Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS Away

Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS Away

A Russian T90M tank struck a vehicle 5060 Meters away with its main gun in Ukraine yesterday.  That's 16,601 feet or 3.144 MILES away!  Video below . . .

What is the range of a U.S. m1a1 tank?
The M1A1 could kill other tanks at ranges in excess of 2,500 meters (8,200 ft).
This range was crucial in combat against previous generation tanks of Soviet design in Desert Storm, as the effective range of the main gun in the Soviet/Iraqi tanks at that time, was less than 2,000 meters (6,600 ft).
Given that the U.S. and its NATO vassals are fixing for a fight with Russia over the Ukraine situation, what might we all expect if the m1a1 can hit things 8200 feet away, but the Russian T-90M can hit things twice as far?   
Here's video of the hit:


# MissileTerraHertz 2023-03-24 01:18
That's a guided missile. And it appears the firing tank is using laser target designation, by the way they align the aiming symbols on the target shortly before impact. Don't want to give yourself away by painting the target too soon, in case they have IR laser detectors.
# That was a missileChappyusa1 2023-03-23 22:11
I bet an anti tank missile. We have them too and range is about the same

That was not a tank round
+3 # was this ballistic or guided? 2023-03-23 19:29
The story does not say whether or not the round was ballistic or guided.

That's a hell of a good shot f it was ballistic.
-2 # Beginner'sDee Linn 2023-03-23 20:44
+6 # M1A2 Main Battle TankTheProphet 2023-03-23 19:05
Contrary to popular belief, the stories of the shorter range of the M1A1 was more than doubled with the main guns of the M1A2 Main battle Tank and was accurate over a range of 4.5 miles while moving.

The Gulf war was a way to test technology, but advances in technology don’t just belong to Russia and China. Don’t believe everything you read. Talk to people in the military or vets who have been involved with some of these technological advancements.

Some we weren’t allowed to discuss outside of military and certain contractors circles for 10 to 20 years. But, that time passed for me a decade ago…

I know what our technology can do… I just hope the current me. In uniform know how to use it properly! (I intentionally left ‘women in uniform’ out of that statement due to experience with them and how they performed under duress in the past!)
-1 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS AwayRAFO 2023-03-23 18:36
If this is on the up and up, NATO may as well throw in the towel now.
+6 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS AwayGallopingThunder777 2023-03-23 18:35
I believe the LORD will use Russia to destroy the United States.
-1 # Shipsdaniel_beyond 2023-03-23 18:17
Imagine what Battleships could do today with modern shells. I believe it was a mistake leaving Naval heavy Armor behind and WW3 might prove just that. I dont think missiles are everything for either attack and defense. Theres no substitute for armor, and thats why every Army uses MBTs
+3 # To clarifygjones7777 2023-03-23 17:54
If a M1Abrams can see it, they can hit it, if it's standing still. They can shoot on the move up to 2500 meters, 1 shot kills. Now, 5000 meters is a great shot. But A NEE THING can kill I car. A car is not a tank. Don't get the idea that the m90 is a match for the Abrams, it's not. But it Is deadly. And our tank boys are a little rusty since no other countries in recent US wars used tanks against us. The Russians have been in a hot was for over a year now, tank to tank...
+3 # Cool. Too bad that Biden was in itChappyusa1 2023-03-23 17:14
Oh well. Next time
+3 # "Doesn't Matter" 2023-03-23 17:12
+5 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS Awaycathbad 2023-03-23 16:49
Sorry, but I was a pretty good gunner on an M60A2 and M60A1 tank in my day, but NOT 3.2 miles away! Besides, our stuff wasn't capable of that kind of range. Don't know much about the Abrams because that was well past my time. I would like to see the Russian Armata tank in action, though!
+2 # Looks like a missleBurnit 2023-03-23 16:45
I'm no expert, but from the looks of it, it seems to be more of a middle than a ballistic shell. 16 second flight time and a glowing dot that looks like an exhaust nozzle.
+3 # Night VisionWilliam 2023-03-23 17:21
Night Vision/ Thermal Optics register heat.
I can assure you that round was mighty warm leaving the muzzle
+1 # MissileBurnit 2023-03-23 16:47
Not middle, stupid auto correct.
# RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS 2023-03-23 16:36
Somebody crank this out as a video game…then..
+5 # Leopard 2A6 max distanceremonkok 2023-03-23 16:33
And meanwhile the laser unit that measures the shot of the Leopard 2A6 only goes 4km (2.49miles). So they are all dead before they even get close to the Russians. Ba-dumm-tsss

(I worked with Leopard 2A6 simulators with the Dutch Army)
+7 # WWIIIVercinge 2023-03-23 16:21
The globalist Zionists-Illuminati who control the West have been working on their plan for 250-300 years, so they are forced to go through with it. In these two-three centuries they have created the United States of America, provoked and financed the French Revolution with which they decapitated the Catholic Monarchy, they financed the Napoleonic wars especially the one against Russia, they created and financed the Bolsheviks in the Revolution of 1917, they created and funded the German Nazism, they provoked the WWI and WWII, they created with the election of the Rosicrucian Roncalli/John XXIII in 1958, a counter-church at their total service, they created 9/11 false flag, etc.
They can never go back. They are literally forced, beyond any logic and common sense, to go to their own, probably ultimate, self-destruction.

