For the first time in Human history, an underwater DRONE equipped with massive nuclear warhead, has gone OPERATIONAL for the Russian Navy.

Video of the giant Drone, code-named POSEIDON by the Russian military, has been obtained from Russia, showing its successful underwater launch from a special submarine launcher.

The weapon system is designed to loiter, undetected, and strike an enemy ship, port city, or coastline with no warning.

The warhead inside the Drone is said to be "up to two-hundred-MEGATONS (200MT)" which, if true, could not only sink an aircraft carrier and all the nearby vessels in its Strike group, but could also be directed into the waters of any major port city, destroying the entire port (and most of the city) on detonation.  ALL WITH NO WARNING.

This is a nuclear "First-Strike" weapon, designed to approach its target by Stealth, and destroy the target with no warning.

This tips the balance of power in nuclear force, decidedly in favor of Russia.

No other country on earth has such a weapon.


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    A6eIntruder · 1 years ago
    So... we all agree the news is not what it appears on the surface. So.. What IS going on? Are they funneling money into SSPs? Or, adding pressure on EU elite to increase pressure on their failing regimes?
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    Leonard J. Gittinger, III · 1 years ago
    The only technology any other country in the world has that is even close to as advanced as our most advanced secret stuff was stolen by spies/hackers and/ or treasonously sold to them by American traitors…Don’t worry, the USA can easily match and surpass any other weaponry in the world…The only way we get destroyed is if the evil American “powers that be” choose to allow us to get destroyed; and if that happens, the eternal judgment will be upon them and their Judas Iscariot treachery…Besides, us believers don’t have to rely on “the arm of the flesh” to save or deliver us…We have the Living God to protect, direct, save and deliver us! If He chooses not to, we’ll just get to see Him a little sooner! After all America has been and remains the base of operations for the vast majority of missionaries fulfilling the Great Commission all over the world…It is a lead-pipe cinch that at least His faithful remnant will be protected, delivered and prospered so they can get the job done and bring in the biggest harvest of souls in human history!!!
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    Leonard J. Gittinger, III · 1 years ago
    The sky is falling, the sky is falling...Big bad mother Russia is going to kill us all while the weak little USA just sits there like a helpless lamb and does nothing! What a load of bullshit! I was talking recently to an old retired American military veteran aircraft mechanic. He told me that in the mid 1990’s he had helped install an incredibly powerful chemical laser on a government-owned 747 that was also loaded with state of the art surveillance, missile tracking and weapons targeting electronic equipment. He told me that he had taken part in the testing of this 747 and its onboard systems.
    He said that in 1995, the 747, which was in flight over the state of Kansas, was able to target and destroy a missile that had just been launched from an airbase in California while it was still in the air over California, a kill distance of almost 1200 miles! He also said that at that time, the military had identical systems installed or being installer on not less than 4 other jets; that this weapon was unbelievably powerful and accurate; and that this was 23 or 24 years ago! Imagine how advanced and powerful such American laser systems are now!!!

    I also know as a repeated eyewitness for at least 5 years (over Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley, Texas) and from many other sources that the USA has incredibly advanced backwards-engineered fallen- Rebel Bene Elohim angelic (“alien”) aircraft such as the TR-3B and TR-6 (and probably others) with exotic electrogravitic drives, amazing cloaking/ light-scattering, light-bending and or image projecting invisibility and extraordinary weaponry (directed energy weapons, scalar energy, god rods, clean nukes, dirty nukes, rail guns on steroids, sonic weapons, electromagnetic pulse generators, microwave weaponry, gamma ray weaponry, weather control, and so much more…) that are MUCH faster than ANYTHING the China or Russia can launch at us… These thing can leave Texas, be over Beijing and Moscow in 20 minutes, place a cloaked hydrogen bomb on the lawn of the Great Hall of the People and the Kremlin, leave the area, detonate them and return to Texas without ever being detected! Of course, we have MANY of these, each capable of almost instantaneously delivering multiple warheads and many other exotic weaponry…
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    Gifford Rodine · 1 years ago
    The largest Russian bomb tested so far was about 56 megatons. The largest USA bomb tested so far was about half that. The Russians said the Sakharov 1960's design was capable of 100 megatons or more:

    I do not remember a weapon that man has devised that has not been used, from the first rock he threw to Fat Man and Little boy. Even carfentanil may get into that designation, just an opinion.
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      Carl Goldsworthy · 1 years ago
      Here is another - man has naturally made machines to mimic nature.
      And always exceeds - better vision spectrum than human eyes, or any other species. Etc. Nowadays computing knows no limits.
      All DNA, human included, can be digitally represented, recorded.
      So all life an be digitally created - some of which actually exists on earth !
      See where I am going with this.....