UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming Fast

UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming Fast

Trouble is coming fast and the situation between the US/NATO/Ukraine (the west) and Russia is quickly coming to a head.


+1 # NopeSaskbees181 2021-12-11 23:44
War won’t happen , this shit show is all part of their plan to keep the great unwashed on edge.the world needs a reset , a big reset to start anew, as sad as the thought of the mass casualty and destruction, it would serve to ensure humanity has a chance to begin fresh
+5 # HAL TURNER EDITORIAL 2021-12-11 22:56
I agree with your editorial 100% Hal!

Sincerely in Christ,

George Theiss
USMC Vietnam Veteran
# Semper FiSteve 196th Inf 2021-12-12 12:15
Semper Fi in Christ Brother George
+1 # Semper 2021-12-13 00:03
Thank you, Steve.

And thank you for your service and your love for Christ.

Welcome home!

Sincerely in Christ,

# RE:Steve 196th Inf 2021-12-12 12:16
And Welcome Home!
+3 # RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming FastJMrd777 2021-12-11 20:24
BREAKING:: Belarus Prepares To Disconnect From The SWIFT banking system...
It would appear that Belarus is anticipating economic sanctions to be imposed upon it be the U.S. in the near term, as retribution for their part in the ongoing situation involving Ukraine.

Denis Baryshkov, head of the Department of National Payment System of the Bank of Russia, is quoted as stating that "As of today (December 9 - ed.), all Belarusian banks are connected to the Financial Message Transfer System”. The system he references is the Russian equivalent of the SWIFT financial transfer system that that country erected in response to continued U.S. economic sanctions against it, story continues here:

All Belarusian Banks Are Prepared For Disconnection From SWIFT
[link to (secure)

This would appear to be an indication that hostilities may be more-or-less imminent in this theater; given the situation on the Belarus/Polish border regarding “refugees”, and the ongoing events taking place in both the Donbass and the Sea of Azov/Kerch Straits, it seems only a matter of time before kinetic action occurs somewhere in the region.
+4 # RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming FastJMrd777 2021-12-11 19:50
Translation of article on subs

Irina Mishina

A satellite image of the Russian submarine base taken from the Sentinel-2 spacecraft cannot be wrong: all Russian nuclear-powered submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet have left the naval base in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka. There are reports that the nuclear submarines Borey-955, Borey, 955A, Borey-A and 949A Antey left their permanent base, lost in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, exercises with the participation of thousands of military personnel started in the south of Russia.

The entry of Russian nuclear submarines into the Pacific Ocean coincided with President Putin's statement that Russia would have something to respond to if strike systems were deployed in Ukraine with missiles reaching Moscow within a few minutes. Then, at the ceremony for the presentation of credentials by the ambassadors, the president said that "Russia is taking adequate military-technical actions." "We are not threatening someone, but threats are approaching our borders." - Putin stressed.

It is not difficult to guess what exactly the Supreme Commander-in-Chief had in mind when he spoke about adequate measures.
+3 # RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming FastJMrd777 2021-12-11 19:48
Borei class nuclear submarines formation aheading to US
Couple of Russian nuclear submarines depart from Kamtcheatka aheading to Pacific and may be to Hawaii as response of NATO nuclear capabilities move closer to Russian borders., The subs are equiped with latest stealth hypersonic Bulava II:
[link to (secure)]
+4 # RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming FastThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-12-11 17:09
The Cuban Missile Crisis was in 1962, NOT 1963. I remember it all too well. I was only 5 years old then. My older brother helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and it was loaded with food, water, medical supplies, etc. That was my inspiration to become a prepped later on.
+2 # OFF TOPICPalehorse 2021-12-11 15:48

Ultra-Vaccine Horror from the bowels of DARPA

The title of the study is: A hydra tentacle-inspired
hydrogel  artificial hydra, with underwater ultra-stretchability
for adhering adipose surfaces.

Once the hydrogel assembles and swarms, it forms
a balloon-like pouch that fills with moisture, sucking from
your body your life force, up to 5400%!

