RUSSIA & SYRIA BOMB OIL STORAGE FACILITIES BEING USED BY U.S., TURKEY & ISRAEL INSIDE SYRIA!!!! Giant escalation in Syria; could lead to immediate war

RUSSIA & SYRIA BOMB OIL STORAGE FACILITIES BEING USED BY U.S., TURKEY & ISRAEL INSIDE SYRIA!!!! Giant escalation in Syria; could lead to immediate war

The Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces inside that country, fired Tochka Ballistic missiles at Oil Storage Tank Facilities being occupied by and used by the United States, Turkey and Israel, inside Syria.  Giant explosions levelled most of the storage tank farms, rendering it impossible for the US, Turkey or Israel to continue STEALING Syrian Oil; something that has been going on for years while the US was allegedly "fighting ISIS."


+2 # A telling threadPaul Lambert 2021-03-06 15:49
I am still waiting to see a story about any kind of military conflict in which at least some of those people commenting can stand up for their own side.
+2 # Our daily livesMan of the Atom 2021-03-06 18:11
The American populace want to go about their lives unmolested by the USG and at some level all of them realize this is dangerous Kabuki theater. Neither we nor the Russian Federation may start WW III - Israel vs. Iran, India vs. Pakistan, India vs. China? - but likely we would become involved as a result of the foreign entanglements George Washington warned against.
+1 # Fair pointPaul Lambert 2021-03-07 02:58
Yes, that is fair, and I am not suggesting that in this particular case or in any other case the desire to stay out of war is unfounded.

Still, I observe that in every single story concerning a military action, the fellows here do not simply stop at suggesting that the US not be involved, which argument is defensible, but consistently make the US out to be the bad guy.

Perhaps many of us are just too broad-minded ever to take our own side in any conflict.
+4 # MoreWillys-M38A1 2021-03-06 11:18
Putin needs to lob a few more to Washington DC when the Congress and White House are in session.
# RE: MoreRealityCheck101 2021-03-07 03:42
You obviously have no idea what that would do to America and Americans. You could kiss it all goodbye. You sound like an American-hating liberal. smdh
+2 # RE: MoreThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-03-06 20:49
Willys, I would also support Putin taking out our deep state who are the real ones responsible for this. Putin would actually be doing the US the biggest favor.
# This reminds me of that famous sceneMan of the Atom 2021-03-06 14:25

Seriously, if war does "break out" it will potentially escalate into the "war to end all wars". WW I was called that, but WW III would surely be that b/c it would end the human race, at least those who want to control territory through weaponry. When Einstein was asked what weapons would be used in WW III he said he did not know but he did know only rocks would be used in WW IV.

The Russians have larger and more nuclear warheads than we do - some of ours may be just be decoys. The Pentagon surely knows this and they and Bush II did not want to attack Iran for fear of the consequences. If "God" grants the "good people" grace in place of a human-inspired war, a destruction from Outer Space could occur such as a 1 mile diameter asteroid traveling at 50,000 miles per hour. An "act of God" is not a cause for war. Of course, there are some good folks in DC - the House Freedom Caucus and Senators Hawley and Kennedy for example, not to mention Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch. We are not Abram to be arguing with the three men (three men occur frequently in psychic lore BTW) about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah since none of us in this world are really saints, even the ones called such IMO. I can only hope TPTB will have a due regard for the consequences. They may think they would be safe in underground shelters but one massive earthquake would turn those into their tombs and I would be fearful that "God" would not allow me to escape after creating so much suffering if I were one of them.
+1 # RE: This reminds me of that famous sceneRealityCheck101 2021-03-07 03:46
And liberals know if they start a war the military won't have time to sort out the election fiasco. Just sayin.
+1 # More about IodineSBGlett77 2021-03-06 08:38
I recommend the advice below about KI. But in a pinch, if you were flat on your rear about getting a teeny amount of KI, and now it's unavailable, then if you have a bottle of Iodine for treating cuts and such, dip one finger into it up to the first knuckle, and don't wash it off for a few hours. Iodine absorbs through the skin readily, and you really only need a very small dose to protect your thyroid. Repeat daily only while the initial 2-week high radiation period is in effect.
+2 # KIJamestannon 2021-03-06 03:48
Potassium iodide does not go bad if it is kept dry (in the package). The expiry date is just as useful as the expiry date on water bottles.

Once any radioactive event happens on earth KI will be sold out globally. If you don't have it before, you won't be able to get it. Happened with all reactor failures so far.

If you have ANY available funds grab some pills and a matchbox sized radiation detection device....and educate yourself.

I have dealt with Shane at and will recommend him. I can vouch that he has excellent products and customer service. Even if you don't buy anything go on over and read/print his free information on how you can survive radiation.

