Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in Ukraine

For those who have been paying attention to international affairs, the following will come as no surprise.  For others, cheering for "Team Ukraine" however, the following should be a gigantic wake-up call.  It isn't just Russia handling Ukraine . . . it's China too.

Li Zhanshu is the head of China’s legislature: the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. He’s Number 3 in the rigid hierarchy of the CPC. A VERY big fish.

So where was Mr. Li last week?

Well, at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia. He met and talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Li also had a key meeting with Russian State Duma (The Russia Legislature) Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin - and other Duma leaders.

This is what he told the Duma. Pay VERY close attention:

"We see that the United States and its NATO allies are expanding their presence near the Russian borders, seriously threatening national security and the lives of Russian citizens (…) "We fully understand the necessity of all the measures taken by Russia aimed at protecting its key interests” (…) “We are providing our assistance.”

How explicit is that?

Well, China's President Xi Jinping and Russia's President Putin will have a special meeting on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)  Samarkand summit tomorrow.

They will discuss Russia's Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine IN DETAIL. Especially the next steps.

Then, afterwards, we may be able to ascertain what Li meant when he said, “We are providing our assistance.”


+1 # Steve QuayleWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-15 19:39
# RE: Steve QuayleE O Daigle 2022-09-16 11:01
Quoting White Lightning aka Raptor:
# Get Steve on the Radio Show!White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-15 19:41
Get Steve on the Radio Show! Explain his Addition to Your Headline.
# FBI, Cheating Found In Four Presidential ElectionsDolph 2022-09-15 15:32
Prophetic Word, Timothy Dixon, 9-10-22:
"A new time of ages is coming for understanding my word. I shall utter secrets from ages past. In the next 40 days I shall send rain that shall be a great outpouring of my spirit. At the same time it will rain upon the world, there shall be a rain that will go forth in all the land of judgment. It is my judgment of the earth. As my judgment went forth for Noah to build an ark, know this is the hour of the latter rain. While it rains inside the soul, know that in the next 40 days and 40 nights from the delivery of this word there will be a rain of judgments upon the land (America) that you have never seen or experienced, saith the Lord God. It is the beginning of the end, a new time of ages.

From Pittsburgh to the Ohio River shall overflow it's banks, down through Georgetown, Pennsylvania, saith God. The flood shall come down the Ohio river valley, West Virginia, East Liverpool, Ohio, all through the Ohio Valley to Kentucky, to Cincinnati, to Ohio to downtown Indiana, to Louisville, Kentucky, to Brookport, Illinois, Paducah, Kentucky to the Mississippi, into Memphis, Tennessee it shall over flow and cover Interstate 40.

Look to the uncovering, saith the Lord of Hosts. I shall uncover new things that have never been seen. Look at the FBI, saith the Lord. I will uncover atrocities from within. A leak shall be great in the investigation. An outside source, saith God, shall come from the Office of Professional Responsibility shall sound the whistle and they shall begin to turn and blow and begin to overturn the injustice of many years. Through it's finding, saith the Lord, it will be revealed that there will be not just one but there have been FOUR presidential elections falsified.

Many shall wish to take the lives of those cheaters. You will hear rumors that are true and those that are lies to try and confuse the people.

From a cave beneath the oceans I will shake the atmosphere, saith God. The dead will be raised, the blind will see and miracles that have never been seen will begin to start.

Italy, hear my word. Once again, Mt. Etna shall roar from a depth that science has never seen. From the bottom of the earth's core she shall spew fire and brimstone, saith the Lord.

Awake Prophets! Awake Pastors and Ministers of the alter! Behold, I do a new thing that the world shall behold in a moment and wonder at the power of the flames of fire that I bring forth in your day! I will make ministers a flame of fire. Shut yourselves inside your closets and pray, saith the Lord God, and stay until you are endued with power from on high, saith the Lord.

Note: This was greatly edited and reduced in size by Stan Johnson and I transcribed it the best I could. The Bible says, It shall come to pass in the last days your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will have dreams and your old men will have visions, Acts 2:17. The last two programs at the have all been about September 25-26.

