This story is WITHDRAWN.   Sadly, I must report that there are now severe credibility issues with the information sources who provided this story, and it now appears that I may have been the target of a deliberate government disinformation campaign to discredit me, my radio show, and this web site. I trusted . . . I got burned. Badly.


+1 # Small Pox TreatmentPapaJoo 2022-02-11 08:40
Hal I trust your journalism the first time around and whoever made you put the retraction I understand.

Durham biotech secures $50M ahead of potential US contract for smallpox drug (Treatment)
+3 # Nice TimingPalehorse 2022-02-11 08:24

Durham biotech secures $50M ahead of potential
US contract for smallpox drug
+2 # quayle gives thumbs upDudimus Maximus 2022-02-10 22:52 and discusses the smallpox thing
+1 # "Justin Case" strikes again!Dudimus Maximus 2022-02-11 08:55
Quoting Candace1!: and discusses the smallpox thing
- news: Durham biotech secures $50M ahead of potential US contract for smallpox drug $50 MILLION ALLOCATED FOR SMALLPOX TREATMENT FOR SOMETHING THAT DOESNT EXIST!??
and "The company views the credit facility as a resource that will supplement its financial position by providing an alternative source of capital that can be utilized on an as-needed basis, for example, in advance of an anticipated (or future) shipment of Tembexa treatment to BARDA into the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile over the term of the credit facility," the filing states.
Tembexa is a smallpox treatment the company developed through a 2011 contract with BARDA worth up to $81.1 million. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the treatment for adult and pediatric patients in June 2021.
+4 # You're not aloneFollowTheeMoreNearly 2022-02-10 14:34
"Now, the trust I had in the Intel source is destroyed and I am made to look like a fool before the eyes of the world."

I strongly doubt anyone here has not been betrayed by misplaced (or expired) trust. Compassion is the order of the day!
+5 # Possibility of thisNevada Swede 2022-02-10 12:55
Is it possible that by releasing the Small Pox info before it became a pandemic, it messed up the Globalist's plans for 5-6 months.
+5 # You are a man of integrityTruth seeker 2022-02-10 12:42
We know you are a man of integrity and we are here for you
+10 # Good informationKathleen Kasper 2022-02-10 09:55
Hal, you rightly withdrew the story when the pictures turned out to be questionable. However, your analysis of the the trouble smallpox could cause, particularly for those who have taken the COVID-19 jab is "spot on" and shouldn't be lost in the fog of "source" misinformation.
+5 # BackfirePeachey 2022-02-10 09:42
Now that tptb tried to discredit you and it backfired, I wonder what they are trying to distract you from? Your readers have united together on your behalf, and strongly support you. They must be upset about that. But why at this particular time?
+6 # retractionchikquita 2022-02-10 09:10
Hal, I hope you weren't threatened. You're not the only one to post this info. This news is in other countries before your radio broadcast.
+5 # Perhaps only partially trickedJessiebeaner 2022-02-10 09:02
Hal, if ONLY the photos are a fraud, (yet the newspaper reports the outbreak, AND STEVE QUAYLE has three sources verifying the outbreak,) you should state so, on an addendum to the article……..
Maybe this was the only way your source could risk getting the info to you…….set it up to look like a takedown.
+7 # smallpoxjrace 2022-02-10 08:55
Mr. Hal....Just yet "another" one of life's learning curves....testifies to the inability to trust very many people...and yeah, I've found that out too....just deal with it and move on.....period....the ratio of what you post as truth totally outweighs the other.....good job Mr. Hal....keep on truckin!! Keep in mind, that this may happen in our future!!
+7 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Demirnus 2022-02-10 08:49
Mr. Hal, it says a lot that you posted a retraction and explained what happened. I think most people that are here will give you tons of credit on that. The fact that most people won't admit when they are wrong, let alone that they were led astray by someone they trusted, says a lot about your character. It builds a trust with your audience, at least with me. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way.
+1 # Let the first perfect person step up to criticize this man and….Jessiebeaner 2022-02-10 09:04
Nobody is perfect and Hal is incredibly meticulous.
+3 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK rugerwild 2022-02-10 08:32
eep going i will tell you small pox does scare the life out of me nothing you can do to stop it deep state is powerful they planted a seed to root out leaks and it work i think it was the photo of plane crash that got to them we arehuman and your from new jersey like me we are strong and dont care about stuff like this keep going
-1 # There are things you can doJessiebeaner 2022-02-10 09:11
First…..smallpox has always been spread by saliva droplets from very close contacts.
You can use barrier techniques, regularly, if there is an outbreak in the USA. Yes, that would entail very good quality N95 masks, manufactured in the USA, and wearing either a face shield or eye goggles when out in public and good latex gloves when doing errands……..small price to pay to prevent such a known catastrophic disease. There is likely a reason that they played the COVID shit out to such a degree ……..perhaps Primarily to enrage most people and to trigger a response such that people would absolutely refuse to employ appropriate protection in the future WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS. If the entire western world develops a “fuck you” attitude to future government mandates and refuses to consider them…..then the globalists achieve a massive die off of the independent people while the asslicking sheep survive.
+1 # You might want to re-think your attitude re. PPE when it comes to smallpoxJessiebeaner 2022-02-10 15:37
Having spent 4 decades working in a profession where monitoring for and preventing infectious disease was just a part of daily activity, I will tell you that snubbing your nose at PPE, as that relates to smallpox, may be the LAST STUPID DECISION YOU MAKE.
Smallpox has a LONG incubation period and first symptoms when contagious might just be a mild sore throat as the pustules develop and mature in the throat……at which time the person is contagious.
The masks that are effective and affordable are brand name SPERIAN. My N95 are clinical grade and filter down to 0.1 micron and work to prevent all SARS transmission. These will work for smallpox also.
If the risk of a smallpox epidemic is real then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you get protective gear. You will regret not having done so when you had the opportunity.
There is a damn good reason that lab workers and healthcare practitioners RESPECT SMALLPOX.
+8 # It happensTalkingHorse 2022-02-10 08:13
Hal, you could get burned like this - twice per day - and still be more reliable than most of the media. I'll take honest, aggressive, and occasionally wrong any day over what the rest of the "news" media pumps out.
+7 # Way to be a manENDofTIME 2022-02-10 08:08
Hey you owned up to it amd that's all any of is can ask. Don't worry about it and keep moving forward. Thanks for your honesty
+14 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK psampson 2022-02-10 03:25
If you hop on enough lily pads sooner or later you will find one that won't hold you up. You gotta do your best and keep going like you have been doing. We appreciate your news and read it daily, so hang tough.
+13 # Somebody nkows your means and methodsSmiley1984*! 2022-02-10 03:06
Hal, somebody knows your means methods, and maybe more about you.Take care!