Hopefully, you'll never need this advice. If things start to go won't stop. It's hard to get the mushroom cloud back in the steel casing.

Prayer if you've got them.
# Mazur InstrumentsMan of the Atom 2021-03-06 13:21
On eBay (I'm done with Amazon for several reasons) I also bought a Mazur Instruments PRM-7000 radiation detector and did a sweep of the home including opened cans of salmon from Alaska and my work places. This one detects only beta and gamma (likely will pick up X-rays too). Alpha capability is more expensive but a sheet of paper can stop alpha particles - if you eat alpha contaminated food or breathe in the contamination, the epithelial cells in your stomach and lungs will stop it but this will likely produce tumors someday.

Mazur Instruments like the Surviodine pills is MADE IN THE USA which is a definite sales feature for me.
+1 # Ki4UBurnit 2021-03-06 08:42
Great company. I've had two of their NukAlert keychain size detectors for years. I even sent them back after 10 years for new batteries. They serviced them and returned them quickly. Educate yourself on how to use them and they could save you from a slow death. They have great information on their website.
+3 # In case of nuclear falloutMan of the Atom 2021-03-06 02:35
You may want to look at those Surviodine pills on eBay. They have a 7 yr shelf life but are not to be taken unless a nuclear explosion comes to a big Dim city near you. I make no $$ by telling you this BTW. The 1st link is for a single bottle, the 2nd link is the "family size".

Meanwhile there is an effort to limit the War Powers Act and remove nuclear codes from Dufus in the WH - the Dims must know something the MSM doesn't broadcast.
+3 # No others cover it.Doug Brown 2021-03-06 02:23
Propagandists, who are fascist,
meaning CNN & MSNBC are
deep in denial.
It's also getting difficult rooting for America, when our enemy, China,
has sex videos of our President's
son, viciously abusing little girls. This
may turn Dad on, but it turns the
world's stomich off.
In the courts of Justice,
people have had it.
+1 # RE: No others cover it.RealityCheck101 2021-03-07 03:53
Listen to this and get a feel for just how big that problem is.

This is the transcript they're talking about.
+4 # a slightly different theorygts6 2021-03-06 01:27
while it certainly CAN go in the direction of a war, call me naive but im thinking this russian attack was somehow coordinated with some of our own..

What better way to get back at the corrupt pentagon and other deep state then to hit them in the wallet. Their whole reason for selling their own country out in the first place is pure greed and cash..

But what if this was done to make all their dirty deeds all for nothing, now that their cash cow is burning in flames.

Not saying this is what has happened, just saying the possibility exists. Theres an internal battle going on here, dont forget
+5 # serves Dem voters right!Dragonbait 2021-03-06 07:31
Hate to see genuine Americans suffer, but that US Oligarchy needs to be irradiated from "the people" big time!
+1 # Poked bear provoked enough?SparkyTaz 2021-03-06 00:54
It seems to me that the US, by deliberately stealing oil with Turkey and Israel, was planned all along to provoke an international crisis with intent to go to a full blown world war. Looks like it is here....but the bear has patiently waited for the right timing. Heads up everyone!
+2 # RE: RUSSIA & SYRIA BOMB OIL STORAGE FACILITIES BEING USED BY U.S., TURKEY & ISRAEL INSIDE SYRIA!!!! Giant escalation in Syria; could lead to immediate war Robert A 2021-03-06 00:51
Since World War II let’s be real. The MIC shadow GOV has picked wars that were difficult absolutely but wars that have if needed could be won or at least stalemated. The US Canada and EU have not faced since WWII an adversary of equal or near equal footing. At present the world the US included is in such disarray, even the globalist pigs as evil and despotic as they are don’t have the backbone to go up against Russia and it’s allies. The EU and Canada would have their asses handed to them. As for the US they might prevail in the end but not before literally destroying half or more of their country to do it. Perhaps as Hal suggested the deep state will rattle some cages in Ukraine or the like but it will amount to nothing really.
+8 # Country sovereignty questionSheepinator 2021-03-06 00:12
I don’t know if this a Hal question, or for one of Other subscribers who know more than I. If Syria is a country, and Russia is thier invited guest....wouldn’t that make us and any other uninvited country there an invader? Think of the first gulf war. Sadam invades Kuwait for their oil....they were not invited. So a coalition was formed to kick him out. Fast forward to today, and it seems like the tables have turned. We are in a country with no permission and stealing resources. Isn’t that a legit precursor to war? As much as I don’t like to say we are in the wrong...but we shouldn’t be there, and it seems Syria and thier guest have every right to kick us out by force. Am I missing something? Feel free to educate me. Thanks!
-3 # RE: Country sovereignty questionPaul Lambert 2021-03-06 04:31
In this age of moral equivalence, your reasoning is spot on.

In this particular case, the US may be in the wrong, even as a mere practical matter.

