Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting Worse

The Special Military Operation by Russia in Ukraine, which NATO continues to interfere with, got very much worse overnight.  A particular escalation too place overnight that has alarm bells ringing in the heads of all thinking people.


# Ukraine as serious a bug as covid apparently.Doug Brown 2022-03-14 22:21
Western leadership is frothing at
the mouth, all reading off the same page.
They seek war.
We witness the same levels of insanity in
the Covid19 deceptions, where they sought
the death of willing millions.
Who is coordinating this?
Steve Quale points the finger directly at
Satan, whom he suggests is personally in
residence upon earth.
These massive world wide endeavors
certainly are beyond the reach of mere
man, however wealthy.
+2 # nomadNomadNomad 2022-03-14 18:09
Entirely sensible
# it keeps getting worse for sureselah 2022-03-14 15:16
check out the website in the article there is some good info in it. red states getting more toxic ingredients in vaxxes??
+1 # There are many many more instances of her demons manifesting if you care to look.Palehorse 2022-03-13 19:44

Her constant “brain freezes”, stammering and stuttering,
glassy looking wide eyes, wrong pronunciation of simple
words,  are a result of all the demons she is hosting.

“...repeated her story that the spirits of women’s rights activists
Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott,
Alice Paul and Sojourner Truth squeezed into her
chair—and then spoke to her...”

“I mean I’m, like I’m squeezed in in my chair,” she said.
“And I am thinking: What is this?

“And I could hear them say: At last we have a seat at the table.”

Necromancer:  a person who practices necromancy; a wizard or magician.
# International center missile strike linkJaime 2022-03-13 03:04
International center missile strike link:
+1 # International centerpepelopez001 2022-03-13 08:29
in normal language means to me, that bunch of western spy and warmonging motherfckers were torn apart..
+2 # International center hit by missilesJaime 2022-03-13 03:01
International center for peacekeeping and security hit by Russian missiles just 20 miles from polish border!! We’re there NATO casualties??
-1 # NATO casualtiesSBGlett77 2022-03-13 13:38
Ukraine is reporting 35 dead, 134 wounded in the attack.

Of course, they are always trying to inflate casualties when it could lead to NATO intervention, so I don't believe them.

I really don't think NATO would have kept this big finger in the eye of Russia staffed after the invasion.
# NATO Intervention?Doug Brown 2022-03-14 22:31
That word is the big boogie-man.
NATO Intervention, wouldn't it instead
elicit a Russian response aimed directly
at there respective capitals, chief
military installations. Etc.
+1 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseWoulf 2022-03-13 01:55
They could just track the shipments and then strike them. They would take out the shipments and a little extra.
# Please explainAzat818 2022-03-13 01:21
Can someone please explain why the Fox News cnn and others in the west claim that Ukraine still has 56 fighter jets ? Wouldn’t the Russians be able to hit them with missiles and destroy them ? Where are these jets that the Russians haven’t destroyed with strikes ? I’m so sick of the western media .....nothing but lies ... wtf have we turned into?
+1 # WowSrmay72 2022-03-12 23:51
110,000 us troops so far if you think this is just another bs session why send 110,000 troops scattered all across the soon to be hot war zone. Alot of military activity here also
# troop numbersPeter H 2022-03-13 05:09
Stalin in ww2 sent 1 million troops in to protect Kyiv
Hitler couldnt take Russia with 3.5 million men
seems to me Russi will ned a lot more men altho accurate sophisticated arms can achieve a lot
+1 # Military shipmentsKad2866 2022-03-12 23:32
How do we know exactly who gets the military hardware sent to Ukraine?
Is it possible our hardware was used to blow up civilian areas to implicate Russia? Were civilians given access to hardware? How much ends up in Russian possession?
+1 # NATO does not exist without Russia .....NHydg 2022-03-12 22:51
Talk about self destruct ........ UNLESS NATO does not plan to get rid of Russia .......... just keep Russia at bay.....
NATO was made to keep Russia .....the OLD Soviet Russia on a leash ..........
NATO is a leach , blood sucking everyone that will sucker into its scam. Only thing is, like all Globalist suckers, they are all run by stupid people .....they don't know when to quit .............. just keep thrown gasoline on the fire to "put it out"
+1 # NATOWoulf 2022-03-13 01:31
There were built to be the "world police" of the NWO. Any place they go is their "territory", their "laws", their "way" or "else". Their "laws" and "ways" are not of this country (USA).
The only "upside" is those pretty blue helmets sure stand out. For those that think C1-C5 are always good spots.
+1 # ELECTRO MAGNETIC WARFARE...White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 22:25
+1 # TheaterAtomic Scout 2022-03-12 22:06
All Hollywood theater to make the dipshits give in to the digital wallet. WTF
+2 # But Biden...Doug Brown 2022-03-12 21:53
President Biden has been exploiting
the Ukrainian situation for awhile now..
Yesterday he even staked the
President upon it,
"Ukraine will not fall."
And Biden has been shipping military
Hardware to Ukraine as fast as it can be loaded on cargo planes.
This isn't new.
Putin saying he will now act
to stop these shipments
should of been said long ago...
# NATO Alliance Expansion through the years...White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 20:42
NATO Alliance Expansion through the years...
+4 # Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connected To Ukraine Bio-LabsWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 20:35
Klaus Schwab & Hunter Biden Connected To Ukraine Bio-Labs
# I wonder...Eddamnit 2022-03-12 22:34
I wonder if Beau Biden was a victim of his own success in Ukraine.
The first casualty of the Ukraine war.
+3 # Ballistic Missiles Hit US Targets In Erbil, Iran Said To Be ResponsibleWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 20:11
This could be the start of open warfare in the MidEast. Ballistic Missiles Hit US Targets In Erbil, Iran Said To Be Responsible
+2 # RE: Ballistic Missiles Hit US Targets In Erbil, Iran Said To Be Responsibleselah 2022-03-12 22:25
I don’t think it’s the Iranian government. If the wanted to do the strike they would have done it right. No half ass job.
+2 # MissilesLambs Servant 2022-03-12 20:55
I wonder if Hal has any intel on this. Saw a report where 12 were fired.
# RE: MissilesWoulf 2022-03-13 01:44
You know he does. It's just a matter of if he can say without giving things away.
+1 # Response by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the March 7 Israeli airstrikesWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 20:23
Early on March 13, a number of heavy missiles struck the outskirts of Erbil city, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Some Iraqi news sources said that the target of the missile strike was the US Consulate. Others, however, speculated that the target was a US military installation in Erbil International Airport, the US Harir Air Base or the Zerin residential complex which is frequented by American troops.

Videos from the scene of the strike show direct impacts and a large explosions with several columns of smoke rising from the target.

Iranian activists shared footage claiming to show the launch of a number of Fateh-110 tactical short-range ballistic missiles from a base in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah just a few minutes before the explosions were heard in Erbil. The footage is yet to be verified.

Iran fired ballistic missiles at the Kurdistan Region before. However, the target was Iranian Kurdish anti-government guerrilla groups.

The new missile strike may have been a response by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the March 7 Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus. The attack claimed the lives of two officers of the guards, colonels Ehsan Karbalaipour and Morteza Saidnejad.

On October 20, pro-Iranian forces attacked the US al-Tanf garrison in southeastern Syrian in response to the October 13 Israeli airstrikes that targeted the outskirts of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. A number of Iranian-backed fighters were killed or wounded in the airstrikes.

The missile strike on Erbil could trigger a response from the US. This would further complicate the international talks on Iran’s nuclear program.
+8 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseHezeronek 2022-03-12 20:03
While any potential escalation in battle
is alarming, I wonder if you have heard
both sides of the story... Did you know
that the US DOD has been funding
biowarfare research labs in the Ukraine,
and have been testing them on the
Ukrainian populace? Did you know that
some of the biological agents were
being engineered to identify
and kill specific ethnic groups, one of them
being Russians? Did you know there is
direct evidence that implicates POOTUS
and his favorite son, Hunter? POOTUS
and the establishment are playing cover
stories in the media to conceal this
from the American people. This is
what is supposed to come out at the UN
meeting Putin called. Now, re-think
what you've been told, and by whom.
If this news gets out, it is game over for
the Brandon Administration...
+1 # MeanwhileWoulf 2022-03-13 05:23
They have been spraying "wasting disease" on the deer. They will warn you to keep away from and not eat them. To look out for and call in any sightings of them. A bioweapon to kill "deer"?
They want to take away "our" right to hunt these lands as our forefathers did. To watch us starve slowly, unless you bend that knee. If you want their handouts "Bend that knee!"
+2 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseBeenThere 2022-03-12 20:07
China was doing the same kind of research against Americans....
+1 # HookaySeeing_Red131 2022-03-12 19:39
15 years ago so some of the numbers aren’t relevant anymore but still rings true..
+2 # The New World Order is Dead On 2022-03-12 19:32
Of the 10 most populous countries in the world, only one, the United States, supports major economic sanctions against Russia.
Those the Gods wish to destroy, first they make mad.
A third world war will “destroy our civilization” unless Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping are “removed from power” warns billionaire Democrat megadonor George Soros.

“After receiving a green light from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war in Ukraine in an effort to reclaim the old Russian empire,” Soros wrote in an op-ed published by Project Syndicate on Friday.
“But both leaders appear to have misjudged the situation, raising the prospect of a global catastrophe – unless they are removed from power,” he wrote.

