Strange Sky Lights in Kazakhstan Last Night - Killed Electric Grid

Strange Sky Lights in Kazakhstan Last Night - Killed Electric Grid

This video in from Kazakhstan last night.   It shows a strange pulsating light emanating from very high in the sky, flashing blue and other colors before bursting into a gigantic, "bright white light" which then killed the electrical grid for a little bit.

First, here's a map to show you where Kazakhstan actually is:

Now the video.   

The first 10 seconds or so are terribly jumbled as the person trying to take the video ran with his phone to get to a position to see what was taking place.  Once the image stabilizes, things get freaky outside.  NOTE:  When the screen goes BLANK, that's not the end of the video, its total blackness outside!   Then a few seconds later, SOME lights come back on:

At first, I wondered if this was some type of solar-related magnetic disturbance, akin to northern lights.  But it seemed to me that something went MAJOR-LEAGUE bad causing really weird sounds.  I'm not sure if those sounds were coming from a car radio or were coming down from the sky itself?  As the light flashes increase, they culminate in a blinding white flash; that one might see if a nuclear device had detonated .  .  . but I do NOT think it was that. 

Yet, whatever it was completely took out the electric grid in the area for several seconds.  ALL LIGHTS were out.  

The whole thing is weird.

Your thoughts?



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