Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ Tanks

Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ Tanks

After yesterday's meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, a first in more than 3.5 years, there are noticeable developments.  No surprise given that Putin was accompanied by Defense Minister Shoigu, Foreign Minister Lavrov  and Kremlin Press Spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Attendees from world media outlets took notice at exactly who was in the Russian entourage; the three top men from the Russian government and a rare foreign trip by the top Kremlin spokesman as well.   There hasn't been this level of high-ranking Russian officials to any single foreign meeting since . . . the Cold War.

Today, videos began emerging of trains carrying heavy armor into Belarus from Russia.  Below, two videos of trains with T-80 tanks:


and this one . . .


Next, video of trucks along roads in Belarus, carrying S-400 and/or Iskander Hypersonic Missiles toward the Ukraine Border:

Below, photos of the S-400 air defense system, inside Belarus, not far from the Ukraine Border, all setting up for action:


 Also in Belarus near Ukraine Border: Iskanders:

As this story was being written at 6:00 PM EST on Wednesday evening, video of yet a THIRD trainload of tanks arriving in Belarus became available, this train alone carrying at least thirty (30) more tanks:

 To sum this up, within the last 48 hours, Russia has sent AT LEAST 73 additional tanks by trains into Belarus, plus at least 20 Infantry Fighting Vehicles moving southward in Belarus toward Ukraine, and added S-400 air defense missiles and Iskander hypersonic missiles in Belarus near Ukraine.


Retired American colonel: Russia is stronger than all NATO countries combined

US Retired Colonel James W. McConnell is confident that Russia's military tactics in Ukraine is "just what the doctor ordered."

"The Russians have begun to destroy the Ukrainian lines of communications — the power grid, bridges, roads and railroads — without which Ukraine's forces can't be resupplied. Once the destruction of the lines of communication is completed, Russia's army, particularly its extensive artillery, will present Ukrainian forces with the unpleasant reality that they are vastly outgunned and outnumbered," James W. McConnell, former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives wrote in an article published on the website of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

The degree of "unpleasant reality" will depend on how far Russia wants to move west, he believes. The most likely option is that the Russians will want to take at least Nikolaev and Odessa regions in addition to the four regions that Russia) has already taken (Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions).

When Moscow achieves these goals, NATO will find itself in a difficult situation, in which the alliance will have to either recognize the victory of Russia, or engage in battle with the Russians, the retired colonel wrote in the article.

The North Atlantic Alliance, despite its undoubted military power, has very little chance of winning the war with Russia.

 In support of his opinion — quite unexpected for a career US Air Force officer — McConnell admits:

Russia is the world leader in terms of air defense technology.

Russia's S-400 air defense system is considered to be the world's best system of this class. Turkey, a NATO member, has such systems at its disposal, but Russia has already modernized them to S-500. Moreover, S-500 systems have already been deployed at critical facilities in Russia.

Russia is five years ahead of the US in the field of hypersonic missile technology.

The United States is defenseless against Russian missiles that travel at hypersonic speeds and are capable of maneuvring during the flight path. The US is still at the stage of hypersonic tests, whereas Russia has already fielded four different hypersonic missiles from its existing families of missile systems — Kinzhal, Kalibr, Iskander and Zircon, let alone the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle.

"Should NATO enter a war with Russia, the US Navy's carrier task force in the Ionian Sea is an obvious Russian target. How can it successfully defend itself against Russia's simultaneous and probably massive hypersonic and conventional missile attack?" McConnell wonders.

"Should the Russians sink a carrier task force, Taiwan would, for example, have to rethink any illusions it has about the US coming to its aid in a conflict with China and become far more amenable to a soft conquest similar to the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong," he continues.

Pentagon spends too much

McConnell admits that building new aircraft carriers is impossible as "building capable and survivable modern warships is a complex and time consuming process."

Strangely enough, it is 850 army bases that the USA maintains around the world that have crippled America's combat capability:

"Boots on the ground give the US influence of a sort the Navy can't match and are essential to those who see the US as the world's policeman. Inexcusably, the cost of these bases and the extended (and counterproductive) efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and now Ukraine, have come at the expense of the Navy and America's defense," James W. McConnell wrote. 

Based on the above, he concluded:

"For the last twenty years, the Russians and the Chinese have sought to strengthen their armed forces while America's leadership has, on a bipartisan basis, been obsessed with the Middle East. As a result, a persuasive argument suggests the US is no longer unbeatable."

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

Given the remarks of the Colonel above, and the facts reported in the story above that, whatever is coming, is not going to be small.

Will NATO burst-forth and get involved?  Who knows?

Will POLAND go off on its own and enter Ukraine on its own?   Unknown.

