REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015

REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015

Reports coming from inside the Ukraine ministry of Defense claim President Volodomyr Zelensky was summonsed to serve in the Ukraine Military, four times in 2014 and 2015,  but never reported as ordered. 

Today, he is President of Ukraine, sending tens-of-thousands of soldiers to their deaths against Russia.

From sources inside the Ukraine Ministry of Defense (verbatim):

"We inform that the citizen Zelensky V.A. has been registered in the military Register of conscripts in the Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support of the United Metallurgy-Dolgintsev District of Krivoy Rog since 22.12.2008 and to this day, military rank - soldier, military registration specialty - clerk of Records", - noted in the Ministry of Defense.

"For the convocation during the mobilization, summonses were sent to the citizen Zelensky V.A.: 15.04.2014, 23.06.2014, 15.08.2014, 10.05.2015 to the address indicated in his registration documents. The citizen Zelensky V.A. did not come to the convocation office when he was summoned."

This four-time conscientious objector /or perhaps more appropriately "Draft-Dodger," became the commander-in-chief.

The Effects:

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny secretly informed the United States about the deaths of 257 thousand soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

From my former colleagues in the Intel Community: “When Zaluzhny was in the US, he met with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and General Milley. He secretly told them that Ukraine had lost 257,000 military troops since the beginning of the conflict."

Reports from inside Ukraine as of Sunday, 5 February 2023, indicate UKRAINIAN CONSCRIPTION AGE LOWERED TO 16


# Its worse than thiswatchmann 2023-02-07 16:00
Its worse than this. Zelensky is literally going through the streets and going into bars and churches to drag out "volunteers" to fight this war.

Then with zero training, they are not only shoved onto the front line, they are LOCKED there, by chains to make sure they don't retreat.

Zelensky is a satan worshiping jew. Jews prefer that gentiles fight and die for them them, NOT the other way around.
-1 # Jews only start wars, they do not "Fight" in them...watchmann 2023-02-07 16:15
+2 # WWIIIVercinge 2023-02-07 10:16
It is perfectly useless and even shameful to shift the blame on a cocaine-addicted comedian for the death of 257,000 Ukrainian soldiers, moreover highlighting the fact that he never responded to calls from his country's Ministry of Defense, because the Jew Zelensky has been chosen by the Jew Victoria Nuland, US Deputy Secretary of State, together with Antony Blinken the Jewish Secretary of State and funded by the Jewish billionaire George Soros , and he was chosen precisely for these "noble qualities" of his, without which, certain jobs to say the least little sordid, they cannot be done. If Americans, since the beginning 1776, are exploited by parasites jewish elites/lobbies/lodges (who don't care at all of non Jewish) and do nothing (because they can't do anything) to kick off them from American soil, their troubles are always and solely caused by themselves. The ukrainian president who send to assured death his soldiers of him or the russian president who has not yet crushed him like a cockroach out of pure Christian mercy, have nothing to do with american troubles, which have indeed deliberately originated a war in the heart of Europe, that will inevitably flow in a global nuclear war.
Thanks again America!
# RE: REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015FewThereBe 2023-02-07 09:50

Uh-oh Elensky....your wicked western neo-con/neo-lib masters may be tiring of you.

They are starting more and more negative narratives about you.

Not sure if all that film you have on them during their visits to the Ukraine over the years will save you anymore...someone from within might take some federal reserve tu Brute?
+2 # RE: REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015Canis Major 2023-02-07 09:06
The Cowardly Clown's Skeletons are being dragged out of the closet by his cronies.
Boy!, they sure hate this cock sucker of a clown.
+2 # █▓▒░ And what is this! ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-07 08:57

Why is Zelensky wearing a suit and tie?
Is he getting ready for his funeral?
+2 # Yeah !SBGlett77 2023-02-07 09:10
Losing his man-of-the-people playing soldier OD T-shirt image for his globalist elitist rewards he was promised ?