[Photo ¤]
Mutant Sewer Worm

As the hydrogel parasites invade, they are programmed
to adhere [cleave] to any type of cell and fat in your body.
+1 # oh,,here it goesselah 2021-12-11 14:37
# Good news finally:Israel fails in its bid to draw US backing for direct action against a nuclear-armed IranHaarnaś 2021-12-11 13:47

Judens and all their lackey ZEs, cry your hearts out!

In one respect, it should be said, Biden is following in the footsteps of his predecessors, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, each of whom in their different ways were opposed to Israel resorting to military action for destroying Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is therefore in the same boat as his predecessor, opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu, whom he accused to leaving behind a “scorched earth” policy on a nuclear-armed Iran. The earmarking of $1.5bn as a special item for a campaign to smash Iran’s nuclear sites by the current government’s new state budget, was therefore premature. Bennett is unlikely to go against Washington on this score any more than Netanyahu did. He has little option but to follow his predecessor’s lead with unacknowledged clandestine sabotage operations to at least slow down Iran’s nuclear weapons program, while swallowing the potential concessions the Biden administration is expected to make to its archenemy, without jeopardizing their historic alliance.
+2 # RE: Good news finally:Israel fails in its bid to draw US backing for direct action against a nuclear-armed IranThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-12-11 17:16
Harnas, uh, I wouldn’t be so sure that Israel WON’T “go alone” on Iran. They went alone against Iraq in 1981 and Syria in 2007. If they hadn’t taken out Saddam Hussein’s reactor Desert Storm would’ve been impossible later. It all still remains to be seen.
+1 # You are right, Israel will attack as I have always predicted based on the Catholic Anguera, MDM and Ferrara prophecies that I have seen,Haarnaś 2021-12-11 19:38
before the WWIII with Russia/China erupts, but from what DEBKAfile and Haaretz are reporting, Israel stands no chance (unless they are feegin everybody disinformation). Israelis do not have long range bombers and proper bombs. Seven hrs in the cockpit to go to Iran and back? This is beyond human endurance for a single plane pilot.
+1 # I did mention earlier that the US is expected to "betray" Israel in its upcoming little war with Iran. Here is why!Haarnaś 2021-12-11 10:34
The latest revelations that Pegasus spyware, built by the Israeli firm NSO Group, was used to monitor American diplomats in Uganda isn’t contributing to a positive atmosphere between Israel and the United States, either. On that issue, contrary to some of the media analyses, the constellation of forces between the two sides is far from equal. Even if indirectly, Israel has been caught wronging the Americans. The United States is angry, and it’s reasonable to assume that it will be able to exploit that to its advantage.
+7 # WWIIIVercinge 2021-12-11 10:26
Hal, you never say that American politics, especially Democratic politics, are under the full control of Jewish Freemasonry. I understand you perfectly because in America (and not only) shining the spotlight on Masonic Judaism is tantamount to risking prison, if not death. It would be better to say nothing than to delude and deceive oneself and others. Excepted the Christian Russia, all world geo-politics is under the control of Jewish Freemasonry. Including the next, planned, desired Third World War. Russia has so far been patient because it is a responsible nation, but it is clear that if the Zionist Globalists who don't care at all about the American people, want war at all costs, they will have it.
# RE: WWIIIPaul Kurzlee 2021-12-12 12:49
Quoting Vercinge:
Hal, you never say that American politics, especially Democratic politics, are under the full control of Jewish Freemasonry. I understand you perfectly because in America (and not only) shining the spotlight on Masonic Judaism is tantamount to risking prison, if not death. It would be better to say nothing than to delude and deceive oneself and others. Excepted the Christian Russia, all world geo-politics is under the control of Jewish Freemasonry. Including the next, planned, desired Third World War. Russia has so far been patient because it is a responsible nation, but it is clear that if the Zionist Globalists who don't care at all about the American people, want war at all costs, they will have it.