We all understand that you do everything in your power to verify your sources and the information that is supplied.

It is true that this was mentioned by B.gates and that what he says seem to come about, also that he is well connected with W.E.F, WHO, and he has stated that population reduction is needed.

You are not the only one to think this way, see Mike Adams report 18th December 2021, he gave out a similar scenario. Any one who can impose Covid Regulations and Vaccines can do other dastardly things.

Keep up the good work Hal and thanks!
+16 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK melaniecatt 2022-02-10 01:59
Hal, I so appreciate all you do. I check what you have to say every day because I trust you and certainly has not changed. Praying for your safety.
+4 # Maybe this is a "limited hangout" to gauge public reactions?Man of the Atom 2022-02-10 01:55
These comments sound like a 1960s comic book cover, or the movie poster for "Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb":

Why did the US government order smallpox vaccines for EVERYONE in the country in 2021? Why did they REALLY do that? WHY??

What is in these NEW vaccines? What do they REALLY contain? WHAT??

Who is Bill Gates REALLY and who told him to stage Event 201 in 2019 warning of a corona virus pandemic? Who was REALLY behind it? WHO??

Following that early "success", Gates is now talking about a smallpox outbreak! When will it happen? WHEN??

With Gates talking this way, this means it will happen soon! Where will they release the virus? WHERE??

If they are going to release it, how will they do this? Will it be sprayed into the air as an aerosol, rubbed on doorknobs or stairway rails? HOW??

Will the fate of the world hang on information from a web site going viral before the release to bottle up the proposed release?

Anyway, have a nice evening - "another worry to add to my collection of worries" - Carlos Castaneda.
+2 # Hey - you know what I left our??Man of the Atom 2022-02-11 02:22
Why was smallpox samples found in Pennsylvania? Did they lie to us that it was only in CDC Atlanta and that BSL4 lab in Russia? DID THEY??
+3 # subway?debbifaye 2022-02-10 03:08
Wasn't the drill for a CBRN done in the subway in New York a few months ago?
+2 # ???JO 2022-02-10 01:12
If the people in the pictures don't and smallpox, what did they have? Or were the photos totally staged?
+20 # Story withdrawnBlkhawk51 2022-02-10 01:06
First comment I’ve made... thanks for being upfront and I TRULY do not regret subscribing EVER! Thanks for all you do.
+5 # RE: Story withdrawnjbojackson 2022-02-10 06:58
me too!! Finding someone to put out real news is hard to find! Thank you Hal for your honesty!
+16 # RE: Story Withdrawndave1963 2022-02-10 00:59
I'd rather that you *report* developments like this rather than sit on them because there's a chance your sources are wrong or lying. The fact that you continued to evaluate the situation and ultimately concluded that the information was incorrect -and told your readers immediately- only ADDS to your credibility. Thanks for the update. All in all, this is good news, is it not?!
+15 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Bubblewrap 2022-02-10 00:45
Your humility speaks volumes. Thank you
+5 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK melaniecatt 2022-02-10 01:47
Completely agree!
+5 # Smallpox DrugJules 2022-02-10 00:26
This new smallpox drug sounds super creepy. I cannot get past the manufacturer - Chimerix. What 2 species are they combining together on this - dare I ask. For the brave souls, here is their website.
+6 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK jrd803 2022-02-10 00:00
The pharmaceutical treatment approved for smallpox that was mentioned by one of the callers today is Tembexa (brincidofovir) manufactured by Chimerix and was initially approved in 1996 (according to the label - viewed online). However, the FDA has a June 4, 2021 announcement of the approval of Tembexa. Here is the FDA Link:

I used to search: tembexa brincidofovir

I do hope that the report of an outbreak is actually false.

+16 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Palehorse 2022-02-09 23:54

A message for those whom deceived you...

