Sevastopol Oil Facility Explodes; Smoke Visible 50 Miles

Sevastopol Oil Facility Explodes; Smoke Visible 50 Miles

An oil storage facility in Sevastopol, Crimea exploded early this morning and is engulfed in raging fire as of 6:16 AM eastern US Time Saturday.

Sevastopol is at the southern tip of Russian Crimea, as seen on the map below:

 Smoke from the fire is said to be visible at the northern end of Crimea, which is fifty miles away:

Russia has a naval base in Sevastopol, on the Black Sea, which has been the target of numerous Ukrainian Nazi attacks since the people of Crimea voted in an open public referendum to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia, back in 2014.

The people of Crimea voted to leave after the European Union and the United States fomented, incited, and financed, the forcible overthrow of Ukraine's then-democratically elected President, Viktor Yanukovich, and installed a puppet government favorable to Europe and the West.

Crimea had only been a part of Ukraine for 50 years, after then-Soviet Union General Secretary Nikita Krushev, GAVE Crimea to Ukraine.  For more than three hundred years prior to that, Crimea was part of Russia.   They decided to return home to Russia rather than live under a phony government installed by the West.  



Video has come in from Sevastopol, showing the raging blaze:

A long distance image shows the sky over the area after sunrise locally:


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