Now we just gotta hope the poohtin will FINALLY fight back. I aint holding my breath waiting for that. It would be a lot better then living under this covid shit. A war would stop some of this shit right away. So I am praying that this starts sooner then later. It will be soooo nice to see yankeestan paid back for the last 150 years of their destruction everywhere on earth. I hope poohtin can wipe out yankeestan. I would use the posiden adventure if I had access to it. 3 of them one in the north atlantic up off canada second one off cape cod last one just off florida. That is how the poohtin should handle yankees. Hope he does something soon. We need relief here.
+1 # After years of tough talk by IsraHell that "We have to bomb Iran NOW". this is what we get at the end!Haarnaś 2021-12-11 10:22
The paranoid of this forum, like its various "Judens" and their lackies the John Hagees and Pat Robertsons wannabe of this forum will just implode when they hear this!

Israel is actually in a defensive mode and very vulnerable to Iranian-SCO (Shanghai Cooperative Organization) decapitating attack!

Fron "Conservative" Haaretz:
In Israel, there are those recommending that the United States mount a show of regional force, for example, in a punitive attack against Iranian militias across the Middle East. But the prospects of the Americans taking such advice appear slim.

In any event, the intensive discussions over the possibilities for an Israeli military attack against the nuclear sites appear superfluous at the moment. It’s doubtful that Israel had such practical capability to carry out a bombing that would set the Iranian nuclear program back years, even when it prepared for it with utmost seriousness between 2009 and 2013.

After the 2015 agreement, as Bennett frequently hints, the military option was entirely neglected (and Bennett, Gantz and Avigdor Lieberman, as defense minister, should have been aware of that). More years will pass until the Israeli military option against Iran is realistic, if ever.

And even at the moment, when it comes to major procurement lists worth billions of dollars, part of the list – helicopters, interceptor missiles for Iron Dome – aren’t really relevant to an attack.
+5 # "Drawing line in the sand"Pierre Derelicto 2021-12-11 10:03

If Israel is panicking over this, they're doing it in the US' direction. After all of our poking and prodding, will the US sit back and do nothing -- when Russia and China respond militarily?

US foreign policy is being dictated by some bad actors, acting on the direction of genuine enemies to US sovereignty -- and even our very existence. (Domestically, if leaving your borders wide open while injecting 5-y-o's with a fatal concoction isn't enough evidence, go back to sleep.)

It's playing out, in slow motion, in front of us all -- and it doesn't have a happy ending.
# @ Pierre DerelictoRod Stirling 2021-12-11 15:20
US foreign policy is directed by Tel-aviv.
+4 # Nato ,US,UK,Globalists speak with forked tongues.Lexie 2021-12-11 09:33
All the hoohah about saving the planet is just that hoohah..Its always been about power and control ,they couldn't give a toss for the world ..While they bitch and holler at us with one hand about our carbon footprint they ,with the other hand, threaten nuclear war all around the world. They know that Chernobyl and Fukushima have pretty much screwed US over anyway 1 in 2 to die from cancer. Any responsibility lays with them not us.
# RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming FastRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-12-11 08:16
+5 # Popcorn timeRod Stirling 2021-12-11 08:16

The juden are hoping and praying that the biden op will bomb the iranians before the Iranians level Tel-aviv et-al.
+1 # Don’t you rememberselah 2021-12-11 16:11
Trump saying he would never lie to the American people. Well either he lied or the mic kept the truth from him about the severity of the injuries at the time. Once again Iran told the truth.
# Thereis a reason that Israel did not attack Iran yet, and it is a very good one!Haarnaś 2021-12-11 10:01
Here is something for all the Zionst evangelical yahoos here and other hard hornblowers of Israel aggression in Iran to ponder: IsraHELL's pistol is empty. Their braggadocio talk is just a shell game!

from conservative Haaretz:

The attack threats against Iran no longer make much of an impression in the international community, especially after the revelation of the wide rift in Israel over the years-long neglect of the military option.

Realistically, an Israeli airstrike on Iran – an inherent topic of fierce professional debate – might have been possible a decade ago. Now, with the Israel Defense Forces only beginning to refresh the operational plans, it will probably take years before that option is given serious consideration.

