Declaring "there is to be no direct conflict between Syrian and Turkish troops" Russia has deployed hundreds of its Soldiers BETWEEN the two armies inside Syria!

Turkish troops and tanks entered northeastern Syria days ago, with orders to establish a "safe zone" about 30km deep and 300km wide, to allow Turkey to repatriate some 3 Million Syrians who fled into Turkey to avoid the Syrian "civil war."

Syria refused to stand-by and do nothing as the Turks entered, and dispatched its army toward the northeast to engage the Turks.

Russia, allied with BOTH Syria and Turkey, first pleaded with both sides not to engage each other, and now has deployed Russian troops to make certain the two sides do not fight.

The Syrian Arab Army (the one and only legitimate "army" inside Syria) has engaged Turkish PROXIES over the past 48 hours, with quite a number of such proxies killed.  Some small number of Syrian troops have also been killed.

Rather than stand-by and watch things escalate, Russia coordinated with all sides and deployed its troops.

On its face, this seems like a magnificent use of Russian troops - literally to keep the peace - and hopefully, it will work.  

So far, so good.

Perhaps the world may yet escape World War 3.


UPDATE 12:54 PM EDT --

Russia's Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev:

''Syria and Turkey are constantly and directly talking to each other through their foreign ministries, defense ministries and intelligence agencies.''



According to an ex-pilot of 181 Filo, F-16C/Ds of Turkish Air Force's 8th MJBC at Diyarbakir has been unable to carry-out a single strike mission against SDF & SAA since 20 hours ago because the airspace over NE Syria has been blocked on them by Russia Air Force!


Hal Turner Remark: This is a very good development.  Almost unimaginable just a few days ago.  There really IS hope!


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