Senator Speaks Bold Truth about New Zealand Mosque Shooting

Senator Speaks Bold Truth about New Zealand Mosque Shooting

FREE -- Senator Fraser Anning of Queensland, Australia, has issued a public statement about the mass shootings inside Mosques in New Zealand.  His views are refreshingly blunt:

It is interesting to note that when a radical Muslim terrorist commits such an act, folks barely utter a word because, some say, it's just "Muslims being Muslims."  But when a White man commits a similar act, few stop whining about it.

Sure, this is a horrific crime.  It seems on its face to be the reprehensible slaughter of otherwise completely innocent people, making it vile in every regard.

Yet, why should anyone be surprised this took place?

Who was the moron who thought putting a Mosque in a place named ChristChurch was even remotely a good idea?  It was not only a bad idea, it is directly indicative of Islam's goals: CONQUEST.

And it is that goal of absolute CONQUEST that has begotten this mass shooting.

The placement of those Mosques in ChristChurch was a deliberate IN-YOUR-FACE effort to plant the Islamic flag in the center of Christian land.  It's very presence is an affront to all the Christians there, but we Christians are told to be "tolerant" while the most intolerant group on earth, (other than Zionists) goes about their usurpation of our societies, cultures and lands. 

No thanks.

Think about this: Under Islam, a man is supposed to have FOUR wives.  

Here on Earth, girls and boys are born at about equal rates 1:1

So if Islam is carried out worldwide - it's stated goal -- and each Islamic man takes only TWO wives, that would necessarily mean that a full FIFTY PERCENT of other men worldwide, would not have any wife available to them, because they'd all be taken by Muslim men.

If Muslim men take THREE wives, then seventy-five percent (75%) of all other men worldwide would not have a wife available to them.

If a Muslim man takes all FOUR wives that his faith says he should have . . . no other human males on earth could have a wife at all.

Like the animal kingdom, males would have to fight each other to the death to mate.  Is THAT the kind of world YOU want?

No thanks.

The public statement above from Senator Anning is a welcome change from the ass-kissing of the liberal left.

Then again, perhaps THAT is why the left is so supportive of homosexuality and gay marriage; they KNOW that the only sex they'll get is from other men once Islam takes over.

No thanks.

Muslims who wish to live in Christian-majority countries -in peace with us - are WELCOME!

Having said that, know this:

Your religion is YOUR business.   It is between YOU and God.  

By the same token, OUR religion is OUR business; it is between US and God.

Those Muslims who want to convert others to Islam, by force if necessary, should leave Christian countries and return to Muslim lands.  If they fail or refuse, no one should be surprised when more White Christian men step up to take similar actions as the shooter in New Zealand.

The White male of western European decent, is the most efficient killing machine on this planet.  No other race or animal species even comes close. 

What we saw in New Zealand is what happens when a white male has had enough.   

From my interactions with the public in my role as a Journalist, I can tell you most assuredly, there are MANY MANY MORE white males who are nearing their point of having had enough.

If the leftists of political correctness, forced tolerance, and destructive diversity keep pushing those white males, it is more than likely those white males will simply slaughter them all, with the exact same cold-blooded efficiency displayed by the New Zealand shooter.

This is NOT a threat; it is simply a statement of fact.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Janet Christophersen · 5 months ago
    Disgusting man, see veterans today forvfacts not lies.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave Carroll · 5 months ago
    Excellent commentary and article!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grim · 5 months ago
    It's a crime, that we don't have even one politician in any branch of our Federal government, who will speak out against the Satanic evil of Islam in the brutally honest manner that this Senator in New Zealand did. All I've seen the last 24hrs is how this shooting was all Trumps fault, or because of Nationalism or because of guns, or because of *intolerance*, or because white people are evil, blah blah blah. Personally, I have no problem whatsoever, with filthy Muslims getting a taste of their own medicine. Let's hope, this is just the beginning of the Muslims taking casualties in this war against civilization that they deliberately initiated against us all.