And even then both prospects will have to be thoroughly examined: success and the risk that the attack will unleash a regional war in which the Israeli home front suffers an unprecedented onslaught by Hezbollah. In other words, the pistol Israel is brandishing has almost no ammunition at the moment.
+2 # Syria was the Ukraine FuzeMel 2021-12-11 08:08
If you remember there was no Ukraine issue until Russia and Syria jointly raided / bombed our oil stealing hub in Syria. We are not in Syria legally and us and Turkey are jointly taking, shipping, and selling the oil from the entire region.

The week after Russia and Syria jointly bombed one of these oil storage/loading hubs, the trainloads of US tanks / armor started rolling into Ukraine and the media blitz commenced.
+3 # Hilarous.Rod Stirling 2021-12-11 07:48
Iran has at least two of this complex.......

And Finland just signed up for 70 F-35 although which version is not clear

Currently, Rivet Joint flights are now being flown over the Ukraine......

Popcorn time!!
+6 # The Brandon Regime needs warMaryelizabethanne 2021-12-11 06:07
This is all deliberate. The Brandon regime and its globalist overlords need war. War will distract from the real acts of aggression such as biological warfare, infiltration of all government and large corporations, incompetent president , depopulation agenda, etc. Our only countermoves are prayer and preparation.
+5 # "... prayer and preparation."Pierre Derelicto 2021-12-11 10:12
... and TRUTH.


Does anyone remember the story of Paul Revere? Maybe there's something applicable to today.

Everyone here knows the truth. It's 'Everyone there' that's sleeping through the conversation. Some awakenings are destined to be rude. So be it.
+4 # NATO TroubleShropshire Lad 2021-12-11 05:01
This news report would be better named "NATO Trouble", since that is the source of the attempt to start the next major war. Abolish NATO and the Ukrainian Nazis along with the tinpot Baltic complainers would be defanged.
+6 # Well lookie lookie here.....Rod Stirling 2021-12-11 02:16
Juden trying to cause more wars......

Who could have seen this coming.....
+1 # Archive?debbifaye 2021-12-10 23:15
Just got home, hope someone made an archive and I could catch up over the weekend.
+4 # The 'woke' military.Rod Stirling 2021-12-10 22:43
Come to your own conclusion.......
+2 # I'll believe it when it happens!Nevada Swede 2021-12-10 22:30
Info coming out at searching using this "Biden Plans On Advising Ukraine To Hand Over Territory To Russia"
+6 # And as if we need another sign... then this.Palehorse 2021-12-10 22:10


“And the beast that I saw was like a leopard; its feet
were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth.
And to it the dragon (Satan) gave his power and his throne
and great authority. Revelation 13:2

This statue is called “The Guardian of International Peace
and Security.

Gift from Mexico. (For when they shall say, Peace and Safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them...”)1 Thessalonians 5:3

Run a search on "CoVid Incitement."
(Incitement: Encouragement of another person to commit a crime)
+6 # Duck and cover...iCanWalk 2021-12-10 20:53

Wear your mask!
+13 # loljimginny 2021-12-10 20:51
Simple ... Russia shuts down the nature gas going south ...

NATO is such a bunch of piss ants two faced moron's ...

Safer to live in Russia than the US ....
-1 # And goes brokesupporttheblue 2021-12-10 23:06
+5 # I remember those days ....NHydg 2021-12-10 20:50
It was like a normal day ...... tha "Duck and Cover" was so routine..... just a normal thing you lived with and practiced from time to time ........... You never knew if it was a test or the real thing ......till it was over an they announce it as a drill.........
+6 # Lavarov cancels ME tour.Rod Stirling 2021-12-10 20:27
That's right, Lavarov is staying put in Moscow........

Looks like some big announcement(s) coming.