"You are never closer to the devil as when
you lie, for he was a liar from the beginning.
+1 # LiarsWoulf 2022-02-10 03:01
Whom do you think pray to and sacrifice to? Want to know who they will sacrifice? Their "god" will never be my GOD. HE still seems to be large and in charge.
+2 # Good one!melaniecatt 2022-02-10 01:46
Good one and so true!
+4 # close callcowgirl 2022-02-09 23:16
I must say , small pox is nothing to joke about . hope the story stays debunked.
+8 # It's kinda weirdlumpy 2022-02-09 23:08
That this smallpox story appears at the same time that many countries, and even blue states (ahem gov. Hochul) are suddenly dropping mask mandates and other covid restrictions like a hot potato. Maybe it won't be smallpox, or ebola, but something even worse? Or maybe war?

Ugh whatever I'm so over the hygiene drama! I just can't take another minute of hand sanitizer, plexiglas, mask madness.
+2 # LISTENING WED NIT 10:42PMDudimus Maximus 2022-02-09 22:43
THINK JAN 6 2021
+4 # LOOK:Dudimus Maximus 2022-02-09 22:50
you arent going to oppose a major, or even a minor, govt with alphabet agencies and deep state players etc.... without some pushback. what? ur going to run a convoy and they are going to roll over? this isnt a damn movie...this is real... people hang, get shot with darts, set on fire, bulldozed (stop resisting stop resisting) blown up, and incarcerated/disappeared for sightseeing in DC etc etc...if anyone thinks they are going to drive big trucks into a city and not meet getting fck'd up by any means possible ...isn't in the real world...
+3 # Extra helpdebbifaye 2022-02-10 02:55
While watching where mil planes were going, mostly E3s and RC 135s, a few nights ago, I noticed several flights from Canada mil from just above border below Ottawa to Dallas, Ft Worth area. A few from the province above Montana also flew into the states as well. Flew back shortly after, perhaps, loading forces to bring back with them. Also noticed many flights from Luxembourg, Belgium and UK into Dubai, which is very close to Yemen. But there are many reasons there could be for that other than to deliver the Wonderwaffen biomaterial. If it is a real thing there in Yemen, then it would be an advantage to muddy the waters of information, just like what the few months after the release of Bat flu were in the beginning.
+18 # Duped or not...MrsBlake 2022-02-09 22:36
the plight of the Yemeni people is real and your in-depth reporting shone some light on it.
Your credibility is sound and what's more, your integrity intact.
God bless you.
+17 # Glory hallelujah !!!PaulSalis 2022-02-09 22:30
Hey Hal, it's all good ! Sorry you got punked but hey !!, no "plague" running amuck.... I'm not complaining. And too, hey man, you did right by us ....... reporting a potential horror, then pulling the plug when it proved to a false alarm ......
good on you sir !!!
+8 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK attieau 2022-02-09 22:01
You never know if that was 100% inaccurate until...
Recently, sb in social media: “… one of our clients is mass producing lateral flow tests for HIV, scheduled to be ready for distribution within a month…”
Sth is going on???
+4 # Hal!!!Dudimus Maximus 2022-02-09 21:57
Hal, if you want to, tell your listeners and readers here, what "Trust Me" means in the NY/NJ area.... why, anytime someone says that to me, I get the "allergic" reaction.... "Trust Me" or "Trust Us" is akin to that other common two word phrase....
+7 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Woulf 2022-02-09 21:35
There are a lot of types of "blistering agents" that can make those pictures. In a war zone who knows what they are firing. If they are still running that story, it might be true. Wait and see.
If you are stepping on toes, then your coverage was better than they care for. Money well spent I would say.
+5 # That news paper storyjudith L 2022-02-09 21:33
I know a lot of people keep pointing to the news statement that there are small pox cases in Sana'a/Aden Hghad. It was not a 'story', but a 'bullet statement with no details or medical confirmation. One would expect more complete coverage of something so deadly. On the other hand, disease is seen by us as a threat; war for them is the destroyer.

Where is the scientific evidence? It may still come to pass somewhere. Stay vigilant.
Thanks, Hal, for keeping the story straight.
+7 # Problem in Chinalloydbarker 2022-02-09 21:19
Here is the problem...there have been reoprts for weeks now of a hemorragic smallpox cluster in Eastern China. Also some reports of it here in the States. I guess we'll fin out one way or another.
+10 # Bleeding Edge News ReportingSwamp Yankee 2022-02-09 21:08
You are the "bleeding edge" news reporting site which often leads the reports elsewhere. Once in a while there will be some reporting that doesn't work out. But that's the risk you take being on the leading edge. Plus the Yemeni news site reported it.
+11 # Well that sucksEmptyNester 2022-02-09 20:59
Sorry to hear that your trusted source is no longer trusted, especially after 15 years….that hurts a little. I do appreciate your integrity to share what you have learned about the entire situation, as well, and for that I thank you.
+5 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK clove 2022-02-09 20:58
No worries Hal. We only told a few people. lol. Good news though. Those pictures were hard to look at.
+10 # Shit 2022-02-09 20:56
Don't worry Hal, you have given us good reliable coverage so far. So just keep on keeping on! thanks for all you do!!!
+7 # Aaaah ... some GOOD news to wash the bad ....NHydg 2022-02-09 20:54
Guess it is all in learning who the enemies are .....
It is becoming more obvious we will see others trying to misdirect us as we enter toward the End Of the End Of Times ..........
It is better to ALERT and stand down than to NOT alert and REALLY get burned.
+5 # March 22, 2021 Canada Orders...Terrabactor 2022-02-09 20:53
There may be something . Canada orders more IMVAMUNE smallpox vaccine Last year with delivery 1st quarter 2022.