It's times like these I am so happy that Hal's shortwave stations reach 70 countries around the world. News like this is completely suppressed by virtually all media. But while international people may never be made aware of Hal's website, the 3 powerhouse frequencies broadcasting in propagation primetime will be stumbled upon by more and more, and the word will spread.
+1 # Are they sure Zelensky isn't a Bush??MissinD60s 2023-02-07 08:48
Another brother from a different mother...

No surprise. I hope Russia can get word of this, n his off-shore billion$, to the decimated remains of the Uke army. Even the Nazis will want to kill that POS.
+1 # Ukraine: We are fighting for NWOdaniel_martin 2023-02-07 08:38
And I thought all those Mansions were pure love
+1 # A perfect you-know-whatSBGlett77 2023-02-07 08:33
That is, the result of a successful hemorrhoid operation.

You simply cannot reason or deal with such lying, cowardly, proud, abominable people. As Zelensky himself once said, and now applied to him, "They are what they are".
+6 # C.I.A. toolWilliamtheResolute 2023-02-07 08:10
You don't get the best and brightest when you go shopping for a Judas goat to install after a color revolution...take Brandon for instance.
+2 # RE: REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015Gunner 2023-02-07 06:26
And don't think for a minute the demonic filth known as the U.S.didn't know everything about this low-life before they "put his ass in power" - they only deal with shitty garbage people in the world.
+2 # RE: REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015Gunner 2023-02-07 06:26
And don't think for a minute the demonic filth known as the U.S.didn't know everything about this low-life before they "put his ass in power" - they only deal with shitty garbage people in the world.
+2 # RE: REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015Gunner 2023-02-07 06:26
And don't think for a minute the demonic filth known as the U.S.didn't know everything about this low-life before they "put his ass in power" - they only deal with shitty garbage people in the world.
+6 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2023-02-07 03:59
Zelensky - "Poster Boy" for Hypocritical Coward Satanic Globalist Lackey. Won't be long before he takes them at birth for conscription as that's all that will be left. Fits right in with the US/NATO/West degenerating into a Hypocritical Desperate Band of Thieves as their BS Satanic Globalist Controlled Usury Babylonian "Money Magic" (Print out of thin air) fiat paper system is collapsing as all such fiat systems have throughout history. Cannot compete with the likes of BRICS who want fair and honest trade where something of value or backed by something of value is received in return for goods and services. So the West "Band of Thieves" start wars (e.g. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine) cloaking it as "Democracy" to STEAL another countries assets and wealth. They are frothing at the mouth to get at Russia's assets (oil, gas, minerals, farm land, etc.). In the West's Desperation they have become Delusional to think they can conquer Russia by some means forgetting the Reality of Russia being wise to such and always withstanding such attempts (e.g. WW II). And yes I'm a veteran of the Vietnam War Era (Drafted August 1970) so I'm not just talk.
+3 # If this gets out to the people--Smiley1984*! 2023-02-07 03:56
If this gets out to the people in Ukraine, I think Zelinsky is done!

Who would follow such a leader, or believe in him?

This is a very good example of what I call: people with olfactory deficiency of their bovine cephalopathy. They wallow in and cannot detect their own B---S--t.

It seems that the World is infected with many such people in positions of power. From the politicians to the medical and the military, not forgetting the green brigade!

None of them exhibit any common sense, cognitive ability, integrity, or morality, but seem to think they are visionary's and saviours of mankind, and that we should obey them as if they are gods!

They are dangerous sociopathic and psychopathic people with visions of grandeur, who think that the beauty and bounty of the World should be theirs alone!

God help us if these people are not stopped soon and brought to account for their actions!
+3 # RE: REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015daniel_martin 2023-02-07 03:22
Citizen Z fleed tô Rússia to Avoid Military Draft. His First Language is Russian. Ukranian is a Russian Dialet the differences are comical to none. Ukraine is a Fake Corrupt Separatist State that bombs Separatist Cities and beg WorldWide Help when Bombed Back. Most of Light Weapons from NATO end up in Black Market in Serbia and Turkey and then sold to (yes) Rússia . Bucha massacre UKR did blamed Russia. This War is the fakest ever too much PSYOP. Why am I saying this? Because If you dont have the Moral Ground you Will Lose everytime. Remember, The West created this war. I dont think Putin will Cherry Pick the targets and send a few little nukes. The people will pay for their Gov Sins as they always do from Dresden to Hiroshima to Carthage
+4 # ukrainian refugeesFlyfisher01 2023-02-07 00:20
ukrainian men refugees- who are living in host countries, poland, france, germany,etc, that are fit for military service, are now being captured by their host countries and are being sent back to ukraine to fight. this is at the request of zelensky.