Popcorn time!!
+3 # U.S. deploys nuclear war command and control plane from STRATCOM.Grim 2021-12-10 19:49
+3 # @ GrimRod Stirling 2021-12-10 20:20
The military can deploy any or all of its nuclear control and monitoring equipment it wants to, fortunately the Biden op has no access to the actual nuclear weapons the US has in its arsenal.
+14 # Tell that to the RussiansNHydg 2021-12-10 20:53
The Russians think the WHOLE U.S, gov AND military is WHACK-O . . . . . . . . from what we see here in the U.S, ...they are pretty much right on.
+19 # RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming Fastlilly 2021-12-10 19:26
It's just another meansto get the population under 500,000,000 in "perpetual balance with nature".
(just in case the clot shot doesn't do the trick)
+3 # mossad gets another Ammo depotselah 2021-12-10 19:17
These bastards are literally everywhere. This time hamas warehouse in tyre Lebanon. I can hardly wait to see the Zionist state destroyed, finally.
# Move to lebanonsupporttheblue 2021-12-10 23:05
They import ilk like you in Turkey
+1 # "Party time at ground zero!"Man of the Atom 2021-12-10 19:16
Well, I hope not but we will see. If all Hell does break loose I can imagine China grabbing Taiwan and joining the party. We can place bets on which country goes first, Ukraine or Taiwan. If the "West" has any sense the response will be economic not military. Place a total embargo on Chinese products and do something similar to Russia. If an attack against Russian territory commences, their response will be nuclear as they have said in the past. If China does not officially join the nuclear party I can imagine one or more of the "participants" lobbing quite a few missiles their way anyway - why let them sit out the "big dance" and become winners by default? I think I have actually read such "speculation" in the past.

The title comes from this comic book BTW:
+5 # EmbargoShropshire Lad 2021-12-11 05:08
If the US put a total embargo on Chinese products, then most of the US economy would fold up within a week or two. The US economy has been exported to Asia and can hardly make anything by itself.
+4 # "Boys And Girls" 2021-12-10 18:55
Scream it from the Housetops "DUCK AND COVER!!" Just remember the thrill the experience of the Old Joe-Hole Biden mantra "LEADERSHIP THAT COUNTS!!" USA USA USA
+4 # RE: "Boys And Girls"mjc 2021-12-10 19:27

Dig a hole in the Ground - Fred Small

"Just...Dig a hole in the ground,
and climb right on down
Lay some boards on top of you
and sprinkle dirt around
You won't have to be dead
iif you only plan ahead
You'll be glad you kept a shovel on hand!"
+8 # RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming Fastclove 2021-12-10 18:41
The world is so messed up, I don't even care anymore. There is no fixing it. Just trying to inform others a tiny bit. And squelch evil, some. Love my fellow men by small acts of kindness. I have almost no hope of things turning around. I don't want to be disappointed anymore.
+10 # Amost no hopeFrank Thompson 2021-12-10 21:32
Submitting your life to Jesus Christ will give you Hope.
+5 # RE: UPDATED 5:17 PM EST - (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russia Trouble Coming 2021-12-10 19:04
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;"
# limelight by rushselah 2021-12-11 10:29
All the world's indeed a stage
And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another's audience
Outside the gilded cage
+4 # US diplomancy in action.Rod Stirling 2021-12-10 18:36
Yep, SOP. Try to put a gun to someone's head and call it 'diplomacy'.........

