Strange Corporate Decisions This Week

Earlier this week, I received two reports that WALMART had allegedly "canceled billions of dollars in orders."

I was **not** able to get more info such as specific types of products or specific suppliers, or specific country of origin, so since I couldn't verify it, I didn't report it.

Minutes ago, I got this:

"My wife works for amazon web services (AWS) and they just canceled 40% of the marketing budget, froze hiring, and canceled all employee travel today"

It was done on a video call about 50 minutes ago.

I am endeavoring to verify it, so treat it as RUMOR right now  . . . but here's the thing:

If these claims prove true, this is a major indicator of bad shit coming.

Especially the travel part. AWS has assets in China, Taiwan, and Eastern Bloc countries.


Two days ago, I got word that the US/NATO shipped four (4) nuclear ARTILLERY shells to Ukraine.  Word was that the Ukrainians were to use those shells to hit the Zaporazyhe Nuclear Power Plant.   A nuke artillery shell would certainly be able to penetrate a Reactor Containment building, and even a relatively tiny nuke blast would rupture a reactor, causing a radiation leakage disaster.   BUT . . . they claimed . . .  the fact that a nuke artillery shell was used will be MASKED by the reactor leaking radiation.  So Ukraine would blame the Russians for mishandling the reactor causing it to blow up when, in reality, Ukraine caused it.

I thought this was a bit over-the-top, especially since the US unilaterally ended their nuclear artillery manufacturing and dismantled all their nuclear shells in the year 2004.   HOWEVER, not all NATO countries did the same.   

So it is possible that there are a few nuclear artillery shells still around, and if the US/NATO are actually the madmen that I believe they are, then some numbskull might have actually come up with a plan like this.  Plausible deniability with a leaking reactor being blamed for radiation caused by the blast of nuclear artillery.

But since I could not verify **ANY** component of that story, I did NOT report it, either.

Which brings me to Ukraine, today.

There is a MJAJOR offensive taking place in Ukraine since yesterday.  Russian Artillery was literally pounding from every part of the 150km long front line.

Today, Ukraine hit back inside Russia itself, with blasts in Belogorad. Then we had numerous reports of Ukraine missiles fired at the Kerch Strait Bridge. Then, no additional info -- at all.   Weird.

Two hours after the alleged missile attack against the Kerch Strait Bridge, air raid sirens sounded in Kiev.  Then . . . nothing.

All this is getting too weird, but I tell you these things because I have now found out that, this afternoon (eastern US Time) Russia told its people at the Zaporazhye Nuclear Power Plant they "are not to go to work tomorrow."


So now, I look at the alleged WALMART order cancellations, the AWS 40% marketing budget cut, hiring freeze, and employee travel ban, along with what I've verified about Russians at the Nuclear power plant being told to stay home tomorrow, and I start to wonder to myself, is the intel I got about nuclear artillery shells factual and is tomorrow (or this weekend) when the plant at Zaporazyhe gets hits?

It's certainly within the realm of possibility that big boys got a quiet warning to scale down ahead of something major.

WALMART is incredibly connected with government and might have gotten a sort of "heads-up" that everything is going to shit this month" so they are planning accordingly . . . and maybe canceled Billions in orders?

And AWS has hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts, so maybe they too got a sort of heads-up, and decided to cut the marketing budget and halt employee travel etc.?

Then too, it was just this month that no less than Henry Kissinger told a media outlet that "things will escalate in mid-August."  Here we are.

I run all this past you so you can get a small glimpse into the info pouring in to me, and how hard it is to sift through apparently unrelated things, to come up with a picture of what might actually be.




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