also, relatives of captured ukranian soldiers being held by russia, have asked the russian government to not release their family kin back to ukraine.
+2 # It's not avoiding the draft, its the hypocrisy of him supporting conscription 2023-02-07 00:10
I see nothing wrong with a sovereign citizen avoiding fighting in the made up bull shit, wars that countries start.
You know about 90 plus percent of them.....

The "draft" was not even used in the US until the Civil war and I find it very ironic that the slavery of conscription was used to ostensibly end slavery.

If I were Ukrainian at that time I too would have, not felt compelled to fight in a war that served the interests of only the US and not my own country and living situation.
+5 # Zelenski is despicableDoug Brown 2023-02-07 00:10
Profoundly demonic.
He and Biden.
Absolute vipers.
+2 # RE: Zelenski is despicableGunner 2023-02-07 06:30
I agree. I sure wonder why absolutely Nothing changes though. Oh that's right because we the citizens are impotent do Nothings. And we are going to get what our bitch asses deserve for being this way.
+5 # Russia's nuclear weapons will bring everyone to reasonFlyfisher01 2023-02-07 00:01
Russia's Kalibr cruise missiles, which are capable of carrying a 50-kiloton nuclear warhead, may bring to reason all those who are planning to expand their influence in western Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by a member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Lieutenant-General in reserve Andrey Gurulev.

"At the crossings, our Kalibras, which have a nuclear charge of 50 kilotons, are quite capable of bringing everyone to reason," Gurulev wrote on his Facebook page. telegram channel. He added that this applies to those who expect to expand their influence in Western Ukraine. According to him, Kalibr missiles are specifically designed for such issues as the immediate destruction of a group of troops, which can seriously affect the course of hostilities.

how much clearer can they be? russia is taking all of ukraine, and everybody else must stay out of the conflict.
+3 # At least he is..MANYROUNDS 2023-02-06 23:05
An Actor. The entity who is taking up space in the leadership slot here in the U. S. is not good at even that. A thief is more his line of work.
+5 # 16?shirley5520 2023-02-06 23:05
If I were the mother of a 16 or 17-year-old boy in Ukraine, I would take my son and find a way to leave the country. I have an 18-year-old grandson who is working his first full-time job. I can't imagine him suddenly being thrown into a fight-or-die situation.
+2 # Dear LadyMANYROUNDS 2023-02-07 09:41
Know this, they are planning just that right now, it is a set up to get them all out of conus, and send them to the slaughter, their Chinese handlers are squeezing them hard to do so, for their treason is not free. They were paid good money to do what they are told, tell your grandson it is all lies, nothing patriotic about it. Take care lady.
+2 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2023-02-07 04:28
Remember Vietnam? I do and was Drafted then as many others.
+1 # Robert Dziokrddziok 2023-02-07 08:12
Also, remember the song "19"? Can still hear it on Youtube etc. Average age of a soldier in Vietnam was 19.
+1 # Zelensky DreamNatalThread5652 2023-02-06 22:49
Powerful revelation about Zelensky:
+1 # RE: REPORT: Zelensky Dodged the Draft FOUR TIMES in 2014 / 2015d_7 2023-02-06 22:40
commander in chief of money laundering scum
+3 # So why always wearing green t-shirts?Adiff5466 2023-02-06 22:35
So he was playing dress up all along? I’m sure the Ukrainian people would be outraged if they had electric to charge their phones and hear the news.
+3 # Rome Is ? Burning...Disstheease 2023-02-06 22:34
Just like so many in the three branches of the U.S. Government.


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