So you think wearing masks helps prevent COVID-19? Read the box . . .

So you think wearing masks helps prevent COVID-19? Read the box . . .

People all over the world are being "ordered" by ignorant government tyrants to "wear a mask when you're out in public." 

The idea is allegedly to prevent infection with novel coronavirus out of China, which causes the disease "COVID-19."  But the masks . . . are a farce. 

Read the mask box:


This COVID-19 thing is a complete FRAUD.  Yes, there is a new, novel coronavirus which makes SOME people sick and which KILLS some people.  But nowhere near the levels that would justify closing businesses and restricting travel - all of which, by the way, violated the US Constitution's 14th Amendment requiring "due process of law."

Governor Executive Orders are NOT laws.  They apply ONLY to employees of the executive branch of government.  Governors do not have legal authority to close all businesses, or to decide which businesses are "essential" and which are not.  Neither do Board of Health.

Thery certainly can ADVISE the public to do, or not to do, certain things.  But absent Due Process of Law, they cannot compel anyone to do anything.

This whole COVID-19 scare is a farce, and our freedom is the victim.

You do not have to obey so-called "Orders" by Governors, to close you business.

You do not have to obey "orders" by Governors to remain in your house.

You do not have to obey restrictions on travel.

You do not have to obey demands to wear a mask.  

Now, store owners have property rights too.  And if a STORE OWNER refuses to serve anyone without a mask, that store owner is within HIS rights.  So if a store says "No mask, No service" they have the right to do that.  Governors do not.

This is America where people, by Constitutional fact, are "free and independent." (NJ Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 1) 

By Constitutional fact, no person can be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. (U.S. COnstitution, Amendment 14) 

A sweeping Executive Order by a Governor is not due process of law. Period.

America is not Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia. 

Our public servants cannot simply ORDER us.  Our public servants work for us, we don't work for them.

Know your place, public servants.


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