Putin has “gone literally mad,” cautioned the chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations.
+2 # dude where's my carWolfman 2022-03-12 19:06
Missles hit U.S. consulate in Iraq... Iran suspected.
+2 # 6 missiles fired, missed target, no casualtiesKdasl 2022-03-12 19:57
+5 # Must be Iran...Eddamnit 2022-03-12 19:57
Because the Iraqi people love what the US government has done to their country.
+4 # will they get the messageRychemaster 2022-03-12 20:59
with the strikes in the US base, do you think that the US might start getting the message that they are not wanted there and leave.... nah, they are too arrogant to get the message and will keep meddling where they are not wanted for their own political gain.
# What isWoulf 2022-03-13 03:02
Political gain. Something that helps the US or a way for "others" to line their own pockets?
# RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseJose, formerly of Manhattan 2022-03-12 19:06
Here’s a video I found on how to survive a nuclear blast, it may save your life:
# Zelensky, Hunter Biden — and Their Sugar Daddy, KolomoiskyWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 19:05
Zelensky, Hunter Biden and Sugar Daddy, Kolomoisky
The Last Battle
# The death jab massacre…. Show reel. Watch how they drop like flys…White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 18:51
The death jab massacre…. Show reel. Watch how they drop like flys…
+2 # RE: The death jab massacre…. Show reel. Watch how they drop like flys…Etsel Skelton 2022-03-12 18:58
When a big cat kills a villager, the villagers will hunt-down the big cat and kill it.

What would happen if they didn't kill it?
+1 # Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry (March 11, 2022, 9:00 p.m.)White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-03-12 18:56
Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry (March 11, 2022, 9:00 p.m.)
# Worse??? Worse for whom?traveller369 2022-03-12 18:29
There is ONLY Alliance and Cabal, period ;

Vlad is Alliance with Donald and Xi ;

The bioweapons (many - some say 30 sites) need to be destroyed - that is the misssion ; And needs to be thermobaric to destroy - all sites getting 24 hour warnings ;

Magor problem is Erik Prince etal (mercs taking cabal money) creating fodder for ContainsNoNews types ;

Death to that little faggot-bidenbuddy-Julensky and similar ;

Long live the honest Ukis and Donald, Vlad, and Xi .
# hmmmmKdasl 2022-03-12 18:06
# I don’t think so..Kdasl 2022-03-12 17:56
+2 # Exposes "False Flag"plasmaglyphs 2022-03-12 17:17
Witness Exposes "False Flag" Operation In Ukraine

Ukraine army shelling its own village
Hit the side of a kindergarten
Russian uniforms & rations

1 image of closed captions

# both linksClare 2022-03-12 17:49
keep loading and loading. Hmm.
# RE: both linksWoulf 2022-03-13 03:06
Use Malware Bytes or TrendMicro to keep it tight. Just saying.
-2 # NextJohn Jones 2022-03-12 16:29
Reports in Russia: Putin arrested Sergei Basada, head of the FSB's foreign intelligence service, and his deputy, Anatoly Bleich, accusing them of underestimating the intensity of Ukrainian resistance.
+3 # RE: NextBeenThere 2022-03-12 19:00
+4 # RE: NextBeenThere 2022-03-12 19:15
Thumbs down for asking for a link - REALLY????

I have access to Russian news and there is NOTHING about Sergei Basada.......

There is Western rumor blogs running the story, but nothing I would give any credence to.
-12 # PutinSamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2022-03-12 15:27
And if he's late eating his lunch with the orange sherbert he gets miserable for the rest of the day because he don't have time to read Mr Turner's articles with your folks remarks and and then he calls in airstrikes
+2 # RE: Putinjmredmond54 2022-03-12 18:29
You are not funny. Go somewhere else and leave your stupid comments, they are not appreciated here.
-23 # Real PutinJohn Jones 2022-03-12 15:25
For all of you that love Putin, this is the reality

Russia. St Petersburg military orchestra wanted to perform a very famous anti-nuclear war song (it goes "yes to sunny world, no to nuclear explosion"). Someone didn’t like it
# The Real Putin Haterspaulattahoe 2022-03-15 12:16
I tell all my Conservative friends that if you're going to join the Biden Anti-Russia team, why stop there? Just hating Putin is only a start. After that, you're probably way overdue for your booster jab and donating to the green movement. Protesting the truckers convoy is a good move as well.

Harness the passion and get woke, support the Biden-Harris media narrative.
+5 # "The Genie is out of the bottle"Man of the Atom 2022-03-12 17:18
When missile guidance systems became more accurate* the "counterforce strategy" arose - now instead of lobbing them toward an enemy's cities as in the bombs dropped from airplanes in WW II ("Fat Man" missed Nagasaki by half a mile and still killed 55 thousand people instantaneously - and that was a "small bomb"), you can now accurately target missile silos, submarine bases, command and control bunkers, et cetera! If you take away the enemy's "toys" you place them in a bad position - surrender or lose your population - your cities. They may have enough to fire back but the exchange will be "decidedly lopsided" - maybe 10 to 1 or more and would be suicidal. What I have said has been known for 40 years!

*Circular error probable - the radius of the target circle. As the radius shrinks, you can place a missile right on top of a target such as a hardened missile silo which will now make it destructible. In other words, they are now so accurate you can lob one into the men's room at the White House or Kremlin.

Oh, and by the way - someone should thank Bill Clinton for allowing the Chinese to know this too. What I have read from several Internet sites is that they were launching satellites for us (what a great idea - NOT!) and their rockets were crashing so the CEO of Loral Space who was a big Dim donor was allowed to tell them how to "fix things". The rest they would have gotten from espionage and their STEM students we have educated who went back to China. Of course, this is not just Clinton - Nixon "played the China card" during the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and subsequent "leaders" (Reagan and Trump excluded) have with the approval of the best Congress money can buy allowed the ChiComs to expand further. Now as Mr. Turner said, if Taiwan is attacked and taken what are we going to do? Embargo 80% of medications, electronics, et cetera from China??

As the religious people of Protestant faith will tell you "we have entered into perilous times".
+1 # Let me add this important pointMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 18:03
Lacking a fully functional anti-ballistic missile system (and hypersonic "glide vehicles" are NOT ballistic missiles by the way), a leader has only TWO options and neither one is good:

(1) "Launch on warning" - as soon as you see them coming "empty the silos" essentially a form of "mutual assured destruction". This almost happened during the Cold War. In the most famous incident the Soviets saw radar traces indicating an attack. The world was saved from destruction because a Soviet officer delayed their counterattack until it was shown the traces were spurious.

(2) "Ride out the attack" - wait until their missiles arrive and then retaliate if they do.

Neither option is a good one. Ground or space base lasers, et cetera may be helpful but will not stop everything in a massive attack.

Some advice for our leaders - send your own children into combat at the front of the line if you think this war is necessary!!
# RE: Let me add this important pointWoulf 2022-03-13 03:22
There would be no "option 2". They would wait for their "Overlords" to tell them what to do next. For "US" that means group up, gear up and "deal with it".
+3 # CatolicaLoki 2022-03-12 17:51
Catholics don't say that? I know a few, including priests.
+1 # "Circular error probable"Man of the Atom 2022-03-12 17:34
Technically it means 50% of your shots falling within the target radius - sort of like flipping a coin to get heads or tail - half do and half don't. That remains true even as the radius shrinks.

Putin is "playing the China card" now. Turnabout is fair play as they say.

At different times American and Russian leaders seriously considered destroying Chinese nuclear weapons/the Lop Nor nuclear research site but finally didn't because of fear of reaction from the other major nuclear power.

I will repeat my old dream in part - more than 20 years ago, I was in a theater watching a play with national leaders on the stage - a Russian man sitting next to me in the dream said "we are all going to die in a nuclear war and it won't be my government's fault and it won't be your government's fault." I do think some dreams have predictive power - as nearing death we are closer to the "Supermind of the Cosmos" - but do not proclaim myself to be a "prophet". I have always taken that to mean a 3rd party (North Korea, China - Israel, Pakistan, India??) starts it. This also seems consistent with the "visions" of "prophet" Dumitru Duduman.

We are entering "perilous times".
+4 # Punkcosentyx1 2022-03-12 15:57
You`re over paid
# RE: PunkWoulf 2022-03-13 03:28
Should be "paid" no d*mn attention.
If you mean Hal, then it is underpaid and under appericated. Just saying.
+4 # LOLEddamnit 2022-03-12 15:54
The USA is the only nation to every use nuclear weapons in war so go seek your BS elsewhere.
-15 # FightJohn Jones 2022-03-12 16:14
I'll live in the country I fought for. You go to Rusdia and bow to Putin because you love him so much. Scum.
+1 # WhySrmay72 2022-03-13 00:36
I know many here were alive when we all wore kill a commie for mommy, killem all and let God sort them out. Many over 50 remember the enemy was Russia. WHY is it you call a person bad things when they were taught the damn enemy was Russia. I would have never in my 50 years believed "WE" allowed our leaders and our nation to get so damn bad that f..KING Russia looks better then Washington DC. Bash a man for never selling their soul to a damn communist. Shame on all of you for down voting a man that remembers communism is from the pits of hell. To even think putins not a closet communist your a fool. Yes he wants his country on top yet 14 down votes to someone that don't buy the bull shit my father is turning in the ocean we dumped him in. He fought communism now many stand behind the man who's red soviet hammer and sickle flags are flying from their tanks. Yet you cheer for him???? Stop and go to the grave yards and tell your father's that "WE" HAVE LET THIS COUNTRY FALL SO FAR THAT YOU CHEER FOR A DAMN RED FLAG WITH A HAMMER AND SICKLE ON IT THEN WAIT FOR THEIR COLD DEAD HANDS TO RAISE UP THROUGH THE DIRT AND SLAP THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU! PUTIN READS FROM THE SAME DAMN SCRIPT THAT BIDEN AND XI DO.
NOW SEE IF I CAN GET THE ALL TIME HI DOWN VOTE, BUT AT LEAST ILL BE ABLE TO GO TO THE GRAVE YARDS AND KEEP MY HEAD HELD HI BECAUSE I DONT BELIEVE THE GOOD GUY BAD GUY BS. Behind the scenes they all get together and decide who and how many peasants they have to kill. Wake the hell up and stop drinking the fu..ING koolade. Shame on everyone of you.
+6 # Except for 1775-1781 and 1861-1865 this country has had it "easy'Man of the Atom 2022-03-12 16:29
The Russians lost 20 MILLION people in WW II.