Would be wonderful to watch Iran reduce Tel-aviv et-al to ashes.
+2 # RE: US diplomancy in 2021-12-10 19:06
I would prefer the Palestinians take their home back.
+7 # Stoltenbergchip 2021-12-10 18:22
Hopefully Putin takes out NATO headquarters
and this psychopath with it. I'm afraid the
bear is now been backed in a corner.
+7 # You'll be a dead duck ?Garyhines 2021-12-10 17:58
Hi Hal you be vaporized off the face of the earth these dumb bastards who are playing a deadly game of Russian Roulette with .S & W .,44 magnum and this game no one wins they want war in the worst way Hal to cover up the collapse of the United States and Europe . Once this goes down China will pounce on Taiwan .the United States will lose and so will it allies like Britain and France and Australia .get ready for Hell on earth Hal
+11 # Russia trouble.HOOVER 2021-12-10 17:57
In my opinion, I pray not one person would perish, but would love to see all our corrupt officials loose everything when their Ukraine investments and totally destroyed. Oil and gas would be primary targets.
+9 # This Jens Stoltenberg is looking for troubleSmiley1984*! 2021-12-10 17:51
This Jens Stoltenberg is looking for trouble, I knew it when he offered NATO forces for action in the South China Sea.
This man is looking to make a name for himself, well he has got one-suicidal idiot! Does he not realize that Russia, wounded by sanctions, is now cornered, and MUST FIGHT or DIE!
This is no game for the Russians-it is survival!
Will there be a declaration of WAR?
+1 # I remember one Christian minister who said thisMan of the Atom 2021-12-11 04:25
He said one of the prophecies means NATO will go WORLDWIDE. This will set the stage for the "Biblical end of the world". I don't recall his name - it could have been the late Jack van Impe.
+1 # Meanwhile in Lebanon.Rod Stirling 2021-12-10 17:36
Massive explosion in a refugee camp in Tyre.........
# RE: Russia Trouble Coming FastPaul Kurzlee 2021-12-10 17:15
Just gotta WONDER if da poohtin will stand up FINALLY and fight back. His track record is NOT good in that regard. Who knows maybe he will one day FINALLY get fed up and FINALLY do something. Mistr Putin does have a right to defend his country from this nato outfit and I hope he does it soon. Russia can absolutely destroy yankees IF da poohtin would do something. There is so many things he could do but yet refuses. With his access to all the weapons he could easily take out many targets at the same time without hurting too many people. He should launch a couple a cruise missles at the un in manhatten. Just enough to level that placee like the towers. Do it when theres lots a staff there. KILL THEM ALL just like they did to us with the towers. This poohtin guy is as fake as the rest of the club just like trump. This idiot is just part of the show. IF he was real he would take out all the usual suspects from city of london to vatican. Bomb them all on one day at the same time and kill the men running this shit show. Target jacob and his inbreed families. HIt them at home. No need to hit everyone in the area. No need to destroy the whole place. Just hit the places these scum operate from. That mountain up in co would make a nice target and there is so many others da poohtin COULD hit but he is just a fake lying POS. His action show what he is. With all his pin-point weapons he has no excuse for refusing to fight back.
# Moronsupporttheblue 2021-12-10 17:39
+10 # does anybodydaniel_martin 2021-12-10 16:40
with the slightest knowledge of History, has any doubt how this will end? I've read a lot about stupid concepts of "Deterrence" or "M.A.D." and other such as " Nobody wins a nuclear war". Firstly and foremost, parity of weapon technology DO NOT avoid wars. Period. Japan had Carriers, Battleships, planes, and a few torpedos. America? Same. What happened? Pearl Harbor. Germany: Lots of tanks and artillery, and a huge army. Russia? Lots of tanks, artillery, and a huge army? What happened? Peace? No, the bloodiest war in the History. So, if you think for a second your Nukes will prevent you to be Nuked, sorry Americans, but History proves otherwise. The Enemy will act under great stress, the fear of being attacked first. The Attacker will trust in Superior Morals, Superior Destiny, Superior Tactics and Surprise Effect. I work with peoples conflicts in car accidents for 20 years and let me tell you: NO ONE think is to be blamed. Everyone thinks they are right. We all have our undefeated ego. Thats why relationships end and wars start. You trust too much in money and some secret high tech that will save the day . Or that the enemy wont simple dare to attack us. Both are sorely wrong. You exported wars worldwide for 200+ years. The World is still a too big too dangerous place to be controlled. There are still kamikaze warrior out there willing to burn your world to the ground and you cant negotiate or buy then. Thats the West blind stop. You think you can buy everyone, but you cant. Karma is a bitch and Time is a wheel. All Empires fall. ALL NATO countries are LGBT Pagan, Darwinist and Anti-Christian in other words Sodoma Gomorra. Russia is Orthodox. God sided with Russia. The writing is on the wall
# And your countrysupporttheblue 2021-12-10 17:41
UK, Australia, New Zealand the gun givers are going to do what?
+3 # @ SupporttheblueRod Stirling 2021-12-10 18:25
And the US, which has the largest private firearms ownership in the world, is doing what pray tell?

