Russia Tells Airlines "Prepare for flights without American GPS"

Russia is recommending to its commercial airlines that they prepare for flights without the use of the American global navigation satellite system (GPS). 

This is due to its possible shutdown, as well as "jamming" of GPS signals and spoofing attacks when flying in the Kaliningrad region, over the Black Sea, east of Finland and the Mediterranean. 

The European aviation regulator had previously warned about navigation system failures, saying that they could lead aircraft to deviate from routes and the inability to perform a safe landing procedure. 

In civil aviation, GPS is widely used for more accurate aircraft navigation. 

After February 24, Russian airlines have not recorded any failures or problems in the system. 

Carriers note that pilots will be able to reliably fly from takeoff to landing even with the complete loss of the GPS signal, and nothing threatens passengers in terms of safety and comfort. 

Experts believe that the recommendation to prepare does not mean a ban on the use of GPS.  It is not possible for Americans to shut down GPS over Russia without affecting most of Europe and Japan.

Another potential source of GPS troubles __may__ involve Russia shooting the present GPS system to disable US and NATO military operations relating to Ukraine, or in a wider Russia-NATO war.   

Russia successfully demonstrated the ability of its S-550 air defense system, to shoot down an orbiting space satellite.   Upon the successful test of the S-550, Russia made clear to the world, in explicit language, that it now had the ability to shoot down US/NATO GPS satellites.

The US/NATO military depend upon GPS for troop movements, aircraft sorties, and high precision missile strike control   If GPS were to be shot down by Russia, it would set back the US/NATO military to Vietnam war era operational capabilities.  Almost NONE of US/NATO high-tech weaponry could be used.


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