Even to this day we lost more in 1861-1865 than in 1941-1945.

Hitler signed a non-aggression treaty with them and then broke it.

They tend to be nervous about foreign powers infringing on their doorstep. We would too - imagine foreign military bases from a hostile country in Mexico and Canada.

They have thousands of large nuclear weapons. Did I mention they are more powerful than ours? Did I mention that if only 10% of their stockpile is "delivered" that this country is finished?

Anyone with any sense leading another country would tread carefully at this point.
Obviously something else is going on here.
+1 # A Globalist's False Flag.plasmaglyphs 2022-03-12 17:31

Witness Exposes "False Flag" Operation In

Ukraine army shelling its own village
Hit the side of a kindergarten
Russian uniforms & rations
of 2 in previous post

From the Stew Peters Show

twitter thread:

Insectivorous Bats in Ukraine

639ff75558 via @getongab
In closing he say: "Wokism will destroy America,

+1 # A Globalist's False Flag.plasmaglyphs 2022-03-12 17:22

Witness Exposes "False Flag" Operation In

Ukraine army shelling its own village
Hit the side of a kindergarten
Russian uniforms & rations
of 2 in previous post

+4 # FoolEddamnit 2022-03-12 16:22
You fought for a lie, you empowered evil.
No respect for those that fight for evil.
-3 # CowardJohn Jones 2022-03-12 16:33
Cowardly scum like you are afraid to fight. You cower under the protection I provide. You obviously have never been to any other part of the world and have no idea how easy your soft life is. We aren't perfect but we are still the greatest country in the world. Cowards die a thousand deaths, that is you.
# Not hardlyWoulf 2022-03-13 05:35
Just smart enough to save a seat on that "last fight out". Hope the ground fire does not keep it from getting airborne, if it not.
Play silly games, get a silly prize.
+2 # RE: CowardSatireMan 2022-03-12 16:39
Quoting Housecs10:
Cowardly scum like you are afraid to fight. You cower under the protection I provide. You obviously have never been to any other part of the world and have no idea how easy your soft life is. We aren't perfect but we are still the greatest country in the world. Cowards die a thousand deaths, that is you.

You don't provide shit to anyone but yourself you little fool. While you sit behind your screen and rant against everyone out here calling people cowards or cocksucker etc. You are the coward,I seriously doubt you have served in anything other then as the third man I'm a three man orgy.
-4 # Don't includeJohn Jones 2022-03-12 19:14
Don't include me in your sick fantasies about Putin. If you love him so much go to Russia fool. You won't because people like me and my friends suffered to provide the freedom you want to pass away.
+12 # This is now..Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 15:50
This is now life and death for Russia. They are in an emergency situation. The US is also in a state of emergency only instead of sending hooded goons to shut you down, they send Google, twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now Duck Duck Go. Same thing, different tactics.
+2 # RE: This is now..andrews476 2022-03-12 16:19
What happened with Duck Duck Go?
+6 # Duck Duck Goclove 2022-03-12 16:37
They caved and joined the dark side. Use Brave. Duck Duck Go has been blocking me from going places for a week now.
+1 # thnxDudimus Maximus 2022-03-12 17:26
Quoting ivymac:
They caved and joined the dark side. Use Brave. Duck Duck Go has been blocking me from going places for a week now.

any good alternatives left??
# RE: thnxEtsel Skelton 2022-03-12 19:09
# Bravefeemeister 2022-03-12 16:58
I got rid of Brave well over a year ago. They sent me an email, and I didn't like it at all; sounded like they had gone over to the dark side. Forget what it said now, but I removed their browser immediately. So far I haven't found any problems with Epic
+10 # What Russia is facingEddamnit 2022-03-12 16:01
Russia is facing a literal existential threat, half of the Earth's population want Russia destroyed and to steal all of their resources.
This is do or die time for Russia.
+21 # The Drudge Report...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 15:20
The Drudge Report reads like the old USSR Pravda rag. I am 56 years old. I have never seen such twisted rancid propaganda in the US in all my life. Yes it was bad in the past. But there was always some MSM outlets that would report at least some objectivity. Not any more. Those like T. Carlson are only a dim candle in the vast darkness yet there are topics he dare not address. Free press? Are you kidding? Free to take big pharma and government bribes perhaps. I think that is the only thing keeping the lights on at CNN. Investigative journalism? Gone. Where is 60 min. investigating CV-19 like they did the Swine Flu back in 1980? Don't hold your breath. 15 years from now: "60 min. exclusive. What really happened with Covid 19? Brought to you by: Pfizer.
# RE: The Drudge Report...Etsel Skelton 2022-03-12 20:10
"The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012"
# Check the videofeemeister 2022-03-12 17:08
James O'Keefe did with their new producer. I forget his name, but he left CNN because of how they are. I totally hope he's on the up and up and not a plant. I quit Drudge years ago when I noticed how they turned (sold out). I had liked them before. Right now I do Greg Hunter, New American, Griffin Red Pill, Mercola, Steve Kirsch, Children's Health Defense (Bobby Kennedy). I know I'm missing a couple, but it is HARD to find places to trust nowadays. I totally miss the old days when you could go to Drudge and get good basic stuff.
+5 # Cut the wire captaincosentyx1 2022-03-12 16:00
By listening to msm you give them energy. Don`t listen to them at all
-3 # Putin reads thisSamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2022-03-12 15:10
Everyday Mr Putin eats his lunch in Moscow at 12:15 and he has orange sherbert and part of his routine while he eats is to read Mr Turner's remarks and that's you guys
+2 # RE: Putin reads thisjmredmond54 2022-03-12 18:40
Go away if you don't like it here because we don't like your immature comments.
+2 # And youfeemeister 2022-03-12 17:09
know this how?
+7 # RE: Putin reads thisselah 2022-03-12 15:16
is that revelation from God?
+12 # The oh so riotous..Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 14:52
The oh so riotous West caught creating biological weapons and the delivery systems (birds?) to deliver them. Did the oh so riotous UN say anything about this? How about the WHO? Crickets. Oh but if the US waves a little bottle of red powder in front of them claiming Iraq has "Weapons of mass destruction" which was a lie, they are all outraged. What a joke!! Rat bastards US flunkies one and all. They ALL knew those labs existed. They knew what was going on in Wuhan, hell the WHO was involved in it! So the UN lies and ignores it all. This is our future. This is justice under UN rule. By the way. Are these UN officials elected or appointed? Are the EU representatives elected or appointed? The West cries out against "appointed tyrants and dictatorships" yet the very system they are building is tyrannical. What a joke.
+1 # interesting vax info if trueselah 2022-03-12 14:49

you can check lot/batch numbers of vials and alot of other interesting info on this site. check out the video(13 minutes) titled mortality bomb. its suggesting that certain states were given more letal covid vaxes and that possibley the half life was extended to make the usual death within 30 days, kinda reapear at 6 months. interesting if true. kill more people in red states of course.
+1 # RE: interesting vax info if trueselah 2022-03-12 14:58
+9 # It's not the Ho Chi Minh TrailEddamnit 2022-03-12 14:45
I ask myself why hasn't Russia destroyed the weapons supply line from NATO?
Doesn't really make any sense does it?
The arms from NATO are not being carried on people's backs in dense jungle, they are carried in large truck convoys on the open road.
Cutting off the supply lines should have been the first thing that should have been done in an actual war.
+1 # OrWoulf 2022-03-12 17:52
Watch and see where they unload. Then drop a "load" on it.
+1 # Spotting ConvoysTC 2022-03-12 16:30
The US defense department can tell you that convoys are very hard to spot.

Remember when the convoy of ISIS militants in Toyotas crossed the desert and arrived in Syria? They must have been almost invisible. Nobody saw them, not satellites, not airplanes. Not even the CIA knew they were on the way. The only ones who finally spotted them were MSM photographers so well disguised that none of the militants noticed them but by then it was too late.

But that’s the key! It worked for us! Russia should hire MSM reporters (maybe disguised as gypsies) to provide them with excellent hi-res pictures, the foolproof method our superior military uses to spot invading convoys.
+2 # They were paid not to see themMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 21:50
Just kidding! Ha ha!

Or worse yet, maybe they sent them?