Whatever happens, it appears it will begin quite soon.

All the latest details on tonight's Hal Turner Radio Show starting at 9:00 PM eastern US time tonight.  Click the LISTEN ONLINE links in the menu bar above to tune-in free.


-1 # PROPHECY: The Punishment Of My Enemies Who Took The ShotSpyGuy 2022-12-23 00:02
PROPHECY: The Punishment Of My Enemies Who Took The Shot

"I'M going to kill off My humanity.  Only a few will survive.  They haven't taken the shots.  Those I will preserve.  The rest are damned forever.  They will go to Hell, even the Lake of Fire forever, My son.  They will not repent.  They want the world, the things of the world.  Those I will punish, with flaming fire those who don't obey My Gospel for their lives.  They won't obey Me.  Those I must punish.  There will be no relent or let up for all eternity while they are boiling in liquid fire of My design.  The devils are there, those fallen angels fallen from My grace.  They have no life in them.  They are damned forever.  Satan too.  He fell from My grace.  He has no life in him.  He tricked humanity to take the shot that damned them.  They have no life in them, they are damned forever.  All My people who took the shot will be burnt alive in liquid fire forever, the price for following Satan's devices.  They will be burnt.  Burned forever in the Lake of Fire.  Oh the suffering they will have to endure forever, boiling in the liquid flames of My wrath!  Burnt forever!  It is the Second Death.  All My people who took the shot will be damned forever.  It erased their DNA, and put My enemy's image in it, encoded in the DNA of his design.  Oh the pain and suffering for taking a false god which warped them forever!  They will never be the same.  All who took the shot will face My wrath for eternity.  Away, My enemies, into the Lake of Fire, where you will be punished forever and ever!  Oh the pain they will have to endure, the agony, the suffering forever!  That's what you get, O workers of sin and iniquity, serving Satan, My enemy.  Oh the pain they will endure, and it will be agonizing forever.  Oh the torture, the agony forever!  It would have been better that they had not been born!  Satan tricked them, they trusted in medicine to save them, not Me.  Oh My wrath endures forever, away O wicked ones to your doom forever!  Oh be punished, My wrath lives forever, even forever and ever against My wicked ones.  They have forsaken Me for the world.  They will be punished forever.  The LORD has spoken.  Amen and amen forever and ever!"
# So Tell Me HowForrest Mosby 2022-12-22 15:41
An APC is a tank?
-2 # German Puma tanks suckRush 2022-12-22 12:59
In brief - during recent drill - more than a dozen Puma tanks broke down/out of service.
Germany stopped their order, but claimed they will still participate in their Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, or VJTF, next year.
BUT... All 18 of the modern tanks intended for the task force that participated in the firing exercise are now inoperable due to problems that arose during the exercise. They suffered from issues ranging from turret defects to electronic failures. In one case, soldiers had to abandon the tank after the wiring caught on fire.

What hits me, is they appear 100% useless?
Am sure it is good German steel though.
-2 # OpinionSnug 2022-12-22 06:49
Hal's remark on Live today about 'the infiltrators' driving US politics, in turn the political whores drive military operations in the middle east, having no doubt, that it's for the benefit of the one tribe that no entity on Earth is allowed to criticize.

US Congressional military complex primary motivation is profit. This is a profound noose on the necks of the security of US. Profit driven war machinery will ultimately sink the US monetary base and thereafter the economy. But I think the one tribe planned for this, hence the planned global financial crash (build back better). It's a dog and pony show.

Therefore countries like Russian, their war machinery primary purpose is defense (not profit - so much for free market economy, Hal!). They get weapons that actually work and at a price that's affordable.

Large armadas with carriers are a weapon of the past, thanks to hypersonics. The era of warships being of purpose in war with the big players is coming to an end (not Syria, Iraq, Libya, other South American countries US just bullies really, picking on the little players)

US one tribe has pushed this from the beginning through the US and NATO whores. They want Russia's assets, they want Christianity dead. Having Whites in Europe, Russia and North America kill off each other while they hide in their fox holes is exactly what they want.

Paying Polish political whores to betray their country and go full tit against Russia on Ukrainian territory WILL, have no doubt, obliterate their country to post ww2 Germany status.

Poland will gain absolutely NOTHING, but the trillionaire one tribe will get closer to achieving their victory - world dominion.

Their path to victory is destruction of the West, famine, no power, no wealth for the people, citizens starving and in desperate need of a saviour government, the people will relish a digital one world ID and one world currency. Total and utter control over every single person and nation on Earth.

Believe it, watch it happen.

