SAMPLE of **Potential** BRICS Currency Note

SAMPLE of **Potential** BRICS Currency Note

A **potential** SAMPLE of a BRICS Currency Note, has been obtained, showing that the new BRICS Trade Organization is now deep-into, and very seriously planning for, a REPLACEMENT for the U.S. Dollar as the global Reserve currency.  Above is one potential "100 BRICS" Note. 

The design has **NOT** yet been agreed to by the BRICS nations, nor has the issuance of any actual BRICS currency been agreed to, yet.

The fact that currency design is already underway, however, shows how serious the rest of the world has become at replacing the US Dollar to avoid meddling in their affairs by the United States via "sanctions."

The image above is the front of the potential new 100 BRICS note.  Below is the rear of that same potential note:


The sample of symbolic potential currency was gifted to the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the Russian Ambassador, at a ceremony in South Africa to celebrate the entry of the UAE into the BRICS+ organization.



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