At this point, I can believe anything - especially when then the neoconvicts were trying to overthrow Bashir Assad in yet another illegal war.
+4 # The US government always lies.Eddamnit 2022-03-12 16:44
What else do I need to say.
We've seen a lot of private satellite imagery of the Russian convoy but can't see the NATO weapons convoys?
I smell a rat!
And ISIS was/is a US government proxy, my brother in law met all the leaders of ISIS at GTMO before the US government sent them back to the theater .
+11 # That is coming..Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 14:59
That is coming. However you need to give warning which Russia just did. Why? Because people drive those trucks. Agencies like the Red Cross and others may be in that convoy. Headline: "Russia bombs and kills a Red Cross humanitarian aid convoy!" No mention will be given about the fact they were embedded in an arms shipment. Understand?
+1 # AlsoMaveric 2022-03-12 23:55
They will not take the open highway where they are out in the open. They’ll use the routes that go from sleepy town to the next so that when they are finally struck down, a lot of civilians will be killed as well. Those arms will explode and take out a wide area. The US is going to make sure they can cry from their podiums that Russia is bad.
+1 # Not todavenjilli 2022-03-12 14:52
Mention the power
+1 # And the beat goes on.supporttheblue 2022-03-12 14:33
Drums keep a pounding a rhythm to the brain…
+7 # An Open Call To Murder Russian NationalsPalehorse 2022-03-12 14:29

This world is sinking down a deep hole and fast.

"Earlier this month, Russia blocked access to Fartbook" (emphasis added)

Russia Opens Criminal Case and Calls to
Classify Facebook Meta as ‘Extremist
Organization’ – All Services Including
Instagram and Whatsapp Will be Banned in

"The Russian government moved to categorize
the social media giant Meta Platform as an
‘extremist organization’ after an internal email
showed that it would temporarily allow its
users to call for violence and murder against
Russian nationals.
# AndWoulf 2022-03-13 06:13
That now makes them a "military target". In short, their buildings, personal and their systems are now "fair game".
+1 # Well, even if some here hate to admit it, they do have a pointMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 17:43
+4 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-03-12 13:45
Klaus Schwab’s ‘World Economic Forum’ Cuts Off “All Relations” With Russia, Scrubs Putin From WEF Website
+5 # "well, ya see..."Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-12 14:07
well, ya see..., goes the explanation, that's to trick us, into believing that Putin man isnt a WEF globalist, when in fact he IS... right??? ... (boolshit- watch for that one-)
+1 # & Ivanka?Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-12 14:04
she's a WEF grad, is she still on there? Or did grampa Klaus give her a pass? (no, not MAKE a pass,,,stop that, that's gnasty..)
+4 # RE: & Ivanka?selah 2022-03-12 15:02
all JEWS get a pass, you should know
+1 # Ugh!Eddamnit 2022-03-12 15:47
Abrahamism has cursed and enslaved this planet.
+11 # I think..Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 14:26
I think both Russia and China are off the Western NWO plan. That is why Soros called for the removal of Putin and Xi. The West has its idea of a "New world" system run by them. The East has other plans. They want to rule that new order. The Chinese will never give up their country and culture to Schwab, Schwab or anyone else. Russia is the same. Yes Putin may have attended the WEF brainwashing school. But what better way of understanding what the evil plans of the West are than to study it yourself directly? Besides, there is a thing called betrayal. The West betrayed Russia and broke their agreements. The West wishes to destroy Russia not invite them in to be a partner. That should be obvious to all.
+1 # RE: I think..selah 2022-03-12 15:04
obvious to some but not all. argghhhh
+4 # what took so longLazycreek 2022-03-12 13:44
I really don't know why it took the Russians so long to take this action.
+1 # the end game…Kdasl 2022-03-12 13:44
# campaign trail??Gregg W 2022-03-12 16:24
What did he have about 10 people at any of his gatherings? Half were his staff or reporters.
+1 # Of course!!Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 15:26
Green New Deal. Enough said.
+7 # People..Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 15:45
Most people don't understand that gasoline is only one small part of what is derived from oil. Thousands of chemicals, drugs, fertilizers, insecticides, plastics and compounds. Try making an electric car without plastic. Where is the steel, aluminum and copper supposed to come from? Are we to dig out the metal bearing dirt by hand? Can we run an a super dump truck with a solar panel or perhaps we can strap a windmill on the top of it? These green ass holes are looking to destroy the energy of the nation without offering the needed alternative. Where will these green morons be when the food becomes so rare and expensive that their small allowance from Mom and Dad won't cover it? In the bread lines that's where. Oh but some areas made it illegal to feed bums like you. Do you morons believe China will go green and destroy their industry? And when the US becomes crippled and devoid of "all oil" and abundant energy, do you think China will sit back and not expand in power and influence? Uncle sloppy seconds Joe is not doing you or the US a favor by destroying your mobility, your food and your money. Fool!!
+8 # WARjroot 2022-03-12 13:36
After following this for the past 6 months and having the knowledge of the goings on in Ukraine, NATO and the US for the past 8 years we are at a final impasse for WWIII. 1. The Demoncrats have lost all credibility. Their machinations as a supporter of globalism is out for all to see. War is their only "out"! 2. George Soros is calling for the takedown of Putin and Xi who are the last two totally independent nations who will not bow to the globalists. Most other nations the globalists see as easily controllable and can be manipulated. 3. For a very long time The US has been financially raped of its assets by the (non) Federal Reserve and the central banks. The bail-outs of 2008 were the last.
The coming final destruction of the US economy will be bail-ins where central banks will seize depositors money for their own survival. Obummer had already approved bail-ins during his administration. 4. The US economy is tanking and inflation is a runaway locomotive with no one at the controls. Unrecoverable!! (Ghosts of Zimbabwe and their hyperinflation.) As prices go up on food and gas wages must follow. Can you now see the possibility of $50, $75 and $100 an hour wages? 5. Do you recall what "crappy pants" Biden did with his first executive order? Shut down Keystone Pipeline to begin the elimination of our oil independence that Trump spent months creating. This was all planned well in advance. 6. Too many on both sides of the political aisle are calling for military support of Ukraine. It will begin with providing aircraft and more lethal weapons to Ukraine and advance to the no fly zone they know will bring us to WWIII. 7. The bio labs in Ukraine and other parts of the world are akin to being caught with your hands in the "cookie jar". This is the embarrassment of the Demonrats who spout lies in a futile attempt to cry foul to the world.
As a final note, Russia and China in my estimation will join forces against Nato. The moment NATO goes to war on Russia, China will begin their invasion of Taiwan and the US' promise of aiding Taiwan will vaporize just as it did in Afghanistan.
+8 # ______žØmßïêplåñe† ¹±°±¤²¤³¤²Palehorse 2022-03-12 15:00

As their CoVid phantasm ran out of fuel they switched channels to the war games with who's on who's side today. With intentional supply chain limitations inhibiting commodity movements globally, along with the energy sector, food production and availability is rapidly in decline. Hunger game riots, and armed assaults, will cause rationing along with armed guards at grocery stores as you present your “meal passport” for your monthly insect quarter-pounder and a microwaveable dog vomit burrito. The Covid kootie lockdown will become the “good ol-days.”

All these are the beginning of sorrows.
Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted,
and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all
nations for my name's sake.

Matthew 24:8-9
+8 # Bail-insSBGlett77 2022-03-12 14:16
No doubt they will try bail-ins, but the dirty secret is, the bail-ins that were tried in Europe in 2008-14 did not work. It did little to alleviate the debt overhang or the monetary suffering. The EU had to start their own QE to kick the can down the road further.

Now enter 2022. Not only do we have even larger debt overhangs worldwide, but inflation from the currency created through the debt is looming ever larger. Jerome Powell claims there is over $ 1 Trillion in U.S. savings right now. So let's assume the banks seize it all.
This will entirely blow up the U.S. economy. Why ?

Why indeed. The banks will "spend" the money to reduce their liabilities. This will make $ 1 Trillion dollars of creditor obligations whole - they now have money and not just book assets. In a context of inflation and scarcity, the creditors will use the "found money" to buy better investments, like commodities ( oil, food, raw materials, etc. ). This will immediately exacerbate the inflation problem, both through demand-pull, and quantity of money dilution.

Then, too, all good faith ( i.e., "full faith and credit" ) in the U.S. Dollar will be gone. No one will trust the U.S. Dollar as a store of value when it can be seized at will. This confidence has already collapsed largely due to the wanton freezing and/or seizure of assets of any country they don't like. Foreigners will exchange the rest of their Dollars for their own currency, even taking a bath on the oversold price drop, in order to just get the heck out of Dollars.

It is a widely-known, but little-discussed fact of repatriated currency: exchanged Dollars can only be spent in the United States. That has always been the case, but now the reality will hit like a ton of bricks. This will cause even more inflation, and we are flirting with early hyperinflation right now.

Lastly, you only do this once. No Americans would ever save in the system again, in any way, even in crypto currencies ( which can also be made illegal under severe penalties ). Spending of earned money would be near-instantaneous, as it was in Weimar Germany, when you had to rush out at lunchtime to buy groceries on payday before the price went up.

