Sneak Attack Planned Against US Navy Vessels in Port; ATTACKERS WILL ALLEGEDLY BE BRITISH NAVY

Covert Intelligence resources are hearing chatter about a planned major attack against US Navy surface vessels MOORED IN A PORT.  Worse, the planned attacking vessels are said to be a British Navy surface vessel MOORED IN THE SAME PORT and a British Navy Submarine which is planned to kick-off the attack upon its entry into the same Port.

It is not known at this time WHICH port may be the target (US or Foreign), or WHICH US Surface vessels might be attacked in the port. 

The attack will be a FALSE FLAG designed to be used an an excuse for the US to officially DECLARE WAR. It is not known upon whom such declaration would be directed.

Chatter claims the death toll from such a planned false flag event, is allegedly "designed to be higher than the 9/11 death toll."

This is raw intelligence.  Unfiltered, un-vetted, unverified.


The reason it is being reported to YOU, is that months prior to the attacks of 9-11, similar unfiltered, un-vetted and un-verified information came into the possession of the Intelligence Community.  It was handled quietly and the attacks took place anyway.   That's not going to be allowed to happen again.

More info if and when it becomes available.


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