Retired Generals in FRANCE Call for "Military Rule" to Oust President Macron and protect the nation

Retired Generals in FRANCE Call for "Military Rule" to Oust President Macron and protect the nation

Twenty retired French generals call for MILITARY RULE in the country if President Macron cannot halt society's 'disintegration' caused by Islamists - sparking political uproar ahead of elections.

Twenty retired French generals have called for military rule if Emmanuel Macron fails to halt the 'disintegration' of the country 'at the hands of Islamists', in an open letter published ahead of next year's presidential election.

The open letter, published in Valeurs Actuelles, a news magazine, claims a military coup might be necessary to stop a 'civil war' in France.

The letter has been condemned by Macron's government, who compared it to the failed coup by generals against President de Gaulle 60 years ago.

The lead signatory was Christian Piquemal, 80, who commanded the Foreign Legion before losing his privileges as a retired officer after being arrested while taking part in an anti-Islam demonstration in 2016.

It was written by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, a former officer, and signed by 1000 others who were in lower ranks.

The incendiary letter reads: 'France is in danger. Several mortal perils threaten her. Even in retirement, we remain soldiers of France and cannot in the present circumstances remain indifferent to the fate of our beautiful country.'

 While the government of France says "They're retired, they speak only for themselves" others are not so sure:


Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

WOW!! Imagine that; General's whose oath to protect their nation, actually means something to them.  Too bad we don't have such men here in the United States.

If we did, then Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris would not be our illegitimate President and Vice President, whose Democrat Party stole the November , 2020 presidential election, through rampant and brazen election fraud; stealing key states to grab enough Electoral Votes and take a Presidency he did not earn, win or deserve. 

No, sadly here in America, some of our Generals (active) turned out to be what appears to many to be yellow-bellied political cowards that embraced and endorsed the phony election, giving the most powerful nation on earth a Dementia-addled Commander-in-Thief.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff for the United States Armed Forces seem to have shown themselves to be Yellow-Bellied Political Cowards, in a memo sent to all members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The memo, shown below, informed the military that Joe Biden would be sworn in as their 46th Commander-in-Chief on January 20, and that the Protests at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, were, among other things, sedition and insurrection.

First, the memo:


Hal Turner Opinion

This letter is almost complete balderdash; Double-talk.  In my view, it is, in and of itself, "conduct unbecoming."

 Lets take this piece by piece . . .

The Generals write:

"Direct Assault???"  It was no such thing.   No member of Congress got the crap beaten out of them, and that's really too bad.  It would have been a refreshing thing to watch, but those brave members of Congress were too busy hiding in closets, under tables, and using couches to barricade office doors to keep out . . . who?  The American People, that's who.

Look at these girly-men barricading their office doors:

They were utterly terrified of the very Americans who paid to build that building, pay to maintain that building, pay for the lights, heat, air conditioning, desks, chairs, computers, and everything else in that building.  Put simply, they DARED to run and hide from not only the OWNERS of the building, but the very same people who actually pay their salaries!  

NOT ONE member of congress even came face to face with the Americans who entered their Capitol that day; so there was no "direct assault."  To say otherwise is propaganda. 

Is that what our troops should expect from superior officers? Propaganda?  If I were a subordinate under the command of these Joint Chiefs, I would realize from this letter, that I cannot trust another word that comes out of their mouths!

Direct assault? It was a protest that got a little pushy is all.   Yes, some glass got broken.  Yes, some furniture got roughed up.  Big deal.  The American people own that stuff, if they want to break it, they darn well can.

Now, why did the protest get a little physical?  Because the public servant employees who are supposed to serve the American people, had the unmitigated gall to try to keep them out of their own building!  We the People own that building.  Maybe if our public servants knew their place, they wouldn't have interfered with the property owners coming into their own building!

Instead, the public servants defied the landlord, defied the people who pay their salaries, and got uppity with them.  Big mistake.  So they got pushed around a bit. Big deal. Hopefully, some of them got some sense knocked into their dense skulls: Don't mess with the American people.

At least one of those public servants got so out of control, he SHOT and KILLED an unarmed American woman.  A real hero, that guy; shooting an unarmed woman.

Next, the Joint Chiefs write:


When I read that first sentence, I thought to myself, OK, now we're talking.  ". . . actions . . .  inconsistent with law."  You're darn right we witnessed actions inconsistent with law. Then I read the second sentence and realized what I was reading was written by some sniveling idiot.

The letter was referring to the actions of the Americans and not of the Congress.  It was CONGRESS that acted inconsistent with law, by accepting Electors from a clearly fraudulent election! 

Congress assembled in Joint session, and did NOTHING to stop the disenfranchisement of 74 Million Americans whose votes were negated by rampant ballot stuffing, voter fraud, and computer algorithms that stole votes from Trump and gave them to Biden!  THAT was the action inconsistent with law.

Let's keep this simple: Prior to the November 3 election, there were about 140 Million registered voters in the entire United States.  The mass-media admits Donald Trump won 74 Million votes.  That leaves only 66 Million for Biden.   Where did the other fourteen Million Biden votes come from?

