Spain Army Throws Invading Morocco Migrants Into the Sea!

Spain Army Throws Invading Morocco Migrants Into the Sea!

Over the past few days, the King of Morocco has allowed upwards of ten thousand "migrants" to storm the border of Spanish Autonomous City Cueta.  Spain sent the army; which began throwing the invaders into the sea!

* Spain says 8,000 migrants entered Ceuta since early hours of Monday;


The map below shows the region.  You can zoom in or out to get an understanding of where this is happening:

The graphic below shows the layout of the border, close-up:

So the invaders come out of the tunnel, run to the water, swim around the jetty and its fence, and come ashore in Cueta.

Here's local video showing the mayhem as it took place:



While inside the city, the Moroccans committed all sorts of crimes; like trying to steal cars.  Here's video of that:

* 4,000 of them have already been pushed back to Morocco

This is where things got truly amazing.  The Spanish Army didn't march these invaders up the street and across the border, they threw them back into the water to make them swim the 100 feet back to Morocco! ! ! ! ! ! 

* Morocco has recalled its ambassador to Spain for consultations.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

In one brilliant move, the Spanish Army has shown the entire rest of the world exactly how to handle illegal invaders: Throw them into the sea!

This method of immigration control should be implemented in countries around the world, immediately.

I can't help but wonder how it would work in places like London, England, UK that have become third-world cesspools from all the migrants slithering in there?

I say, round them all up, bus them to the White Cliffs of Dover, and hurl them off!

Can you just imagine how glorious it would be to see the savages going over those cliffs?  To see England return to her true self?

Wow.  What mental imagery!

Alas, the weak-kneed, spineless cowards, of the British Parliament could never bring themselves to stand up for their own country. 

They seem too busy pushing the COVID fraud to lockdown their own people, while simultaneously LIVING OFF the taxes paid by those people.  Sick Bastards, the lot of them!

Here in the USA, we should populate the Rio Grande River with Alligators.  Let the Mexicans try swimming across it then!  Oh, and if they actually make it across, do what the Spanish Army does - throw them back in the water.  Tell the alligators, "Snack time boys!"


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