"Severe" Security Event at Gaza Border - Military Gag-Order on Media - IDF Moving Heavy Equipment in Response


Some type of incident has taken place at a border crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip.  Whatever it is, the Israeli government imposed an immediate media gag order forbidding any and all reporting about it!

The only info I am able to gete right now is that the incident is "severe" and that there are "wounded."

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is moving heavy equipment right now toward Gaza and the situation is described as "terrifying."

I am now contacting my former colleagues from the Intel community to try to obtain more info.  Updates will appear below.


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    Doug Brown · 3 months ago
    Might be a lot of newly discovered tunnels. I have a friend that was a fighter pilot in the IDF. Great outfit, anyway, I suggested a way to clean out the tunnels. Simple, mount a jet engine on a heavy tank chassis, then place jet engine directly over tunnel entrance. Ignite. Out blows out the debris. The IDF friend said something about human rights, but I thought it was a dandy idea. It might really work.
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    JR Nash · 3 months ago
    Has to be more info on this??? Sound too serious for everyone to remain silent!!
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    Reginald Fischer · 3 months ago
    Gaza, Syria, Hezbollah, Iran. My head is spinning. It's a guessing game as to which will explode first. When one explodes, the others will also detonate - like lighting off a string of firecrackers.
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    Jim Feeney · 3 months ago
    Any more updates?
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    Larry Taylor · 3 months ago
    Thanks Hal, for the post, the Gaza Border is explosive, Larry W. Taylor, Oklahoma