In the larger sense, however, it is not always invader-bad-invaded-good. A free country has the moral right to invade a dictatorship. A country that does not respect its own citizen's rights cannot claim any rights of its own. The proviso is that the invading free country (or at least freer country) does not resort to the same violations of the people's rights, nor to other dishonest behaviour, like stealing oil.

The most important question is whether or not it would be in the rational interests of the Unites States to invade such a country. It is certainly not the duty of the US or any other free country to liberate dictatorships. That is always a mistake. Simply as a matter of morality, however, the United States has that right, if and when it is in their interests. Your conclusion that "we shouldn't be there" may be right, but you should base that on a conclusion that it is not in the interests of your country at present. You should have no concern about what an enemy dictatorship would feel about an invasion.
That said, I am not comatose to the fact that Trump managed to keep the US out of wars and Biden is jumping right back in. In my own evaluation, this has nothing to do with terrorism or even with oil. In the short term, war would distract attention away from the government's shenanigans, and in the long term, war serves to consume the products of human labour without raising the standard of living, to thin out the male population and ultimately to destroy human life and civilisation on earth, which I am convinced is the ultimate goal of the Left.
+1 # RE: Country sovereignty questionRealityCheck101 2021-03-07 04:01
NO country has the right to interfere with any other sovereign country. If the other country wants to ASK you for your help - that's different. What you're suggesting, however, is ridiculous. Would you want other nations to invade the U.S. because they didn't like what they saw?
+1 # No, that it obvious.Paul Lambert 2021-03-07 13:47
No, the United States is a free country that, by and large, stands by the principle of individual rights, and therefore has a right to have its sovereignty respected. This is true of all countries that are basically free, even they don't always live up to their principles.

A country on the other hand that openly and shamelessly flouts individual freedom and rights cannot claim any rights of its own.

I am not knocking you personally, RealityCheck101, but it is rather telling of our times how a comment like mine, which was simple common moral wisdom in times past, now gets a bunch of thumbs down and is considered ridiculous. It is moral equivalence that is ridiculous.

I am happy to see criminals punished, but not for the innocent to be punished by criminals. It really is that straightforward.
+5 # Yes,jimginny 2021-03-06 01:59
same thinking here, we where stealing their oil and are uninvited ... Russia is there to aid the Syrian government ... nice move against the greedy Deep State ... how about their next move against the drug trade ...
+5 # Hushed ?SBGlett77 2021-03-06 00:07
Do you suppose our media/military acting in concert will keep this completely off mainstream news, to keep the aura of Western invincibility from being disturbed ? After years of assuring us we were far and away the dominant military power over all the rest of the world combined, would a humiliation like this exposing an illegal occupation and its consequences be too disconcerting for the blinkered low-information public ?

Then, to justify a military operation that is in reality a retaliation, they could cook up some supposed "atrocity" against Russia, the media would loop it night and day, and we would attack with the public's full and ignorant backing ?

Just asking.

Lusitania, the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, false flag nerve agent attacks, etc., etc.
+2 # RE: Hushed ?RealityCheck101 2021-03-07 04:04
What I'd like to know is if there is a liberal alive anywhere who's glad Joe Biden is in charge now.
+1 # One possibilityDoug Brown 2021-03-06 22:27
One possibility is that our inane
propagandized manipulated
useless media has no idea
what's going on.
As in they really dont know.
As in they really dont care.
Our media stopped being
a responsible source of news
Long long ago.
+3 # Hushedchip 2021-03-06 08:23
SBGLETT77 good analysis.
It remains to be seen what
will happen. The pentagon
hasn't had a foe of this
caliber in years. No telling
what they will do in their
delusional state of grandeur.
+5 # RE: RUSSIA & SYRIA BOMB OIL STORAGE FACILITIES BEING USED BY U.S., TURKEY & ISRAEL INSIDE SYRIA!!!! Giant escalation in Syria; could lead to immediate war skippy 2021-03-05 23:57
How does a missle casing survive an explosion like that? This one seems to be in good shape for hitting an an oil tank. Russia has been so patient over the years. That patience seems to be ending.
+6 # re Missile StrikeShropshire Lad 2021-03-05 23:35
Good report Hal, it's time for these theives to be held to account.
+1 # C. S. .....?NHydg 2021-03-06 00:20
not too many Shrop's ...........
+1 # Kitty Hill.........?NHydg 2021-03-06 12:29
Had resided there once
+9 # Re Tochka missile strikechip 2021-03-05 23:07
Looks like Vladimir Putin has had
enough of the satanic nwo looting
the Syrian oil fields. He's a fighter,,
He's not afraid to go toe to toe
with these punks.
+5 # RE: Re Tochka missile strikedpdzn2297 2021-03-05 23:26
They're all under Satan.


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