Taliban Moves Heavy Armor, Troops, to Iran Border

The Afghanistan Taliban is moving troops, and heavy weaponry to the border with Iran and warns it can capture Tehran within days, if Iran does not stop the provocations.   Oh, and all that heavy weaponry and armor. . . . was the stuff "left" there when the US departed Afghanistan.    HMMMMMMM.

Border Clashes broke out between Iranian Border Guards and the Taliban Afghan Army earlier today, with Major Artillery Exchanges occurring and additional Equipment reported to be en-Route towards the Border Region.

So far 2 Iranian Border Guards are said to have been Killed.

According to Local Sources the Iranian Air Force has been placed on High-Alert with preparations being made if the Situation Escalates.

(HT REMARK: Now we finally see why Biden left Afghanistan and also left behind billions of dollars of equipment to the Taliban.)

During today's clashes, Iranian forces used 60mm mortars to intercept Taliban attacks.

Taliban and Iran border clashes have moved and are now taking place at the Nimruz border checkpoint.

Heavy Fighting is continuing to take place along the Border, with reports from earlier today stating that Taliban Forces utilizing American Towed-Artillery and other Equipment had Captured a Iranian Border Security Post near the City of Zabol.


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