UPDATED 4:10 PM EDT -- Putin Rushed To Kremlin 10:00 PM Moscow Time

Something is happening with Russia as of 3:00 PM eastern US time, which is 10:00 PM in Moscow.  Russian President Vladimir Putin was rushed TO the Kremlin with full police escorted motorcade.   This is extremely unusual, indicating something has happened (or is happening) requiring the President.

RUMORS are already running wild.  One RUMOR is that Turkish President Tayyip Recypt Erdogan, who fell ill during a TV interview in Moscow, may have been "poisoned."

Another RUMOR is that Ukraine has begun using Depleted Uranium tank shells against Russian troops, which Russia previously warned would be considered a "Dirty Bomb attack upon Russia."

No official word from any level as to the ACTUAL reason . . . . developing . . . . check back for updates.



Turkish President Tayyip Recypt Erdogan's wife and family have been urgently told to come to the hospital.

 ERDOGAN ALLEGEDLY "IN CRITICAL CONDITION"  -- More RUMORS he may have been poisoned!


UPDATE 4:02 PM EDT -- According to a statement issued by the presidency, Erdogan was taken to the hospital in critical condition and received treatment for myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack.


UPDATE 4:15 PM EDT -- 

Chinese state media claims Turkey president Erdogan has suffered heart attack and is in critical condition in the hospital:

The Turkish Government "categorically denies" all claims about President Erdogan's alleged health troubles.


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