The only thing they want to realize is make believe to the world that the responsible of the WWIII will eternally be Russia and its allies. But, at this point, also this hope is very difficult, almost impossible, because the most advanced means of communications the globalists themselves have created to control the people, paradoxically allow this same people to inform themselves more or less correctly. However, most of this people have not yet understood the huge stake and the Damocles sword that hangs over their heads.
+6 # Holy Shit...WilliamtheResolute 2023-03-23 16:21
Now, that is impressive...Gen. Milly just soiled his panties.
-3 # My duty section is now in place.MildB 2023-03-23 16:12
All reported for orders from local Sheriff.

We , talked, then went to our Homes of Station.

~ Now all is 100%

O~biden Inc bring it on.


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That is all.....
+3 # █▓▒░ Moron-B, a good solid BS troll everyone can count on ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-23 17:44

Why is it that 90% of your expressions are nonsensical,
and appear to originate from the midst of a mass of
conflicting impulses?

"Piff" on and stay strong!
# Moron-B is a bot...WilliamtheResolute 2023-03-23 22:19
The Bot is learning, we are helping to educate it...
-5 # In my MindMildB 2023-03-23 16:37

But I assure ya, I stand,

WITH CHRIST, Iam his ambassador.
+3 # Alone? I don't think so.William 2023-03-23 17:15
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
That is all.
-1 # Lord remember this man and his people.MildB 2023-03-23 17:56
Revelation 3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.
+11 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS AwayHalTurner 2023-03-23 16:03
Who cares how many per minute the m1a1 can hit? The T-90 can hit the m1a1 and destroy it from a range that the m1a1 cannot hit back. T-90 wins.
-4 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS AwayThe Deplorable Renegade 2023-03-23 16:48
Just remember that during the First Gulf War those same m1a1's were blasting the turrets right off of those T-72s Saddam Hussein had. Same tank Russians and Ukrainians have been using against each other for the past year. If the m1a1 can get close enough to a T-90 who is to say the same thing won't happen to that tank? Those Soviet-era tanks are not as good as they were made out to be.
+3 # If the m1a1 can get close enough to a T-90Steve in Buffalo 2023-03-23 17:20
And there lies the rub, the fiy in the ointment,
If they can get close enough to.
+2 # D.U. Rounds Used.William 2023-03-23 17:19
They were tearing them up badly because of the D.U. rounds/ammo.
Now ask yourself this,if that T90 used D.U. rounds, how bad will those Abrams look?,from 3 miles away
-3 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS Awayclayht 2023-03-23 15:56
According to Forecast International Aerospace Portal the Abrams M1A1"The Abrams can hit up to six targets per minute at distances of up to 2.5 miles (4 km) away." It is not 3.1 miles for the T90. But how many targets can the T90 hit in one minute?
+4 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS Awaycathbad 2023-03-23 16:59
I would say that depends on the tank, the loader, and the gunner. "Hits" are a pipe dream if you are out purely for speed. In my experience, the tank has to be 100%, have a fast loader, and a sharp gunner. Many things can go wrong (I'm an old M60 series gunner), turret hydraulic leaks, automatic lead on gunner's sights don't work, on-board computer unable to select proper round trajectory, etc. The more complicated the more that can go wrong (and does).
+6 # ScuttlebuttDoug Brown 2023-03-23 15:48
Sounds accurate.
America and vassals lanning a multilevel
attack against Russia proper
+7 # UnprovokedDoug Brown 2023-03-23 15:58
After the meeting between Xi and Putin
America sees what direction the wind
is blowing.
China's Silk Road Initiative needs the
Ukraine mess to stop ASAP.
Of course the shallow Kirby disagrees@ but...
So now we all attempt disrupting china's
progress attacking Russia. Fucking brilliant.
-9 # SweetMildB 2023-03-23 15:48
I want me one to be HERE with ME in Defence of Self and State.
-9 # But I can stillMildB 2023-03-23 16:02
Fire a "3"50. most directly without training.
+3 # Hey Buttercup!Caleb 2023-03-23 15:48
Let this one digest reeeeal good before getting too excited about your new Challenger and M1A1 toys! :)
+4 # nyet, tank if fineArrogant_Penguin 2023-03-23 15:47
Looks like it might be firing the 9M119 Svir/Refleks ATGM from it's main gun. Wikipedia says the new sight on the T90M enables it to engage targets during the day at ranges up to 5-8km. The T90 may not have all the fancy tech of western tanks, but it seems that it has all the fars when it comes to shooting. I guess armor isn't all that important when you can shoot at ranges normally associated with artillery... Pretty neat.,engine%2C%20and%20gunner's%20thermal%20sight.
+12 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS AwayGunner 2023-03-23 15:41
The U.S. is going to get seriously DESTROYED and the military will be moped up like the clowns they are these days. The U.S. govt is nothing but a massive, out of control CRIMINAL Cabal of shit.
+12 # RE: Russian Tank Hits Car from 5060 METERS 2023-03-23 15:37

I believe the Lord is with Russia in order to fulfill end-times prophecies.

For, lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array against her; from thence she shall be taken: their arrows shall be as of a mighty expert man; none shall return in vain. (Jer 50:9)
I believe the Lord is NOT with America-Babylon in order to fulfill end-times prophecies.

How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations! (Jer 50:23)


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