Russia Retaliates on Sanctions; "Unfriendly Countries" Can Only Buy Gas with Rubles

Russia has adopted a very (VERY) Slick financial move; they have decided that "unfriendly countries" (those that have imposed economic sanctions upon Russia) can still buy Russian Gas and Oil, but the purchases must be done in Rubles.   That means those countries will have to sell currency on the Moscow Exchange!

In one fell swoop, Russia just sand-bagged western countries trying to ripple it economically.

The West has not only tried to embargo all commerce with Russia, they have also cut off access to Russian foreign currency reserves and markets.

By requiring all Russian oil and gas sales to be transacted in Rubles, Russia is now forcing those western countries to fork over tons of . . . . cash . . . . into Russian markets, thus driving a stake through the heart of western efforts to halt commerce and currency exchanges.

A brilliant tactical move by the Russians.   Looks like the self-anointed Masters of the Universe in the west, aren't so bright after all.


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