One may be asking why..
+3 # I heard Castreaulumpy 2022-02-09 22:57
Paid for 10 vaxxes per person. I thought it was b.s. but now when I see how Castreau acts, oh it must be true. He must be Gates and Schwabs top lap dog.
+1 # Turdeaudebbifaye 2022-02-10 03:06
No doubt, surely Gate's father and Swabby was probably doing Turdeau's mom too, from what they say about her, umm, hospitality manners.
+8 # #WithdrawnBassman 2022-02-09 20:46
I personally am relieved you were duped. Smallpox is nothing to be fooled with. Just hope dummy gates doesn't really release it on us via alphabet agency ! Keep up good work !
+7 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Beetlepumpr 2022-02-09 20:40
+15 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK selah 2022-02-09 20:39
Perhaps your intel source was deliberately fed bogus info in order to OUT HIM as one of your sources. Or your encrypted stream of info was hacked.
+14 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-09 20:38
No smallpox??? Heck, this is Great news! :-)
+5 # The pics were falsePioneer 2022-02-09 21:17
But the newspaper story in Yemen was a real story.
+6 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Why? 2022-02-09 20:33
No worries, that is what happens sometimes when you are on the leading edge of reporting, no biggie, it's all good!
+11 # Not an issueCaleb 2022-02-09 20:33
If you ain't getting flack, you ain't over the target. Imagine we all have been expecting it.

Give it to the Lord. Keep doing your best with the right motives, and just marvel as He works it out. :)
+8 # I quote you Hal,oldschool 2022-02-09 20:33
"Having had a 15+ years-long relationship with the source involved in writing the story, I trusted the source - who is still in the employ of a government entity. I had no reason not to trust." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
You did nothing wrong Hal, you were duped. Can happen to anyone. It's just a shame that the ones we trust in and know like a brother
are the ones that turn on us. I hold nothing against you Hal and any of your followers that have any common sense will hold nothing against you either.
Just keep on doing what you have been doing Hal. You are a good Journalist, an excellent watchman. You bring us news that no one else is covering. Look at it this way, you done no one any wrong, your source done you wrong.
Have a great day Hal ! May God bless you !!
+6 # Correctionoldschool 2022-02-09 20:49
You are a "VERY GOOD" journalist.
+7 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK JeffsGypsy 2022-02-09 20:33
I think that you are an upright guy. We all know how it feels to unintentionally pass bad information. I am sorry that happened. Unlike fake media, you took responsibility and got in front of this story. Thank you
+7 # Okay, I'm confusedla0508 2022-02-09 20:32
You've withdrawn the story, but the Al Sahwa newspaper asserts that there IS a smallpox outbreak in Sana'a , Aden, etc. So is there a smallpox outbreak, but you were handed fake photos etc.? Please clarify.
In any case, you have NOT lost credibility. No reason to be ashamed. We appreciate what you do, and your integrity.
+1 # Thanksabuikema76 2022-02-09 20:29
Thank you for your honesty. Still kinda sore that you kicked me off the subscription for calling you out on the California UFO DEW fires story you posted last year that was pulled from the God-like productions site. Why didn't you do the same thing then? I was trying to hold you accountable... isn't that what we are suppose to do, help each other out? Regardless, I still have you as my go to news site and appreciate your hard work.
+2 # RE: Thanksabuikema76 2022-02-09 20:35
Maybe it wasn't the DEW story.... I think it was the covid nightmare story about the guy in China forced to pile dead bodies... can't remember, but it was originally posted on the God-like productions site.
+6 # You're The Bestjanet115 2022-02-09 20:26
Don't worry about it, Hal, I'm sure they're actually going to release smallpox sooner rather than later as their narrative falls apart. You were just ahead of the curve here, even if this particular outbreak hasn't happened just yet. It reminded me and other to get ready for any of their deadly viruses coming down the pike whether smallpox, ebola, ebola pox, whatever!
+7 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Truthseeker9902 2022-02-09 20:26
I trust you more now than before, now I know you are honest, which is VERY RARE!
+8 # Go public with the withdrawal, not just for subscribers!Dale 2022-02-09 20:24
This is a tough one, since no one wants to be the one tricked, but your credibility goes UP if you are the one to point out the story doesn't have legs.

Were you tricked? Was your source tricked? Is this being hidden by someone and is real? Who knows. But you don't look bad for telling everyone that it took place. You look strong, in fact.

So, my two cents on this one. Make the withdrawal story public and get the word out. Make a claim on page one, make a correction on page one...
+3 # Not worried about it.Teknikid 2022-02-09 20:20
One bad egg in the bunch does not spoil the bunch. No problem.
+6 # That's how it goesJules 2022-02-09 20:20
in the intell field unfortunately. Some leads that seem spot on and totally creditable leave you with a tail between your legs, others that you are most shaky about turn out to be spot on. It is only in the trying that we know.
May we always be bold enough to try and fierce enough to listen.
+4 # Only as good...Gulfcaptain 2022-02-09 20:18
Any reporter is only as good as their sources at any given time. It is impossible to know from one "inside source" to another when you could be scammed. All reporters have to trust their sources. He/she has no control of the source that often has been trustworthy in the past. One thing you can count on though, anyone in the intell circles will lie if it suits the agenda or if they are told to do so. The governments lie as a rule. They lie even when they don't have to. Lies are the currency of security agencies besides drugs and human traffic cartels. So, it should not surprise anyone when this sort of thing happens. No sweat Hal.
+2 # Color me surprisedDM56 2022-02-09 20:17
The intelligence community is feeding you false information Hal. Get some new sources,
+6 # Only Satan and his top minions know for sure.Schnauzer_World 2022-02-09 20:10
No problem, thanks for being up-front ASAP.
+8 # Don't feel too bad, Hal....Rosewood11 2022-02-09 20:10
...anyone can be duped by the US government. They are paid liars, and it's all done with our money. I still trust you, especially when you demonstrate the integrity to retract the story in the way you have. Your still worthy of my support, and I know those who matter will feel that way, as well.
+4 # Don't feel too bad, Hal....paulattahoe 2022-02-10 00:15
Chit, I voted for the Bush's twice... LOL