Jewish victory is theirs for the taking ... except for a few words in the Christian Bible ... they will be ashes in the wind and ltimately no one will remember them, all their works will come to naught.
-2 # RE: OpinionSeymourInSedona 2022-12-22 11:53
if vladimir putin kills zelensky then we will know this is not all for show. i appreciate your sentiment. i do believe that Russia is slated to carry out the Will of God.
+4 # RE: Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ TanksRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-12-21 22:30
Opening moves? Done

Middle game? Done

End game? Starting
+1 # Yes, Hal, its even worse.MANYROUNDS 2022-12-21 22:28
The AZOVMENA prophecy is unfolding before our eyes, which means, that the U.S. will do the unthinkable, and not far off. We have only the time it takes the Russians to seize those areas, from the Dnepr river and everything east of that, Then Germany will realize what is coming and scream to stop it, but they won't. Too late for that. I do not like it either Hal, but it is so, God bless you Sir.
-4 # I wouldn't be sapprised in the Warsaw pact went all the Way to Down town London ,To go to the Heart of Evil in Europe ,Max S Stofle 2022-12-21 22:16
There no qawencadence that Thet ,Nazi spoke in front of the Satanic Goverment in Washington The sulstace ,They worship Lucifer they Kiss the half Donkey have Deer with tits ass hole,Love love eating Shit these gooles ,Jesus and his Angelic Army is Comming to put a End to there Madness ,There days are numbered ,These People are Idiots like war world @ ,The slavs will anialate the Saxon Kazars again But they wont stop in the Elb river ,Berlin Now it's London ,God Bless you Hal ,Peace Max
+1 # What's concerning...J Grayman 2022-12-21 21:14 Russia's DEW tech, which they've been perfecting since the 80's.
These weapons are unmatched and among other things, can create earthquakes.

Lt Col Thomas Bearden covered this topic extensively before his death. Dutchsinse has a copy of it on his YT channel here:

I've said this before, and will state it again, Russia doesn't need to use "nukes", plus, China wants the US land w/o being contaminated!
+2 # Good you bring that upSBGlett77 2022-12-22 06:26
This well-researched and rigorously developed ( both analytically and empirically ) technology keeps getting swept aside by academia, government, and average people. I think it is an element of human nature involved, actually. It is so different from what everyone has had imposed upon them their whole lives, that it simply must be disbelieved. People who can't refute it from any theoretical or observational standpoint simply call it BS, and put it out of their mind. Since nothing bad occurs from that in the short term, the mindset settles into "This is Fine.". Another factor is that the entire suite of technological development does not exist at all outside of the East, so it is comforting just to deny its existence altogether. It also does not have a money flow for R&D and livelihoods like conventional electromagnetic fields work has.

That said, there are many physicists in the West who have taken Bearden's work seriously, but they are ostracized or marginalized in much the same way as mRNA vaccine critics are. You can bring all the facts and observations you want, but the powers that be just ignore it all, and the vast majority of professionals and laymen alike are fine with that. It all indeed goes back to basic human nature, usually with a criticizing spirit added in.

I think people have a hard time accepting that so much energy seems to come out of nowhere. They need to realize the energy that scalar sources use is simply extant energy that is directed out of the immense general longitudinal energy flow that we do not tap with our closed-dipole-insistent approach to energy. The subject can also be approached from a relativistic viewpoint, as well, but this is not well-developed by Bearden

LTC Bearden has large volumes written on this subject, including some researchers out of Eastern Europe who have had exposure to Russian work. Bearden also has quite a few laymen-level explanations, if one cares to look them over. His website used to be, but I haven't been there in quite awhile. I have his work in paper and book form. I have done some experiments that confirm some of his basic premises, because I too found them hard to believe !

Russia has an extensive nuclear arsenal they can use if needed, but I agree that they can use the much more potent and selective longitudinal flow compression/shift technology ( i.e., "scalar" for shorthand ) ALSO when they want. The only thing is, since people refuse to believe it exists ( even though the Defense Dept. warned Congress of it almost 30 years ago ), Russia needs to have a deterrent that people are horrified of, ergo the nukes. They can't be horrified of something they don't believe exists. It's my understanding that the DoD now even dismisses this subject entirely.

For Bible scholars, THIS is an alternate technology that can very selectively totally destroy Babylon the Great in one hour, while leaving stuff 1 mile away unscathed.
+1 # Current WarNews...Nevada Swede 2022-12-21 20:52
21/12/2022 - 22:47

Ukrainian soldier: "In Bakhmut we are living an unprecedented hell" - Kyiv sends additional 2,500 forces - Colossal losses.

