Russian Tochka Missiles in the air! U.S. Oil **Smugglers** and Their Depots Being hit AGAIN in Syria

Russian Tochka Missiles in the air!  U.S. Oil **Smugglers**  and Their  Depots Being hit AGAIN in Syria

Russia Tochka Missiles are in the air as of 11:30 PM eastern U.S. Time Sunday evening, as Russia and Syria attack oil smuggling operations yet AGAIN! 

U.S., Turkish, and Israeli oil smugglers - and their trucks -- are being targeted and destroyed for the second time in a week.


+1 # Russia is ready ......don't fuck with RussiaNHydg 2021-03-15 15:50
Russia has already warned they will preemp ..... granted the U.S. has new "mystery weapons" .... So does Russia. Ya think the oil fields burning is spectacular ????? Wait till you see your cities burning. The Evil Ones have choosen to be blind ...and blind they are...... the Evil Ones have a Motto ..."Order out of Chaos" THEY actually beleive this . . . they are in the process of doing just that ..... you know what Lucifers plan is ? Destroy absolute , EVERYTHING the Lord, the CREATOR made. Lucifer then plans to rebuild it in his eye. This world will be an total chaos . Look up chaos of the descriptions is "the abyss" ..... ya know, tha place the Lord sent all those fallen angels .
# AmenSBGlett77 2021-03-15 17:58
I'd give this comment 50 upvotes if I could !!
-1 # Here we go, drunkard Scofield's "reference bible" (1917 edition, revised) thumper againHarnaś 2021-03-15 10:27
giving the revisionist bull version of the Apocalypse history which is about to unfold. It is most topsy-turvy thing imaginable that the much maligned Russians should be the defenders of this victim Syrian nation, for the last eight years suffering the continuous Nazi war aggression by IsraHell. Trump, when still a president had a chance to clean it up by firing rogue Nazi American Generals involved for not obeying his orders and pulling out from Syria. It is because he lost the control over his top brass, he lost the election ultimately, because they failed to support him at a critical juncture when he needed the Army to back him up after the election! Russians!!! now have to clean up the mess in Syria. Be it as it may, here it is, the cascade foreplay to the Endgame of the End Times. The world has only unit the middle of October left on its clock before the our Lord and Master will put an end to all this nonsense. Believe me, if there was another way He would not have to put an end to this failed experiment with humanity and be forced to start all over again!
+2 # One Dayhardkrome 2021-03-15 02:40
One day during the 7 yr tribulation. (coming soon) Russia and its Arab allies will attempt to invade Israel. Problem is that we are told in Ezekiel 38 that Russia will "prepare and be a guard" to those that are with them. Which they are brilliantly are fulfilling!.

So, you can bank on it that nothing is going to happen to Russia without a major response. This is going to bring in the Middle Eastern Union. Watch for Saudi Arabia to collapse. Congress cut off all weapons sales to them least year.
# Indeed no RUSSIA in any Ezekiel you may want to quote here. THROW AWAY THAT GARGABAGE SCOFIELD SCREEDHarnaś 2021-03-15 16:39
Who’s Who in Ezekiel 38 - Iran Sudan Libya Saudi Arabia ...
Dec 03, 2013 · Russia is not mentioned in Ezekiel chapters 38 or 39.
-1 # Your circular reasoning is demoniacally deceptive and bull (see above)Harnaś 2021-03-15 11:20
There is no such thing as Russia and Ezekiel 37. Russia did not emerge as a significant power from the mist of history until 15th century when she finally threw off the yoke of the Mongol Golden Horde occupation which lasted several centuries... Schofield drunken scholarship again!
# Poor C.I.ScofieldDoug Brown 2021-03-15 20:17
Amidst the current Syrian, Ukrainian
Picnic, time always to deride
Scofield. So petty.
Incidentally, amazon has spectacular
Sales on Scofields.
Leather bound, smyth sewn,
Indexed. Get large print NKV.
Best study Bible, hands down.
+15 # They Know.Doug Brown 2021-03-15 01:18
The world knows the American
election was stolen.
They do not respect that.
World leaders know
they are being played for fools,
in being asked to take
the Biden charade
seriously, indeed, bring asked
to treat the Bidens like
worthy Players, and legitimate
Putin says, no way Jose, and
blows up more of Biden's cash
cow oil facilities. Cool.
Putin has more integrity
in one of his cuff-links than the
entire incestous Biden clan.
The world agrees with Putin.
Biden, Brennon, Obama, Pelosi
are low-life ghouls.
+6 # Hope springsHope springs 2021-03-15 00:19
Hope the US has the good sense to stay out of this. Russia is doing the right thing.
+9 # The US will not stay out....BanjoDoug 2021-03-15 01:37
The US policy is mainly controlled by the banksters, and the banksters agenda. Today the agenda is take over all of Ukraine plus Crimea, and control all of Syrian geography so a pipeline can supply fuel to Europe this cutting Russia out of the European fuel (nat gas, oil, etc) market. This agenda is not gonna change, only possibly a change in implemention schedule.
+16 # Avarice is a real bitch......Becky Morrow 2021-03-15 00:02
Unfortunately, this is exactly what morally bankrupt nations have done down through the centuries. The lust for money has been the underlying common denominator for each and every war ever fought. The need for Christ to return has never been greater than right now! Even so, come Lord Jesus! "The love of money is the root of all evil.." 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV)


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