BTW, Denver READY will be giving out free Bug Out Bags as part of the National Month of Preparedness. Are you prepared to meet your Maker?
# Thanks Mr. DolphMANYROUNDS 2022-09-15 16:42
A heavy disturbance in the spirit sure is afoot. An old prophecy of a fellow called Brother bob, on Steve Quales page today, check it out, a very hard vision, It would be good for all to review, it will soon come to pass, as many here can see it coming, like a freight train at full throttle. Like Patrick Henry said, it is better to know. Take care folks, and Hal, you too.
-4 # RE: Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in UkraineJbRiddle 2022-09-15 13:38
China will not get involved. If they do the same sanctions that were place against Russia will be placed upon China. This would END CHINA. So only expect them to run to the end of their chain and bark.
+3 # 246 yearsNZ KIWI 2022-09-15 16:40
versus 3000 YEARS i would not COUNT CHINA OUT JUST YET
+2 # i agreerugerwild 2022-09-15 16:22
i support russia
-1 # worldrugerwild 2022-09-15 16:21
we cannot survive without china
+3 # UNFORTUNATLYNZ KIWI 2022-09-15 16:48
, for all CHINAS and RUSSIAS FAULTS THEY ARE THE only CONTRIES attempting to CONSTRUCT a FUTURE rather than THE US s attempt to destroy every threat to maintain a non existing PAST
+12 # RE: Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in Ukrainephatjonzo 2022-09-15 12:21
The Democrats are the reason we have this whole war, firstly they want USA destroyed, then Europe and Russia, Brandon is actually doing an excellent job I must say.
+12 # CommunistBrock78 2022-09-15 12:27
We need to Stop calling them Democrats and call them what they are “Communists”!
# 200,000Haywardus 2022-09-15 11:25
Does the help involve 200,000 Chinese troops ready to go, positioned in western Russia near Ukraine?
+2 # "surprise"? hardly...Dudimus Maximus 2022-09-15 11:49
as the above starts out: For those who have been paying attention to international affairs, the following will come as no surprise.

and here: [The "concerns" thing as a negative from China is wrong interpretation ]

This is how badly they are getting along- and what does the US & the Wild Wild West have going on?, things LOOKING UP?? or not so good?
+1 # Appreciate links.Doug Brown 2022-09-15 13:23
Thanks. Besides Hal's daily radio
tutorials, Hal's contributors provide a wealth
of extremely relevant information.
Thank you Boo_Radley.
-8 # "Nightmare war of attrition for Putin"White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-15 11:23
The paper also refers to the pressures on the Russian president, as what was originally supposed to be a swift takeover of Ukraine's capital, Kiev, and the imposition of a puppet government loyal to the Kremlin, has become a nightmarish war of attrition for the Vladimir Putin.

The fact remains, however, that Russia still holds 20% of Ukraine's territory, and getting its troops out entirely is another matter. Much now depends on how President Putin responds.A Russian defeat is now in sight if the West keeps its cool and does not succumb to the Kremlin's energy blackmail, the Telegraph reckons.

In its editorial, the British newspaper notes that the withdrawal of Russian armed forces from towns in eastern Ukraine marks the latest setback for Moscow's ominous invasion. A lightning counterattack in Kharkiv Oblast led to the recapture of three cities and more than 20 settlements and the seizure of large quantities of weapons left behind by fleeing Russian soldiers. It was another proof of the lack of bravery of the invader.
+7 # RE: "Nightmare war of attrition for Putin"JFY 2022-09-15 13:09
I'm curious, why would you even post that?

We all know that the British press is one huge sewer of disinformation, and I imagine you do too.
+9 # RE: "Nightmare war of attrition for Putin" 2022-09-15 11:58
Success for the west was breaking up Russia and stealing the oil, gas etc.
Anything less is the end of the NWO rules based system.
Ukraine is being aided by 30 NATO countries with money, arms, manpower.
So, maybe Russia will take a bit longer while waiting for NATO-EU to crumble. They are insolvent.
-1 # forced hoarse scheit regurgitation majeureDudimus Maximus 2022-09-15 11:56
+1 # At Last!Mactireglas 2022-09-15 11:23
Chinese Forces joing Russia Forces on the ground in Ukraine? Video of US A10 Thunderbolts operating in Ukraine has just emerged on social media this morning! So I say yeah, if needed send in the Chinese Force's and let's get this fucking show on the road proper! We all know it's coming so just get it done. NATO, UK, US, and EU need to be thought a valuable lesson.......DONT POKE YOUR FKN NOSES IN WHERE U ARE NOT WELCOME......WAR MONGERING BASTARDS!
+4 # Easy To SayGetsum 2022-09-15 12:53
Easy to say when you don't have a child in the fight. Just a truly ignorant comment.
+1 # V. Zelensky narrowly escaped: The other car crashed and the driver involved in the accident was seriously injuredWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-15 11:10
V. Zelensky narrowly escaped: The other car crashed and the driver involved in the accident was seriously injured. The driver who was involved in a traffic accident with the motorcade of Volodymyr Zelensky, who was returning to Kyiv from Kharkiv, is said to be seriously injured.

