Russia Hits Back With Sanctions: Will Ban for 5 Years, Any Corporation Donating To Congress

Russia seems now ready to take on US sanctions head on, will Russia force many US congress representatives to quit?

Up to now Russia has always sort of deflected US sanctions, by using evading maneuvers to protect their companies. But now Russia seems ready to hit back and make it painful.

Banning the companies that support American Congressmen!

Yesterday the idea was floated in the Russian Duma - their legislature similar to Congress -- to ban any US company for 5 years which financed a US congress representative or senator, that votes for or previously voted for, sanctions against Russia.

Oh. This could be bad.

Most US companies donate to some of both parties.

Apple? Coca Cola? Boeing? McDonalds? VISA? Walmart? General Motors? Ford? Procter & Gamble?

Apple alone does 3 billion sales in Russia, 5 years would be be 15 billion sales lost for that single company!

No problem for Russia. They just get everything from China. At a fraction of the cost.



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