STUNNING Testimony: Pfizer Never Tested COVID "Vax" to "Stop Transmission" of Virus! We were all lied to ! ! !

STUNNING Testimony: Pfizer Never Tested COVID "Vax" to "Stop Transmission" of Virus!  We were all lied to ! ! !

In utterly stunning sworn testimony before the European Parliament, a Director of Pfizer admitted they NEVER TESTED their so-called COVID "Vaccine" for its ability to "stop transmission" of the virus.  People around the world were lied to, their freedom restricted, because they were not "vaccinated" and allegedly could therefore spread the virus.

Countries throughout Europe and even in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, prevented people from going outside, socializing, using public facilities if they were not vaccinated.   People all over the world were told they could be "spreaders' without the vaccine. That was a lie because the vaccine was NEVER TESTED for any ability to stop the transmission.

Some countries implemented "Vaccine Passports" and went table-to-table in restaurants to see if people were vaccinated.  They were told "show us your vaccine passport" by police.   

Oh, and by the way, as we all see now, the vaccine didn't seem to stop transmission -- at all. 

The "vaxxed" could still get the virus.  They could still spread it to others.

Freedom was viciously taken away for those who chose to remain unvaccinated.  In some places, people were even PHYSICALLY FORCED to take the vax, even when they didn't want it.

All of this was glossed-over with claims "without the vax, you could infect others."

People lost their jobs over this; and the entire claim that taking the vax to stop the spread, was a deliberate lie.

PFIZER never tested to see if their so-called vaccine would stop transmission.

Here's video of the relevant testimony of a Pfizer Director, appearing before a committee of the European Parliament:


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