See the problem?

In Pennsylvania alone, it is already documented there were 205,000 more Ballots than voters who voted.  One state!  And this does not even take into consideration the dead who voted, the illegal aliens who voted, the non-citizens who voted, and people who moved out of state who voted TWICE; once from their new State and again in their old.  

On televisions throughout this nation on election night, we all got to WATCH as thousands of votes were shifted by computers from Trump to Biden.  Here's just some very few examples:


This is the simplest to follow.  Watch the Florida vote totals for Trump and Biden in the white bars along the bottom of the TV screen.  Trump is at 4.702 million.   Minutes later, Trump DROPS 1,364 votes.  On live TV!!!  How can you LOSE votes when counting up from zero?   Fraud, that's how!


Here are more . . .





Video clip from Election Night where Wisconsin broadcasted voter results demonstrating voter software fraud. It is unusual for voter tallies to drastically jump 10% for a candidate (Biden) outpacing past voter ratios by double; resulting in a flip in leading candidate.


Video clips from Election Night where Virginia broadcasted voter results demonstrate voter software fraud. It is impossible for voter tallies to ever decrease or increase 29% in minutes.

There were other frauds as well.   

In Detroit, MI, the vote counters were so brazen about the fraud they were committing, they used cardboard to cover the windows of the counting center, so people outside could not see the crimes being committed!

This came on top of cars and vans - with OUT OF STATE LICENSE PLATES - arriving at the back door of this facility around 3:30 in the morning, unloading boxes and boxes of PHONY Ballots . . . all for Joe Biden!

In Atlanta, GA, officials falsely claimed a broken water main required they cease counting.  There was a dripping faucet which was fixed by a Janitor with a wrench, but they shut down counting anyway.

As counters and election observers were shuffled OUT of the counting room, Democrats walked over to a table, covered by a cloth, and started taking out case after case of Ballots, all for Joe Biden, and putting them into counting machines while there were no observers in the room.  Some of the ballots were put through the counting machines EIGHT TIMES, all caught on security camera video below:

Ballots thrown in trash; thrown in ditches

The US Justice Department released a statement from the U.S. attorney in the Pennsylvania region.

“At this point we can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded” by county election officials, it read. “Investigators have recovered nine ballots at this time. Some of those ballots can be attributed to specific voters and some cannot. All nine ballots were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

In Kentucky, WLKY-TV reported hundreds of Ballots intentionally thrown out by a Postal Worker (HERE)

In Oklahoma, two men planning a wedding reception at a facility used the previous day for voting, found Ballots SHREDDED and in trash cans.  Here's video:

We also came to find out that the Arizona state legislature is investigating rampant vote fraud in Phoenix, which is in Maricopa County.  The state legislature ordered the voting machines to be forensically examined.  The county board of supervisors REFUSED.   

So the state legislature sent a Subpoena.  That same county board of supervisors REFUSED THE SUBPOENA and filed a lawsuit to delay turning over the voting machines!  What are they hiding?  FRAUD!

In Ware County, GA, forensic examiners tested the vote tabulation machines by inserting an EQUAL NUMBER of Trump and Biden votes.  When the machine reported the totals, it gave Biden a 26% lead.  So shocked were the forensic experts, they ran the test again.  Same result!

In Philadelphia, Republican Ballot Observers were physically thrown out of the ballot counting room so they could not observe.  They went to court and obtained a Court Order, signed by a Judge, requiring they be admitted back into the counting area.  City officials REFUSED to comply.  So the Republicans took the court order to the county sheriff.  The County Sheriff REFUSED TO ENFORCE THE COURT ORDER!

In state after state, city after city, there were similar acts of criminal fraud.


We even have states ignoring their own state and federal election laws, and by disregarding these laws, their election results must be nullified. Either that, or we’re no longer a country governed by laws.

In California state law, the election code is titled “Division 13. BALLOTS, SAMPLE BALLOTS, AND VOTER PAMPHLETS.”

In Article 1 of this code we find Election Code 13200, which reads as follows:

“Ballots not printed in accordance with the chapter [Chapter 3] shall not be cast nor counted at any election.”

That’s straightforward English. It’s at the 9th grade reading level, so California’s election officials can understand it.

When we read a little further, we find Section 13205. Since we’re talking about the election of the President and Vice President, we’ll look at the applicable subsection:

13205 (b). In elections when electors of President and Vice President of the United States are to be chosen, there shall be placed upon the ballot, in addition to the instructions to voters as provided in this chapter, an instruction as follows:

“To vote for all of the electors of a party, mark the voting target next to the names of the presidential and vice presidential candidates of that party. A mark of the voting target next to the name of a party and its presidential and vice presidential candidate, is a vote for all of the electors of that party, but for no other candidates.”

In other words, by California law, the paragraph quoted was supposed to appear on all California ballots. And remember, according to Section 13200, “Ballots not printed in accordance with the chapter [Chapter 3] shall not be cast nor counted at any election.”

