Russia sets ruble gas payment deadline: March 31

Russian President Vladimir Putin has authorized the government, the central bank, and Gazprombank to take the necessary steps to switch all payments for Russian natural gas from “unfriendly states” to rubles starting March 31.

The measure targets “member states of the EU and other countries that have introduced restrictions against citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities,” the mandate published on the Kremlin website reads.

Russia will stop shipping natural gas to countries refusing to settle payments in rubles, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

Hal Turner Editorial opinion

This is like a Thunderbolt from above to European countries.  They negotiated their contracts with Russia to be payable in EUROS or Dollars.  Then those same countries imposed "Sanctions" on Russia, preventing EUROS or Dollars from being paid to Russia at all.  Those Sanctions served to wreck the contracts, whether they stipulated it or not.

With the contracts wrecked, Russia then chose to impose Sanctions of their own, and force anyone trying to buy Russian natural gas, to pay in Rubles. The Europeans screamed "This violates our contract" even though it was Europe itself that wrecked all contracts by imposing sanctions.

So now, the Europeans, who do not have much natural gas of their own, are in a bind of their own making.  By sticking their collective noses into the situation between Russia and Ukraine, Europe has now cut itself off from the natural gas they need to heat homes and generate electricity.

This situation ought to teach the "woke" crowd to mind their own business!

By most measurements, Europe now has less than TWO WEEKS RESERVE SUPPLY OF GAS.   When the reserves run out, homes and businesses stop being heated and electric generating stations will shut off for lack of fuel to heat-water-into-steam to turn the giant turbines needed to generate electric.

Of course there are still some nuclear power plants in Europe, but not nearly enough to make up for the shut down of gas fueled power plants.

As it stands now, it __APPEARS__ Europe will actually begin to physically shut down within two weeks of the MARCH 31 DEADLINE. 

Naturally, such a massive shut down will almost immediately take out the European economy.   Days after Europe's economy crashes, the US Economy crashes too.  Then, the rest of the world.

Got food stored at home to feed yourself and your family for a couple months?

Better get some.  Fast.




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