers.







The propaganda is already pushing the "we must sacrifice our livelihood to preserve the democratic values in the face of Russia aggression."

The U.S. does have enough oil and nat. gas for our own economy. Without Russia, Europe does not;  not even a fraction.

Europe's economy will collapse once Russian pipes come to a stop. And Russia WILL shut those gas pipes, highly likely before this week is over.

With only seven percent gas reserves, Europe will run out of gas within about two weeks.  It's not just a matter of heating their homes, they won't have gas to run electric power plants!  That means no industry, either.  Full stop.

The U.S. economy will collapse immediately after European one, no matter how much oil and nat. gas the U.S. has. 

If I had money is the stock market I would get it out RIGHT NOW and I would grab as much cash money out of banks as they would allow me to take . . .  and do that every single day until they shut the banks.   

So, now we finally have the end-game scenario (at least the one which can be seen) answered:

The Great Collapse, needed for the Great Reset, is imminent, and it will be blamed on Russia.

I hope you have food and medicine stored in as large quantity as you can.  Survival is no longer a given, anywhere. 

It won't be a matter of how much things cost, it will be a matter of there is none to be had, anywhere, at any price.

According to Putin, Russia recognized the DPR and LPR within the boundaries defined in the 2014 referenda and enshrined in the constitutions of the republics. The discussions - front/border - have come to an end. Donbass will be completely liberated. Mariupol, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lisichansk - should return to their native harbor.

The leadership of the LPR and DPR has already indicated a desire to ensure the complete liberation of the territories of the DPR and LPR occupied by Ukraine. So far, Kiev is being offered to get out on good terms, cease fire and withdraw troops. There is no massive entry of Russian troops into the LDNR yet. The fighting in the LDNR continues.

Russia today began recalling diplomatic workers from Ukraine "for security reasons." So far, Kiev has been discussing whether to break off diplomatic relations or not. It is quite obvious that there will be no negotiations with the Zelensky regime. Moscow does not consider it subjective.

All documents between the Russian Federation and the LDNR were ratified today and the legalization process of the LDNR was completed today. Now the questions of ensuring the military protectorate of the Russian Federation over the people's republics are coming close. Today, such terms as Minsk-2 have finally died.

The sanctions imposed by the West turned out to be an actual zilch and a kind of proposal - "if you stop at the current borders of the LDNR, then we will not impose many sanctions, but if you start taking more, then we will introduce more sanctions."

Russia simply doesn't care; Western Sanctions are now meaningless.



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