Russian President Lays Out His Judgment on the Continued Existence of the US and Europe

Russian President Lays Out His Judgment on the Continued Existence of the US and Europe

In a speech in Russia today, Vladimir Putin laid out his Judgment on the continued Existence of the US and the EU. "The concepts of honor, trust, and decency, are not for them." and " . . .  they got used to spitting on the whole world." He went on: "Indeed the Western elites have become a symbol of total, unprincipled lies."

An excerpt from today's speech appears with English sub-titles below.  To even the most dense viewer, it should occur that this man is laying out the reasons the United States and Europe should no longer exist.

That's a hell of an ugly reality coming from a man whose country literally has the ability to wipe us all out.  It is almost as if he is priming the world for what may be coming, soon . . . 

Here's the speech:


Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

The reason the elites of the west have become "a symbol of total, unprincipled, lies" is because to date, there have been absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES FOR THEM as they go about all their total, unprincipled lying.   No one gets fired.  No one gets prosecuted.  No one gets thrown in jail.  This needs to change, but it WON'T because the very people who CAN fire, prosecute, and jail the liars, ARE the people doing all the lying!

If what the Russian President was talking about merely affected those doing the unprincipled lying, that would be one thing, but he's not talking about affecting only them, what he's talking about would affect the rest of US too.

We have the right to defend ourselves from the horrifying wreckage, death, and destruction, these western elites will cause to be heaped upon us.   It's time to begin doing just that; while we still can.



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