And guess what? According to data collected by the American Independent Party in California, those words did not appear on ballots in 53 of California’s 58 counties.

In the remaining five counties, ballots required additional wording that is outlined in California Election Code 12305 (c). Some of those county’s ballots included the wording from section (b), but ballots in all five of those counties were still missing the required wording from section (c).

This means 100 percent of California’s voting was conducted in complete violation of its state election laws.

What did California do about this? Nothing. 

They sent Electoral Votes to Washington, DC anyway; despite NONE of those Electors being valid under their own state laws!  

According to General Mark Milley and his fellow Chiefs of Staff, this is what?  Legitimate?

If they were REAL Generals of the American Military, they would be mustering troops themselves to go take Congress out for Certifying this fraudulent election!

Instead, we get this:


What utter nonsense!  The Joint Chiefs of Staff for the world's mightiest military, whitewash rampant, brazen, CRIMINAL, election fraud, and tell their troops the very man whose Party STOLE the election, is now going to command them?  Are you nuts?

The position adopted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.

The Joint Chiefs go on to tell the troops:

To which values are they referring?  Election Fraud?  Criminal Conspiracy to steal the Presidency?  Brazen disregard of state election laws?

Please, Generals of the Joint Chiefs, tell us WHICH American values you're referring to because clearly you don't mean free and fair elections.  Clearly you don't mean Duty, Honor, Integrity.

If any single one of you was a real man, you would publicly resign in disgust before agreeing to stay on and serve illegitimate Joe Biden.

If any of you were real Generals, YOU would be rising up to protect the country and our Constitution by putting a stop to this steal!

Instead, you roll over like dogs, and prepare to serve a new - but illegitimate - "president."  

You disgust me.

Some Advice

If the Generals of the Joint Chiefs of Staff cannot stiffen their spines to be men, cannot bring themselves to defend our elections, our constitution and our people, then here's some advice for the very near future: Stay out of the way of the American people.  If you can't stand up for us, for our country, then a whole slew of Americans are able to stand up for themselves.  You and your men had best emulate Congress and go hide in closets.

Instead, you took up your assigned posts around the Capitol for the "Inauguration," and put your own rubber-stamp of approval on a sham.  You stood against the American people, when you should have turned and faced the incoming fraudsters and removed them in self-defense of the nation.  But that would have taken courage.

It now seems, when it comes to courage, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are severely lacking.

I think that makes them Yellow-bellied, Political Cowards.

Now, this 27th day of April, 2021, we see that FRENCH military Generals have no such yellow-bellies.  THEY are openly talking about protecting THEIR country.   Of all people . . . . the French!

I wish the French Generals good luck and God's speed.

And to the American military that so dismally failed to stand-up and protect our Constitution . . . who grossly failed to honor their Oaths, I remind them: It's not too late.  You still can.  That's not a threat or a statement of intent.  It's not even advocacy.  It is. quite simply, an observation of the factual reality.   Are we still allowed to make observations?

OOOOOH, but wait a minute, I'd better be careful.  Because even though the Constitution for the United States, First Amendment, provides that "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech or of the press" maybe some leftist U.S. Attorney might try to make a crime out of this Editorial by a credentialed member of the press. A word crime.  A thought crime.

If they were to do that, a single federal judge might go so far as to claim "the first amendment does not protect Mr. Turner's speech" even though the Constitution applies all the time and everywhere within our nation and a single man cannot amend our Constitution.  If those things take place, maybe off to prison I might go . . . for speaking an opinion. Hey, it could happen; unless a Jury of logical, rational, Americans realizes that freedom of speech is not for speech everyone agrees with; it's designed to protect speech that some find offensive.

Besides, if the government can throw me in prison my MY opinion, the jury might realize the government can throw THEM in prison for THEIR opinion.  Freedom of speech, and of the press, would be dead.

But government is crafty; they spin and manipulate the facts to suit their goals.  So they might tell a Jury something like "what if people took Mr. Turner's words to heart and took action?"  That's an argument for Incitement.  But since there is no angry mob, presently assembled, directly listening to my words, and since this Editorial has not told anyone to actually do anything, and has not stated that I, personally, am going to do anything, and since there are thousands of National Guard Troops on station surrounding the Capital, White House and Supreme Court, to protect those scammers,  violence is not "likely to occur."  There is no danger to anyone from these words.

In the meantime, I'd ask our military: Are the open southern borders, intentionally opened by Joe Biden, that are being flooded with third world invaders, "OK" with you?

I would also point out that not only did Biden and his Democrat Party steal the election, not only did they negate the votes of 74 Million Americans, not only did our Congress make itself illegitimate by rubber-stamping the fraudulent election, not only did our federal courts (up-to and including the Supreme Court) fail/refuse to hear evidence in the multitude of lawsuits challenging the fraud, now Biden and company are allowing savages from the third world to enter our land in such numbers, we'll be lucky to even HAVE a country in less than a year.

Way to go American military.  


Hal Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ  07047


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