+1 # newGreg5000 2022-12-21 20:43
notice the new tanks go to meet nato
+2 # #Thanks HalTim421 2022-12-21 20:15
I was locked out earlier and you got it taken care of so quick. Thanks again for all you do. A Christmas offering will be sent out tommorrow.
-6 # RE: Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ Tanksmjc 2022-12-21 20:05
Sheep to the slaughter.

They've already lost. A people should know when they're beaten.
# RE: Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ Tanksarcace 2022-12-21 23:18
They? Speak for yourself, bending over for the new world order.
-4 # RE: Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ Tanksmjc 2022-12-21 23:45
Quoting arcace:
They? Speak for yourself, bending over for the new world order.

Hey.....I didn't pick the fight against America.

All yours, sweet cheeks. Best of luck!
+1 # RE: Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ TanksJohn Galt 2022-12-22 05:29
Quoting mjc:
Quoting arcace:
They? Speak for yourself, bending over for the new world order.

Hey.....I didn't pick the fight against America.

All yours, sweet cheeks. Best of luck!

If you really think Russia started this by “picking a fight with America”, then you haven’t been listening to the show.
Hal’s laid it out very thoroughly as to who started it and it wasn’t Russia.
-1 # RE: Russia Moving Trainloads into Belarus: S-400, Iskander Missiles, 70+ Tanksmjc 2022-12-22 17:41
Quoting John Galt:

Hal’s laid it out very thoroughly as to who started it and it wasn’t Russia.

NOBODY forced Russia to invade Ukraine. THAT was Russia's choice.....and a disastrous one.

Ironically, Russia lost ANY hope there being a democratically elected pro-Russian government when they seized Crimea and parts of Donbass in 2014 (where most ethnic Russians lived).

What's left is now is overwhelmingly pro-Western ethnic-Ukrainian, wants to join the EU/NATO and has received aid/training from America.

Russia should have settled for what they took in 2014.
There were few consequences from taking Crimea.
Unfortunately (for them).....they didn't.

Now.....their former client state has thrown in with America, which is funding and supplying them.
+1 # madness.Mein.Dingus 2022-12-21 19:56
Geo-politically , the USA has been captured by a rogue faction of the NWO. Illegitimate Biden, w/medical tyranny overlay , awakening US population knowing they are rudderless in Washington. Some believe the US military is in-charge. At this point , they would have to be, for Biden regime have no statesmen to bang out a solution to the conflict, no deals to be brokered , as if the mantra was aligned to David Bowie's hit 'Putting out Fire with Gasoline'. If Biden really was in-charge , we would have been occupied - China to the West , Russia to the East - likened to the movie Man in the High Castle....
+4 # Ok this totally makes senseSrmay72 2022-12-21 19:39
+3 # 2022-12-21 19:34
These make the most medical sense

Proof that nanotechnology is real

Patents say it all

Initial “outbreak” was a spraying of nano particle bioweapons

These make the most medical sense to me...
-2 # Love CatholicsSrmay72 2022-12-21 19:24 wow is all you can say.
# RE: Love CatholicsA706 2022-12-22 06:52
Not surprising, but yes, definitely Wow.
# "Every So Many Thousands Of Years" 2022-12-21 19:23

Earth is "CLEANSED!" This needs to be done "Whenever People Are Brain Infected Believing Men are Women or Women are Cats or People Want a Skunk to Be Their King or President."

We have "Arrived to the Shit Smell of Our Skunk Kingdom under Leadership of Pay-Off King Skunk Joe 'Hole' Biden."

Thus, Earth shall "Soon Be Cleansed by Fire from the Dirty Rotten Bastards Who Worship the Devil eating Turds of Deception e-jack-u-lating the COVID Boost Injection required to attend Concerts by K.I.S.S. (Actual Name meaning Knights in the Service of Satan) and Other High-Powered Rockers who Gave their Soul to the Devil for Fame."

Bottom Line: "Communist President Joe 'Hole' Biden & Congress for that Special Leadership that Counts!"
+5 # They Are Sending A MessageForrest Mosby 2022-12-21 18:46
To the massive dick-sucking thats about to occur in the US Congress
+4 # We have no government.unixguru24 2022-12-21 19:03
There is a Nazi in the white house. Might as well call it the whore house now. An admitted Nazi at that. His Nazi troops.. "they are what they are". And we roll out the red carpet and pull out the stops. For this. Disgusting. Mr. Putin, if you're reading this.. YOU can stop this. Right now. Tonight. 'nuff said.
+7 # RE: We have no government.Gunner 2022-12-21 19:18
All the govt fucks are nothing but common CRIMINALS and We the people talk ad talk and talk but our bitch ass impotent selves refuse to man up and do what we know needs to happen to try to save this country. . . Things are NOT looking very good for us folks.


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