Red Line Crossed! HIMARS Shell Fired into Belgorad, Russia

Red Line Crossed!  HIMARS Shell Fired into Belgorad, Russia

Ukraine/NATO/US have finally done it; they have fired a long-range HIMARS-type shell into Russia proper - Belgorad.  The image above shows the fragment of a shell shot down by Russian air defenses in Belgorad.  The warhead fragment appears to have come from either a HIMARS or a US M-270 MLRS.   

Months ago, when the West announced it would be supplying Ukraine with longer range ammunition and rockets, specifically the HIMARS MLRS, Russia publicly responded by saying "If those weapons are used against Russian territory, the nations states which supplied them to Ukraine, will be hit.

That moment seems to have now arrived.  

But, why now?

The simple truth was voiced by the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, just this very day.   Stoltenberg said publicly today "The Ukrainians are asking for more and more, and we are mobilizing reserves. It will be a tragedy for Ukraine and dangerous for us if Putin wins."

In saying this for the first time, publicly, Stoltenberg now admits that Putin winning is a very real likelihood!   Think about that for a moment.  For months, this same Stoltenberg has been telling everyone "Ukraine is winning"  or "Russia is losing."

The propaganda mill in the West has been spewing out daily doses of . . . .

- Russia is running out of missiles, 

- Russia is running out of ammunition,

- Russia is running out of tanks,

and, of course . . .

- Putin is dying of cancer,

- Putin is dying from Parkinson's Disease,

- Putin is facing an internal revolt, he's going to be overthrown.

ALL of that . . . was false.   ALL OF IT!   The West made it all up out of whole cloth.  It was a Psy-Op; designed to bolster public support in the West, and maybe sew doubt in Russia.   Yet week after week, month after month, Russia has shown it has plenty of missiles, plenty of ammunition, plenty of tanks, and continues to win new territory in Ukraine despite all the efforts of NATO!

Put simply, Russia is winning.

Stoltenberg's remark today acknowledges that reality.

And on the very day that Stoltenberg acknowledges that Putin might "win" what happens?   A Russian Red Line gets crossed by Ukraine.  The firing of a HIMARS shell into Russia proper.  THIS HIMARS SHELL:

This single act, shows that NATO is now desperate.  NATO needs an excuse to get directly involved.  NATO **** NEEDS **** Russia to attack because that's Ukraine's only hope.   

Ukraine has zero chance of winning.  In fact, Ukraine is losing so badly, they may not even exist as a country anymore.

The __only__ hope that Ukraine has is if NATO gets directly involved in the war, but that would mean World War 3 for the rest of us. Frankly, Ukraine isn't worth it . . . at least to those of us who are thinking, rational people!

But the NATO geeks don't seem to be thinking, or rational.

There are some idiots in NATO, and in NATO-member countries, that actually believe their own echo chamber propaganda.  They WANT an actual war because they're ignorant enough to think it can be won.  It cannot.

The sooner NATO stops assisting Ukraine, the sooner Ukraine can sue for peace and end this deadly, useless conflict.

The rest of us now have to worry that more HIMARS or other long-range weapons, will continue to be fired into Russia, and that Russia may end up HAVING to hit us to put a stop to it.

Trouble is, Russia would have to hit us HARD.  With nukes.  I think that's exactly what's coming.  We will have brought it upon ourselves.

Personally, I think Zelensky's days are now numbered, and I'm not the only one who thinks Zelensky's time is short.   I think HE knows too.   Check out his body language/behavior with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.   Is Zelensky "tweeking" from nerves . . . . or is he high on drugs and looking for more?  

Or maybe, the reason he seems so paranoid and worried is this:

Poland backstabs Ukraine saying it can't supply F16s, Patriot systems, or even the spare parts.

I can't help but wonder what other bad news he had just gotten from the British Prime Minister that caused him to act the way he did above?!?!?! 

Looks to me like the rats are leaving a sinking ship . . . 

Whatever happens, I truly believe the meme below shows what the West has planned for Zelensky when this thing is over:


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