Doctors accompanying the head of the Ukrainian state provided first aid to the driver of the car and transferred him to an ambulance, with which he was then transported to the hospital.
-1 # Russian sources: Organized assassination attempt against B.Putin - His motorcade was hitWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-15 11:08
There are reports on the Russian General SVR Telegram channel, which tends to be an anti-Putin station, that is claiming there was an inside-job attempt to assassinate Putin with an attack on his motorcade. He was not harmed. They are claiming that the first car of the convoy was blocked by an ambulance, but the second car made a slight detour and did not stop. A loud bang was supposedly heard from Putin’s car, but it continued and arrived safely at the president’s residence.

They further claimed that the body of a man was then found driving the ambulance. They have reported that the head of the president’s bodyguards and several other people have been suspended and are in custody. Nobody has been named and there is no other news service that has reported this claim.

When we look at our models, the real higher volatility and the turning point in Russia appear to be in October, which is also a Panic cycle in the ruble. What we do see is that the Ukrainians carried out assassination hits in Russia. They have been trying to target Putin to kill him without success so far. They tried to kill Aleksandr Dugin with a car bomb, but they killed his daughter Darya Dugina. This is the car bombing of a pro-Putin supporter in Moscow. The sheer hatred between Ukrainian and Russians is legendary and as such the likelihood of this ever reaching peace is unlikely.

The hardliners will seize power and that will not be good going into 2023. Claiming they have Putin on the run is not going to win the day in Ukraine. It runs the risk of really escalating things for the hardliners in Moscow are criticizing Putin for being too soft on Ukraine. He for the first time started to attack their power grid. The hardliners will push for a serious attack against Ukraine rather than just securing the Donbas.
# RE: Russian sources: Organized assassination attempt against B.Putin - His motorcade was hitJFY 2022-09-15 13:04
Quoting White Lightning aka Raptor:
What we do see is that the Ukrainians carried out assassination hits in Russia. They have been trying to target Putin to kill him without success so far.

It's way past time that the Russians return the favor.
+1 # I’m betting it wasn’tGregg W 2022-09-16 00:25
The Ukrainians. There are other more competent assassins that could slip in and try this.

Just my opinion but NATO has many operatives it can spare.
+2 # The Emerging Asian SuperpowerWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-15 10:49
A giant Asian superpower, with a modernized Russia and China at the helm, will dramatically affect the course of history. This emerging power bloc—a conglomerate of peoples which comprise over half of the world’s population—will be deeply involved in the tumultuous tide of events that will lead to World War. Throughout the Cold War, Russia and China played their usual game of cat and mouse. Russia, China and their allies are constantly bombarded by western deceit in order to achieve full spectrum domination has drawn these two great nations together into cooperation. Reality dictates that maintaining sovereignty is only possible if these two countries cooperate. China is now ready to provide Russia’s with military backing.
+4 # Do YOU belong to the CULT of the AntiChrist New World Order Totalitarian State.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-15 10:51
WEF – you must destroy the world before you can 6uild 6ack 6etter. The bottom line? Mass starvation, chaos, lawlessness, violence, disease and depopulation. They are working together to reduce our number and create a totally controlled society of non humans saturated with graphene oxide and controlled by Artificial Demonic Possession.

The Globalists Final Solution Will Be A Blitzkrieg Bloodbath Of Unparalleled Proportions As The Great Reset Puppet Masters Launch Total Destruction with Their Perpetual Attacks On Our Lives, Our Freedoms, Our Families, Our Jobs, Our Food, God, Truth and Justice. They have no Morals. They are all up for Sale. The Devils Talisman has bought Billions of Souls. What you are seeing in the world is a reflection of Mass Demonic POSSESSION. The signs of a deep moral sickness are everywhere. Can you comprehend the torture and horror they have inflicted on little children. Most are Proud of Their moral sickness and depravity.

Perpetual “hot spots” everywhere that can escalate into a nuclear war, and in such a scenario, there will be no winners. If it should happen, the ones who initiated it will be safe within their fully-stocked bunkers. YOU will be left outside to die. Rs-28 Sarmat ICBM travels at a speed of MACH 21 From Russia it will take 1 minute 46 seconds to reach Berlin 2 minutes to attack Paris 2 minutes 2 seconds to destroy UK--18 minutes to destroy New York State.
+2 # Is this prophecy?Doug Brown 2022-09-15 13:30
Sounds like prophecy White Lightning
Aka Raptor.
Anyway, great post.
Thank you.
# the Horror...Dudimus Maximus 2022-09-15 12:39
Quoting White Lightning aka Raptor:
the ones who initiated it will be safe within their fully-stocked bunkers.