You have all my support buddy! Keep up the good work!
+5 # HalSBGlett77 2022-02-09 20:07
Your integrity remains unassailable. Your reputation is unspotted when you willingly correct errors when you detect them. One more liar betrayed himself, and you can be done with him.

And as for the liars, well, when their short life is over, unless they have repented before God and man, they get special treatment in the lake of fire. Then they'll believe in a perfect God of eternity who gave consciousness to them as eternal spirits that cannot cease to exist, and they'll think in anguish about how they squandered the time they had been given to be reconciled to Him. Instead they chose to sell out to the world. Woe is them.
+6 # YemenLoki 2022-02-09 20:07
No worries, Hal. It was reported in several places. With starvation and everything else going on it would not be surprising to have small pox in Yemen.
+10 # Well, that’s a relief!AndyBenefield 2022-02-09 20:04
I’m in agreement with most here - glad that things actually aren’t what they could be with the outbreak!

Thank you for your honesty and integrity and being forthcoming as soon as you knew - that means a lot!

You’ve got my ear. Keep the info coming!
+6 # Hal - no worries...TheWho 2022-02-09 20:03
Thank you for admitting you were duped by others. Its hard to take, and even harder to admit, that you were sabotaged by those who would trash you. By admitting this, you are standing heads and shoulders above the SCUM who think they are taking you down.

Kudos to you sir for admitting this and stepping up!!!!!
+4 # TruthLbigox 2022-02-09 20:02
And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

The powers (and principalities) to be would like to retract the story too. I don’t think they like the ending. God bless you Hal Turner.
+1 # Just PunksForrest Mosby 2022-02-09 19:59
My calculations show about 40% of humans ate martians,40% motherfuckers and 20% everybody else…Kinda easy to figure who Hal’s antagonistic’s are
+1 # RE: Just PunksForrest Mosby 2022-02-09 20:00
Are not ate
+5 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Vercinge 2022-02-09 19:58
The fact that you have been the target of deliberate and serious misinformation, especially you have recognized and revealed it immediately, confirms the value of you and your work. Anyone, especially today in the field of information, can happen to be deceived. I will continue to follow you with great interest and participation, especially as regards the probable very worrying East / West conflict.
+6 # HappyAussie for Yah 2022-02-09 19:55
Thanks Hal, it is good they have not released the small pox. At lease not yet. Keep up the good work. No matter what happens in the future, we stand with you.
-4 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Timbo 2022-02-09 19:53
Little more research is need over being the first to break a story I think.
+5 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Jeannie 2022-02-09 19:47
But you ARE still correct as the one source from the paper clearly states there is in fact a smallpox outbreak.So THAT part of the story IS true.
+8 # When Integrity countsMajor 2022-02-09 19:45
Hal, you have proven to countless people, to Americans and to the world that your word is your honor. Its not about getting the story out first, but getting the truth out with credible evidence. Sir that's who you are and that is what you did concerning the scoop on smallpox.
I come here for news that is credible, and that I can see the proof making my own decision from there. Hal, your a good journalist with the desire to not mislead. Thank you, brother!
+6 # November 2021Lbigox 2022-02-09 19:43
The Independent
Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research funds

November 4, 2021

Bill Gates has warned governments to prepare for smallpox terror attacks and future pandemics by investing billions into research and development.
+7 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK TexasWolf 2022-02-09 19:29
Sorry you got burned. But glad that, apparently, this story isn't true.
+1 # Rinse & Repeat Psyop.plasmaglyphs 2022-02-09 19:29
Reflections of 2020. Timing and tactics.

Live by Faith, not in fear..

Resist the psyop, the spread of fear.

+2 # We are all being playedBeaumains 2022-02-09 23:14
I listen to Hal because he plays his part as a good american, like so many before him trying to make a difference. And so often they are crushed by the system they fail to understand, yet they do stand under-and take part in it.

Hal, there are not many good guys left , not any that try to shoot straight. Don't be distracted by clowns.

We all need to stop giving these media types our strength. Stop playing their games. Reading the corp media, watching their videos, and parroting their bullshit everyday.

