Second and THIRD Israeli-Owned Cargo Ships Grabbed by Yemen in Red Sea

Second and THIRD Israeli-Owned Cargo Ships Grabbed by Yemen in Red Sea

A group calling itself Ansarullah Yemen has seized the Israeli "ZIM Haifa" ship, seen in the FILE PHOTO above.   This is the second Israeli vessel seized by Ansarullah.

In addition to the ZIM Haifa, the Houthi rebels in Yemen seized the "Zim Luanda" ANOTHER container ship, also in the Red Sea, sailing from Israel to China.  That vessel was ORIGINALLY REPORTED TO BE the one shown in the FILE PHOTO below, but vessel navigation charts show it is off the Coast of India.  


Whichever vessel the third ship turns out to be it will be the 3rd (likely Israel-linked) ship seized or attacked in 3 days.

Forces in the country of Yemen are carrying-out their publicly promised interception of Israeli-owned, leased, crewed, or cargo-carrying vessels, in retaliation for what Israel is doing in the Gaza Strip.

It’s now clear that the Houthis are trying to implement a form of naval blockade against Israel.

While Yemen lacks the military resources to impose an actual blockade, what's going on __can__ have the same effect.  Sooner or later, Insurance Companies are going to step in and refuse to insure vessels heading to/from Israel.   When THAT happens, vessels will self-impose "no ships" to or from Israel because they cannot risk a ship being un-insured.

In such a situation, supply-chain disruptions in Israel will materialize very quickly.  Shortages of . . . well . . . . just about everything, will start being noticed within a week.  If it were to continue for a whole month, the effects on Israel would be literally catastrophic.

We are witnessing the total control by the "Axis of Resistance" over the maritime Chokepoints in the Middle East.


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