Second Eruption - MUCH MUCH WORSE - At Hunga-Tonga Volcano. Tsunami again?????

Second Eruption - MUCH MUCH WORSE - At Hunga-Tonga Volcano.   Tsunami again?????

A second eruption is now taking place at the Hunga-Tonga volcano in the South Pacific ocean and this one is MUCH MUCH worse than the explosive eruption that took place yesterday; at least double or triple the strength!

Reports are coming in from Tonga that the volcano "exploded" with such ferocious power, "the entire volcanic island has disappeared in pyroclastic flows."

Video of tonight's eruption has come in and is shown below:

It is as yet unknown if todays explosive eruption will also trigger a Pacific-wide Tsunami as yesterday's did.  Awaiting analysis by the National Tsunami Warning Center, as well as initial reports from Pacific Tsunami Buoys.   This story will be updated if/when that info comes in.


TSUNAMI BUOYS are still in "Event Mode" from yesterday's Tsunami . . . so fresh reporting is going to require technicians at the Tsunami Warning Center to read these Buoys MANUALLY before any new reports can come out.   This being a Sunday night, the possibility of technicians doing that suddenly seems slim to none.   We'll keep checking.

Meanwhile, official news media in Japan are now reporting this second huge eruption. 

Japan did see actual Tsunami waves yesterday, so they are especially in-tune with this second event and are closely monitoring it.


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