UPDATED 10:39 AM EDT -- Russian Presidential Fleet Plane Enroute to Washington DC - Evacuating Diplomats?

UPDATED 10:39 AM EDT -- Russian Presidential Fleet Plane Enroute to Washington DC - Evacuating Diplomats?

An aircraft from the Russian Presidential fleet is presently on its way from Moscow to Washington, DC.  It is now feared this plane is coming to evacuate Russian Diplomats prior to . . . well . . . what __could be__ the start of a war.

As of 6:16 AM Eastern US Time, the aircraft has left air space which is tracked by radar, and is now over the Atlantic Ocean being tracked by Satellite:


No word yet from anyone why this plane is coming to the USA.

The Russian Federation maintains Consular Offices in three locations in the U.S., Washington, DC is its main Embassy.  In New York City and in Houston, are Consulate offices.

Main Russian Embassy:  2650 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20007

Consulate New York City:  9 E 91st St, New York, NY 10128

Consulate Houston, TX:  1333 West Loop S Ste 1300, Houston, TX 77027

Folks in an around those cities may wish to take a drive by, and see if there are any obvious signs that staff are evacuating, or if there is dense smoke coming out of a chimney indicating the burning of documents.



Belarusian President Lukashenko said that he has given orders to bring the army to full combat readiness against the backdrop of the events in Russia.

"If Russia collapses, we will remain under the rubble, we will all die" he said.

'The threat of a new global conflict has never been as close as it is today.'

"Once again, they are trying to blow up our country, our entire region, to disorient people. Shake up the situation by any means and, under this noise, impose your own rules, establish your own order.

An order in which there will no longer be either our countries or people."


UPDATE 10:39 AM EDT --

The Russian Foreign Ministry has commented on this plane:

"A Russian plane is on its way to the United States to evacuate diplomats ordered to leave the country by US authorities, Zakharova said in her Telegram channel.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, it is not a question of expulsion, but of restrictions on operations created by Washington."

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