If you are still here, you are screwed. Similar to , you upload your consciousness and soul into a machine- your body dies! you see it! YAY!! you "escaped"!!! and then: ..... the horror.... the horror... because now, YOU ARE HERE
-1 # HellHuskerMike 2022-09-15 19:33
Nope, correction. Now you are in hell !
+1 # Yes, RaptorDolph 2022-09-15 12:33
Big Picture: Crash The Old, Bring In The New
Don't be surprised if the European Union falls apart under the catastrophic stress it has been put under by NATO (American) sanctions. Germany, Hungary and Turkey have openly pushed back at what these demon possessed elites have forced upon them.

Also, there is the prospect of bank failures that may be part of the "big event" the world is expecting around September24-25, Rosh Hashana, the Feast of Trumpets. If that happens it would trigger a huge stock market crash and set the stage for the financial reset that the WEF has been promoting.

President Xi of China met with Saudi Arabia in August. Will the Saudi's announce that they will only sell oil in yuans in the future crashing the dollar and sending it home from around the world?

One must look at world events in light of Bible prophecy and consider how the two will intermesh. What we are watching is the breakdown of world order which must take place in order to set the stage for Satan's NWO. "Order out of chaos."

A NWO with it's new digital currency so that no one can buy or sell without the mark of the beast. You will own nothing, receive a monthly stipend and you will love it. If you complain your political credit score will go down and you will lose income and certain freedoms. 1984! (Don't take the mark!)
# Freedoms? LOL !HuskerMike 2022-09-15 19:42
There will be no freedoms (unless you call “Mad Max” freedom), and there will be no digital money. Power will be out, martial law (military rule) will be in effect, stores and banks closed, and the last thing you will be worrying about is your 401K and your bank statement. You likely will lighting them up this winter to start your fireplace when your not guarding your doors and property.
-1 # Grand Gala Coronation Of The AntichristDolph 2022-09-15 12:43
Vicki Parnell's Dream, 8-26 to 9-7-22: (excerpt) "...Lady besides her says, He (A/C) saved us. He is so charming and intelligent too! She sees man in black formal attire with white shirt speaking to a group of men. Someone says, He's a brilliant strategist, not only on the battlefield but in finances too! The transition to a digital currency system for our world went smoothly under his direction.

Stan Johnson spent yesterday's whole program on all the Christian dreams and visions pointing to a "catastrophe" that will happen September 24-25. Bo Poloney: "Everything I've been talking about is at crunch crash to 20,000 or up to 70-80%...The crash will change everything. Our world is about to change. We are living in Biblical times...We will see impossible things happen...a full blown collapse of the financial system September 24-25...starts in Europe...the Biden Crash will be the death of the US only to be reborn under God".
-1 # Must Take Proper PerspectiveDolph 2022-09-15 20:32
If you are saved, then chill out and take current events in one hand and future events of the Bible in the other hand. Then watch and listen as the Artist puts His hand to the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Does anyone believe that He isn't interested in how this story ends? The moral of the Story, His-Story will be written in capital letters: Man's rebellion has made a mess of this world. All they had to do was follow My instructions and it would have been the Garden of Eden, Part II. Didn't any one learn from Israel's experience?

Yes, there were obstacles to overcome along the road of life. Satan and his army of demons were given license to whisper lies and deceive. Man's flesh had to be bridled with the help of the scriptures and the Holy Spirit and there is the "world", the emotional herds of sheeple all going the wrong way.

But the incentives were much greater to any "thinking" person: to rule and reign with Christ as a king and priest for eternity as a joint heir with the King of Kings. The warning of an eternal Hell should have counted for something.

Over all, the big picture? It was a test to see who could be trusted and qualified to join the Family of God. There is no sin in Heaven. Many are called but few are chosen. Look around. How many are true Christians? How many are led by the Spirit of God, Romans 8:14?

There's still a few days to change course, repent of all past sins, be born again, to admit you couldn't do it "your way", as Frank Sin atra would put it. Read the Book of John and make Jesus your Lord and Savior today. It's free, btw.
# In other 2022-09-15 10:19


If the United States decides to supply Kiev with longer—range missiles, they will cross the red line and become a direct party to the conflict.

Russia reserves the right to respond adequately in the event of a US decision to supply Ukraine with longer-range missiles.

-Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova
# RE: In other news...JFY 2022-09-15 12:53
That is an important quote; thank you for posting. Don't worry about the downvotes; we know who they are. I just cancelled one with my upvote.
-1 # The AllianceRembrandt1981 2022-09-15 10:15
Days before the war started in Feb., Putin met with China and they made a deal for China to purchase billions in oil or gas from Russia. Putin looking out for his people, and country. So China has been somewhat supportive from the get go. This is a new development, but China never protested either. They have known what could be coming the whole time. I’d we send more advanced weapons, along with more troops to operate said equipment- be prepared for consequences. Russia does see this as a biblical event and has expressed this long ago. Khazarian Mafia must go and Putin Knows it.
Not good for Ukraine, nor the NATO countries supporting them.
-7 # RE: Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in Ukrainemeanize1962 2022-09-15 10:03
China you ever hear the word don't bite the hand that feeds you how much are you getting in trade with America every year 2 trillion you don't want her dollar falling you don't want her stock market falling you want to get along with her you don't want to be at us with her with military affairs don't bite the hand that feeds you China I don't believe Taiwan is a threat to you at all they can have American bases their naval access running in and out of there if they're not bothering you it's okay what the heck all the money you're making off of them you got to have some kind of sponge let it be with military affairs there's always a price to pay for success and maybe the price would you is American assets up to your borders China China
+4 # RE: Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in 2022-09-15 10:09
Reboot needed - fragmentation, data loss is occurring.
+9 # Right thinkDaddy 2022-09-15 09:53
What descent right thinking human could possibly support those Nazi's in Ukraine?
Don't get me wrong I'm NO fan of Russia or the system them have .
But at least Vladimir is a true nationalists and puts he's country 1st
I wish I political class would do the same here !!
-2 # RE: Right 2022-09-15 10:08
The UK USA etc all support Saudi Arabia;
They execute , hand chop, eye gouge as judicial sentences.
In the case of Russia losing to Ukraine and being broken up and asset stripped.
There is a direct correlation between GDP and energy used.
+4 # RE: Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in UkraineDan Edwards 2022-09-15 09:48
Sooooo, The Chinese send in soldiers and equipment, the soldiers get real combat experience, they learn Russian tactics, they find out what Russian equipment and technology is capable of and now they men and equipment already deployed! What could go wrong here?
+6 # Us gonna get slappedlakesun_man 2022-09-15 09:40
China & Russia gonna fuck US up unfortunately!!! We shoulda know better with this Ukraine bullshit…..
+9 # #rogue_ 2022-09-15 09:15
Most Americans are lazy, fat and stupid. The good news is most of them took the death jab.
-1 # RE: #JFY 2022-09-15 12:45
Well yes, on the one hand you're entirely correct. But there's a problem; all those morally corrupt morons contribute their grain of sand towards making the wheels of society turn. And without them the quality of life, indeed the whole functioning of what we all take for granted will fall apart and the survivors will be lucky if they have an 18th century existence.

In other words, we may disdain and dislike them, but we need those morons.
# Several surveys show that..wardoc 2022-09-15 11:30
somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% of democrats took the fake vax. More good news.
+11 # I tend to agreeWAFiddleFarmer 2022-09-15 09:29
We have a lot of people who are woke, not awake. And morally corrupt.
-3 # RE: Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in UkraineRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-09-15 08:57
A variation of "Let's you and him fight" called "Let's you and him destroy each other"
+6 # PloyWAFiddleFarmer 2022-09-15 09:28
So here is my thought. China helps Russia defeat NATO. The China takes Russia. Sounds like Chinese thinking. They scheme. It’s cultural. Always one step ahead. Nothing is as it seems.
+1 # RE: PloyRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-09-15 12:32
Confucius say, Why fight Bear or Lion when you can make Bear and Lion destroy each other?
+3 # Could be.Gregg W 2022-09-15 09:45
Why are they just saying something now? They could’ve been supportive much earlier. (Maybe they were somewhat, but I can’t recall.)

I’m pretty sure Russia sees how much China has grown militarily and is making their own plans.

They may both be communist but I don’t think they trust each other too much.
For sure they need America out of the way. Our cough cough ‘leaders’ are working very hard to make that happen.
+11 # RE: Serious New Development: China Publicly Supports Russia Actions in UkraineGunner 2022-09-15 08:44
China & Russia have had a sneaky "understanding" for quite sometime as both hate the U.S. and knew the day was coming when they would have to "Get it on" so to speak and they will fuck us up~!
+8 # ProphecyJohn Jones 2022-09-15 08:35
The Dragon and Gog shall be friends for a season.
+6 # First NK and now China!Silas8 2022-09-15 08:32
NK already sending amo to Russia and now China might send advanced weapons as well.. not good news for Ukraine
+6 # Biden sucksTwaddles 2022-09-15 08:15
He had to fuck up again. Hate that bastard


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