Russian Foreign Ministry now hinting at Europe-wide war

Today the Russian Foreign Ministry made a remark, on the record, to Russia's Sputnik News Service which changes the entire dynamic concerning the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, and the remark is frighteningly ominous.

Commenting about the situation and the actions taken by the European Union and United States, the foreign Ministry told Sputnik "The security of the European continent is at risk due to EU action in Ukraine."

Did you get that?  Did that sink in?  "The security of the European continent is at risk due to EU action in Ukraine."

That remark, casually reported by Sputnik, seems to convey to those paying attention, that Europe is now risking a very much wider war over the things it has done, and continues to do, in Ukraine.

It seems to some keen observers that Russia is coming to the conclusion that they may have to take all of Europe. 

Of course, that would mean a NATO versus Russia war and we already know that in such an event, NATO would declare Article five self defense.   We also know that if NATO declares article five self defense against Russia, that Russia will unleash its nuclear arsenal.  President Vladimir Putin make this explicitly clear, with his public remarks in February saying "If NATO declares Article 5 against Russia, it will be a war that no one will win."

He actually said those precise words.

As most readers know, the only "war that no one will win" is a nuclear war.

Given these facts, for Russia's Foreign Ministry to tell Sputnik "The security of the European continent is at risk due to EU action in Ukraine" is no small gaff.  It's not a mistake in wording or in translation.

As if to echo the remarks of the Foreign Ministry, Kremlin Spokeman Dmitry Peskov, commenting to another news agency TASS, said today “Most likely, a huge global storm is starting”   

“In many ways, there are objective reasons for that, but there are also subjective reasons for this beginning storm, which are linked to absolutely illogical and often absurd decisions and actions of the authorities in the US, Europe, the EU and individual European countries,” he said.

Russia, through its Foreign Ministry and simultaneously through its Kremlin Spokesman, is now officially, and publicly, hinting at a Europe-wide war; which from other statements, we know will be nuclear.

(HT Remark: Get right with God.  There isn't going to be a lot of time to do that if this thing goes wild weasel.)




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