Russia and NATO have ceased military and civilian cooperation

Russia and NATO have ceased military and civilian cooperation

Russia and NATO have completely ceased cooperation. Cooperation has ceased both in military and civilian lines, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. 

He went on to say "This didn’t happen yesterday, and we’ll have to live with that. What is vital in this day and age however, is reliable communication between the two to prevent incidents or stop their escalation, and to clarify uncertainties."


Paul Craig Roberts summed-up this situation succinctly

Someone should speak to the Russian finance minister, Anton Siluanov, and put him in touch with reality. According to a RT news report, Siluanov has called for restoring economic and political ties between Moscow and Washington.

Ties between the US and Russia were intentionally wrecked on purpose by the US military/security complex and its congressional and media vassals in order to provide the military/security complex with an enemy big enough to justify the $1,000 billion annual budget of the complex.

What does Siluanov think Russiagate was about other than to prevent Trump from normalizing relations with Russia?

The last president who tried to rein in the military/security complex was John F. Kennedy, and he was assassinated. On Trump they used Russiagate instead of bullets, and it proved almost as effective.

If Russian government officials continue to be victims of their dreams to be America’s partner, they and their country are headed to destruction. The Putin government’s toleration of a Fifth Column financed by Washington that is operating within Russia against the Russian government and Russian sovereignty indicates that the Russian government can’t get its mind around the fact that the neoconservatives intend to reestablish a unipolar world.

Perhaps Igor Korotchenko should speak to Siluanov. Korotchenko says that Russia needs to quit dawdling and prepare properly for war. In the digital/thermonuclear world of today, Russia will not have time, as Stalin had, to recover from an attack and go on to victory. Among the things Russia needs to do in order to be ready for war, says, Korotchenko, is “to multiply the strategic stocks of high precision missiles,” which requires building additional plant and equipment to manufacture them, protect Russia’s digital sovereignty, and increase the functionality of the FSB (the Russian Security Service) in order to prevent the externally funded Fifth Column from operating against Russia.

Russia’s weakness is the government’s toleration of the Western-financed media and politicians inside Russia that operate as Washington’s agents. The Russian government tolerates these agents of Washington, because the Russian government wants to show how democratic it is in the hopes that the West will accept Russia as one of its own.

All the while the West is preparing Russia’s demise.


Hal Turner Commentary

This is a disaster of unimaginable proportions.  There is literally no valid reason for this at all.

Russia is a white, Christian nation.  The United States is a majority white, Christian nation.   There is no need and no reason for our two nations to slaughter each other.

We must use all the means at our disposal to rebuild relations and put a stop to the very clear plans of some in government, to cause a war between us.

This is a matter of survival.  If Russia and the US/NATO go to war against each other, it means the end of this planet.  Our two sides are so armed with nuclear weapons we would utterly wipe each other out.  The pollution from radiation would thn kill-off everything else on this planet.

There would be no "winner."  We would all lose.

Taking action right now is a matter of our survival.  We must write to each and every member of Congress telling them WE FORBID going to war with Russia.  We must point out that all the anti-Russian nonsense for the past three years was based on deliberate lies by Hillary Clinton, her campaign and the Democrat Party.  A war with Russia will destroy us all and ruin the planet.  

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    Mark Brandon · 6 months ago
    Hal take a look at this... God is going to use Russia to bring judgment on America. This is not the only prophecy out there confirming this, just a new one. This is also scriptural. America will be decimated by Chinese and Russia.

    Entire prophecy can be found at 444prophecynews

    A wave or satanism swept over Russia, before the 1917 Revolution. This decadence produced the monster Rasputin, who helped destroy the Czar Nicholas, his family, court, regime and country.

    Now the wave has covered America. This decadence will be answered by Putin, the instrument of God’s judgment on America, whose real name is Rasputin. They dropped the ‘Ras’ to distance themselves from the anathema attached to the legion of demons that controlled the mad monk. Putin is of the same family line.

    The Communist Soviet state swallowed the Russian Orthodox Church after the Russian Revolution. They are still state controlled and led by men who are wolves in seeps clothing: Communists and Occult Master Masons.

    The anti-Christ will now control the One World Church, subsuming all religions, into a ‘miasma’, which means the ‘fetid one’.

    The state controlled church was tried, during the 1789 French Revolution; the minions of satan, believed they could raise the anti-Christ to world domination, with Napoleon I, a precursor of the real one. But they failed. It was not time for the realization of the Mystery Of Iniquity. It was not time for the fetid fruit to ripen on the Tree Of Evil.

    Now is the time. Today it will be eaten by most of the sons and daughter of Adam and Eve; in a repetition of their rebellion, of the progenitors of the human race.
    “I Will Not Serve,” the mantra of satan, will be heard again.

    The present Russian leadership will attempt to destroy all true Christians and Jews completely. Russia fell in 1919. America will fall in 2019, My people to the same agenda. As France was warned by Me in 1689, and fell in 1789. My patience is up with you America.

    But look up My people, for your deliverance draws near. I AM is returning for His Bride. I AM will wipe every tear, and heal all your wounds, and take you to My Heart, My heavenly home. Be AT Peace And Know That I AM God.


    It is time for one and all to repent or perish.... learn how to be saved at
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    Frank Anast · 6 months ago
    I spent a couple of years doing legislative research by talking to business people about current issues and taking their opinions back to their respective representative. Consequently, I've had some very good experience at how this government operates in Congress. I can tell you with complete confidence that they paid very little attention to the opinions of their constituents. This government is totally "out of control" and has no intention of doing what most consider the right thing to do. I don't think anything less than a civil war will ever bring things back to normal.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Carl Goldsworthy · 6 months ago
      Well, a civil war or an economic collapse causing a breakup of the States ( caused by the rich ones refusing to support the poorer ones).