Russian (Senator) Says Russia "At war with all of NATO"

Russian (Senator) Says Russia "At war with all of NATO"

Russian Security Council (i.e. Senate) Secretary Nikolay Patrushev has publicly stated that it's not fundamentally Ukraine that Russia is at war with, but that the Russian military is facing all of NATO inside Ukraine.

"The events in Ukraine aren’t a clash between Moscow and Kiev. It’s a military confrontation of NATO, first of all the US and Britain, with Russia.

Fearing a direct engagement, NATO instructors push Ukrainian men to certain death," he said in a fresh interview with state-owned newspaper

People in the collective West do not seem to understand the implications of Russian political officials repeatedly stating "Russia is at war with all of NATO."  The implications are that all of NATO may be attacked.

Those who dismiss such a possibility because they think we have "Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)" are in error.

Russia has bomb shelters for at least forty million of their people.  We in the West, do not.

In Russia's shelters there exists:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Medicine
  • Generators for electricity
  • Fuel supplies for those generators
  • Communications gear
  • Machine tools (for rebuilding society)

In the West . . . we have no shelters and no supplies for them, either.

Russia conducts actual exercises with its people every couple years, so they can know where their nearest shelter is, and GET TO IT when the test drill takes place.   We in the West have no such drills . . . because we have no shelters, no food, no water, no medicine and no machine tools in them.

So if the two sides go head to head, Russia comes out alive with sufficient people to rebuild.   The West, dies.  In case you have any confusion about that, I am talking about YOU.   You die.  Your family dies.  If not from the blasts, then from the fallout or from no food and water, slowly starving to death.

THIS is what the US Government is playing with; YOUR life - as it fans warfare inside Ukraine.




# Bomb sheltersThor1776 2023-01-11 12:44
This article would be more accurate if it said that the American citizen does not have bomb shelters. The government and the Pentagon have access to a vast underground system for everything they need is there for the rebuild.
+1 # B is for BlunderBuffalo356 2023-01-10 10:03

The Blunders of Joey B. admin makes one wonder if it is sheer incompetence or something more sinister?
For example Biden admin deploys Air Marshals to border to help with migrants
then this:
the cherry on top being the draining of the strategic petro reserve!
-1 # You forgotWoulf 2023-01-10 07:18
You can already get "domed" for "cold fries" or asking to "pay extra" for the "special sauce".
So when the US and Russia are "tapped out". Whom is left standing? Oh, yea our new "role model". A bunch of "commies".
+4 # Russia at war with all of NATODeepwoo 2023-01-09 21:53
This reminds of an old joke back in the day. USA has Johnny Cash and Bob Hope, Canada has no cash, and no hope.
+1 # Central Command of the Ukrainian Army told them to leave immediately...Nevada Swede 2023-01-09 21:13
10/01/2023 - 03:43

Ukrainian dominoes fall: Russians sweep Soledar and enter Blagodatnoye, Paraskovievka – Seversk-Bakhmut-Slaviansk communication cut off

Source w/Videos:
+3 # RE: Russian (Senator) Says Russia "At war with all of NATO"Jbudd22 2023-01-09 19:37
At some point I firmly believe the war is coming to US with the help of government insiders who hate America. It will probably be like 911. You wake and start watching the news...or you find yourself talking with St Peter and trying figure out how you got there, only to look back at the white flash and mushroom cloud, then realizingg what happened!
-1 # RE: Russian (Senator) Says Russia "At war with all of NATO"SeymourInSedona 2023-01-09 17:50

we literally do not know yet if they are going to follow through
-2 # Its real hard to know a RusianMildB 2023-01-09 17:35
Unless you have been drinking and thinking with him all day.

Sign: WildB
+2 # AndMildB 2023-01-09 17:39
Someones with guts has to grease the treads of reason because the O~Biden Inc folks are to treasonous and green to stand fast.
+1 # Flush now...WilliamtheResolute 2023-01-09 17:12
Unfortunately I think it's too late for the U.S. with our current elected officials in power...we need find a way to flush this toilet.
+4 # None of this should be shockingoak2022 2023-01-09 15:46
None of this should be entirely shocking as the CIA and State Department have been messing around in other countries' buisiness since those agencies existed.

They topple governments, set up networks to launder cash, and act like God on a regular basis. They may have gone too far this time.
# Bend over America!Chappyusa1 2023-01-09 15:45
You're about to take it up the tailpipe!

There will be no mercy for you, for behold your judgment comes. This is the price we pay for becoming modern Sodom and Gomorrah, for good men did nothing.
+2 # And don't forget....Stanley Rothenstein 2023-01-09 18:29
you are still murdering the innocent and calling it choice. We gonna burn!!
-3 # When Trump won the PresidentcyDoug Brown 2023-01-09 15:34
When Trump won
I envisioned Trump and Putin
Both in Moscow Square
Kneeling together
Publically repenting for all the crap.
Setting the stage for an exciting renewal
In every aspect
Educational exchange
Economic renewal
Medical exchange
A freedom in travel
Food diversity. Cuisine sharing


+4 # I threw upjameschrls 2023-01-09 17:45
Trump is a Freemason liar
-3 # I weptDoug Brown 2023-01-09 15:36
I wept at the beauty of the proposal.
+1 # Someone tell Putinjddonahey1990 2023-01-09 15:34
That in order to get the votes for MCcarhty to become speaker of the house he made concessions to members, that he would no longer be sending any AID to the Ukraine.

I know Biden can do it himself if he so chooses but at least it is a positive move towards us butting out if Mccarthy sticks to his promise.

I will not hold my breath though.
-5 # RE: Russian (Senator) Says Russia "At war with all of NATO"The Deplorable Renegade 2023-01-09 13:18
That Putin crony has no credibility. He knows damn well what his country is wanting to do to Ukraine.
+3 # RE: Russian (Senator) Says Russia "At war with all of NATO"JFY 2023-01-09 14:32
You give him no credibility, but objectively he has a lot of credibility and the rest of the world knows it.

All the governments of "The West" and the "MSM" know it; they just don't admit it because they're toeing their masters' NWO party line.
+7 # We seem to have 2 2023-01-09 13:02
We seem to have 2 choices.
We can either after well over 100 years, of allowing little other than criminal activity in DC:

1.) Gain control over our Satanic government, no matter how that needs to be accomplished.

2.) Apply for Russian citizenship because this country is going to be RIGHTFULLY destroyed.

(I guess these were more important things to do like for instance watch football games)
-1 # 100% agreedA706 2023-01-10 10:39
You are the only one here that has successfully installed an avatar pic, congrats!!
-2 # WowMp 2023-01-09 12:15
He finally got a clue.
-1 # OOO-RAHALsPAL 2023-01-09 11:32
-2 # warfare 2.0Turnercom1 2023-01-09 11:31
# RE: warfare 2.0John Galt 2023-01-09 15:42
Quoting Turnercom1:

If you’re in touch with those people, tell them to increase their font size and stop with the multicolored text.
-3 # RE: warfare 2.0The Deplorable Renegade 2023-01-09 13:33 is a Russian intelligence operation. Nothing but propaganda.
# RE: warfare 2.0JFY 2023-01-09 14:26
Actually it's known to be an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) operation that specializes in disinformation. As such, one has to read it with much more than a grain of salt. But with discernment, one can find useful information in it because the best disinformation consists of up to 99% real information with just enough falsehoods included for the reader to discredit the whole as false.


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