Putin signs law suspending INF arms control treaty with the U.S.

Putin signs law suspending INF arms control treaty with the U.S.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed legislation suspending a 1987 nuclear missile treaty, according to the law published on Wednesday on an official government website.

The United States is set to pull out of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) on Aug. 2 citing Russia’s development of a missile that breaks the accord.    Today's legislation, signed by Putin, halts Russia's participation in that same Treaty.



The world is clearly heading into a nuclear weapons nightmare.  One wonders how long it may be before some country actually USES such weapons against another and sets the planet ablaze in war?

If and when such an event takes place, citizens should know that government will NOT be able to help them survive.   Citizens must take steps to plan THEIR OWN survival, with emergency food, water, medicines, weapons, ammunition, comunications gear and the like.

A list of suggested "Preps" can be found HERE.


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