Correct, sitting on their comfortable fat asses doing f**k all.
+13 # Russians should not be as bad as the Chinese and N. Koreans.Haarnaś 2021-12-10 16:22
A bottle of Stolitchnaya, some caviar, a small accordion, Kalinka or Katyusha songs and you have a party.

It is a different matter with slanted eyes. They will be here to kill you and will not ask any questions. Those should be killed first like rabid dogs as soon as spotted!
-7 # Wowsupporttheblue 2021-12-10 17:42
Do you like yourself?
+4 # Kalinka and Maria.Rod Stirling 2021-12-10 17:30
Most readers here will have heard of the name Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

+1 # WoW: Good Jews are converting. Here is the story of Fr. Peter Sabbath of Montreal, Canada. St. Joseph's OratoryHaarnaś 2021-12-10 16:11

As for Russian, I you are a good Catholic with a devotion to HVM, you have nothing to fear. Otherwise get a rosary, wear it in your pocket and pray
-1 # RE: WoW: Good Jews are converting. Here is the story of Fr. Peter Sabbath of Montreal, Canada. St. Joseph's OratoryHaarnaś 2021-12-10 16:14
should be "if you are a good Catholic with a devotion to HVM".
+6 # Khazarian mafia from UkraineKDawg511 2021-12-10 15:52
Is Ukraine so important because the Khazarian Satan worshippers are from Ukraine?
+2 # Why Ukraine is importantHeyJude 2021-12-10 21:11
Hey we have to protect Hunter's interests there, and possibly others like Pelosi.
# RE: Khazarian mafia from Ukrainemjc 2021-12-10 19:41
Well.....I would have guessed it's because the distance from NE Ukraine to Moscow is ~ 300mi.

But we seem to disagree on what the value is there.

I see 353 mi from decent sized Ukrainian transportation hub (Sumy) to Moscow, and I have my thoughts....
+4 # The sooner the betterSerpa@82 2021-12-10 15:03
Fuck it. Let er rip.
+6 # RE: Russia Trouble Coming FastCWD 2021-12-10 13:42
I wonder how long NATO will drag this on as they bring in my gear and equipment
+8 # RE: Russia Trouble Coming FastCWD 2021-12-10 13:42
More gear***

+11 # RE: Russia Trouble Coming FastLambs Servant 2021-12-10 13:30
These people are psychos who want this.
+11 # RE: Russia Trouble Coming FastCWD 2021-12-10 13:14
Well if they can kick off this and maybe Taiwan they can blame the economy crash on that that’s already eminent
-6 # UkraineNZWatcher 2021-12-10 13:00
Re the situation in Ukraine. Who is attacking and who is defending and who can stop this today. Russia does not fit into that at all
+35 # We wouldn't want those missilesENDofTIME 2021-12-10 12:56
We wouldn't want those missiles in mexico, cuba or Canada. I stand with Russia on this. The US is instigating and provoking Russia. Just my opinion.
+1 # hmmm...selah 2021-12-11 10:34
wouldn't that be great if russia put some missiles in cuba again.
+8 # RE: We wouldn't want those missilesRosewood11 2021-12-10 16:08
Quoting ENDofTIME:
We wouldn't want those missiles in mexico, cuba or Canada. I stand with Russia on this. The US is instigating and provoking Russia. Just my opinion.

,,,And mine!!!
+27 # RussiaBushDid911 2021-12-10 12:49
Wether you like Russia or not .
Surely it's obvious the situation WE have placed them in is untenable .
Back a bear into a corner and see for yourself what happens !
+3 # corneredGroundpounder 2021-12-10 19:18
back any animal or person into a corner and they will fight 2,000,000,000 will die in this conflict
+6 # the situation the bear willNZ KIWI 2021-12-10 13:28
leave the eagle in is not being thought out very well is it really worth POKING CHINA and RUSSIA IN THE EYE, and finding your MIC IS OUTDATED and push the petro and swift system into further collapse and CHANGE
+5 # RE: the situation the bear willThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-12-10 16:05
I'm the first to admit I don't love Russians but I'm also against going to war with them if we don't absolutely have to. We have the option of avoiding war with Russia. But it doesn't look promising right now.


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