I know your proud of your service, but I cringe every time you mention it because they still have their hooks in you. You will get a heads up when you NEED it.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William J. Casey, CIA Director (1981)
+13 # A Familykiltews 2022-02-09 19:28
After reading every post here, I have to say as much as we bitch about each others opinions, right now it feels like a FAMILY.
+7 # Target or TargetedNZWatcher 2022-02-09 19:27
You must be over the Target Hal - they are coming for you.
This is the best way to shut someone down.
Discredit with a False Flag scenario
+9 # Thanks for correctionUasns1 2022-02-09 19:23
Thats a relief.
+8 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Jim Lewis 2022-02-09 19:23
I hope your other assets do not screw you over too. Your show is based on creditable Intel ops. So now what?
+9 # Indeed :(Redbaron 2022-02-09 19:22
If they burn you intentionally, unfortunately that contact is no longer reliable. You are reliable, your contact notsomuch.
+13 # Story Withdrawn...Top Det 2022-02-09 19:21
No worries, Hal. You're honest enough to come forward; not everybody would do so.
We're still here, and will be going forward.
+13 # It is going to happen Hal..Lexie 2022-02-09 19:19
Does it change my opinion of you ? Not a jot! Infact my respect for you just shot up . You pulled the story soon as you knew and apologised ..good enough for me !
+9 # Hal Is Top Shelf.Doug Brown 2022-02-09 19:18
I would be honored to drink a couple of very expensive cold beers with Hal.
No better news commentator in the business.
Love his show. Listen Monday through Friday.
+10 # It happenspwalz12 2022-02-09 19:16
But fixed well. Thanks Hal
+16 # Thanks for your honestyRed Deer 2022-02-09 19:12
Thanks for your honesty Hal, I think we all have been a victim of deliberate deceit. With continued support, thank you.
+7 # Can we agree?DM56 2022-02-09 19:12
Hal is being fed misinformation. MK Ultra anyone?
+18 # No 2022-02-09 19:08
Shit happens. Well handled.
+7 # YesKarriemosby 2022-02-09 19:13
I agree. Thank you for everything you do, and I am sorry that happened to you. I also think that you handled it very well.
+13 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK The Deplorable Renegade 2022-02-09 19:05
Hal, you did the right thing. I'm not surprised that you've been targeted for a disinformation campaign. The neocons are not exactly happy campers these days. They really need to have more than their toes stepped on.
+12 # The way news should be.Itolduso 2022-02-09 19:05
This is how news should work. Get it out as soon as it looks like it might be accurate. Retract it as soon as there is doubt.
You did good Hal.
CNN and the others could learn a thing or two.
+14 # Thank youJohn Jones 2022-02-09 19:01
Thanks for being a man Hal. For a one man operation you get more right than wrong, and own the wrong ones. Keep up the good work.
+10 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK news4metoo! 2022-02-09 19:01
Thanks for admitting you got burned. You still have my support!
+21 # I praise Your actions Halkiltews 2022-02-09 18:59
The Hal Turner Radio Show has now become my number 1 most respected information sources that I look to. Thank You for showing everyone what it's like to be an honest news source. You did something we might never see again in our lifetimes, I respect your honesty and your personal integrity. Thank you !!!
By admitting when info is incorrect is EXACTLY why I trust your site Hal!
+7 # I agreeKarriemosby 2022-02-09 19:15
Very good point! I second it.
+5 # STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAKJim Lewis 2022-02-09 18:53
I hope your other assets don't fuck you over too. Credibility is what your site is about. You may be banned now.
+17 # Dear HT community..J Grayman 2022-02-09 18:48
It's awesome to see the support for Hal...and we should be supporting one another too. Give some love to your community members in the thread...thumbs up for everyone! Lately, there's been some division, especially along denominational lines...hey, if you believe and have called upon Jesus [Yeshua] to be your Lord & Savior, let's leave it there and do what we can to help one another in deal w/this ONSLAUGHT of EVIL!
+11 # Good on You HalIke1 2022-02-09 18:45
You don't look foolish at all Hal. Thats how a grownup behaves when they discover they have made an error. I wish a few politicians had the balls to do the same.
Well done.
+7 # Not the first time they misled youBeaumains 2022-02-09 18:41
won't be the last. You sir should know more then us "fodder" that those snakes you deal with will bite you.
+13 # Bill GatesDisstheease 2022-02-09 18:40
Hal, we love you. This makes me wonder if you were threatened, like Mike Adam's, was? Bill Gates, himself has been warning us of small pox terror threats. Yahoo News, Nov.21,2021 for example. No need for him to withdraw anything he says? Makes you wonder who the real terrorist is? I think we already know that. Respectfully.
+28 # RE: Bill GatesHalTurner 2022-02-09 18:52
No, I was not threatened at all - not even any HINT of a threat.

The __ONLY__ thing I truly have, is my credibility. It has taken literally YEARS to develop and hone.

All my subscribers would abandon me if I ever deliberately made up a story or deliberately reported falsely. Everything I have strived to build would be smashed if I deliberately lied or made something up. I won't risk everything I've worked so hard to build.

I bust my ass every day to earn my keep. One deliberate lie would ruin all of it. No thanks.

When the proof came in that the photos were not what was represented to me, then I had to question EVERYTHING ELSE about the story.

Several unrelated sources have, in fact, confirmed there is an outbreak of Smallpox, in Yemen. But if the pictures given to me were not right, then the whole story would not be trustworthy and I will not risk that.

I got burned. Very publicly and very badly. Bitten by a real snake.
+2 # Constant VigilanceDisstheease 2022-02-09 21:26
That's good to know you weren't intimidated in any way. Thanks, for your hard work. I mean that!
+7 # Hal, we salute, YouBruce Oxenford 2022-02-09 19:11
I aree with your assessment of the gathered intelligence originally; I agreed with your interpretation of intelligence, as well as how you handle the sum of that intelligence when more information came to light. You are a stand up man and researcher. Your website is priceless with the amount of energy you must work keeping everything running. If your website, happened to get shutdown, I would be grateful for the information that you have shared. You provide a great service to others. Know that you have provided and hopefully continue to provide cutting edge information to me and others.

