STUNNING: Ukraine Member of Parliament Suggests Missile Attack Against Russia Nuclear Power Plants

STUNNING: Ukraine Member of Parliament Suggests Missile Attack Against Russia Nuclear Power Plants

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (uni-cameral Parliament-type governing body) deputy Roman Kostenko suggested aiming Ukrainian missiles at Russian nuclear power plants.

"Moscow should know that they have nuclear power plants, such as we had in Chernobyl , and that our missiles will simply fly there."

It gets worse.   The same guy also said:

"we need missiles with a range of up to a thousand kilometers, which should be in service with us, and threaten Moscow preemptively."


Hal Turner Remarks

This ought to give readers a very good idea of the type of persons in charge of Ukraine, and the viciousness these people possess.

It seems to me personally, that any human being who would even SUGGEST deliberately attacking a Nuclear Power Plant with missiles, is severely mentally ill and a danger to others.

To then go on to suggest a "pre-emptive" attack upon the capital city of Russia, Moscow, seems to me to be proof this man is insane.

Yet this is one of the people with actual government authority, running Ukraine.

Is it any wonder that Russia made a robust military response when this same Ukraine government started saying they intend to take back Crimea by force?

The United States and NATO have made a grievous error in supporting the government of Ukraine.  We ought to use the occasion of this Member of Parliament's comments, to tell Ukraine, "We can no longer support your government.  You will have to learn to play nice with Russia because we no longer back you."

THAT SIMPLE ACTION on our part, would do more to de-escalate tensions in that region of the world, than anything done so far.

We in the USA simply cannot be party to a government whose members behave the way this member of Parliament has.  

And the people of Ukraine should Petition their courts for an Order to commit this man to a mental evaluation because he clearly seems to be a danger, if not to himself, then to others.  He cannot be trusted with constituted authority.


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