I could go on. But suffice it to say, inflation, high inflation, is here to stay, and there is no real remedy.
+8 # Yes!Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 14:12
Good observations. In all of this however plays into the globalist reset plan in that it will create a collapse of the world financial system. However, what Gates, Schwab and Soros (and the shadows that direct them) is that there is a long way from here to where they think they will be when the dust clears. The system has run its course. The earth is entering a cold period. (Surprised since the told you it was warming?) All countries know that changes must be made. However, who will run or rule over this "new order"? The West or the East? Who will sit on top? That is what this is all about. The Eastern banking system against the Western banking system. The earth is shifting into a new colder climate model. The magnetic poles are shifting fast. Crops are failing. The US had been modifying the weather to curb some of this in an effort to deny some of rain and give it to others. These are desperate measures. If the ship (of state) were sinking, would it matter if the captain was caught stealing the silver? And what if the rest of the crew were doing the same? Who would be left to prosecute or dole out justice? Since the ship and most of the passengers are headed to the bottom, what does the captain care? This war plan serves many agendas. First, the future climate will breed scarcity of most things. So people need to learn to do with less. In the future, the earth will not be able to feed most people north of the 45 parallel. Great migrations of people would go south overwhelming southern countries. So fewer people are seen as a plus. Virus / vaxx anyone? War may do the rest. The Chinese know this but their view is that if humanity is to survive, it should be of an Asian decent under their control. Chinese crops are bad now but you just wait. Right now they were able to buy great quantities of corn and wheat. What will happen later when the world gobbles up what's left after the next future crops fail to supply enough? This is a fight of civilizations. At some point it will be a life and death situation. The question these countries like Russia, India, China, the EU and US are asking themselves is: Are we ready enough to act now or later?"
+2 # I can vouch for the climate changeSBGlett77 2022-03-12 15:59
As a farmer, I can affirm we are seeing fairly dramatic climate change. In Central Ohio and Eastern Indiana, farmers describe the weather as "crazy", all the time. The important thing to remember is, it does not take much deviation from a normal weather pattern to really mess with yields.

Rains here, more often than not, are much greater in total inches per rain than they were just 20 years ago. In addition, these rains tend to be farther spaced, which sometimes leads to droughts right at planting time, or prime growing times, and then a flood of 3-5" comes and drowns out quite a bit of acreage. The need for late-plants and replants has greatly increased; just ask any crop insurance adjuster. Our Springs tend to be later, and the Falls tend to be much wetter. Weed control is much more tenuous whether spraying or cultivating.

A lot of the seed genetics of the last 20 years has been to assist with coping with these vagaries. However, this has been only partially successful. And many people don't want to be eating foods with unknowable health effects from super-GMOs.

This area is Eastern Corn Belt, and we were trending towards 240 bu./ac corn pretty uniformly, in GMO/herbicided fields. Now, drought and flooding hit in so many ways that, while some ultra-rich, well drained spots are still doing OK, the ordinary clay soil farm field commonly around here fluctuates between 130-200 almost all the time now. Most farmers depend heavily on crop insurance and subsidies to have any chance at a reliable profit year-to-year.
+2 # have you heardfeemeister 2022-03-12 17:23
that the weather is now controlled? That does NOT mean climate change. Actually, the climate of the earth has always changed. But WE think it is always supposed to be the way we think it SHOULD be! That doesn't make it so, and it does not mean that power hungry money grubbers are correct in the propaganda they push. But all this stuff going on now with the weather and the famines (and of course totally disregarding anything to do with supply chains and govt shutdowns of ports etc) to me looks totally part of the Horrid Reset that is being pushed upon what is left of humanity (after the DNA changing ''vaccines'' are starting to demolish people.
+5 # When Joe...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 16:13
When the government takes away your ability to access affordable fertilizer and fuel... Will that help? We are going into a climate change...a cold one. They told you it was warming. Nope. So in a cooler climate do you need less energy or more? The weather is "crazy" because the climate is shifting into a mini ice age. They know it. So the solution? Destroy our energy supply.
# End gameSBGlett77 2022-03-13 08:30
Yes, they can pull the plug on agriculture now at any time. With the cooler climate, more extreme fronts and flows bringing about untenable farming conditions, and super expensive fertilizers, fuel, herbicides, and seed, all they have to do now is pull the plug on crop insurance ( 62% gov't. funded ) and subsidies, and it's Game Over for commodity food production. This will happen as the U.S. Dollar loses creditworthiness and crashes; this is also according to plan.

We will have to grow our own food on composted soil in some type of expedient greenhouses. Get out of debt so you are less likely to be a target for bank seizure of your land plot, or be prepared to defend it the old-fashioned way.
+2 # hmm, maybe precursor usa-chinaDudimus Maximus 2022-03-12 13:54
Quoting jroot:
Russia and China in my estimation will join forces against Nato. The moment NATO goes to war on Russia, China will begin their invasion of Taiwan
USA will engage China; At which point, ( in my estimation) Russia will attack USA. Also civil war, great or small, widespread or local, will be in progress in USA at the same time- we are almost there...
+6 # RE: hmm, maybe precursor usa-chinaPesky Varmint 2022-03-12 15:34
We all agree that the US could use a civil war. But it will not happen.
Americans are too fat and lazy and as long as they have their NFL, NASCAR, and Kardasshians they aren't getting off their fat asses to fight to get back what they've lost. As as COVID has shown they'll obediently knuckle under to whatever fate is offered them (e.g. "You'll own nothing and like it"
+4 # concur, except u got it backwards:Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-12 13:46
When USA goes to war, great or small, full or limitedly) with China over Taiwan, Russia will launch and begin their (probably joint) take down of USA
+4 # RE: concur, except u got it backwards:selah 2022-03-12 14:05
USA are cowards! they will do nothing by themselves, always a proxy.
+3 # RE: concur, except u got it backwards:selah 2022-03-12 15:07
just to be clear, i'm talking about the leadership of usa
-2 # FriendsJohn Jones 2022-03-12 14:32
I have friends who died and were awarded medals for Valor and honor. You know nothing of these values. My Government might be cowardly scum like you but the some like me are still virtuous, courageous and honorable. Don't ever disrespect my country you utter piece of garbage.
+5 # "We were only following orders"Man of the Atom 2022-03-12 16:46
That's what they said in the Nuremberg trials.

Any nation has a right of defense, yes, and how "defense" is interpreted it the quesiton. What was going on in Ukraine (Biolabs, etc.) we now know was a threat to Russia. Iraq was not a direct threat to us.
+4 # RE: FriendsPesky Varmint 2022-03-12 15:38
Time was that described US troops with plenty of Valor and honor. However, future wars will feature high heels on the ground and mascara for however many sexes we will have.
+5 # RE: Friendsselah 2022-03-12 15:14
the leadership of your country, if it's the usa, is pure garbage, i'll disrespect it as much as i want. you know "freedom isn't free" because the masses are brainwashed into the military by the lies that we've been told for 100 years. we have been scammed for 100 years(or more). so i hold no ill will against those who fought and gave their lives. it's just like today, we the sheeple obey, obey, obey. the game has been exposed. anyone who fights for america in this time is truly uniformed and will have to answer to it. when they come for us, some will fight on our own soil until death.
wake up.
+1 # just your styleselah 2022-03-12 15:33
here's a tip for you, some tik tokers have the news you've been wanting to they were trained by your most trusted government. all for your enjoyment.
+6 # Soooooo...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 16:06
We need to rely on Chinese run Tick Tock for accurate war news coverage now? Now I know I am in hell.
+2 # Tic Toc?Man of the Atom 2022-03-12 16:55
I can't take this latest foolish action by this mis-Administration seriously.

The only image I have of Tic Toc is of those nurse assistants bopping around the hospital halls with pillows tied to their butts ..
+1 # RE: Soooooo...selah 2022-03-12 16:24
that's specifically for the housecs10 freak. he will love it!!
+6 # You sirDoug Brown 2022-03-12 15:14
Are a
Dollar short
And a dime short
The country you remember
has been overrun
Taken over
Corrupted beyond recognition
Open your eyes
Smell the coffee
+5 # RE: FriendsJFY 2022-03-12 14:59
So you are virtuous, courageous and honorable so you are supporting the NWO shills and Nazis in Ukraine who have been documented without a doubt to be using their own population as human shields so that they won't be fired upon by the Russian army.

Joe, is that you??
-8 # DummyJohn Jones 2022-03-12 15:17
Dumb ass, I was hunting Putin's Nazi Wagner mercenaries and I've seen what Putin's Chechen Muslim rape gangs can do. Don't overstate what the Azov battalion is. Traitorous scum like you will be shot by Putin first if people like you let him in.
# RE: DummyWoulf 2022-03-13 06:24
I bet what they can do was done "to you" and you "liked it". Gone dancing with the "Z" much?
+7 # RE: DummyJFY 2022-03-12 15:43
No one said anything about letting anyone in.

In this case, over in Ukraine, the Russians are right.

They have a right to preempt an attack with whatever hellish crap was being developed against them in the now widely known biolabs.

They also have a right to prevent the placement of nuclear missiles that could reach their capital so fast they wouldn't even have time to start acting in self-defense.

That is why they are there, and that is why we on this comment section are rooting for them.

What happens regarding this continent is another matter entirely, and it is totally specious on your part to equate them at all.
+6 # RE: Dummyselah 2022-03-12 15:39
you must like pain, wouldn't it make you happy to go to a website that agrees with your warped mentality. just leave us alone, please. you aren't going to conver any of us to your thinking. you are an informant and we will run circles around you. GTFO
+1 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseLambs Servant 2022-03-12 13:28
Heard that there was a ship that got attacked
# Are these the Russian Documents?plasmaglyphs 2022-03-12 13:26

Russian documanets of biolab evidence --- I think.. Haven't opened .zips yet .

