Russia Publicly Accuses U.S. "Deep State" and Big Pharma of Deliberate COVID Pandemic to takeover the world

Russia Publicly Accuses U.S. "Deep State" and Big Pharma of Deliberate COVID Pandemic to takeover the world

In video below from the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russia just publicly accused Deep State actors and Big Pharma of manufacturing the COVID pandemic to take over the world.

They even listed Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Soros, of being the main “Ideologists” behind the plot.

Below, video from a Briefing by Chief of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops of Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov: "Pentagon conducts uncontrolled dual-use research in circumvention of international obligations under the BTWC (Biological and Toxin Weapons Control Treaty)."

Put sccinctly, the Russian Military officially and publicly accuses the US of releasing bioweapons to create “crisis situations”, and claims the US are planning to do it again.

This is the biggest story in human history, and yet it is somehow remaining largely unnoticed.

UPDATE 11:22 AM EDT --

Television stations all over Russia are carrying this bombshell accusation as major leading news stories.

In this Interview, Lt General Igor Kirillov goes even further in the accusation, saying the US is going to do it again:


Russian biologist Igor Nikulin, who was presented as a former member of the U.N. Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, sounded the alarm in a February 27, 2020 interview on Russia Today's Arabic-language channel where he said that he believes it is no coincidence that the coronavirus had the effect it did in China, Iran, and certain European countries.

He said that coronavirus was carefully selected to affect countries that rival the United States and that it is a conspiracy by the "global government," which he said consists of 200 families that control over $400 trillion, that own the media outlets and Hollywood, that control the minds of humanity, and that want to decrease the world's population by 90%.

He suggested that it may be possible that coronavirus is a targeted biological weapon, like he said Ebola and the bird flu were, that infects some people and not others, and he said that the U.S. government may be testing a pathogenic agent it began developing in 1999.

Nikulin also said that this is a warning to the non-English-speaking world that it must submit to the laws that are imposed upon it.

Here's that video interview:


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