Study published at Face masks worthless - NO "COVID" PROTECTION

Study published at Face masks worthless - NO "COVID" PROTECTION

A peer-reviewed study done by Stanford University demonstrates that face masks have absolutely zero chance of preventing the spread of Covid-19.


# RE. maskschip 2021-04-18 18:27
World War3 is right at our
doorstep and we got a study
on masks,, that's the least
of my Fucking worries.
# RE: RE. masksPaul Lambert 2021-04-19 03:59
The issues are related. It is the same evil people pushing both the pandemic and a possible war - and for the same purpose: a major cull of the human population. Worry about both.
+2 # My main takeaway....LilBirdie 2021-04-18 16:16
Masks violate OSHA oxygen standards!
We will be keeping a copy at the office to show to OSHA when they come through. We'll also be filing to recouped past fines that we've paid.
As most social media outlets have issues with memes I would suggest people post the chart above showing effects.
# RE: My main takeaway....Paul Lambert 2021-04-19 04:00
Let us know how that turns out. I'm serious.
+3 # Fight or DIE.eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-04-18 14:44
Well it's pretty simple folks, either we fight back or we just have to take it up the ass. Fight or just DIE and be good lil puppets to the establishment concerning the face diapers, etc, etc. . .
+1 # Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History – Catherine Austin FittsPalehorse 2021-04-18 13:15

Fitts explains, “I think the bankers are trying to chip us. Moderna describes their injection,
gene therapy as an ‘operating system.’ I
agree with them. I think they are trying to
download an operating system into our bodies.
I don’t think it was an accident . . . the man
President Trump appointed as head of
‘Operation Warp Speed’ was an expert at
Brain-Machine interface
. . . .

-4 # Off topic rambling babbleHarnaś 2021-04-18 14:08
We are talking about a specific subject here
Palestallion. Cosmos, not cosmetic. Masks, not the fact that KAF can do excellent research!

When she finally publishes a definitive interview about the usefulness of masks, which at this point would be nothing more that a rehash of the Stanford study, you can paste it in.
+1 # Gee, that's mighty kind of you Master HarnaśPalehorse 2021-04-18 16:31

When she finally publishes a definitive
interview... “you can paste it in

Definition of “control freak”

“a person whose behavior indicates a powerful
need to control people or circumstances in
everyday matters”

A trait often displayed by those having an an
acute sense of personal inferiority often
resulting either in timidity or through
overcompensation in exaggerated
aggressiveness, and often accompanied by

Your true value here is as a constant reminder, to all, as to that which we should not become. Keep up the good work.

Learn More about control freaks at Merriam-Webster
# Excellent groundbreaking article from Stanford.Harnaś 2021-04-18 13:06
Much more comprehensive than the standard fare that doctors are served, such as the short article below from BMJ. We will never see the definitive study that we are waiting for because of the current political climate, but The Stanford study comes close.

Good find Hal. Thanks
+4 # RE: Excellent groundbreaking article from Stanford.The Deplorable Renegade 2021-04-18 13:23
Harnas, agreed about the study. Close enough for me. I knew all along that masks are ineffective.
# You are right. You cannot get anything more definitive than this little gem from Stanford.Harnaś 2021-04-18 13:52
The most important thing the study confirms is something that even a lab rat and a bureaucrat with no academic appointment or any postgraduate medical training whatsoever, Fauci once admitted: "The is no such animal as the asymptomatic transmission"!!!
Among asymptomatic individuals, there was no droplets or aerosols coronavirus detected from any participant with or without the mask, suggesting that asymptomatic individuals do not transmit or infect other people [26]. This was further supported by a study on infectivity where 445 asymptomatic individuals were exposed to asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carrier (been positive for SARS-CoV-2) using close contact (shared quarantine space) for a median of 4 to 5 days. The study found that none of the 445 individuals was infected with SARS-CoV-2 confirmed by real-time reverse transcription polymerase [27].
+2 # Strange Experiancehal4511 2021-04-18 13:02
I had to go to the emergency room Friday night, I was having chest pains. They checked me out six ways from Sunday, 7 or 8 blood draws, EKG's, X-rays, Ultra sound and multiple doctors you name it ... they called it an incident but no heart attack thank God. Now here’s the strange part not one person or staff including the EMTs mentioned Covid ...Hmmm???
# Why should they. Even a hospital orderly would know that this presentation has nothing to do with Covid. Smart doctors!Harnaś 2021-04-18 14:00
Make sure you see your cardiologist now and undergo a nuclear stress test very soon.
+2 # Uselessgbhaywood 2021-04-18 12:35
Read the label on the box of masks is what I have said all along. No mask, even N95, before 2020 claimed to prevent the spread of a virus. The box said they did not stop viruses, no manufacturer wanted to be sued. No serious peer reviewed medical study advocated the widespread wearing of masks for virus spread prevention prior to 2020. It is all political.
+1 # Masks & The Elites Plans.....BanjoDoug 2021-04-18 11:40
First CDC said don't wear masks, then weeks later we must wear them. Now wear 2 (or more). This whole scenario of subjegating the populace is failing. CV hasn't killed millions, states are opening up, etc etc etc.but now since these quarantine measures are failing the elites will force us into war with the Bear (Russia).

Folks, prep up like never before we may only have days left before the grid goes down and the bombs start dropping.
+2 # Typical.eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-04-18 11:31
I knew it and everyone looked at me like I was plum nuts when I told them the masks were a damn joke and did absolutely NOTHING. . .
+4 # RE: Study published at Face masks worthless - NO "COVID" PROTECTIONRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-04-18 11:12
The position that masks prevent the spread of viruses is full of holes.
+3 # RE: Study published at Face masks worthless - NO "COVID" PROTECTIONThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-04-18 13:25
I avoid masks all I can.


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