Wish I could have standed by your side at your trials and swapped places with you. You are an American Man, and a damn great Patriot.
With everything going and all the great Intel you put out that ARE TRUE I wouldn’t even worry about it!

Most people will understand

Your source could also been misinformed on purpose

Trust but verify from now on from him/her
+11 # Nothing to worry about.Garyhines 2022-02-09 18:30
Hi Hal nothing to worry about Hal things happen .I'm hearing about flights from south Africa with people infected with Ebola coming in the United States.have you heard anything about this.
+13 # WELLLLLLassieLou 2022-02-09 18:29
We're still with ya' Hal,at least you let us know,but I really wouldn't doubt that is happening,for spoke up & they don't want that info out to John Q Public
+21 # Humility is keyslayingleviathan 2022-02-09 18:27
Hal, it is because of your humility and pursuit of the truth that keeps the trust of your subscribers. Thank you for being honest and keeping us up to date.
+11 # Thanks Hal, No sweat!DEFCON 1 2022-02-09 18:23
We all make mistakes, not your fault being lied to. Any one that has a problem with that screw them! I'm stinking glad it might not have happened. Praise the Lord!
+12 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK 0b68w 2022-02-09 18:21
Hal, "they" have just let you know that you are
over the target. keep your head down and your ear to the rail.
You are doing a great job. Thank you.
+14 # Mehgjones7777 2022-02-09 18:19
With drawing the story and publishing an explanation ADDS to credibility, not diminishes it IMO. Thanks for the update , and I'm not sorry there's no smallpox outbreak
+13 # Credibility? 2022-02-09 18:19
It's precisely because of your honesty and ethics that I support you. You have not lost credibility with me. Keep on trucking and put it behind you. If only the mainstream media shared your ethic!
+10 # Follow upNatalThread5652 2022-02-09 18:14
The pictures maybe old but the smallpox war germs may be ongoing
+15 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK BeenThere 2022-02-09 18:13
Are you sure it's a false story? Maybe tptb don't want the story getting out because the disease needs more time to spread without outside containment operations to interfere with an outbreak plan ???? Just a thought....

Stay frosty
+3 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Jeannie 2022-02-09 19:56
I think the smallpox part is very real from the newspaper article we seen. It's just the pictures apparently were not accurate.If that newspaper article is in fact true we have major issues. As smallpox is contained it would mean someone had been able to get this from a lab? I just don't know it's still quite worrisome.
+10 # Totally agree!GoldCoastGirl12 2022-02-09 18:24
I was thinking the exact same thing. Dave Hodges has been warning about a small pox release for months. I think the story is going to come back. Maybe after the lady who got spit on by the monkey is fully infected. Horrible.
+12 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Peachey 2022-02-09 18:12
Glad to hear the story was untrue. I still support you. Your radio program is the greatest.
+10 # No Worries Hal!Skeeter 2022-02-09 18:12
No worries Hal! Sadly, there are many people out there who want to discredit the honest voices. Thank you for your honesty. If ever we needed a story to not be true, this would be at the top of the list! Keep up the good work!
+9 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK DPtheFloss 2022-02-09 18:12
Happens to the best. What about HIV though?
+8 # No problem HalHallsof13 2022-02-09 18:10
The loyal are with you.
Here is a breaking story nobody talking about. 6amphibious landing ships arrived to Tartus Syria. Also the cruiser Marshall Ultinov arrived in Tartus Syria. Only 6 ships went to Black Sea. 1 amphibious landing ship is still at Syria. This was clever maneuver strategy. Why was 1 ship staying behind?
+11 # Like I said yesterday...J Grayman 2022-02-09 18:06
I have no problem w/Hal...because he's one of the only Ind Media ppl who admit when a story is off or flat out wrong. Not many do this! Sorry that this happened, and it sucks when we get duped, even deceived. Everyone in these threads has been duped and deceived, probably more times than we'd like to admit! Guess it's the ole pride issue? God bless Hal and his work...In fact, we all should pray for his protection and for The Lord to increase his discernment and ours as well!
+10 # ThanksSerpa@82 2022-02-09 18:05
Keep up the good work Hal! Thanks for getting the info to us.
+12 # Story withdrawnchip 2022-02-09 18:05
Well Hal,, thats why you are above the main
Stream news media,, you are honest about
withdrawal of a story. These pieces of garbage
Just keep adding lies. Keep up the good work.
+12 # Story withdrawn — chipSteve 196th Inf 2022-02-09 18:19
I agree with Chip No worries
+17 # Slight Sigh of ReliefTheProphet 2022-02-09 18:03
Hal, no problem. Thanks for the update.

A slight sigh of relief. As if smallpox were to be released in the small world of today, with travelling as easy as it is, would kill billions of people. You did the right thing.