Possible source --- lost rack

File names: translated (?)

1. Cooperation with other countries

2. Transfer of biomaterials

3. Bat Research Project

4. Migratory Bird Project UP-4

5. Act of destruction of Yavoriv

6. Act of destruction of Lviv

+17 # Be Nice To Hal;Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-12 13:00
he drove back home and got his wife to load up and goto Pennsy explaining along the way about blast points and such.... and now she might be looking at him funny... and NEXT time he says we gotta go, WE GOTTA GO NOW, she might not want to get in the car for the frantic ride to safety looking out the back window for the big flash, again... I'm just glad I TOLD NO ONE this time of the big event upon us... they already think we are nutz and making it all up; i cant even send people updates, they say..."where did u get that??" and blow it off....
-5 # Which event?John Jones 2022-03-12 14:29
Which event was this, I can't even keep track. Jews leaving NYC, Russian backed gold?, 3/11 beautiful evening, imminent dollar collapse, Cliff High crazy time table, Russia deploying nukes, Crypto collapse. None of these things has amounted to anything.
+3 # When the little boy actually saw the wolfMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 17:53
It was too late for him.

Better to be warned and nothing happens

than not to be warned and something happens.

In the first case you can at least prepare.
+1 # maybe ur right...Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-12 14:58
let's sell off all our boolscheit preps and supplies, and go on vacation!?
+4 # The Ostrich Cult…HuskerMike 2022-03-12 14:04
members have had their heads down and their asses in the air their entire life. They won’t believe there is a serious threat to themselves or their loved ones until either their beloved stocks and financial system irreparably crashes and the food drys up or those buckets of sunshine start appearing. Don’t waste your breath or tip your hands now, for one thing, it’s way too late for them to get ready even if you could wake them up.
+12 # Some never listenDwilliamsDDS 2022-03-12 13:24
I decided not to tell anyone anything. The way I see it, if people are too ignorant to even try and keep up with the news and wind up in a bad spot, they earned it.
+17 # I agree!Gregg W 2022-03-12 13:14
candace1! - I also decided NOT to tell anyone. I actually learned that a couple years ago. NOT because of anything Hal said or did, but I've warned people in the past and things don't happen. That's all good - we should all be glad!

At this point, people have had plenty of warnings. They all are responsible for how they respond.
+8 # I know rightfeemeister 2022-03-12 13:43
All this stuff is spose to happen, and well, like with finance. It's spose to blow up, so you get ready and then it doesn't because they have found new ways beyond all boundaries to make things look okay so ''nothing'' happens and you look stupid. Or like maybe the fed bails out banks with trillions of dollars and nobody knows about it and it doesn't go before congress at all (who saw THAT coming right?). ALWAYS something comes along and keeps something from happening (thank goodness, like you said), but we wind up with egg on our faces (thank goodness again) and they all think we're totally unhinged and stupid (not to mention gullible). Let's totally make up new ways to figure inflation! (I would hate to see what the inflation rate would be before they made up their new rules!) Let's rig the stock market to get HIGHER when unemployment goes up (who saw THAT coming right)? Let's rig the stock market also to go straight up, because it would NEVER be supposed to up and down and up and down like it used to do when it was considered NORMAL to be up and down. OH! and the catcher with silver! Let's make a very useful and precious commodity price go way DOWN when the stuff gets more scarce. Because EVERYTHING ELSE has the price fly straight down when it's scarce! We all learned THAT in school right? I'm so sick of all this crap . . .
+23 # RE: Be Nice To Hal;ChristianProChrist 2022-03-12 13:13
Best advice I can give you - worry about yourself. Everyone here has at least one loved member of their family who thinks we are crazy, it's because they believe no harm will come to them until it does.

Focus on yourself, get your affairs in order.. This way you can help them when they wake up. You can't help anyone if you can't even help yourself.
+8 # ChristianProChristoldschool 2022-03-12 14:03
Your right. I going to quit sending stuff to anyone. Get my own house in good order so maybe I can survive for a while, If they haven't seen the light by now, they won't until things really begin to happen.
+15 # Sloppy Joe says...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 13:00
Sloppy Seconds Joe says: " The US will not fight Russia directly, it would be world war three... never try to kid a kidder. Sending planes, tanks and military equipment and planes WITH AMERICAN PILOTS would mean WWIII. So, we are going to send Ukraine military equipment and supplies into Ukraine." Who does weird Uncle Sniff think he is kidding? Russia? Would the US see any difference in enemies between the enemy it is fighting and the supporting enemy that is supplying it equipment to do so? Joe, who are YOU kidding.
+6 # In VietnamGregg W 2022-03-12 13:18
Didn't China support the North Vietnamese when we were fighting over there? We didn't attack China.

We supported the Afghanis when they were fighting the Soviets. Russia didn't attack us then.

Apparently this kind of crap has gone on for a long time (probably centuries).

I wonder if all parties know this is a game until the Newer World Order can be put in place? If they are all satanists they may all want the same result.
+14 # And how would they?Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 13:15
How or by what route is the US going to use to deliver that 13 billion dollars worth of "aid" into Ukraine? Air drops? Via another NATO country (with the exception of Poland since they are too smart for that) or will the majority of that money go into the pockets of various politicians and shady mercenary groups? If you were a NATO bordering country to Russia, would YOU be stupid enough to send military "aid" to Ukraine via your country? The US won't do it. Would you? No, most of that money will disappear into the pockets of several politicians, companies and mercenary 3rd parties. Oh, did you know? Congress gave itself another 20% pay increase in this latest Omnibus spending bill they just passed at 2am without proper review or time for anyone to read it. These people have your life in their hands. These crooks are also pressing for all out world war without looking like they want it. Did you get a 20% pay increase?
+9 # Insider stock tradingHuskerMike 2022-03-12 14:14
with their insider legislation knowledge about to hit the house or senate subcommittee floors has also made most congressmen multimillionaires. If you and I did it, we would find ourselves in Ft Leavenworth, but they’re “special”.
+8 # Are you SERIOUS?feemeister 2022-03-12 13:48
20 percent? And HOW have they earned that? By doing anything about election rigging? By having Fauci put in Gitmo for treason? For auditing the Fed? By making sure the American people get their Constitution back? These people are SO useless . . .
+6 # Money for UkraineBren1776 2022-03-12 13:31
Here in Canada in every grocery store, pharmacy etc they are asking for money for Ukraine lol. I almost lost it on the cashier when he asked me to donate! These grocery stores/pharmacies are owned by the wealthy oligarchs and they don't want to let a good crisis go to waste!
+5 # Probably every dimefeemeister 2022-03-12 13:49
will wind up in Hunter's coffers!
+19 # Thank YouEagleLady77 2022-03-12 12:51
Hal, it's good to see you back. I was worried about you because you didn't post anything yesterday. Thank you for keeping us well informed about what is going on. I hope that people are praying for you and for your family. And for protection for your home, your equipment, and your vehicles.
+12 # Anti-tankSBGlett77 2022-03-12 12:51
Watching anti-tank action video supplied by Ukrainians with drones, it looks like whenever a tank column passes good cover for the Ukrainians, the Russian tanks get chewed up pretty badly. And they are able to hide and attack from short range, too, with houses and hedgerows nearby.

Infantry support to sweep the launchers is not effective against these easily-hidden AT troops with Javelins. I'm sure Russians are changing tactics even now.

But this constant tough-guy provision of weapons has to be ticking off the Russians something fierce, and that demands proactive tactics. It is just too easy to truck in a few crates of MANPADS or Javelins in an ordinary truck or even car. These will all become targets, day and night, to where even food suppliers will fear to go into Ukraine.

It is Russia who will have the no-fly zone, and if challenged by the U.S. using their proxies in Eastern Europe, they will really trigger Russia's strength in IRBMs, conventional and otherwise.

The U.S., I think, has meant for this to be a proxy war to weaken Russia using European cannon fodder from the start, and that aspect is not working out at all.

I am concerned that Russia's next warning level will be, "OK, United States, we know the source of the troublemaking; cut it out or we will have to nuke you.". Then NATO's coherence and mettle will be really tested.
+11 # Notice...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 13:30
Have you noticed that nearly all the MSM video and focus is the following: destruction of Russian equipment and pictures of buildings destroyed by what is assumed was caused by Russian bombs and attacks. Where is the footage of Ukraine tanks being taken out? Where is the footage of surrendering Ukraine troops? Where are the interviews of the people in east Ukraine celebrating victory after victory as they tackle the east Ukrainian army? Only a few alternate sources cover these. Never the MSM. Tells you volumes about our "free press" doesn't it.
+2 # YesSBGlett77 2022-03-12 16:08
Yes it does.
+16 # This damn thing will go on forever!Gregg W 2022-03-12 12:46
If NATO and the US have their way, they will keep this 'war' going as long as possible. Think of the millions of dollars to be made with all the weapons and armaments!
They can fight Russia to the last Ukrainian man! Go Ukraine! Stand up for democracy! NATO will help you from back here.

Russia knows this is NATO's game. Wear Russia down and keep feeding the war. I hate to say it, but unless they cut off the head of the damn snake, they are screwed.

They know what happened in Syria. They played that game for a couple years and still America wouldn't leave and Syria is not free from NATO's games. (It's just not big news right now.)
+10 # RE: This damn thing will go on forever!BeenThere 2022-03-12 12:49

It's a bankers war - AGAIN!