+17 # NO PROBLEM HAL!Dudimus Maximus 2022-02-09 18:02
Now, the trust I had in the Intel source is destroyed GOOD DEAL THEN, another douche bites the info dust;

HEY, ur credibility is NOT destroyed
You provide subscribers info provided to you that we would otherwise have NO access to.
Then about a week later, the mouths on alt media might come out with it. We understand that and is why I am here.
Keep it coming.
Lesson for all; "Early reports are suspect and subject to error" info is not intel.
I want all the info i can get- i'll make my own Intelligence out of it
when SHTF and one finds themselves cut off from all the sources we have now, YOU WILL GET ERRONEOUS REPORTS
Gather it all. examine it.
Hal puts it out there as it comes in. He risks his @$$ doing so, as this story illustrates BUT
99+% of the time, it bears out
and I want all the info and details i can get- WHICH HE PROVIDES as he said, "busts his @$$" finding and putting it out there....
every site and source has its purposes- the HTS is unique and i hope he doesnt get gun shy... fck em if they dont GET IT ( what goes on here ) by the time MOST of the items that are dealt with here get on the mainstream ALT media, its OLD NEWS by comparison. I appreciate Hal's candor and willingness to be unabashed and frank as well.
+9 # Well said!J Grayman 2022-02-09 18:10
100% agree!
+16 # Story withdrawnDeepwoo 2022-02-09 17:59
Some times it’s a long wait to find out who you friends are. Admitting a mistake is an honourable thing in my eyes, it lends you even more cred. Keep up the great work Hal!
+12 # Thank you, Haljudith L 2022-02-09 17:56
Thank you , Hal, for pursuing truth. I am so sorry a trusted source betrayed you. Well, we, the ordinary folk live with this every day. You, at least, strive to give us a heads up before anything happens, so our hearts and minds can prepare. I trust in you but have a healthy skepticism towards some of the stories. The fear agenda is obvious.
So, be not troubled, we're with you.
+19 # Silver lining - We've been introduced to Sarracenia purpureaDesert Fox 2022-02-09 17:56

There is a silver lining to this event. Your readers have been introduced to an old Indian cure for Smallpox called Sarracenia purpurea through the posts in the previous comment section.

One can learn more about Sarracenia purpurea here

If we are left alone without any vaccines for smallpox in a future event, your readers can stock up on this tincture now for a very small price. If the comments in the article above are true, Sarracenia purpurea could be worth it's weight in gold.

I ordered mine out of India directly...
+2 # Scam?Pat 2022-02-09 19:30
reviews are not kind to the indianayurvedic products file you listed.
+8 # Saracena PurpureaPeachey 2022-02-09 18:21
I ordered mine. Glad I will get it especially with Gates mentioning small pox a possibility in the future.
+19 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Lambs Servant 2022-02-09 17:55
No problem. Things happen. I must say, however, that your reporting on Ukraine must be spot on given that people are getting antsy about your reporting.
+13 # IF YOUNZ KIWI 2022-02-09 17:52
have to get a story wrong im , really pleased its this one
+12 # Hal,Kdasl 2022-02-09 17:52
you can’t control how someone was trustworthy and then decides not to be. Keep doing the good job that you do, we appreciate it!
+26 # RE: STORY WITHDRAWN -- SMALLPOX OUTBREAK Gunner 2022-02-09 17:50
Hmmmm I wonder if "intel" like that was specifically only give to your pal/source so they flush out who was leaking info perhaps? Either way, it's unfortunate. OR it was done just to screw you over as you stated.
+15 # No WorriesTim421 2022-02-09 17:49
We appreciate all the info you provide. It sucks getting burned by a trusted source. The enemy is trying to discredit all non mainstream media. I fully expect the smallpox outbreak or something similar real soon. The elites can't have a bunch of truckers embarrass them for too long. Thanks again Hal !
+3 # Nostalgic for...iCanWalk 2022-02-09 17:49
...La Palma.
+24 # Just a Thoughtimback 2022-02-09 17:45
Perhaps the story was leaked knowing that it would be discredited then when it actually does get released fewer people would believe it to be real. That way it will be able to be spread faster and cause more carnage. It is the boy that cried wolf technique.
+14 # The only people that never make 2022-02-09 17:43
are those who achieve nothing.
Hal, you are not always right - but you are never wrong !
Great batting average.
+14 # Idk…4given 2022-02-09 17:43
I’m still hearing about this from other news sources. I’m not sure if it’s a scamDemic, but the story is still out there even without Hal Turner.
+9 # Curious questionGoldCoastGirl12 2022-02-09 18:17
I'm going to go out on a limb oh, but what if statement that it was just info is to quiet down the story because they weren't ready to release it yet. Biden's talked about the dark winter too long for this to be an accident or disinfo. I think we all need to wait and keep our guard up. This is not going away but I think you upset their applecart again how.
+1 # I agree.4given 2022-02-10 00:18
I think it’s still prudent to be prepared for everything and anything. There is a reason this has been leaked.
+7 # "Thank God" 2022-02-09 17:41
"Thank God"
+12 # Keep going Hal!LLCole 2022-02-09 17:38
Thank you for your persistence, Hal. We continue to appreciate you...and see that every publication is a are doing the best you can in this crazy world and I thank you!! You are in my prayers!
+16 # Monkeysjameschrls 2022-02-09 17:35
I was surprised they didn’t release it here first. I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s here. Bill Gates wouldn’t lie about a thing like that
+25 # RE: SMALLPOX OUTBREAK CONFIRMEDRobert A 2022-02-09 17:35
Hal you have lost no credibility. You had a source a reliable source from past history and he or she burned you. Not to mention the local Newspaper in SAANA Yemen is in fact running the piece.
Do you know how many news outlets retract, explain and apologize for a story? I would dare say little to none in the entire world. Oh for sure CNN, CNBC, BBC will retract a story days later with a small paragraph but that means shit as its forced and meaningless. Shake it off move on Hal keep doing what you do.


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