Keep this crisis going for as long as possible - Billions to be made
+11 # 3-12-22???????nothing yetDogsncars 2022-03-12 12:41
Well I guess Russia was trying to see how we would react or just pulling us with the 3-11-22 comment. I woke up kind of sad DC is still here
+6 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting Worseselah 2022-03-12 12:39
maybe we will get lucky and zelensky will have his cocaine laced with the death drug. these recruits must have been getting their training based on nato protocol. drugs for all. it's what keeps you in the "fighting mind"
+20 # No Surprise.northshorepaul 2022-03-12 12:28
I have thought this from the beginning. How can Russia permit/condone the shipments of armament into Ukraine without wiping the shipment out. This is basic warfare, stop all replenishments of logistics, without doing so Ukraine will have an unlimited supply of mercenaries, amateurs and armaments. Once withing the borders of Ukraine, within the theater of operations they will become fair game for Russian attack. This then brings me to the feeding of battlefield intelligence to the Ukranians by the US/NATO in the form of drones and recon aircraft flying beyond the Ukranian borders. It is time for Russia to neutralize the intelligence gathering through maximum electronic jamming. Without these eyes in the sky Ukraine is blind. The satelites are another issue and might require neutrallizing as well.
+7 # RE: No Surprise.selah 2022-03-12 12:34
maybe they will do something big on monday
-14 # Special Military Operation ???GQHTRS2021 2022-03-12 12:21
That sounds like a Russian propaganda Talking Point .
+16 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseJFY 2022-03-12 12:20
Unfortunately Russia is finding out the hard way that the only way to deal with a rabid dog is to put it down.

NATO/NWO/WEF etc. won't ever stop until they are stopped.

Unfortunately, we the innocent bystanders of the world are in the way and with nowhere to duck for cover.
+14 # You can Thank Biden?Garyhines 2022-03-12 12:19
Hi Hal it's time to arrest Biden for his crimes against humanity and his Crack Head Piece of Trash son .all of sudden now it's like the United States has become a Dictator to the world the United States needs to be issued Sanctions and give them a taste of there own medicine. China could step in and freeze the United States bank accounts and freeze stock market.and even call military back too port and seize military hardware due to the United States is bankrupt and unable to pay Chinese government.
+5 # The US is like the dictator of the world...Gregg W 2022-03-12 12:54
Good point. I have thought about this. It seems like "A New World Order" began after WW2. America and NATO had preeminence across the world.
We got the World's Reserve Currency (Petrodollar), we put military bases in many countries; we told other nations what to do; If nations didn't play along with us and the bankers who financed everything, WE put them down.

We really have been like the Beast Empire (similar to that in the Book of Revelation) - not exactly, I know.

Maybe there will be another NWO after America is destroyed. That wouldn't surprise me. I just have wondered: IF America and NATO is THE NWO/Beast of Revelation, then we might be closer to the end of all this CRAP than we think!
+12 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseBeenThere 2022-03-12 12:16
Just as what occurred in Vietnam will occur in Ukraine. The weapons will be hit on the supply route in country.

Hopefully the NATO countries providing such support aren't completely insane as to allow their troops to act as the moving company inside Ukraine - as well all wait to see.....
+14 # I heard it on the grapevineLexie 2022-03-12 12:08
The British gov is moving towards 'adopt a Ukrainian time'.. Ukrainian refugees will be issued special visas, what does that mean?..Well speculation abounds with one theory apparently being anyone with a spare room in the house may find themselves forced to take on a refugee if you live in social housing and happen to have spare rooms you mind find the British gov has decided to utilise those rooms..not sure how close to true this is but knowing our gov is broke and desperate plus eager to please Nato and Ukraine it will not surprise me in the slightest to see this happening and ,lets face it, the UK gov has no respect for its citizens especially socially housed citizens.
+12 # RE: I heard it on the grapevineBeenThere 2022-03-12 12:19
Quoting Lexie:
The British gov is moving towards 'adopt a Ukrainian time'.. Ukrainian refugees will be issued special visas, what does that mean?..Well speculation abounds with one theory apparently being anyone with a spare room in the house may find themselves forced to take on a refugee if you live in social housing and happen to have spare rooms you mind find the British gov has decided to utilise those rooms..not sure how close to true this is but knowing our gov is broke and desperate plus eager to please Nato and Ukraine it will not surprise me in the slightest to see this happening and ,lets face it, the UK gov has no respect for its citizens especially socially housed citizens.

You mean SUBJECTS - not Citizens with any kind of rights....
+16 # FirstDoug Brown 2022-03-12 11:55
First they rejected the Security Request
Would of been so easy to give.
But they repeatedly said no.
Now there is war and they are

So ashamed of our once great nation.
+7 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseJanie 2022-03-12 11:51
Found a site today called ProjectGrayMan watching those who watch you. On youtube. This guy claims to get intel and put out the exact same warning about Friday night as Hal did (after Hal). It seems a whole lot of people were expecting something though it didn't happen (yet) which is, of course a good thing. Just putting it out there for all those doubting credibility of this
+3 # Putin might have thoughtGregg W 2022-03-12 13:04
That revealing all the info about the Ukrainian Bio Labs would have shocked the West.

Little did he know that we have been so used to propaganda and BS that half the country doesn't believe anything that they don't hear on CNN, MSN or NPR!

He should know better than to think it would have as big an effect. I have no idea what He really had in mind, but this was one idea.
# In the UN Security CouncilMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 22:11
Brazil and India supported Russia and China.

Biden really is making a big impact in foreign relations, isn't he?

I remember an old prophecy of sorts that most of the world would turn against the USA in the future. We may be at the leading edge of that.
-3 # Talk is cheapSamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2022-03-12 11:50
What comes to my mind when I was a teenager young teenager there was this Harris lady and she would grow her tree all winter long and a store window her apartment was converted over to and apartment and she would grow her tree in there all year and then the next year planted outside that's all I can think about is her that was 40 years ago something rang in my head down about it and I would go there every year to see how her tree was doing one particular tree she kept her for 2 years then put it outside I liked her but she was too old for me and that was here in Rome and Rome New York ever since I heard that cryptic message all you can think about is boots on the ground or are they tree that she would grow in a store window and winter time I believe that we are at the edge of peace to happen or war there is no in between and they trees is a symbol of a year what a year this year is turning out to be
# Was that a Chrismas tree?Man of the Atom 2022-03-12 22:16
You know, the Norfolk Island Pine Tree?

We have three of them, one planted in the yard.
+6 # RE: Talk is cheapselah 2022-03-12 12:17
lol you certainly have a way with words
+17 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting Worseebelfer52 2022-03-12 11:49
Can't help but think that last night was a beautiful night. no global destruction. no global war, yet.. maybe one of the last good nights. we should be thankful, since this is long from over
+17 # "Gee Let Me Think" 2022-03-12 11:42
They put "A Outright Communist Obama in Power" who started "Destruction from within." Then Obama does his third term "Through His Puppet Joe-Hole Dementia Riddled 'Shit Pants' Biden" whom "Obama has Systematically take down upon entrance to the Presidency the American Oil Industry setting us up to buy Oil from Russia." Then "Starts a Bunch of Crap over Ukraine" knowing full well "Sanctions HURT AMERICANS" and "MADE THE RUSSIAN OIL EXPORTERS AND RUSSIA RICH BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS," while "Systematically Weakening America" also "Using Our Strategic Oil Reserves maintained for WAR or National Emergency." Now "Getting a Weakened America into a War with Russia and China the Coup Degrace Our Country Shall Be Utterly Destroyed." I think that "About sums it up."
+5 # Damn it!Gregg W 2022-03-12 13:25
Yep. You nailed it. It pisses me off how so many believed little barry obummer was a good guy. They used the decades of race baiting against us and put a "black man who speaks pretty well" (similar to how Biden described him years ago).

They made sure he ran against two RINOs - the weak old buzzard mccain and wimpy pretty boy Mitt. Good grief. Neither one even acted like they wanted to win the election.

The FIX was in from the beginning. Such a bunch of crap.
+16 # RE: "Gee Let Me Think"BeenThere 2022-03-12 12:27
Trump was in on it as well - he had to be, no other explanation for his failing to arrest ALL treasonous actors. He could have easily invoked the Freedom Act which replaced the Patriot Act.
+9 # I wonder that tooEMJL 2022-03-12 13:03
Somehow he was controlled. Threats to his family? Threats to the US from stored weapons inside the US that would cause great harm to see our country? Either that or he is in on all of this. I put no faith in human leadership anymore.
+8 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorsePaul Kurzlee 2022-03-12 11:41
Here is another example for the reasons I post such things as I do. This is for the down voters who I want to ask >do any of you have any better ideas? < Probably not. Please post them if you do and see if that gets so many thumbs down. Anyways read this example then down vote me some more. This is the reason for my feelings.
+10 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting Worseselah 2022-03-12 12:12
this was a good article until the last sentence. russia is well prepared for the sanctions. i believe russia and china will align. yea china is in the us politicians pockets, big time, but i think china needs russia. they know Vlad is for real.
# I think that's backwardsMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 22:19
Many US politicians are in China's pockets due to $$$, drugs, girls including underage ones - really.
+20 # The great day for the world was yesterdayBooskybobcat 2022-03-12 11:24
and it was not something to be scared about, it wasn't nukes it was the exposing of US bio labs to the UN and the rest of the world. It is interesting that Russia has held some of the proof back so that a full investigation can be done, very smart. The group of countries that want an investigation was also interesting.
+19 # I've been here a few yearsSrmay72 2022-03-12 12:34
I've told the story a hundred times about in 2001 my brother in law was drunk but extremely ready to talk. He stood up and said he wasn't supposed to talk about it yet but 10 years was long enough. That night he told how him and the others were sterilized while learning how to handle the bioweapon they were going to use in his marine recon unit. He told us how they had several ops into north Korea they were given certain targets to kill but this new weapon they just released and left, they could dial this bioweapon in to kill say north Korean men in a certian village folks this was 1991 31 years ago. I get down voted so much yet while many were saying yesterday was a nothing burger ONCE AGAIN WHAT IVE SAID FOR 20 YEARS RUSSIA FINALLY RELEASES PROOF AMERICAN MILITARY HAS GENE SPECIFIC BIOWEAPONS. I don't just make up stories to woe people, God put certain people in my life that worked on some of the biggest projects ever known. So here we set 20 years I've said we have them and everyone laughs says I'm crazy, WHAT YOU SHOULD BE ASKING IS WHY THEY ARE ALLOWING THIS INFO OUT YESTERDAY??? FOLKS GET YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WHERE IT SHOULD BE WE ARE SOON TO SEE THE REAL BIOWEAPON THAT TARGETS WHITE CHRISTIANS JUST LIKE I WAS TOLD THINK ABOUT IT. THEY BROUGHT MILLIONS INTO AMERICA MUSLIMS HINDUS, EVERYTHING BUT CHRISTIANS WE ARE WARNED IN THE BIBLE ABOUT THESE DAYS IF YOUR NOT SAVED BETTER GET OFF OF THE ANTICHRIST SYSTEM AND PRAY TO GOD
+2 # ... a few more yearsms 2022-03-12 13:22
About 40 years ago,a high school friend was in the army in Germany: he said he expert in Chemical Weapons deployment from helicopters -- nerve agents, blister agents.

About 30 years ago, worked with an Ex-NSA guy that never talked about his previous job. One day after a few too many beers he said: " .. they have viruses that can kill every blue eyed person on the face of the earth in three days .... ". My response was "who has these bio weapons"... He quickly realized that he has said way too much. He would say no more. Did he mean the USA, or the Chinese ? I don't know.
# Strange what people will tell youMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 22:30
I live near a USN base - just outside nuclear blast range assuming missile accuracy! One day in the late 1990s I was at a magazine rack in a grocery store looking at magazines and as you sometimes do, strike up a conversation with someone standing nearby. He told me he had been in USN but left - his main reason for doing so was that they had an explosives manual detailing the components used by all groups and therefore could rig an explosive which would be tied to a certain group, you know a false flag attack. He said he didn't want to be a part of that.

With regard to viruses, "Mother Nature doesn't like molecular tinkering" as a Nobel Laureate once said so they do mutate into less harmful forms after killing a certain number of people.
+5 # To Srmay72FollowTheeMoreNearly 2022-03-12 13:01
Having listened to Steve Quayle's videos the past couple of years, I believe he would support your premise.
+8 # Srmay72LauraL 2022-03-12 12:50
There's nothing crazy about the story of your brother. Not only is it plausible but highly likely. I remember the first time Putin accused the USA of targeting Slavs with bioweapons. That was years ago and I didn't know enough to discern but I certainly figured it was true. I remember so clearly; probably because I'm Slovak.
What's really important in your comment?
Look for God while He may be found, repent of your sins, and submit to Jesus as the Lord of your life. He is risen and we will be too! I can't wait for my new body. I'm sure I'm not along. :)
+2 # RE: The great day for the world was yesterdayPaul Kurzlee 2022-03-12 12:01
Quoting Booskybobcat:
and it was not something to be scared about, it wasn't nukes it was the exposing of US bio labs to the UN and the rest of the world. It is interesting that Russia has held some of the proof back so that a full investigation can be done, very smart. The group of countries that want an investigation was also interesting.

And exactly how much coverage will that story get? I mean the one about Russia and the lab documents. It will get ZERO coverage and the sheeple will never even hear about it. Just like the previous 8 years nobody heard about the Donbass attacks on the people there. That is why DIRECT ACTION is required. poohtin REFUSES to give that. So that must mean poohtin is one a them. Just like the act donny plays.
+5 # RE: The great day for the world was yesterdayselah 2022-03-12 12:25
ii think you are really underestimating Putin and his capabilities. he hasnt moved on the weapons coming in cuz he has much, much better inteligence and military capabilities that what has been seen so far. right now, he is warning that it needs to stop, very soon. he has the wisdom to see that one wrong move blows up humanity. i have full confidence in Vlad, he is wise beyond our ability to see what's really going on. i hope it is the Lord that he seeks to obey and most of all, he trusts the Lord. God only knows what the results will be.
+9 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting Worseselah 2022-03-12 11:21
good info here:
+6 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting Worseselah 2022-03-12 11:49
and this demonic old hagg is as bad as biden
# One wonders if they were both snorting white powder and gigglingMan of the Atom 2022-03-12 22:32
She seems like that type.
-3 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorsePaul Kurzlee 2022-03-12 12:04
Quoting selah:
and this demonic old hagg is as bad as biden

Remember about a year ago poohtin told the whole world that he would target these leaders like pig-louzy and REUSES to do it now. What a lying piece of shit poohtin really is. And he has the means to do it. Unlike any of us.
-13 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorsePaul Kurzlee 2022-03-12 11:14
At least the poohtin is trying a little bit. Give credit where it is due. The stupid fucker STILL REFUSES to target anything real let alone new weapons coming in. Too little too late comes to mind. BTW WTF happened to the **beauty** we was all supposed to witness friday night? Another made up date for an event that never happens. Typical situation we have heard it hundreds of times before. Such and such date something supposed to happen then the day comes and goes just another day forced to live under this regime in this shit country. Why does the poohtin REFUSE to target these fucking cocksuckers? Why is it going on and on and he REFUSES to do anything? It will be a real shock if the stupid prick gets off his ass and fights back this time. Why should we believe these useless stories? The poohtin won't do fuck all. Who believes this latest bravado from Russians? Useless assholes. They could win this by tomorow if poohtin would attack the correct targets. All we get is more macho man bullshit from poohtin. USELESS. Absolutely USELESS.
+12 # Remember...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 12:23
The West is expert at creating no win / damned if you don't damned if you do situations. They also control the world's largest propaganda machine the world has ever seen. The fight can not be simply focused against physical targets, but against mental ones as well. The West needs to be exposed and discredited which Russia is doing as the West lies to the whole world about its bio labs. It tried to drag Poland into the war by goading them into sending jets to Ukraine. Only Poland isn't fall for it and they put the pile of shit right back into USA's lap who then promptly backed off. The US wishes to expand this war at Europe's expense. Knowing this, why would Russia want to play into that? Why supply the excuse for a greater conflict? Russia is playing this very carefully. It's easy to talk big and bold. Its another to face the Western world killers who are just waiting for you to give them any reason to drag your country into ruin.
+7 # A keeperSBGlett77 2022-03-12 12:31
Exactly. Great and concise post, Gulfcaptain.
-1 # RE: Russia-Ukraine-NATO: It Keeps Getting WorseWillyalberta 2022-03-12 11:53
I think I understand your position , however , I do disagree about Putin mental ability, he is very ,very sharp and proving to be essential to the Great Reset and a truly valuable graduate of Klaus Schwab , Young Global Leaders . Yes , he has not unleashed his military , just enough to stir the Sheep and take a few more steps to the Great Reset . Leaders like him will be enjoying life in their massive castles living better than Kings , while the sheep; Will have nothing, be happy and continue to blindly drink the kool aid
+4 # WILD WEASELOVERCOMER 2022-03-12 11:11
This will go WILD WEASEL QUICK. Things will tend to get out of HAND!!!!!
+9 # I doubt it...Gulfcaptain 2022-03-12 12:32
No, Putin will hit those shipments inside Ukraine. Any attack on those convoys outside of Ukraine would probably be a false flag. The US wants to drag Russia into a shooting war in Europe. Poland recognised this and passed off the jet transfer scam over to the US in Germany who then backed off. The US wants a greater war but does not want it showing up on US soil. Europe? Yes. The USA? No.
+2 # RE: I doubt it...selah 2022-03-12 14:24
yes and that's exactly why, if the usa pulls a false flag, russia should target the usa specifically.
+9 # What part of...PastorK 2022-03-12 11:10
don't do this don't the U.S. and NATO not understand? They seem determined to poke the bear until he strikes. Jesus said to his disciples, “Things that make people fall into sin are bound to happen, but how terrible for the one who makes them happen! It would be better for him if a large millstone were tied around his neck and he were thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. - Luke 17:1-2
+14 # Just MeDanp2853 2022-03-12 11:05
Glad you are back Hal. Any thoughts on the Russians saying that Friday night was going to be Beautiful? Thanks for all the updates.
+2 # RE: Just MeBob 2022-03-12 11:43
Putin never specified WHICH Friday. We all assumed it would be yesterday.
+4 # March 11 Show missingMaryelizabethanne 2022-03-12 11:04
Hi! Can anyone help me find Hal’s March 11 show?
+2 # ArchiveCarla Ray 2022-03-12 11:32
May 11th archive is not up yet.
+2 # OopsCarla Ray 2022-03-12 11:32
March 11th archive not up yet.


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